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Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 10th, 2018
sunny with scattered clouds

Par Time

Results for Mar 10th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dean AllredPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow33.67111.36 Silver 
Nicholas AngellPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow33.86112.55 Silver 
Aiden BakerPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue28.1177.13 Bronze 
Aubrie BaldacciPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue35.05120.86 Silver 
Halle BaughmanSalt Lake City, UTFemale 10-11Yellow22.4040.62 Gold 
Henry BehrPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow29.9788.14 Bronze 
Sylvia BehrPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow31.2596.17 Bronze 
Aiden BelzRush Valley, UTMale 10-11Blue23.4047.45 Silver 
Lauren BennettRichmond, VAFemale 10-11Blue19.6023.50 Platinum 
Jacob BerkmanPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow25.0957.50 Silver 
Kira BerkmanPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow32.36103.14 Bronze 
Claudia BigatelPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue32.37103.97 Bronze 
Mckinley BleakleyPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.9763.03 Silver 
Aaddison BoothPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue43.39173.41 - 
Bridgette BoydWashington, DCFemale 21-29Blue32.08102.14 - 
Scott BrewerDenver, COMale 50-54Blue32.98107.81 - 
Barbara BrownPark City, UTFemale 50-54Yellow26.2264.60 Bronze 
Bexley BrownPark City, UTMale 8-9BlueDNF-  
Jonas BrownPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue25.9563.52 Silver 
Wyatt BrownPark CIty, UTMale 8-9Blue24.1752.30 Silver 
Maya Buist-GrossoPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue28.2678.07 Silver 
Kiara Buist-grussoPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue33.61111.78 Silver 
Connor CampbellMountain Green, UTMale 10-11Yellow33.86112.55 F* - 
Ella CarlsonPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue27.4673.03 Silver 
Nico Carlson-smithPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue22.8944.23 Gold 
Kenley CarterPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow22.7843.00 Gold 
 Anabelle ClarkPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue24.0651.61 Gold 
Caroline ClawsonPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue29.7887.65 Silver 
William ClawsonMale 6-7Yellow25.1157.63 Gold 
Keira ConnelyPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow46.07189.20 Bronze 
DESIREE COOMBSLayton, UTFemale 21-29Yellow22.2039.36 Silver 
Hannah CoombsSalt Lake City, UTFemale 1-5Blue41.16159.36 Bronze 
Alli CrabtreePark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow32.64104.90 Silver 
Tessa CrabtreePark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow32.09101.44 Bronze 
Ciaro CroftsPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow33.87112.62 Bronze 
Berenger CroisePark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow18.9018.64 Platinum 
Michele CroisePark City, UTFemale 45-49Blue21.8937.93 Gold 
Hadley CunninghamHarbor Springs, MIFemale 21-29Blue19.5723.31 Silver 
Eva DanleyMale 6-7Yellow28.5779.35 Silver 
August DavisPetaluma, CAFemale 14-15Yellow20.9831.70 Silver 
London DavisPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow26.5766.79 Gold 
Derek DeckerPark City, UTMale 21-29Yellow19.9525.24 Silver 
Ron DichterSalt Lake City, UTMale 40-44Yellow17.8311.93 Platinum 
Stiles DichterSalt Lake City, UTMale 12-13Yellow25.2158.25 Bronze 
Wesley DixonPark City, UTMale 1-5YellowDNF-  
Lila DonnellonPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow26.6066.98 Gold 
Boone DonnellyPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow22.0638.48 Platinum 
Jana DrummondPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue30.1089.67 Silver 
Julia DrummondPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue34.79119.22 Silver 
Zoe DwinellPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue21.7537.05 Silver 
Bennett EggletonPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow46.42191.40 - 
Axel EnlowPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow24.9156.37 Silver 
Vaughn FeatherstonePark City, UTMale 12-13Blue26.8569.19 F* Gold 
Colt FichterRochester, NYMale 6-7Blue28.1377.25 Silver 
Karla FichterRochester, NYFemale 12-13Blue20.3027.91 Gold 
Peyton FieretPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow35.04119.96 - 
