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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Mar 7th, 2018
Mountain Meisters Race Eight (Downhill)- UNOFF
Heavy overcast, snow is on the way

Series: Mountain Meisters
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 5
Par Time

Results for Mar 7th, 2018 - Mountain Meisters Race Eight (Downhill)- UNOFF

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Rick AdamiNorth Conway, NHMale 45-49Yellow36.9928.53 Silver 
Beverly AimanConway, NHFemale 55-59Yellow1:34.74229.19 - 
Karla AllenCenter Conway, ALFemale 40-44Yellow43.0249.48 Silver 
Robin AmesOssipee, NHMale 55-59Yellow39.5237.32 Silver 
Roger AmesSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Yellow36.4926.79 Gold 
Genn AnzaldiJackson, NHYellow1:09.98143.19 ? 
Becky ArmstrongStow, MEFemale 55-59Yellow38.2933.04 Gold 
David ArmstrongJackson, NHMale 60-64Yellow38.3833.36 Silver 
Brad ArnoldGlen, NHMale 55-59Yellow40.2139.72 Silver 
Roger AubreyJackson, NHMale 60-64Yellow45.9459.62 Bronze 
Bryan BaileyConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow31.569.66 Platinum 
Jack BaltzFreedom, NHMale 65-69Yellow39.0335.62 Silver 
Kathleen BaltzIntervale, NHMale 60-64Yellow36.3226.20 Gold 
Skip BartlettSilver Lake, NHMale 30-34Yellow30.295.25 Platinum 
Stephen BartlettSilver Lake, NHMale 55-59Yellow40.1539.51 Silver 
Nora BeanNorth Conway, NHFemale 50-54Yellow41.2143.19 Silver 
Jeremy BeauchesneTamworth, NHMale 40-44Yellow49.2170.99 S* - 
LAURA BENNETTFemale 35-39Yellow32.7313.72 Platinum 
Jason BergenSilver Lake, NHMale 35-39Yellow52.2181.41 S* - 
Kimberly BettencourtIntervale, NHFemale 45-49Yellow39.2236.28 Gold 
Kathy BeveridgeKennebunkport, MEFemale 55-59Yellow33.3215.77 Platinum 
Matthew BickfordYellow56.8597.53 S* ? 
Jon BillingsYellow57.2598.92 S* ? 
Ryan BlouinIntervale, NHMale 21-29Yellow42.2946.94 - 
Chris BoorasJackson, NHMale 65-69Yellow1:19.13174.95 - 
Ellin BoorasJackson, NHFemale 65-69Yellow1:35.43231.58 - 
George BordashJackson, NHMale 30-34Yellow33.9818.07 Silver 
Deanna BotsfordNorth Conway, NHFemale 50-54Yellow40.7841.70 Silver 
Bobbie BoxCenter Conway, NHFemale 70-74Yellow55.0791.35 - 
Eddie BradleyMale 50-54Yellow34.3019.18 Gold 
Hugh BraithwaiteGlen, NHMale 70-74Yellow51.2277.97 - 
Barry BrodilIntervale, NHMale 70-74Yellow38.0932.35 Gold 
David BrodilNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow38.0932.35 Silver 
Rachael BrownGlen, NHFemale 55-59Yellow1:04.06122.62 - 
Stephen BrowningNorth Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow38.2933.04 Silver 
Lucien BurkettNorth Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow56.2195.31 S* - 
Tad BurkettNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Yellow1:11.9149.83 - 
Ailie ByersFemale 40-44Yellow37.2529.43 Gold 
Jennifer CampbellConway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow34.9821.54 Gold 
Kathy CaplanAlbany, NHFemale 50-54Yellow57.4399.55 - 
Andrea CarboneOak Bluffs, MAFemale 30-34Yellow41.2243.22 Silver 
Christian CarlsonMadison, NHMale 55-59Yellow33.1815.29 Platinum 
Lauren CarrFemale 50-54Yellow50.9777.10 - 
Beth Carta-dolanGlen, NHFemale 50-54Yellow39.7538.12 Gold 
Gary CassilyFryeburg, MEMale 55-59Yellow40.5740.97 Silver 
Meaghan CassilyFryeburg, MEFemale 21-29Yellow35.0221.68 Gold 
John CawleyConway, NHMale 60-64Yellow44.0152.92 Bronze 
Edward ChappeeNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow36.6327.28 Gold 
Mike CharronNew Boston, NHMale 50-54Yellow31.7310.25 Platinum 
Melissa ChurchNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow56.7797.26 - 
Brian ClarkChocorua, NHMale 30-34Yellow35.4723.25 Silver 
Reid ClarkIntervale, NHMale 21-29Yellow42.5547.85 - 
George CoolidgeIntervale, NHMale 65-69Yellow45.6658.65 Bronze 
Donna CormierGlen, NHFemale 60-64Yellow52.6082.77 - 
Heather CorriganNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow1:46.79271.06 S* - 
Ian CostelloNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow50.6275.89 S* - 
Linda CourtemancheLynn, MAFemale 60-64Yellow55.1791.70 - 
Marc CourtemancheLynn, MAMale 65-69Yellow46.8362.72 Bronze 
David CowleyYellow52.1681.24 ? 
