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Ski Shawnee Mountain

Mar 10th, 2018
Daily NASTAR final race of season
another great season with nastar

Par Time

Results for Mar 10th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR final race of season

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lelia AbbasOradell, NJFemale 12-13Yellow34.2229.23 Gold 
Zaynab AbbasOradell, NJFemale 10-11Yellow35.6434.59 Gold 
Hakeem AbdalAbington, PAMale 35-39Yellow42.0858.91 - 
Andre AndersEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 14-15Yellow28.156.31 Platinum 
Philip ArmstrongNorth Brunswick, NJMale 8-9Yellow47.6780.02 Bronze 
Robert ArmstrongNorth Brunswick, NJMale 10-11Yellow41.9558.42 Bronze 
Nathan AverboukhLivingston, NJMale 8-9Yellow42.4160.16 Silver 
Aaron BagolieLivingston, NJMale 8-9Yellow45.1770.58 Bronze 
Frank BagolieLivingston, NJMale 10-11Yellow36.6638.44 Gold 
Jacob BagolieLivingston, NJMale 8-9Yellow41.1355.32 Silver 
Samuel BartfeldWest Orange, NJMale 6-7Yellow36.6438.37 Platinum 
Frances BehayloMaplewood, NJFemale 10-11Yellow38.1844.18 Gold 
Sally BivonaNew York, NYFemale 6-7Yellow50.9192.26 Bronze 
Victor BivonaNew York, NYMale 10-11Yellow44.6768.69 Bronze 
Grace BoothEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 12-13Yellow40.2652.04 Silver 
Nick BozekiRockville Centre, NYMale 10-11Yellow47.6679.98 - 
Chester BraunLake Hiawatha, NJMale 8-9Yellow38.0743.77 Gold 
Jason BraunLake Hiawatha, NJMale 40-44Yellow30.1914.01 Gold 
Tessa BraunLake Hiawatha, NJFemale 12-13Yellow34.6130.70 Gold 
Abby BrownLong Valley, NJFemale 14-15Yellow31.3218.28 Gold 
Mckayla BrownLong Valley, NJFemale 10-11Yellow37.0439.88 Gold 
Harrison BurgessLanding, NJMale 10-11Yellow38.1644.11 Silver 
Juliana ByankLong Valley, NJFemale 6-7Yellow46.3575.04 Silver 
Victoria ByankLong Valley, NJFemale 8-9Yellow42.3960.08 Silver 
Juliet CassidyNeshanic Station, NJFemale 10-11Yellow38.9246.98 Silver 
Murugappan ChettiarRandolph, NJMale 45-49Yellow51.8495.77 - 
Cassandra CoadBushkill, PAFemale 8-9Yellow43.9365.90 Silver 
Johnny CoadMale 12-13Yellow29.6511.97 Platinum 
Peter ComiskiNewtown, PAMale 55-59Yellow32.5622.96 Gold 
Robbin ComiskiNewtown, PAFemale 60-64Yellow35.3233.38 Gold 
Doreen ConnellyEaston, PAFemale 50-54Yellow33.9828.32 Gold 
Kaitlin Del SoleStroudsburg, PAFemale 10-11Yellow35.8835.50 Gold 
Avery DelaneyMadison, NJFemale 8-9Yellow40.6453.47 Gold 
Ryan DelaneyMadison, NJMale 10-11Yellow39.4749.06 Silver 
John DwyerEast Rutherford, NJMale 45-49Yellow36.0536.14 Bronze 
Jonny DwyerEast Rutherford, NJMale 10-11Yellow41.4856.65 Silver 
Ryan FarrisMale 12-13Yellow35.2633.16 Gold 
Brook FesqMadison, NJFemale 10-11Yellow37.4741.50 Gold 
Carrera FreemanNazareth, PAFemale 18-20Yellow31.3018.20 Gold 
Alan GladsteinTeaneck, NJMale 65-69Yellow39.9550.87 Bronze 
Joseph GoldererMedia, PAMale 40-44Yellow42.2359.48 - 
Jp GoldererMedia, PAMale 6-7Yellow56.31112.65 - 
Shila GrudaNew York, NYFemale 10-11Yellow42.2059.37 Silver 
Zlatan GrudaNew York, NYMale 6-7Yellow38.4345.13 Platinum 
Aiden HomNew Hyde Park, NYMale 10-11Yellow40.6953.66 Silver 
Gavin IradiParsippany, NJMale 12-13Yellow39.2848.34 Silver 
Laura JamesEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 14-15Yellow31.8420.24 Gold 
Benjamin JarovicBrooklyn, NYMale 6-7Yellow51.5994.83 Bronze 
Mirza JarovivBrooklyn, NYFemale 8-9Yellow44.9969.90 Silver 
Elijh KalilEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 10-11Yellow38.3244.71 Silver 
Rylee KolanoBlairstown, NJFemale 10-11Yellow40.3252.27 Silver 
Lilah Koloseus-gagnonDunellen, NJFemale 6-7Yellow44.8569.37 Silver 
Benjmin KrulerMilford, PAMale 8-9Yellow42.6260.95 Silver 