Holland FikePark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow29.7586.75 Gold 
Magnus FlodenPark City, UTMale 55-59Yellow27.3471.63 - 
Campbell FordPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue30.2990.86 - 
Lindley FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 14-15Blue17.7912.10 Platinum 
Molly FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.499.79 Platinum 
Ned FriedmanWeatogue, CTMale 16-17Blue17.6110.96 Platinum 
Hazel Gammon84060, UTMale 8-9Yellow27.6573.57 Bronze 
Camille GarrettPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue27.2471.64 Silver 
Michael GershoniWashington, DCMale 21-29Blue33.64111.97 - 
Hank GilesPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue35.69124.89 Bronze 
Gage GleasonPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow26.5366.54 Silver 
Grant GleasonPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue22.0138.69 Gold 
Lauryn GomezPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow20.9931.76 Platinum 
Jaxon GrinerPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.8462.21 Silver 
 Aries GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 50-54Blue22.3240.64 S* Gold 
 Ashton GroggWoodland Hills, UTMale 16-17Yellow20.9431.45 S* Gold 
Connor GrossPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow28.8280.92 Silver 
Cj HaerterPark City, UTMale 14-15Blue32.21102.96 F* - 
Zoe HarbertsonPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow20.2226.93 Gold 
Kelly HaughFemale 8-9Yellow24.2252.04 Gold 
Brooks HermanPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue25.5060.68 Gold 
Jillian HighfillFemale 12-13Yellow20.2026.80 Gold 
Emily HillPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue25.4760.49 Gold 
Makena HonePark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue26.1664.84 Silver 
Andrew HootsPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow20.8630.95 Gold 
Kelly HoughPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue23.2646.57 Gold 
Mason HowlettPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow28.3177.72 Gold 
Brett HughesPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.6961.27 Gold 
Davis HughesPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue35.70124.95 - 
Sadie HutchinsonPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.0938.67 Gold 
Morgan JacquinPark City, UTFemale 10-11Yellow18.5116.20 Platinum 
Will JacquinPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow19.5422.66 Gold 
James JaquetPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue25.8062.57 Silver 
Andrew JohnsonPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue27.0270.26 Gold 
Feren JohnsonPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow22.9444.01 Platinum 
Kristen JohnsonDallas, TXMale 18-20Blue23.1445.81 Bronze 
Kurt JohnsonPark City, UTMale 55-59Yellow20.9731.64 Silver 
Lauren JohnsonDallas, TXFemale 18-20Yellow22.3940.55 Bronze 
Terri JohnsonDallas, TXFemale 55-59Blue29.6386.70 - 
Brad JonesSalt Lake City, UTMale 50-54Blue20.4528.86 Silver 
Jeff JusticeSalt Lake City, UTMale 50-54Yellow18.9318.83 Gold 
Kylie KariotoisFemale 12-13Blue20.9632.07 Gold 
Mason KautzPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow28.0476.02 Gold 
Nate KennettPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue26.6968.18 Silver 
Kavon KhaniWashington, DCMale 21-29Yellow26.0963.78 S* Bronze 
Rudger KlugMale 10-11Yellow21.0832.33 Gold 
Ried KoffardPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow31.8299.75 Bronze 
James KowalskiHeber City, UTMale 8-9Blue29.1383.55 Bronze 
Maggie KriegPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue28.6480.47 Gold 
Lucas KropMale 1-5Blue33.86113.36 Silver 
Blake LaaksoPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue28.1177.13 Silver 
Paige LaaksoPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.489.73 Platinum 
Thomas LaaksoPark City, UTMale 45-49Yellow16.694.77 Platinum 
Dashel LacascePark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue29.2083.99 Silver 
Madison LampertPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow30.4691.21 Silver 
Tristan LawrencePark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow27.6873.76 Silver 
Harper LeombrunoPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow33.28108.91 Silver 
Evan LiljenquistMale 8-9Yellow23.0444.63 Gold 
Harper Lizamor-dayFemale 6-7Blue36.07127.28 Bronze 
Phirin LongPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow29.8287.19 Bronze 