Denny CromwellCenter Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow40.2839.96 Silver 
Sharleen CroninHales Location, NHFemale 65-69Yellow41.1442.95 Gold 
Duncan CullmanLittleton, NHMale 70-74Yellow34.2318.94 Platinum 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74Yellow35.8124.43 Gold 
Bj CyrCenter Conway, NHMale 40-44Yellow41.1342.91 Bronze 
Bob DanielsJackson, NHMale 60-64Yellow36.7327.62 Gold 
Frank DavisSilver Lake, NHMale 85-89Yellow45.8859.42 Silver 
Mike DavisTamworth, NHMale 50-54Yellow36.5727.07 Silver 
Asher DemarcoW Ossipee, NHMale 40-44Yellow46.6962.23 S* Bronze 
Morice DenneryMemorial Hospital ScalpersMale 45-49Yellow46.3861.15 S* Bronze 
Ingrid DewittFreedom, NHFemale 60-64Yellow41.1843.09 Silver 
Michael DewittFreedom, NHMale 60-64Yellow40.1039.33 Silver 
Danielle DionNorth Conway, NHFemale 65-69Yellow1:20.28178.94 - 
Jessica DipietroKearsarge, NHFemale 21-29Yellow33.5716.64 Gold 
Bernie DonohueFryeburg, MEFemale 55-59Yellow2:08.94348.02 - 
Cassie DoucetYellow47.9866.71 S* ? 
Sean DoucetteJackson, NHMale 50-54Yellow31.017.75 Platinum 
Jonathan DowningMale 70-74Yellow52.6382.87 - 
Nancy DowningJackson, NHFemale 60-64Yellow35.4523.18 Platinum 
Seth DresserYellow53.1884.78 ? 
BRYAN DRIESMale 35-39Yellow48.8669.77 S* - 
Alex DrummondCenter Conway, NHMale 45-49Yellow31.218.44 Platinum 
Robert DuBoisSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Yellow50.6876.09 - 
Robert DuffNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Yellow35.7124.08 Silver 
Bill EarleNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow37.0028.56 Gold 
Rick ElseConway, NHMale 65-69Yellow36.0525.26 Gold 
David EmmetIntervale, NHMale 50-54Yellow34.1818.76 Gold 
Laura EricksonYellow48.1467.27 ? 
