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Nubs Nob Ski Area

Mar 2nd, 2018
Speed Series Scarface
not provided
This race was recalculated because Finn Husband beat the Par Time. Finn has been inserted as the pacesetter.

Par Time

Results for Mar 2nd, 2018 - Speed Series Scarface

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Makayla AndrewsHarbor Springs, MIFemale 30-34Yellow37.1034.86 Silver 
Anna ArmstrongPetoskey, MIFemale 14-15Yellow32.2617.27 Platinum 
Emma ArmstrongPetoskey, MIFemale 14-15Yellow32.4617.99 Platinum 
Justin BassettHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49Yellow32.6718.76 Gold 
Lizzie BassettHarbor Springs, MIFemale 8-9Yellow38.4339.69 Platinum 
Max BassettHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Yellow35.5229.12 Gold 
Cal BenjaminHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Yellow31.5314.61 Platinum 
Martha BowmanPetoskey, MIFemale 40-44Yellow30.8412.10 Platinum 
Mckenzie BowmanPetoskey, MIFemale 10-11Yellow40.7648.16 Silver 
Kate BridgesFranklin, MIFemale 16-17Yellow29.728.03 Platinum 
Mia CiccorettiBoyne Falls, MIFemale 21-29Yellow29.487.16 Platinum 
Jacob DrayerHarbor Springs, MIMale 12-13Yellow35.0527.41 Gold 
Jordan DrayerHarbor Springs, MIFemale 14-15Yellow36.6733.30 Silver 
Katelyn DrayerHarbor Springs, MIFemale 12-13Yellow32.7619.08 Platinum 
Chase FlavinMale 12-13Yellow30.9512.50 Platinum 
Dan FlavinLake Orion, MIMale 45-49Yellow31.7315.34 Gold 
Delaney FlavinFemale 14-15Yellow33.4521.59 Gold 
Tom GallagherHarbor Springs, MIMale 60-64Yellow33.8122.90 Gold 
 Richard GedertLevering, MIMale 75-79Yellow42.4554.31 Silver 
Allison GoelzPetoskey, MIFemale 12-13Yellow35.3628.54 Gold 
Will GoelzPetoskey, MIMale 12-13Yellow33.4721.66 Gold 
Dan HarrisPetoskey, AKMale 40-44Yellow30.7711.85 Platinum 
Will HilbornTroy, MIMale 12-13Yellow42.0752.93 Bronze 
Grant HilgerSaginaw, MIMale 35-39Yellow33.3921.37 Silver 
James HillIndian River, MIMale 40-44Yellow33.7422.65 Silver 
 Joel HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIMale 55-59Yellow30.059.23 Platinum 
Fritz HubbardPetoskey, MIMale 45-49Yellow30.6811.52 Platinum 
Finn HusbandPetoskey, MIMale 16-17Yellow28.021.85 Platinum 
 Mac JacobHarbor Springs, MIMale 60-64Yellow32.2217.12 Platinum 
Martin JacobCincinnati, OHMale 30-34YellowDNF-  
Suzie JacobCincinnati, OHFemale 60-64Yellow33.5621.99 Platinum 
 Chad JohnsonHarbor Springs, MIMale 30-34Yellow29.838.43 Platinum 
Tijen KelloggChelsea, MIFemale 50-54Yellow38.1738.75 Gold 
Cooper KerkhofWilliamsburg, MIMale 16-17Yellow28.804.69 Platinum 
Trever KingsburyPetoskey, MIFemale 21-29Yellow29.206.14 Platinum 
Claire KirchnerClarkston, MIFemale 12-13Yellow33.6622.36 Platinum 
Daniel LedinghamHarbor Springs, MIMale 40-44Yellow33.6422.28 Silver 
Marty LettsHarbor Springs, MIMale 60-64Yellow34.2124.35 Gold 
Susan LettsHarbor Springs, MIFemale 65-69Yellow50.9085.02 - 
 Susie MackensRochester, MIFemale 50-54Yellow36.7133.44 Gold 
Clara MaillouxPetoskey, MIFemale 10-11Yellow37.5936.64 Gold 
Connor MaillouxPetoskey, MIMale 14-15Yellow32.6418.65 Gold 
Ann MasonSaginaw, MIFemale 55-59Yellow33.4221.48 Platinum 
Bill MasonSaginaw, MIMale 60-64Yellow32.4818.07 Gold 
Hayden MengasonBirmingham, MIFemale 12-13Yellow34.2524.50 Gold 
Paul MooradianHarbor Springs, MIMale 55-59Yellow30.9512.50 Platinum 
William MooreAlanson, MIMale 55-59Yellow34.6926.10 Silver 
Ryan NicosiaClarkston, MIMale 16-17Yellow30.6111.27 Gold 
Tom NicosiaClarkston, MIMale 45-49Yellow34.0623.81 Silver 
Tom OlsenPetoskey, MIMale 70-74Yellow36.0431.01 Gold 
David PaquettePetoskey, MIMale 16-17Yellow28.473.49 Platinum 
Wayne ProchaskaLake Orion, MIMale 55-59Yellow35.0227.30 Silver 
Riley RamoieTraverse City, MIMale 35-39Yellow31.7615.45 Gold 
Gabe RothmanPetoskey, MIMale 16-17Yellow29.557.42 Platinum 
Lauren RothmanPetoskey, MIFemale 14-15Yellow32.0416.47 Platinum 
Mark RothmanPetoskey, MIMale 45-49Yellow33.1920.65 Silver 
Peyton SchindlerClarkston, MIFemale 12-13Yellow32.2117.08 Platinum 
Andi ShepherdHarbor Springs, MIFemale 21-29Yellow32.1616.90 Gold 
Marley SpencePetoskey, MIFemale 12-13Yellow32.9919.92 Platinum 
Tyler SpencePetoskey, MIMale 40-44Yellow32.2917.38 Gold 
Emma SquiresPetosky, WIFemale 14-15Yellow34.8326.61 Gold 
 Sean StockGaylord, MIMale 18-20Yellow31.1413.20 Gold 
 Stan StockGaylord, MIMale 60-64Yellow35.7629.99 Silver 
Steve StockKingsley, MIMale 35-39Yellow32.2717.30 Gold 
Allen TalcottCross Village, MIMale 55-59Yellow30.8112.00 Platinum 
Jac TalcottCross Village, MIMale 21-29Yellow30.009.05 Gold 
Aiden TanisPetoskey, MIMale 12-13Yellow44.0059.94 Bronze 
Charlie ThomasPetoskey, MIMale 10-11Yellow32.8419.37 Platinum 
Nate ThomasPetoskey, MIMale 12-13Yellow34.7226.21 Gold 
Tripp ThomasPetoskey, MIMale 16-17Yellow30.5911.20 Gold 
Ben TolzdorfHarbor Springs, MIMale 21-29Yellow29.015.45 Platinum 
Carson TrumanHarbor Springs, MIMale 10-11Yellow35.8530.32 Gold 
Ben VarnerMetamora, MIMale 16-17Yellow33.5722.03 Silver 
 Richard WagnerHarbor Springs, MIMale 75-79Yellow40.3646.71 Silver 
Nolan WalkerdinePetoskey, MIMale 12-13Yellow32.2317.16 Platinum