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Park City Mountain Resort

Mar 2nd, 2018
Sunny and windy

Par Time

Hays, Mike (coat)
Hays, Mike (coat)
Results for Mar 2nd, 2018 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jack AbuhaidarPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow16.887.11 Platinum 
Jack AllisonSuperior, COMale 12-13Blue17.5110.26 Platinum 
Kate AltmanPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue18.3815.74 Platinum 
Charlotte AndersonLos Angeles, CAFemale 6-7Yellow26.1766.05 Gold 
David AndersonLos Angeles, CAMale 40-44Blue20.5429.35 Silver 
Patrick BakkePark City, UTMale 45-49Yellow18.7018.65 Gold 
Mary BocockSalt Lake City, UTMale 14-15Blue19.0319.84 Gold 
Preston BolusLewisburg, PAMale 12-13Yellow16.524.82 Platinum 
Josh BoschettoPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.7312.50 Platinum 
Brandon BurnsAttleboro, MAMale 21-29Yellow22.5743.21 Bronze 
Brock BurnsideLayton, UTMale 12-13Yellow22.6043.40 Silver 
Duncan BurnsideLayton, UTMale 8-9Blue32.83106.74 - 
Dillon BushPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow16.534.89 Platinum 
Isabella CaputoPark City, UTFemale 8-9Blue22.0338.73 Platinum 
Tyler ChopraPark City, UTMale 6-7Yellow21.6837.56 S* Platinum 
Kira ChristensenPark City, UTFemale 10-11Blue57.18260.08 F* - 
Charlie CompanoPark City, UTMale 1-5Yellow46.01191.94 - 
Carina CookePark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue17.419.63 Platinum 
Peyton CoxPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.078.31 Platinum 
John DecarlisGranbury, TXMale 35-39Blue17.8012.09 Gold 
Paige DehartHailey, IDFemale 12-13Yellow16.987.74 Platinum 
David DellenbachPark City, UTMale 10-11Blue17.198.25 Platinum 
Hans Iii DellenbachPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue18.4616.25 Platinum 
Robert DesautelsMale 50-54Yellow18.5617.77 Gold 
Elizabeth EdenPark City, UTFemale 6-7Blue20.7530.67 Platinum 
Kathryn EdenPark City, UTFemale 40-44Blue20.6429.97 Gold 
Samantha EdenPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow21.0033.25 Platinum 
Brendan FribergPark City, UTMale 12-13BlueDNF-  
Kitty FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 40-44Blue18.7718.20 Platinum 
Molly FriedmanPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.4310.60 Platinum 
Izzy GaggeroVentura, CAFemale 12-13Yellow18.1315.04 Platinum 
Nico GaggeroVentura, CAMale 14-15Yellow16.967.61 Platinum 
Nils GallowaySun Valley, IDMale 12-13Yellow16.816.66 Platinum 
Floyd GeddesPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.8313.13 Platinum 
Julie GibbsSan Anselmo, CAFemale 45-49Blue19.7524.37 Gold 
Taylor GlickJackson, WYFemale 12-13Yellow17.8213.07 Platinum 
Roman GoralskiJackson, WYMale 12-13Yellow18.7018.65 Platinum 
Marlon GrandyDurham, NHMale 14-15Yellow19.5223.86 Gold 
Michael GrossniklausPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.4610.79 Platinum 
John HaneyPark City, UTMale 70-74Yellow19.1521.51 Platinum 
Ian HannaPortland, ORMale 16-17Blue17.238.50 Platinum 
Tegan HarlowPark City,, UTFemale 12-13Blue18.4716.31 Platinum 
Isabella HattruppKetchum, IDFemale 12-13Yellow17.5911.61 Platinum 
Haleigh HodgeArlington, MAFemale 8-9Blue24.6255.04 Silver 
Andrew HoffmanHingham, MAMale 16-17Blue18.8418.64 Gold 
Matthew HoffmanHingham, MAMale 45-49Yellow20.7931.92 Silver 
Nate HoffmanWynnewood, PAMale 12-13Blue20.4228.59 Gold 
Owen HoffmanRaleigh, NCMale 14-15Yellow18.7418.91 Gold 
Amy HoytPark City, UTFemale 21-29Blue17.8412.34 Platinum 
Austin HulleyPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow19.7325.19 Platinum 
Lily HulleyFemale 8-9Yellow22.9545.62 Gold 