Zachary EverettMale 21-29Yellow1:00.06108.69 - 
Ian FergusonMadison, NHMale 21-29Yellow36.8628.08 Silver 
Luciana FerrarisLincoln, RIFemale 35-39Yellow56.3595.80 - 
John FlaschnerIntervale, NHMale 45-49Yellow56.3695.83 - 
Maggie FlynnEaton Center, NHFemale 21-29Yellow31.7010.15 Platinum 
Gay FollandConway, NHFemale 65-69Yellow37.1829.19 Platinum 
Ron ForceSilver Lake, NHMale 70-74Yellow42.1346.39 Silver 
Sharon FournierCenter Conway, NHFemale 50-54Yellow55.5793.09 - 
Jeff FrechetteNorth Conway, NHMale 40-44Yellow40.7741.66 S* Silver 
Ryan FrechetteConway, NHMale 30-34Yellow57.92101.25 S* - 
Ashley FurnessJackson, NHFemale 30-34Yellow44.9556.18 Bronze 
Brittany FurnessJackson, NHFemale 21-29Yellow1:24.67194.20 - 
Rich FurnessWells, MEMale 55-59Yellow1:01.6114.04 - 
Tad FurtadoConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow41.7945.21 Bronze 
Amanda GagnonCenter Conway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow51.3978.56 S* Bronze 
John GalloGlen, NHMale 70-74Yellow49.3571.47 - 
Kevin GarlandBartlett, NHMale 35-39Yellow52.4982.38 - 
Stevi GelinasFryeburg, MEFemale 30-34Yellow1:15.53162.44 S* - 
DOT GILBERTCenter Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow45.5158.13 Silver 
Ray Gilmore IIIIntervale, NHMale 40-44Yellow30.987.64 Platinum 
Christie C GirouardCenter Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow41.4143.88 Silver 
Daryn GladstoneDover, NHMale 40-44Yellow31.9711.08 Platinum 
James GlazerBarrington, NHMale 40-44Yellow39.6037.60 T* Silver 
Jette GlazerJackson, NHFemale 35-39Yellow40.4340.48 Silver 
Bethanne GrausteinN. Conway, NHFemale 40-44Yellow34.5920.19 Platinum 
Brian GuilbertGlen, NHMale 60-64Yellow41.8345.34 Silver 
Kevin HamlinNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow32.4412.72 Gold 
Ed HarriganConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow37.4330.06 Silver 
Alan HarrisCenter Ossipee, NHMale 21-29Yellow42.3147.01 S* Silver 
Ali HarrisNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow35.9424.88 Gold 
Kimberly HarveyNo Conway, NHFemale 45-49Yellow46.7762.51 Bronze 
Hunter HaynesEaton Center, NHMale 21-29Yellow30.184.86 Platinum 
Philip HaynesKearsarge, NHMale 65-69Yellow35.2822.59 Gold 
Rebecca HewsonTamworth, NHFemale 40-44Yellow33.1215.08 Platinum 
Teala HigginsNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow1:12.13150.63 - 
Craig HillConway, NHMale 55-59Yellow34.3819.46 Gold 
Sharon HillConway, NHFemale 45-49Yellow34.3919.49 Platinum 
Mary HillsgroveNorthSandwich, NHFemale 60-64Yellow45.5658.30 Silver 
Daniel HockmothConway, NHMale 30-34Yellow34.5920.19 Silver 
Patrick HollandNorth Conway, NHMale 45-49Yellow33.7917.41 Gold 
Sara HoltbyCenter Conway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow44.9656.22 Bronze 
Bill HoukHales Location, NHMale 60-64Yellow38.1832.66 Silver 
MATT HOWLANDIntervale, NHMale 40-44Yellow52.0780.92 T* - 
Mickey HoytConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow35.9524.91 Silver 
Larry HuemmlerIntervale, NHMale 55-59Yellow1:06.33130.47 T* - 
