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Race Results
Crystal Mountain Resort

Mar 1st, 2018
Thursday Night Race League
League Race
not provided

Series: League Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Mar 1st, 2018 - Thursday Night Race League

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jeff AikenTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Team TuckerBlue26.1515.40 Platinum 
Dana AllenTraverse City, MIFemale 55-59MacacaBlue31.1737.56 Gold 
 Edie AylsworthCedar, MIFemale 40-44Great Northern HomesYellow26.0312.93 Platinum 
Michelle BarefootInterlochen, MIFemale 45-49StormcloudBlue32.9145.23 Silver 
Steve BluhmMale 55-59BroskisYellow31.8037.96 Silver 
Mark BondyTraverse City, MIMale 55-59InstigatersBlue26.8418.45 Gold 
Randy ChapmanMale 60-64Team TuckerYellow27.3718.74 Gold 
Jeff CockfieldTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Team TuckerYellow27.6119.78 Gold 
Andrew CookMale 35-39StormcloudBlue34.8153.62 - 
Michael CorcoranTraverse City, MIMale 60-64MacacaYellow30.9434.23 Silver 
Mike CoteInterlochen, MIMale 40-44Crossing The LineBlue26.1515.40 Gold 
 Dan CulpTraverse City, MIMale 50-54InstigatersBlue24.397.63 Platinum 
Mike CutlerCommerce, MIMale 75-79Crossing The LineYellow29.4427.72 Gold 
Derek DenoyerTraverse City, MIMale 40-44Men In TightsYellow30.7133.23 S* Gold 
John DruryElberta, MIMale 45-49Great Northern HomesYellow31.4136.27 Bronze 
Sean DuperronHonor, MIMale 45-49Great Northern HomesYellow26.4814.88 Gold 
Nate ElkinsMale 35-39Men In TightsBlue23.644.32 Platinum 
Joe ElliottTraverse C Ity, MIMale 60-64MacacaBlue25.6913.37 Platinum 
Rick FinkMaple City, MIMale 55-59Team TuckerBlue26.2115.67 Platinum 
 Chris FisherMaple City, MIMale 45-49Crossing The LineYellow24.677.03 Platinum 
Kevin FisherMaple City, MIMale 30-34BroskisYellow23.933.82 Platinum 
Pete FisherMIMale 35-39BroskisYellow23.783.17 Platinum 
Julie GaylorKalamazoo, MIFemale 21-29StormcloudBlue26.2815.98 Gold 
 Page GravesTraverse City, MIMale 45-49Smith And Johnson`s Law And DisorderBlue24.729.09 Platinum 
Denny HoxsieWilliamsburg, MIMale 65-69InstigatersYellow27.5619.57 Platinum 
Kathy HubbardFreeland, MIFemale 45-49Down To The WireBlue29.0027.98 Gold 
 Neil KaleeSuttons Bay, MIMale 60-64Smith And Johnson`s Law And DisorderYellow34.6350.24 Bronze 
David KarczewskiTraverse City, MIMale 60-64MacacaYellow25.8512.15 Platinum 
John KasbenCedar, MIMale 35-39Smith And Johnson`s Law And DisorderYellow24.747.33 Platinum 
Robert KennedyFrankfort, MIMale 45-49Last CallBlue39.7075.20 S* - 
Luke KrolikowskiTraverse City, MIMale 30-34StormcloudYellow29.6028.42 Silver 
Bob KuhnFrankfort, MIMale 75-79Roadhouse RacersYellow39.9473.28 - 
Timothy LodgeMale 55-59Roadhouse RacersBlue27.8122.73 Gold 
Mike LummBeulah, MIMale 60-64Down To The WireYellow27.3818.79 Gold 
Jared MacDonaldFrankfort, MIMale 35-39Great Northern HomesYellow25.9912.75 Gold 
Matt MadisonMale 55-59Team TuckerBlue25.7813.77 Platinum 
Patrick MiddletonMaple City, MIMale 45-49Smith And Johnson`s Law And DisorderYellow29.8729.59 Silver 
 Bill MillerTraverse City, MIMale 80-84Roadhouse RacersYellow32.8842.65 Gold 
 Tom NorthwayBeulah, MIMale 50-54InstigatersBlue23.975.78 Platinum 
 Michael NowakTraverse City, MIMale 55-59InstigatersYellow25.7611.76 Platinum 
Randy OlsenFrankfort, MIMale 65-69Last CallYellow30.7733.49 Silver 
 Geoffrey PaineManistee, MIMale 55-59InstigatersYellow25.5310.76 Platinum 
 Scot PerryTraverse City, MIMale 55-59InstigatersYellow24.777.46 Platinum 
Scott PerryTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Smith And Johnson`s Law And DisorderBlue25.5712.84 Gold 
George PetritzBeulah, MIMale 65-69Crossing The LineBlue26.8518.49 Platinum 
Shari PrevostSuttons Bay, MIFemale 45-49Last CallYellow50.76120.22 S* - 
Adam PutneyArcadia, MIMale 35-39StormcloudBlue25.9514.52 Gold 
Jeff RabidouxGlen Arbor, MIMale 55-59Roadhouse RacersYellowDNF-  
Steve RadionoffBeulah, MIMale 60-64Great Northern HomesYellow31.2735.66 Silver 
 Glen RuczynskiWilliamsburg, MIMale 40-44Down To The WireBlue24.739.14 Platinum 
 Ron ShepardBeulah, MIMale 50-54StormcloudBlue24.518.16 Platinum 
Benjamin SmithTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Down To The WireBlue26.3016.06 Gold 
Chad SmithWilliamsburg, MIMale 45-49Men In TightsBlue30.9236.45 S* Gold 
Brett StalmackTraverse City, MIMale 45-49Great Northern HomesBlue25.0110.37 Platinum 
 Kris SuttenCadillac, MIFemale 50-54Down To The WireBlue30.2033.27 Gold 
Chris TouheyMale 35-39BroskisBlue25.6613.24 Gold 
Daniel WendelsLake Ann, MIMale 55-59MacacaBlue28.9927.93 Silver 
Jeremy WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 35-39Men In TightsYellow24.064.38 Platinum 
Marty WilliamsCadillac, MIMale 30-34Blue22.700.18 Platinum 
Stephanie WilliamsBeulah, MIFemale 21-29Men In TightsBlue25.4712.40 Platinum 
Marla WilsonFemale 40-44Roadhouse RacersYellow27.9121.08 Platinum 
Matt WisenMale 35-39BroskisBlue25.1210.86 Platinum 

S = Snowboard (-20)