Oliver LuPark City, UTMale 1-5Blue36.65130.94 Bronze 
Quinn LupicaSalt Lake City, UTMale 1-5Yellow31.4197.18 Silver 
Alli MacugaPark City, UTFemale 14-15Yellow20.2627.18 Gold 
Lindsay MarcRochester, NYFemale 21-29Blue19.3021.61 Gold 
Ben MarshallHouston, TXMale 40-44Yellow26.1063.84 - 
Joseph MarshallHouston, TXMale 10-11Yellow27.2671.12 Bronze 
Stryder MarzkaPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow27.2370.94 Silver 
Reid McCurdyPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow23.0344.57 Gold 
Charlotte MendenhallDraper, UTFemale 6-7Blue24.7956.21 Gold 
Lily MendenhallDraper, UTFemale 8-9Yellow29.3684.31 Bronze 
Cesar MendezMale 8-9Yellow24.5554.11 Silver 
Charbel MendezPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue27.4973.22 Silver 
Charbel MendezPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow29.5885.69 Bronze 
Ty MetzgerPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow20.5428.94 Platinum 
Dominique MeyerPark City, UTFemale 21-29Blue38.06139.82 - 
Emmett MillerPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow25.1057.56 Gold 
Jackson MillerPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow22.6642.25 Silver 
Luke MillerPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow24.2752.35 Silver 
Mack millerPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow23.1745.45 Gold 
Max MillerPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue20.0726.47 Platinum 
Calder Miller-vickersPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow31.6798.81 Bronze 
Elin MolinaPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue28.7080.84 Bronze 
Joel MooreSandy, UTMale 21-29Blue22.6142.47 Bronze 
Sawyer MoranPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.0932.39 Gold 
Wiley MoranPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue20.2627.66 Platinum 
Eliza MurphyPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow32.92106.65 Silver 
Blaze NellisPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow20.6029.32 Gold 
John NichellPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow23.3446.52 Gold 
Rachel NorrisSan Antonio, TXFemale 14-15Blue25.1658.54 Bronze 
Robert NorrisSan Antonio, TXMale 50-54Yellow19.3621.53 Gold 
Simone NorrisSan Antonio, TXFemale 50-54Yellow25.8662.34 Bronze 
Drew OakleyPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue28.4679.33 Silver 
Abe OconnorPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow32.05101.19 Silver 
Naomi OconnorPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue24.8756.71 Gold 
Stefan OlsonPark City, UTMale 35-39Yellow18.1013.62 Gold 
Shane OstertagPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue25.3759.86 F* Platinum 
Andie OwenMurfreesboro, TNFemale 6-7Blue30.9194.77 Bronze 
Peyton OwenMurfreesboro, TNFemale 8-9Yellow29.3684.31 Bronze 
Adam ParkerSalt Lake City, UTMale 18-20Blue26.4666.73 - 
Gregory PaulAlpine, UTMale 60-64Yellow20.7630.32 Silver 
Paxton PavichPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue30.8094.08 Bronze 
Chloe PecheuxPark City, UTFemale 10-11Blue25.5661.06 Silver 
Camille PetersPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue35.07120.98 - 
Celeste PetersPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow36.88131.51 - 
Henry PetersPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow24.2952.48 Silver 
Karen PintalGlen IrisFemale 60-64Yellow24.7855.56 Silver 
Owen PorterPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow25.6861.21 Gold 
Lukas PostnieksPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue20.0626.40 Platinum 
Mika PostnieksPark City, UTMale 1-5YellowDNF-  
Hayden PricePark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.7836.72 Gold 
William PriesterJackson, TNMale 50-54Blue21.0532.64 Silver 
Claire RatchfordPark City, UTFemale 6-7BlueDNF-  
Russell ReviereJackson, TNMale 60-64Yellow22.6141.93 Silver 
Ali RevoyPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow27.3171.44 Silver 
Aiden RichinsPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue30.7593.76 F* Bronze 
Hallie RichterPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow34.52116.70 Silver 
Quinn RichterPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow24.8956.25 Gold 
 Carson RielyPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow20.6229.44 Platinum 
Cai RodeheaverPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow28.3978.22 Gold 
Connor RodrigoSalt Lake City, UTMale 21-29Yellow30.7593.03 - 
Finley RogersKamas, UTYellow35.91125.42 ? 
