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Wachusett Mountain

Mar 4th, 2018
The Good Race 2018
Warm, Cloudy, Mushy Snow...

Par Time

Results for Mar 4th, 2018 - The Good Race 2018

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Blue58.1632.66 Silver 
Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Blue1:00.1637.23 Gold 
Azizi AzarmeedokhtShrewsbury, MAFemale 21-29Yellow49.3513.53 Platinum 
Frederique BazinWatertown, MAFemale 40-44Blue52.3619.43 Platinum 
Curt BjorkmanWestminster, MAMale 50-54Yellow47.318.83 Platinum 
Christopher BlakeLincoln, MAMale 55-59Blue47.829.08 Platinum 
Lisa BohneLyndeborough, NHFemale 50-54Blue1:02.2541.99 Silver 
Nathan BraunMilford, NHMale 21-29Blue48.4710.56 Gold 
Mason BrowneAndover, MAMale 65-69Yellow57.5932.48 Silver 
Debbie ButtsLittleton, MAFemale 65-69Blue1:00.2637.45 Gold 
James CampPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Blue55.0425.55 Gold 
Julian CeikeTownsend, MAMale 70-74Yellow57.8733.13 Gold 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAMale 35-39Yellow56.2429.38 Silver 
Herb ColbyBolton, MAMale 60-64Yellow49.5914.08 Platinum 
Tony ColognesiSturbridge, MAMale 45-49Yellow50.8516.98 Gold 
Brandon ConnorsHolden, MAMale 40-44Blue48.2410.04 Platinum 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 18-20Blue48.8411.41 Platinum 
Heather CookSterling, MAFemale 30-34Blue54.2623.77 Gold 
Michelle CottonLeominster, MAFemale 50-54Yellow1:03.4545.96 Silver 
Matthew CoughlinManchester, NHMale 21-29Blue57.6031.39 Bronze 
Andrew CroswellLittleton, MAMale 60-64Blue1:12.3465.01 S* Silver 
Polly CrowninshieldMarblehead, MAFemale 65-69Blue57.7331.68 Platinum 
Annie CundariWestminster, MAFemale 50-54Blue1:03.1544.05 Silver 
Carolyn DavisPrinceton, MAFemale 55-59Blue57.9932.28 Gold 
Steve DefrancescoBolton, MAMale 45-49Yellow52.0619.76 Gold 
John DemartinoNewbury, MAMale 45-49Blue48.5410.72 Platinum 
Kateri DemartinoGardner, MAFemale 40-44Blue55.5426.69 Gold 
Paul DolanBedford, MAMale 60-64Yellow54.9326.36 Gold 
Michelle DonahuePaxton, MAFemale 55-59Yellow1:10.2761.65 Bronze 
Kyle DorionCharlestown, RIMale 21-29Yellow48.3911.32 Gold 
Jeff DriesGroton, MAMale 50-54Yellow51.7619.07 Gold 
Heather EganSturbridge, MAFemale 45-49Blue53.4021.81 Platinum 
John EstesMale 21-29Yellow59.9938.00 Bronze 
Sean FigyWorcester, MAMale 30-34Blue52.4119.55 Silver 
Jay FishmanGrafton, MAMale 60-64Blue53.7922.70 Gold 
John FoodyLowell, MAMale 21-29Yellow45.284.16 Platinum 
Tom GardnerGrafton, MAMale 65-69Blue56.7429.43 Gold 
Mick GarsideGroton, MAMale 50-54Blue59.3835.45 Silver 
Steve GayAshby, MAMale 60-64Blue1:03.2544.27 Silver 
Ben GetchellPrinceton, MAMale 55-59Blue1:22.2387.57 S* - 
Ben Ryan GetchellPrinceton, MAMale 30-34Blue51.2516.90 Gold 
Tucker GettelNashua, NHMale 21-29Blue50.1314.35 Gold 
John GillmanGardner, MAMale 35-39Blue51.2716.95 Gold 
Rebecca GrocciaJefferson, MAFemale 35-39Blue53.9222.99 Gold 
Wayne HaddadWorcester, MAMale 60-64Yellow50.1615.39 Platinum 
Ben HeneyNew Bedford, MAMale 21-29Blue54.9125.25 Silver 
David HillbrookAshburnham, MAMale 75-79Blue57.9132.09 Gold 
Barry JosephBolton, MAMale 55-59Blue51.3617.15 Gold 
Brian JosephBolton, MAMale 21-29Blue46.576.23 Platinum 
Chris KennedyMillbury, MAMale 50-54Blue50.8115.90 Gold 
Karen KennedyMillbury, MAFemale 45-49Blue52.6720.14 Platinum 
