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Afton Alps

Feb 8th, 2018
MRL Thurs Silver Week 5
not provided
Afton Alps, Minnesota

Par Time

Results for Feb 8th, 2018 - MRL Thurs Silver Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
John ApplegateExcelsior, MNMale 50-54Team FogBlue24.6315.20 Gold 
Mike BerggrenAft On, MNMale 45-49Green Lanterns IIYellow24.2410.33 Platinum 
Scott Fuzzybear BjornsonHampton, MNMale 45-49Yellow24.5711.83 Platinum 
Erik BoeMaplewood, MNMale 45-49Nailed ItYellow26.1318.93 Gold 
Matthew BoleyMale 21-29Jerry LandYellow28.7630.91 Bronze 
Justin BrunsvoldCottage Grove, MNMale 30-34Quarter Life CrisisesYellow23.235.74 Platinum 
Taylor BryanFemale 21-29Jerry LandYellow35.6362.18 - 
Kate CarlsenStillwater, MNFemale 55-59Nailed ItYellow29.8735.96 Gold 
Todd CarlsonHudson, WIMale 40-44George Dental GroupBlue26.6324.56 Silver 
 Mark CaterEden Prairie, MNMale 60-64Green Lanterns IIYellow25.9117.93 Platinum 
Tom CherneEdina, MNMale 60-64Hot TemalisYellow26.7921.94 Gold 
Mary DoughertyFemale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesYellow25.7016.98 Gold 
Jim DouglassLake Elmo, MNMale 65-69Green Lanterns IIBlue26.2922.97 Gold 
Bruce EdwardsWhite Bear Lake, MNMale 60-64Moving ViolationsBlue30.4242.28 Silver 
Bruce FinleyPlymouth, MNMale 55-59Out Of BoundsBlue32.5352.15 Bronze 
Tom FletcherMaple Grove, MNMale 55-59Out Of BoundsYellow27.5625.44 Silver 
Doug FosterLake Elmo, MNMale 50-54Moving ViolationsYellow29.2032.91 Silver 
Steve GambleMale 65-69Hot TemalisYellow27.5025.17 Gold 
Mark GardnerDenmark Twsp, MNMale 40-44Green Lanterns IIBlue23.6310.52 Platinum 
Bill GilletInver Grove, MNMale 60-64Nailed ItBlue29.2636.86 Silver 
Jack GleasonST LOUIS PARK, MNMale 65-69Team FogBlue25.7920.63 Gold 
STEVE GROVESStillwater, MNMale 60-64Hot TemalisBlue25.6219.83 Gold 
Jason HelkeScandia, MNMale 40-44Moving ViolationsYellow24.5111.56 Platinum 
 Don HoyeBayport, MNMale 40-44Green Lanterns IIBlue23.6910.80 Platinum 
Paul JaegerHudson, WIMale 50-54Moving ViolationsBlue27.2027.22 Silver 
Ryan JahnkeHastings, MNMale 40-44Hot TemalisYellow25.0013.79 Gold 
Tony JamborLakeland, MNMale 55-59Nailed ItYellow25.3515.38 Platinum 
Ken KarrMNMale 55-59Out Of BoundsYellow31.2442.19 Silver 
Randy KimmesHastings, MNMale 45-49Yellow24.2610.42 Platinum 
Ryan MattsonWoodbury, MNMale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesBlue23.9111.83 Gold 
Kevin McDowellSomerset, WIMale 60-64Hot TemalisBlue27.5528.86 Gold 
Brianna McIntyreFemale 21-29George Dental GroupBlue31.9349.35 Bronze 
 Rich McNamaraRoseville, MNMale 45-49Team FogBlue27.5028.62 Silver 
Chuck MikeOakdale, MNMale 60-64George Dental GroupYellow25.1814.61 Platinum 
Not MikeFemale 50-54Moving ViolationsYellow27.5625.44 Gold 
Katie NadeauSaint Paul, MNFemale 50-54Nailed ItYellow27.2323.94 Platinum 
Dale NelsonMaple Grove, MNMale 55-59Out Of BoundsBlue30.2141.30 Silver 
Thor NelsonMale 45-49Nailed ItBlue26.0521.84 Silver 
John NielsenWoodbury, MNMale 70-74Hot TemalisYellow27.6325.76 Gold 
Laura NielsenMaple Grove, MNFemale 35-39Hot TemalisBlue28.8334.85 Silver 
Erick OswaldCenterville, MNMale 55-59Moving ViolationsYellow24.3810.97 Platinum 
Mickey ParadiseMinneapolis, MNFemale 45-49Blue33.6157.20 Bronze 
Andi PepinFemale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesBlue25.0817.31 Gold 
Travis PepinMale 30-34Quarter Life CrisisesYellow24.9113.38 Gold 
Cory PinewskiMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesBlue23.349.17 Gold 
Blake RadkeBayport, MNMale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesYellow23.205.60 Platinum 
OLIVIA RAEDEKEMarine on St Croix, MNFemale 21-29Quarter Life CrisisesYellow26.4220.25 Gold 
Patrick RedingMale 50-54Team FogBlue26.2622.83 Gold 
Steve ReichowEden Prairie, MNMale 60-64Green Lanterns IIYellow26.0418.53 Gold 
Tom RinikerAfton, MNMale 50-54Green Lanterns IIBlue23.148.23 Platinum 
Alex RoverMale 21-29Jerry LandYellow35.5761.90 S* Bronze 
Bill SchmidPlymouth, MNMale 60-64Out Of BoundsBlue26.8725.68 Gold 
Cathy SchmidFemale 60-64Out Of BoundsBlue31.3346.54 Silver 
Brett SchreiberArden Hills, MNMale 40-44Team FogBlue24.8116.04 Gold 
Kellee StantonFemale 40-44George Dental GroupBlue35.2865.01 Bronze 
Seth StombergMaple Lake, MNMale 30-34Quarter Life CrisisesYellow23.517.01 Platinum 
Ryne SullivanMale 21-29Jerry LandYellow26.0418.53 Silver 
Bruce TankMahtomedi, MNMale 45-49Moving ViolationsBlue29.1736.44 Bronze 
 Bill WilsonCannon Falls, MNMale 60-64Moving ViolationsBlue23.6210.48 Platinum 
Dan WoodardRiver Falls, WIMale 65-69Hot TemalisBlue28.1231.52 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)