Callie RussoPark City, UTFemale 21-29Yellow28.4578.59 - 
Hillary SappFemale 21-29Yellow19.1320.09 Gold 
Olivia SchaffnerAvon Lake, OHFemale 10-11Blue24.8856.77 Silver 
Case SchemmerPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.8036.85 Gold 
Joshua ScheullerKaysville, UTMale 10-11Yellow21.5635.34 Gold 
Aster SchillingerPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow32.25102.45 Silver 
Joey SchmidtPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow31.6798.81 Bronze 
Porter SchmidtPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow20.9931.76 Gold 
Angela SchmittPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue24.6355.20 Silver 
Pete SchrumpfPark City, UTMale 55-59Yellow18.7117.45 Gold 
 LEYTON SHEPPARDPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow53.58236.35 - 
Xavier ShermanPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow23.6048.15 Platinum 
Kylie ShobePark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow21.0031.83 Platinum 
Benjamin SidlowMale 10-11Yellow20.1426.43 Platinum 
Calvin SidlowPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow23.6748.59 Platinum 
Kat SilversteinPark City, UTFemale 21-29Blue26.9269.63 - 
Mallory SlickerNovi, MIFemale 21-29Yellow18.1113.68 Platinum 
Tyler SmahaPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow23.4947.46 Silver 
Aspen SmathersPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue37.25134.72 Bronze 
Kelton SmitHeber City, UTMale 21-29Yellow20.9031.20 Bronze 
Douglas SmithKamas, UTMale 6-7Blue24.2052.49 Gold 
Harrison SmithPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow29.3384.12 Silver 
Eric SolanderPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow31.88100.13 Silver 
Myla SpeallerPark City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow32.40103.39 Silver 
Roark SpeallerPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow19.5222.54 Platinum 
Jack StanleyPark City, UTMale 18-20Blue27.3572.34 F* Bronze 
Silas StarkPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow27.6173.32 Silver 
Iyla StonePark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue26.3365.91 Silver 
Erin StottsPark City, UTFemale 14-15Yellow20.1526.49 S* Platinum 
Joya sweeneyPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow25.9763.03 Gold 
Bridger SwensonSandy, UTMale 8-9Blue26.1864.97 Silver 
Miles SwensonSandy, UTMale 1-5Yellow25.7761.77 Gold 
Patricia TamowskiKatonah, NYFemale 55-59Blue24.2052.49 Silver 
Gavin TerryPark City, UTMale 6-7YellowDNF-  
Donovan TolyPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow33.09107.72 Silver 
John TrahanPark City, UTMale 14-15Yellow20.1826.68 Gold 
Bill WagnerPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue34.72118.78 - 
Luci WagnerPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue20.5829.68 Platinum 
Richard WagnerBoerne, TXMale 50-54Yellow23.8949.97 Bronze 
Alli WardSalt Lake City, UTFemale 10-11Yellow25.1357.75 Silver 
Joseph WardSalt Lake City, UTMale 6-7Yellow28.6579.85 Silver 
Kimball WardSalt Lake City, UTMale 30-34Yellow21.7336.41 Bronze 
Stella WardSalt Lake City, UTFemale 1-5Yellow34.93119.27 Silver 
Elsa WashburnPark City, UTFemale 1-5Blue28.8281.60 Gold 
Lily WeinbergPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue30.0889.54 Bronze 
Alan WeinerAtlanta, GAMale 50-54Yellow27.5673.01 - 
Elle WeinerAtlanta, GAFemale 10-11Blue37.14134.03 - 
Finn WhitneyPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow22.3840.49 Gold 
Abigail WinzelerPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow25.0657.31 Silver 
Graham WinzelerPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue23.3747.26 Silver 
Zellie WisemanSalt Lake City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow27.9475.39 Silver 
Henley WismerFemale 8-9Yellow23.2345.83 Gold 
Sawyer WitansPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue42.70169.06 - 
Charles WomackPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue25.5661.06 Silver 
Sami WorthingtonPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue22.7843.54 Silver 
 Alexander YoungPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow25.0557.25 Gold 
Buddy ZarbockDraper, UTMale 50-54Yellow20.4428.31 Silver 
Jack ZarbockProvo, UTMale 21-29Yellow20.6729.76 Bronze 
London ZarkosPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue27.9776.24 Silver 
Niko ZarkosPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow23.6348.34 Silver 
Jeff ZengerPark City, UTMale 60-64Yellow22.9844.26 Silver 
Clara ZieglerPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow28.4178.34 Silver 

F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
S = Snowboard (-20)