Earl KishidaRockport, MAMale 70-74Yellow1:00.1338.33 Silver 
Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 60-64Yellow1:02.6544.12 Silver 
Quinn KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 21-29Blue51.7518.04 Gold 
James KraussMale 45-49Yellow52.0219.67 Gold 
Bill KroppAuburn, MAMale 65-69Blue57.8031.84 Gold 
Alana LaffertyAndover, MAFemale 30-34Blue1:02.9843.66 Silver 
Robert LawrenceMilford, MAMale 45-49Yellow51.8319.23 Gold 
Hector LeblancHudson, MAMale 75-79Blue1:01.4240.10 Silver 
Steven LilburnPrinceton, MAMale 55-59Blue51.5417.56 Gold 
Dan LiliedahlGroton, MAMale 50-54Yellow47.388.99 Platinum 
Peter LiptonHolden, MAMale 45-49Yellow53.2422.48 Silver 
Jacob MaaloufPrinceton, MAMale 21-29Yellow52.5020.77 Silver 
Tom MacKie Sudbury, MAMale 60-64Blue53.2621.49 Gold 
Peter MalleyBolton, MAMale 60-64Yellow53.3122.64 Gold 
Anne McLoughlinMarlborough, MAFemale 21-29Yellow51.1017.55 Gold 
Sara MelikianWilbraham, MAFemale 21-29Blue56.2628.33 Silver 
Jen MillerWestminster, MAFemale 35-39Yellow55.4427.54 Gold 
Troy MillikenHolden, MAMale 35-39Yellow52.5920.98 Silver 
Dave MoranSterling, MAMale 50-54Yellow53.9224.04 Silver 
John NestelWalpole, MAMale 50-54Yellow55.8228.41 Silver 
David OconnorCumberland, RIMale 55-59Blue59.2035.04 Silver 
Kim OconnorCumberland, RIFemale 50-54Yellow1:05.9351.67 Silver 
David OlsterWEST DOVER, VTMale 50-54Blue48.4310.47 Platinum 
Mike PacakBellingham, MAMale 60-64Yellow1:17.0977.34 - 
Richard PhelpsW Boylston, MAMale 55-59Yellow1:00.4439.04 Silver 
Bob PlatzShrewsbury, MAMale 55-59Yellow56.4529.86 Silver 
Charlotte PrideHarvard, MAFemale 40-44Yellow56.8430.76 Gold 
Michael QuinkLeicester, MAMale 55-59Blue54.8925.21 Silver 
Dick RauhPrinceton, MAMale 65-69Blue56.7529.45 Gold 
Ed ReitzMale 50-54Blue57.1130.27 Silver 
Rick RomanoChelmsford, MAMale 50-54Blue48.069.63 Platinum 
James RossiMerrimack, NHMale 50-54Blue52.2319.14 Gold 
Nancy SaucierLeominster, MAFemale 40-44Yellow52.6821.19 Platinum 
Rick ScarpignatoTownsend, MAMale 65-69Yellow51.0517.44 Platinum 
David SchabBolton, MAMale 55-59Yellow50.2115.50 Platinum 
Janet SchoenyShrewsbury, MAFemale 60-64Blue1:06.6351.98 Silver 
Susan ShipmanPrinceton, MAFemale 70-74Blue1:03.5845.03 Gold 
Dave SmithN Attleboro, MAMale 55-59Blue1:07.754.43 Bronze 
Mike SmithMaynard, MAMale 50-54Blue52.2219.11 Gold 
Rob SoluriLincoln, MAMale 55-59Yellow51.5918.68 Gold 
Arden SonnenbergSterling, MAFemale 55-59Yellow1:09.7760.50 S* Gold 
Kathy StodulskiGrafton, MAFemale 35-39Yellow52.4420.63 Gold 
Jeff SturgesMARLBOROUGH, MAMale 70-74Blue54.9025.23 Gold 
Kevin TooheyPrinceton, MAMale 55-59Blue53.7822.67 Gold 
Leanne TremblayWestminster, MAFemale 35-39Yellow1:20.6185.44 - 
Erin VantuylFitchburg, MAFemale 40-44Blue52.7420.30 Platinum 
Geoff VinceletteSutton, MAMale 45-49Yellow57.7532.85 S* Platinum 
DAN VINTONShrewsbury, MAMale 60-64Blue53.6022.26 Gold 
Stig WashburnWestminster, MAMale 60-64Blue53.1221.17 Gold 
Kyle WescottHudson, MAMale 35-39Blue52.4519.64 Silver 
Chuck WilkeyHarvard, MAMale 50-54Blue54.9125.25 Silver 
Scott WilsonTempleton, MAMale 55-59Blue59.0434.67 T* Gold 
Charlotte WinchellHarvard, MAFemale 55-59Blue56.1228.01 Gold 
Terry XieActon, MAMale 40-44Blue56.8429.65 Silver 
Evan YementesGardner, MAMale 21-29Blue58.1932.73 T* Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)