Espen HuntPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.5911.61 Platinum 
Aidan JacobsPhiladelphia, PAMale 10-11Yellow22.9245.43 Silver 
Dieter JacobsPhiladelphia, PAMale 40-44Yellow21.8938.90 Bronze 
Bjorn karlenPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue17.429.70 Platinum 
Jesse KeefeHailey, IDMale 12-13Yellow17.4410.66 Platinum 
Agnes KindKetchum, IDFemale 12-13Yellow18.5617.77 Platinum 
Goldie KirkSun Valley, IDFemale 12-13Blue18.1714.42 Platinum 
Axel KlomparensJackson, WYMale 12-13Yellow17.5511.36 Platinum 
Max LantosPark City, UTMale 8-9Yellow40.71158.31 - 
Cedric LaverdurePark City, UTMale 21-29Blue17.349.19 Gold 
Matt LeeEndicott, NYMale 21-29BlueDNF-  
Arden LouchheimPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.9814.09 Platinum 
Colin MacGuffieKETCHUM, IDMale 12-13Blue18.7418.01 Platinum 
Davide MarainiMale 12-13Blue17.7111.52 Platinum 
Phebe MarslandPark City, UTFemale 12-13Blue18.7017.76 Platinum 
Bodi MarzkaPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow16.705.96 Platinum 
Aston McCauleyPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue25.4059.95 Silver 
Dale McCauleyPark City, UTMale 40-44Yellow21.5836.93 Bronze 
Zara MccauleyFemale 10-11Blue31.1195.91 - 
Valerie MillerPark City, UTFemale 55-59Blue19.7124.12 Platinum 
Everest MoncriefPark City, UTMale 6-7Blue29.8287.78 Bronze 
Ann MullenDenver, COFemale 60-64Blue19.8124.75 T* Platinum 
Sophie NeffPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.178.95 Platinum 
Tommy NormandSun Valley, IDMale 12-13Blue18.2614.99 Platinum 
Rafael OmaliaMale 1-5Yellow27.7876.27 Gold 
Jonathan PintalPark City, UTMale 21-29Blue17.8012.09 Gold 
Cole PotterPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.168.88 Platinum 
WYNTER PROBERTPark City, UT, UTFemale 12-13YellowDNF-  
Griffen RogersSammamish, WAMale 12-13Yellow16.665.71 Platinum 
Rhys RoshHuntington Woods, MIMale 6-7Yellow20.2328.36 Platinum 
Ruby RoshHuntington Woods, MIFemale 8-9Yellow19.3122.53 Platinum 
Oscar RyanMale 8-9Blue23.6348.80 Gold 
Ruby RyanFemale 8-9Yellow25.2860.41 Silver 
JETT SHEPPARDPark City, UTMale 12-13Blue17.8012.09 Platinum 
SKYLAR SHEPPARDPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.007.87 Platinum 
Micah ShumateMale 8-9YellowDNF-  
William SparrerSalt Lake City, UTMale 12-13Blue19.1520.59 Platinum 
Connor SpellmanLa Grange, ILMale 12-13Yellow20.0427.16 Gold 
Dylan SpellmanLa Grange, ILMale 10-11Blue21.0132.30 Gold 
Sophia StalcupTrabuco Canyon, CAFemale 12-13Yellow22.2040.86 Silver 
Frank StearnsPortland, ORMale 12-13Yellow16.575.14 Platinum 
Ash SteinPark City, UTMale 10-11Yellow18.5717.83 Platinum 
Lilia SteinPark City, UTFemale 6-7Yellow22.8344.86 Platinum 
Jay SykesPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.8813.45 Platinum 
Calcy TangPark City, UTMale 12-13Yellow17.3510.09 Platinum 
Mladen TasevPark City, UTMale 21-29Yellow17.339.96 Gold 
Alina TenninbombPark City, UTFemale 8-9Yellow27.9077.03 Bronze 
Jamie ThomasPark City, UTMale 55-59Yellow16.172.60 Platinum 
Travis ThomsonPark City, UTMale 8-9YellowDNF-  
Sonnie TravisPark City, UTFemale 12-13Yellow17.319.84 Platinum 
Nick VassDenver, COMale 21-29Blue20.2827.71 Silver 
Chloe VogelKetchum, IDFemale 12-13Blue18.0213.48 Platinum 
Anna WhiteMenomonee Falls, WIMale 6-7Yellow23.6950.32 Gold 
Keith WilsonPark City, UTMale 8-9Blue37.27134.70 - 
Evalyn WogomanJackson, WYFemale 12-13Yellow18.2615.86 Platinum 
Christien WoiwodeJackson, WYMale 12-13Yellow16.434.25 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)
F = Adaptive Alpine: Cognitive Disability (-35)
T = Telemark (-13)