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Mt. LaCrosse

Feb 13th, 2018
2018 League Night Six
I mean, it's actually kinda nice
Mt. LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Series: Mt La Crosse Adult League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 6
Par Time

Jenni Wolk Suit
Jenni Wolk Suit
Results for Feb 13th, 2018 - 2018 League Night Six

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Loren AndersonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Blue19.8440.71 T* Gold 
Mike BendelStodddard, WIMale 45-49Yellow15.5912.40 Platinum 
Nick BennettLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Blue16.3515.96 Gold 
Mike BinsfeldLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39Yellow19.4039.87 Bronze 
Ryan BornLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39Blue17.7125.60 Silver 
Thomas BriggsLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69Yellow19.2138.50 Silver 
Jeremiah BurishLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Blue21.2450.64 - 
Mike CharronGenoa, WIMale 55-59Yellow19.2038.43 Silver 
Ben ClarkWoodbury, CTMale 21-29Yellow15.9815.21 Gold 
Brian CotrellMale 40-44Yellow19.4840.45 Bronze 
David CurtisLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Yellow15.7013.19 Platinum 
Jansen DahlWIMale 40-44Yellow18.8035.54 Bronze 
Steph DicksonLa Crosse, WIFemale 40-44Blue19.6439.29 Silver 
Ward EvensonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Yellow18.9836.84 Silver 
Scott FinchLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Yellow15.7413.48 Platinum 
Preston FriseLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20Blue16.1614.61 Gold 
Brian GoodwinTomah, WIMale 50-54Yellow16.5319.18 Gold 
Denise GrabowskiWIFemale 35-39Yellow23.4268.85 - 
Pat GrabowskiWIMale 35-39Blue17.9527.30 Silver 
David GrothLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59Yellow19.0036.99 Silver 
Brian HarrisLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Blue19.0234.89 Silver 
Marissa HolzerLa Crosse, WIFemale 21-29Yellow18.7635.26 Silver 
Jon HorneLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Blue17.5224.26 Silver 
Derek IversonOnalaska, WIMale 30-34Yellow14.998.07 Platinum 
Roy JanzenOshkosh, WIMale 60-64Yellow19.0737.49 Silver 
Dave JohnsonLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59Blue16.3415.89 Platinum 
Robert JordanLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Blue16.2715.39 Gold 
Luke KnadleHolmen, WIMale 35-39Blue15.8612.48 Gold 
Attila KovacsLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Blue15.5410.21 Platinum 
Cristina KovacsLa Crosse, WIFemale 35-39Yellow17.6227.04 Gold 
Marci KuhrtOnalaska, WIFemale 30-34Blue16.1314.40 Platinum 
Abby LeinfelderLa Crosse, WIFemale 18-20Yellow15.6913.12 Platinum 
Sam LeinfelderLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Yellow15.7613.63 Gold 
Deak LydenWest Salem, WIMale 40-44Blue18.9234.18 Bronze 
Al McCoyLACROSSE, WIMale 55-59Blue16.3115.67 Platinum 
Brady McCoyLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20Yellow15.8914.56 Gold 
Robert McMahonStoddard, WIMale 55-59Yellow17.2724.51 Gold 
Gretchen MyreLa Crosse, WIFemale 35-39Yellow19.8543.11 Silver 
Mike MyreLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39Yellow15.5612.18 Gold 
James NeslerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Blue18.7332.84 Silver 
Edwin OverholtLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59Blue16.7018.44 Gold 
Eric RauchOnalaska, WIMale 45-49Yellow20.3947.01 Bronze 
Tom ReinhartRoss, CAMale 60-64Yellow20.1345.13 Silver 
Andy SaterbakCoon Valley, WIMale 55-59Blue16.5017.02 Gold 
Tim SaterbakLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Blue17.3022.70 Gold 
Hans SchroederLaCrosse, WIMale 60-64Yellow16.4118.31 Gold 
Kurt SchroederLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Yellow16.7820.98 Gold 
Ryan SchultzLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Yellow16.1616.51 Gold 
Jeff SexauerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Blue17.2322.20 Silver 
Douglas ShupeONALASKA, WIMale 55-59Yellow16.1616.51 Gold 
Sharon SmiklaS. LaCrosse, WIFemale 50-54Blue24.0770.71 Bronze 
Jessica SmithFemale 35-39Blue19.2836.74 Silver 
Ryan SneathLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29Blue16.2715.39 Gold 
Dawn SummerfieldLa Crescent, MNFemale 55-59Blue21.9555.67 Silver 
Robin SwartzLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Yellow17.6927.54 Gold 
Harper TaggartLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Blue25.3179.50 S* - 
Paul TeppOnalaska, WIMale 45-49Blue16.0713.97 Platinum 
Stephanie TimmermanOnalaska, WIFemale 35-39Blue19.6539.36 Silver 
Max TraneMale 40-44Yellow20.1245.06 Bronze 
Jason VeldboomOnalaska, WIMale 40-44BlueDNF-  
August WeberLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Yellow16.3217.66 Silver 
Casey WeissSt. Paul, MNMale 30-34Blue14.956.03 Platinum 
Jenni WolkLa Crosse, WIFemale 35-39Blue15.368.94 Platinum 
Robert WolkLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Blue15.499.86 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)