Carl IacoziliFryeburg, MEMale 40-44Yellow32.7513.79 Gold 
Thomas IrvingEaton Center, NHMale 55-59Yellow33.6917.06 Gold 
Michael IslesNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Yellow41.8645.45 Bronze 
Ken JanosTamworth, NHMale 40-44Yellow50.3174.81 - 
Kerry JohnsonCenter Ossipee, NHMale 40-44Yellow48.6569.04 S* - 
Danielle JonesFemale 30-34Yellow53.0084.16 S* - 
Fred JonesCenter Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow33.4016.05 Platinum 
Peter JonesNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow40.2039.68 Silver 
Stefan KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 50-54Yellow31.288.69 Platinum 
Harold KazanjianHaverhill, MAMale 60-64Yellow45.1256.78 Bronze 
Cait KeblerGlen, NHFemale 30-34Yellow39.0335.62 Silver 
Kristofor KeblerLeprechauns, NHMale 35-39Yellow30.837.12 Platinum 
Keith KinneyBridgton, MEMale 60-64Yellow39.2936.52 Silver 
Kayla KowalConway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow32.3612.44 Platinum 
Trevor KupetzTamworth, NHMale 40-44Yellow38.8735.06 S* Gold 
Bobby LabbeIntervale, NHMale 30-34Yellow46.2360.63 - 
Jennifer LaineConway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow44.8555.84 Bronze 
Adam LanzilottiHorsefeathersMale 30-34Yellow30.716.71 Platinum 
Wagner LearyJackson, NHMale 21-29Yellow1:02.62117.58 S* - 
Matt LeavittWolfeboro, NHMale 30-34Yellow30.967.57 Platinum 
Mike LeblancLincoln, RIMale 40-44Yellow30.746.81 Platinum 
Jack LeeIntervale, NHMale 65-69Yellow43.7451.98 Bronze 
Alex LeichNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Yellow30.847.16 Platinum 
Martha LeichNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow42.3247.05 T* Gold 
Ron LeightonRochester, NHMale 65-69Yellow33.3515.88 Platinum 
Robert LeslieMarblehead, MAMale 70-74Yellow40.2339.78 Silver 
Peter LevesqueCenter Conway, NHMale 65-69Yellow45.2957.37 Bronze 
Nick LiebermanYellow42.7648.58 S* ? 
Mike LinnaneBartlett, NHMale 60-64Yellow40.8842.04 Silver 
Melissa LinneFranklin, MAFemale 21-29Yellow37.5230.37 Silver 
Bill LordSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Yellow48.0566.96 - 
Stuart LordSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Yellow40.2239.75 Silver 
Merle LoweCenter Conway, NHMale 65-69Yellow45.0556.53 Bronze 
Ben LukeNorth Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow39.6237.67 Bronze 
David LukeCtr Ossipee, NHMale 65-69Yellow41.1943.12 Silver 
Jonathan MacDougallCENTER CONWAY, NHMale 35-39Yellow33.7817.37 Gold 
Mike MacfarlaneNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Yellow51.0977.52 S* - 
Bond MacGillivrayLovell, MEMale 50-54Yellow30.596.29 Platinum 
Terry MacGillivrayFryeburg, MEMale 55-59Yellow31.559.62 Platinum 
Corey MaddenIntervale, NHMale 40-44Yellow31.188.34 Platinum 
Christine MalchiodiNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow59.28105.98 - 
Michael Malkin1647, NHMale 35-39Yellow31.6810.08 Platinum 
Harry MannGlen, NHMale 65-69Yellow32.9214.38 Platinum 
Chris MarcotteJackson, NHMale 45-49Yellow53.0884.43 - 
Kristopher MarianiYellow38.2432.87 ? 
