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Steamboat Ski & Resort

Mar 3rd, 2018
Steamboat Cup Obstacle Course Results
Hot and sunny

Par Time

Results for Mar 3rd, 2018 - Steamboat Cup Obstacle Course Results

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Sage BahnsenTemperance, MIMale 8-9Yellow1:10.1749.87 Gold 
Stratton BahnsenSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:11.5152.73 Silver 
Ryan BeckerSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:36.44105.98 - 
Mia BitontiFemale 10-11Yellow1:16.5663.54 Bronze 
Jesse BoehmSteamboat Springs, COFemale 10-11Yellow1:54.9145.41 - 
Naia BroggiFort Collins, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:48.01130.69 - 
Anya ChadbourneSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9YellowDNF-  
Noah ChesterMale 8-9Yellow1:20.471.72 Bronze 
Sophie ConjuraSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:59.06154.29 - 
Elisa CosbySteamboat Springs, COFemale 6-7Yellow1:45.44125.20 Bronze 
Skylar DavisonSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:42.19118.26 - 
Abigail Del HayaSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:06.93171.10 - 
Lucia Del HayaSteamboat springsFemale 8-9Yellow2:08.83175.16 - 
Harper DonnelFemale 8-9Yellow2:05.24167.49 - 
Vanessa DorrFemale 8-9Yellow2:26.03211.90 - 
Quinn DressenSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:30.8894.11 - 
Tesher FeinbergSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:24.5380.54 Bronze 
Isabella FisherFemale 8-9Yellow1:34.77102.41 - 
Talon FleischerMale 8-9Yellow1:30.0592.33 - 
Finley FontainePhoenix, ARMale 8-9Yellow2:12.77183.58 - 
Olivia FountainFemale 8-9Yellow1:53.22141.82 - 
Tyler FrenchCraig, COMale 10-11Yellow1:22.0975.33 Bronze 
Izzy GaglianoSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:26.91213.80 - 
Mackenzie GilchristSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
 Caley GoforthSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:31.9696.41 - 
Liv GoldmanFemale 8-9Yellow2:28.34216.83 - 
Maxwell GreenSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:07.3343.81 Gold 
William HallSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:08.8146.99 Gold 
Taj HaradinMale 10-11Yellow1:03.4135.43 Gold 
Griffin HarveySteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:04.1537.01 Gold 
Emma HaubertFemale 8-9Yellow1:53.54142.50 - 
Charlotte HigginsSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:14.16186.54 - 
Henry InceMale 8-9Yellow1:38.13109.59 - 
Gracelyn JacobsonSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:08.1173.60 - 
Kinsley JacobsonSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:38.86111.15 - 
Treyden KlingemannMale 8-9Yellow1:38.96111.36 - 
Torin KnappMale 8-9Yellow1:36.82106.79 - 
Xavier KnottMale 10-11YellowDSQ-  
lola KovachFemale 8-9Yellow1:58.85153.84 - 
Caroline Kristof-BrownFemale 6-7Yellow2:02.2161.00 - 
Eliza LinfordFemale 8-9Yellow2:38.24237.98 - 
Oscar LivinsMale 8-9Yellow1:09.9549.42 Gold 
Gigi LobeckSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:41.41116.60 - 
Finn LodwickMale 8-9Yellow1:36.97107.11 - 
Finn ManningMale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Caden McHaffieMale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Lyllah MillerSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:07.98173.34 - 
Connor MonahanMale 10-11YellowDSQ-  
Ryan MontgomerySteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:01.0130.31 Platinum 
Collin Mudgett-FurguesonSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:27.8387.59 - 
Lucille pace-dietrichSteamboat Springs, COFemale 6-7Yellow1:55.55146.80 - 
Parker PappasSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Dylan QuinnSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9YellowDNF-  
Allison ReznicekSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:16.04190.56 - 
Kate RyanMale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Jackson SchuttSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:18.8168.35 Bronze 
Elliot SibsonMale 8-9Yellow1:54.55144.66 - 
Georgeanne SibsonCOFemale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Makayla SlamalSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9YellowDSQ-  
Auden SniderSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:15.5189.41 - 
Connor SolomonSteamboat Springs, COMale 8-9Yellow1:44.81123.86 - 
Julia SturgesSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9YellowDNF-  
Natalia VillegasSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:30.41221.25 - 
Scarlett VolkSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow1:46.56127.60 - 
Ella WilsonSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:03.53163.84 - 
Reise WilsonSteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:11.79181.48 - 
Rockelle WorleySteamboat Springs, COFemale 8-9Yellow2:16.5191.54 -