Victor KrulerMilford, PAMale 6-7Yellow45.8773.23 Silver 
Sofia KulynychSaylorsburg, PAFemale 10-11Yellow40.8354.19 Silver 
Shreyas KuntamukkalaMonroe Township, NJMale 10-11Yellow40.1451.59 Silver 
Kaitlyn LaffertyAstoria, NYFemale 10-11Yellow33.2425.53 Platinum 
Isabella LeavyNew York, NYFemale 10-11Yellow48.3482.55 - 
Beata LigasPompton Plains, NJFemale 40-44Yellow32.0921.19 Platinum 
Izabella LigasPompton Plains, NJFemale 1-5Yellow54.57106.08 Silver 
Jakub LigasPompton Plains, NJMale 12-13Yellow33.8227.72 Gold 
Slawomir LigasMale 40-44Yellow31.4618.81 Gold 
Witold LigasPompton Plains, NJMale 6-7Yellow38.4245.09 Platinum 
Stacey LiptonPottsville, PAFemale 35-39Yellow34.0628.63 Gold 
Abigail MarinoRidgewood, NJFemale 6-7Yellow45.3071.07 Silver 
Josie MarinoRidgewood, NJFemale 8-9Yellow45.6272.28 Bronze 
Isabel MarokoMontclair, NJFemale 8-9Yellow43.4964.24 Silver 
Richard MarokoMontclair, NJMale 45-49Yellow35.6134.48 Silver 
Zoe MarokoMontclair, NJFemale 14-15Yellow49.4586.74 - 
Catherine MarussichSparta, NJFemale 10-11Yellow42.0558.80 Silver 
Paul McDonaldFlemington, NJMale 60-64Yellow29.4611.25 Platinum 
Robert MilwiczHopewell, NJMale 40-44Yellow30.9716.96 Gold 
Tristan MolletCaldwell, NJMale 45-49Yellow28.387.18 Platinum 
Bill MooreWest Milford, NJMale 40-44Yellow33.7627.49 Silver 
Charlie MorrisEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 6-7Yellow50.3890.26 Bronze 
Vendela MoyerShawnee on, PAFemale 12-13Yellow32.4022.36 Platinum 
Alama MurugappanRandolph, NJFemale 40-44Yellow1:04.11142.11 - 
Raam MurugappanRandolph, NJMale 10-11Yellow31.7519.90 Platinum 
Seetha MurugappanRandolph, NJFemale 12-13Yellow31.2117.86 Platinum 
Alexandra OsbunLivingston, NJFemale 8-9Yellow38.6846.07 Gold 
Matthew ParryRingoes, NJMale 14-15Yellow30.1613.90 Platinum 
Elizabeth PetrosianPennington, NJFemale 10-11Yellow41.6257.18 Silver 
George PhalenSomerset, NJMale 70-74Yellow31.9020.47 Platinum 
Alexander PostovskiyLewisburg, PAMale 12-13Yellow35.4033.69 Gold 
Donna RadmannPort Jefferson, NYFemale 45-49Yellow1:07.48154.83 - 
Richi RadmannPort Jefferson, NYMale 55-59Yellow42.9562.20 - 
Dylan Raymundo-NealSummit, NJMale 8-9Yellow40.9354.57 Silver 
Jason RottenbergWest Milford, NJMale 45-49Yellow33.4226.21 Silver 
Adisen SantiniPort Jervis, NYFemale 10-11Yellow40.0251.13 Silver 
Elissa SantiniPort Jervis, NYFemale 8-9Yellow41.7357.59 Silver 
Satvik SantoshNorth Brunswick, NJMale 8-9Yellow40.9954.80 Silver 
Kamela ShalitClark, NJFemale 60-64Yellow43.9465.94 Bronze 
Kevin ShalitClark, NJMale 60-64Yellow32.9024.24 Gold 
Besnik SokoliBrooklyn, NYMale 35-39Yellow27.042.11 Platinum 
Thornton Stewart-fraserEast Stroudsburg, PAFemale 6-7Yellow45.9873.64 Silver 
Brook ThompsonBronxville, NYFemale 10-11Yellow41.5256.80 Silver 
Quincy ThompsonMale 35-39Yellow29.2910.61 Platinum 
Raymond ThompsonBronxville, NYMale 10-11Yellow36.5437.99 Gold 
Sophia TolkachevaMoorestown, NJFemale 10-11Yellow38.1644.11 Gold 
Angus VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 14-15Yellow32.6023.11 Gold 
Finlay VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 12-13Yellow29.8812.84 Platinum 
Keegan VandersluisEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 8-9Yellow31.4518.77 Platinum 
Alex VeymanEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 10-11Yellow37.9143.16 Silver 
Aden VishnevskyMale 12-13Yellow34.7131.08 Gold 
Eliot VishnevskyLivingston, NJMale 10-11Yellow41.5256.80 Silver 
Ethan VolkovBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11Yellow43.8865.71 Bronze 
Ashley WahlersFemale 14-15Yellow38.3844.94 Silver 
Colton WyckoffEast Stroudsburg, PAMale 6-7Yellow50.3490.11 Bronze