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Toggenburg Mountain

Feb 10th, 2018
Daily NASTAR 2 Regular and Gatebusters
Overcast, 32 F at 9 AM

Par Time

Results for Feb 10th, 2018 - Daily NASTAR 2 Regular and Gatebusters

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Max AlbaneseSyracuse, NYMale 8-9Yellow43.1177.63 Bronze 
Kade ArcuriMale 6-7Yellow48.60100.25 Bronze 
Tony ArtessaHamilton, NYMale 60-64Yellow28.5217.51 Platinum 
Natalia BeckerManlius, NYFemale 6-7Yellow47.6996.50 Bronze 
Lily BergCazenovia, NYFemale 1-5Yellow54.98126.53 Silver 
Nora BergCazenovia, NYFemale 6-7Yellow42.7175.98 Silver 
Dave BertelliJamesville, NYMale 55-59Yellow28.8518.87 Gold 
Max BerubeSkaneateles, NYMale 35-39Yellow26.8310.55 Platinum 
Rachelle BerubeFemale 6-7Yellow46.4391.31 Bronze 
William BrodCazenovia, NYMale 55-59Yellow28.4217.10 Gold 
Jacob BurchCazenovia, NYMale 6-7Yellow36.4950.35 Gold 
Kevin CastroFayetteville, NYMale 50-54Yellow28.4117.06 Gold 
Jake ChandlerManlius, NYMale 6-7Yellow39.6863.49 Silver 
Hillary CourtwrightChittenango, NYFemale 21-29Yellow52.76117.39 - 
Nic DaviHomer, NYMale 30-34Yellow27.3112.53 Gold 
Dennis DuvallLa Fayette, NYMale 30-34Yellow32.5934.28 S* Gold 
Pearson EckrichFayetteville, NYFemale 6-7Yellow43.3278.49 Silver 
Cooper GushCamillus, NYMale 1-5Yellow1:01.89155.01 Bronze 
Aniken HammerichManlius, NYFemale 6-7Yellow51.69112.98 Bronze 
Lauritz HammerichMale 10-11Yellow35.1244.71 Silver 
Nils HammerichManlius, NYMale 50-54Yellow29.0619.74 Gold 
Alex HenneberryFayetteville, NYMale 6-7Yellow38.9160.32 Gold 
John HenneberryFayetteville, NYMale 8-9Yellow42.5375.24 Bronze 
Matthew Henneberry Fayetteville, NYMale 35-39Yellow41.3170.21 - 
Chase HustedManlius, NYMale 6-7Yellow53.07118.67 - 
Samuel KageyCazenovia, NYMale 6-7Yellow55.04126.78 - 
Daniel KempinskiCazenovia, NYMale 16-17Yellow29.7722.66 Silver 
Bradley KingTruxton, NYMale 6-7Yellow36.8751.92 Gold 
Ella komaneckyFayetteville, NYFemale 6-7Yellow54.51124.60 Bronze 
Edward KoolakianLiverpool, NYMale 65-69Yellow30.5725.96 Gold 
Paddy KooneyMale 8-9Yellow39.2561.72 Silver 
Connor LavelleMale 8-9Yellow45.3386.77 - 
Tyler LavelleManlius, NYMale 6-7Yellow43.4378.95 Silver 
PETER MACCREATULLY, NYMale 55-59Yellow28.9419.24 Gold 
Staci MacCreaTully, NYFemale 50-54Yellow34.0740.38 Silver 
Timothy MAringEast Syracuse, NYMale 55-59Yellow31.3129.01 Silver 
Stephen MerriamManlius, NYMale 40-44Yellow30.8427.07 Silver 
Gavin MeyersMale 8-9Yellow40.2265.72 Silver 
Matthew MonroeMale 6-7Yellow49.88105.52 Bronze 
Robert MouchaCazenovia, NYMale 40-44Yellow26.7110.05 Platinum 
Krista PetersonCazenovia, NYFemale 50-54Yellow33.8339.39 Gold 
Richard PetrellJamesville, NYMale 60-64Yellow27.2312.20 Platinum 
Damian PetrosilloFayetteville, NYMale 8-9Yellow46.4691.43 - 
Jack PolkaManlius, NYMale 8-9Yellow35.4946.23 Gold 
Liliana PolkaManlius, NYFemale 6-7Yellow51.05110.34 Bronze 
Crista RetzManlius, NYFemale 45-49Yellow37.0252.53 Silver 
Kayla RossiFemale 6-7Yellow44.3982.90 Silver 
Sarah RossiFemale 8-9Yellow52.42115.99 - 
Elle RubensteinFayetteville, NYFemale 8-9Yellow48.4599.63 - 
Peter RubensteinFayetteville, NYMale 8-9Yellow44.3082.53 Bronze 
Monroe SamanthaFemale 8-9Yellow39.9264.48 Silver 
TH0mas ScanlonManlius, NYMale 55-59Yellow27.3712.77 Platinum 
Jake SchwartzCazenovia, NYMale 8-9Yellow41.8372.35 Bronze 
Nicholas SchwartzCazenovia, NYMale 8-9Yellow51.92113.93 - 
Tabitha StechschulteFemale 6-7Yellow1:02.2156.28 - 
Ben StevensMale 1-5Yellow40.6867.61 Gold 
Arabella TelukMc Graw, NYFemale 8-9Yellow45.1285.91 Bronze 
Bianca TelukManlius, NYFemale 6-7Yellow57.67137.62 - 
Keith ThomasManlius, NYMale 40-44Yellow29.9023.20 Silver 
Eli TimmermanFulton, NYMale 6-7Yellow39.0360.82 Gold 
Sona TrikhaJamesville, NYFemale 6-7Yellow41.5871.32 Silver 
Aidan TsaiManlius, NYMale 6-7Yellow41.7371.94 Silver 
Austin TsaiManlius, NYMale 40-44Yellow32.8235.23 Bronze 
Mia TsaiManlius, NYFemale 1-5Yellow54.43124.27 Silver 
George TwohigManlius, NYMale 45-49Yellow30.9127.36 Silver 
Peder UlvenSyracuse, NYMale 21-29Yellow29.9823.53 Silver 
Beckett WallaceFabius, NYMale 6-7Yellow49.20102.72 Bronze 
Adam WinnowiczManlius, NYMale 8-9Yellow33.4337.74 Gold 
Stuart WrightCazenovia, NYMale 50-54Yellow28.1816.11 Gold 
Mitchell ZdrotewskiMale 8-9Yellow47.6996.50 - 

S = Snowboard (-20)