Frank MasciulliHales Location, NHMale 60-64Yellow56.9097.71 - 
Phil MasonNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Yellow37.2029.26 Silver 
Josh McAllisterCenter Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow36.2726.03 Silver 
Suzie McCarthyNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow44.2653.79 Silver 
Robert McConaghyMale 65-69Yellow46.0860.11 Bronze 
Joe mccuskerNorth Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow48.8569.74 - 
Seammus McGrathNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow40.2339.78 Bronze 
DYANE MCINDOECONWAY, NHFemale 45-49Yellow38.6034.12 Gold 
Montgomery McIndoeConway, NHMale 50-54Yellow42.8448.85 Bronze 
Chris McKayMale 30-34Yellow38.0032.04 Bronze 
Neal MelansonRowley, MAMale 60-64Yellow35.0421.75 Gold 
Kim MerrillDenmark, MEFemale 45-49Yellow44.9156.05 Bronze 
Ed MillerPortsmouth, NHMale 55-59Yellow46.8062.61 - 
Hannah MillerConway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow35.3222.72 Silver 
Joey MillerNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow30.275.18 Platinum 
Paul MillerEffingham, NHMale 60-64Yellow42.1646.49 Bronze 
Ryan MillerEffingham, NHMale 30-34Yellow57.61100.17 - 
Clark MitchellGlen, NHMale 65-69Yellow45.4057.75 Bronze 
Cozy MitchellIntervale, NHFemale 21-29Yellow33.1715.25 Gold 
Terry MonisNorth Conway, NHMale 70-74Yellow51.4678.80 - 
Meghan MoodyNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow34.7420.71 Gold 
Patrick MoodyLovell, MEMale 21-29Yellow31.439.21 Gold 
Peter MooreNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Yellow40.9542.29 Bronze 
Brendan MurphyNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Yellow33.1615.22 Gold 
Bob NashConway, NHMale 60-64Yellow44.6755.21 Bronze 
Meghan NelsonNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow55.2892.08 - 
Melody NesterNorth Conway, NHFemale 55-59Yellow43.1850.03 Silver 
Ariella NevilleCenter Conway, NHFemale 35-39Yellow37.4730.19 Gold 
Stephen NichiporBartlett, NHMale 45-49Yellow34.9121.30 Silver 
Tyrrell NickersonSanbornville, NHMale 35-39Yellow32.7713.86 Gold 
Shelby NobleBartlett, NHFemale 21-29Yellow1:04.66124.67 - 
Maegan o'neilBrownfield, MEFemale 21-29Yellow47.5565.22 - 
John OrrBridgton, MEMale 60-64Yellow44.7855.59 Bronze 
Amy OsetekOver & UndersFemale 30-34Yellow36.0425.23 Gold 
Dan OsetekIntervale, NHMale 35-39Yellow33.9117.82 Gold 
Brian OtisGlen, NHMale 55-59Yellow38.9635.37 Silver 
Chris PachecoWest Ossipee, NHFemale 55-59Yellow1:10.05143.40 - 
Eric PageGlen, NHMale 30-34Yellow32.0211.26 Gold 
Lincoln PageMelvin Village, NHMale 55-59Yellow39.7738.19 Silver 
John ParadisRochester, NHMale 60-64Yellow34.3719.42 Gold 
Ken ParhamIntervale, NHMale 65-69Yellow1:17.31168.62 - 
Dave PaulgerMale 60-64Yellow41.8245.31 S* Gold 
Donna PerryTopsfield, MAFemale 60-64Yellow45.1456.85 Silver 
Robert PetersonConway, NHMale 40-44Yellow35.1222.03 Silver 
David PierceHales Location, NHMale 70-74Yellow44.1653.44 Bronze 
Wallace PimentalJackson, NHMale 75-79Yellow44.0352.99 Silver 
Ray PorterNorth Conway, NHMale 65-69Yellow46.9763.20 Bronze 
Tod PowersConway, NHMale 65-69Yellow42.9849.34 Bronze 
Kimberly ProulxConway, NHFemale 40-44Yellow35.5023.35 Gold 
Brian RappaBartlett, NHMale 21-29Yellow44.9756.25 T* Bronze 
CORINNE RayGLEN, NHFemale 55-59Yellow52.4082.07 - 
MARK RayGLEN, NHMale 55-59Yellow42.8448.85 Bronze 
Nancy RayFryeburg, MEFemale 55-59Yellow1:47.01271.82 - 
John ReddyNorth Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow52.8783.70 - 
Robert ReicheConway, NHMale 50-54Yellow40.9642.32 Bronze 
Julie RiversConway, NHFemale 50-54Yellow37.7231.06 Gold 
Paul RobertIntervale, NHMale 50-54Yellow35.9124.77 T* Platinum 
Edward RogersonSilver Lake, NHMale 70-74Yellow44.7155.35 Bronze 
Gary RomanoLynnfield, MAMale 60-64Yellow33.6817.03 Platinum 
Jason RossGorham, NHMale 40-44Yellow42.4547.50 Bronze 
Joe RossByfield, MAMale 50-54Yellow36.5627.03 Silver 
Nick RoyerMadison, NHMale 35-39Yellow34.5119.91 Silver 
Steve RoyerMadison, NHMale 55-59Yellow39.5137.28 Silver 
Anthony RuddyJackson, NHMale 50-54Yellow38.3033.08 Silver 
James SavoieIntervale, NHMale 60-64Yellow32.8013.97 Platinum 
Nate SawyerNew Hampton, NHMale 30-34Yellow36.8628.08 Silver 
O. Jonathan SaxbyConway, NHMale 55-59Yellow35.3622.86 Gold 
Richard ScanlonWaltham, MAYellow30.295.25 ? 
Robert SchofieldMoultonborough, NHYellow54.5189.40 ? 
Kelley Jon ScruggsTamworth, NHMale 45-49Yellow2:02.91327.07 - 
Alan ShafnerGlen, NHMale 70-74Yellow51.1477.69 - 
Tim SimoneauNorth Conway, NHMale 40-44Yellow29.923.96 Platinum 
John SmallcombMale 65-69Yellow40.8942.08 Silver 
William SmithGlen, NHMale 30-34Yellow40.3040.03 Bronze 
James SomervilleNorth Conway, NHMale 45-49Yellow35.2622.52 Silver 
Kate SouleIntervale, NHFemale 45-49Yellow39.9738.88 Silver 
Stephen SpearMadison, NHMale 50-54Yellow39.2436.34 Silver 
Phil SpinneyWolfeboro Falls, NHMale 65-69Yellow39.3736.80 Silver 
Ryan St OngeNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Yellow54.5689.58 - 
Wendey St OngeFemale 35-39Yellow45.3457.54 Bronze 
Sue StagnoneNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow44.8755.91 Silver 
Peter StebbinsNorth Conway, NHMale 55-59Yellow42.1946.59 Bronze 
Sandy SteeleFemale 65-69Yellow51.6679.50 Bronze 
William StockmanMale 65-69Yellow53.1084.50 - 
Erin SweeneySilver Lake, NHFemale 35-39Yellow38.4333.53 Silver 
Bob TafutoFreedom, NHMale 55-59Yellow38.9735.41 T* Gold 
Jim TafutoGlen, NHMale 60-64Yellow43.3950.76 Bronze 
Bob TagliaferriConway, NHMale 50-54Yellow36.0825.36 Silver 
Ace TarberryMale 21-29Yellow29.181.39 Platinum 
Trevor TaskerMale 45-49Yellow30.255.11 Platinum 
Debra TemmFemale 50-54Yellow1:00.68110.84 - 
David ThorntonConway, NHMale 40-44Yellow37.1929.22 Silver 
Vikki TinkhamAlbany, NHFemale 40-44Yellow32.7413.76 Platinum 
Mark TotmanSilver Lake, NHMale 65-69Yellow38.8735.06 Silver 
Peter TracyMale 60-64Yellow42.5447.81 Bronze 
Phyllis TracyConway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow45.1856.98 Silver 
Chester TrundyConway, NHMale 30-34Yellow36.8027.87 Silver 
JOHN VAN HORNReading, MAMale 35-39Yellow34.3019.18 Silver 
Sarah VerneyYellow39.9838.92 ? 
Bill VolkNorth Conway, NHMale 75-79Yellow39.3236.62 Gold 
Gwen VosburghJackson, NHFemale 50-54Yellow50.2874.70 - 
Steven WehrliGoffstown, NHMale 65-69Yellow43.9552.71 Bronze 
Ryan weltsTamworth, NHMale 35-39Yellow38.1932.70 Bronze 
Ashlee WeyandtConway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow50.1874.36 - 
Matthew williamsLovell, MEMale 55-59Yellow37.9431.83 Silver 
Steve WolnerLobster Trap, NHMale 70-74Yellow40.6441.21 Silver 
Michele WrightTwin Mountain, NHFemale 21-29Yellow1:08.69138.67 - 
Colin WroblewskiGlen, NHMale 35-39Yellow31.218.44 Platinum 
Charles ZaccariaGlen, NHMale 75-79Yellow41.3443.64 Silver 
Glenn ZeidersAlbany, NHMale 55-59Yellow40.1939.65 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)