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Labrador Mountain

Feb 10th, 2018
Tuesday Night Saturday Finals
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Results for Feb 10th, 2018 - Tuesday Night Saturday Finals

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Susan AzzarelliSyracuse, NYFemale 30-34Rut RidersYellow36.0928.71 Silver 
Ed BaylyKirkville, NYMale 50-54Crouse`s MisfitsYellow45.9263.77 - 
Abbie BideauxBinghamton, NYMale 21-29Where`s The BarYellow46.0664.27 - 
Jeffrey BideauxBinghamton, NYMale 50-54Where`s The BarYellow37.3533.20 Silver 
Sean BrunnerVestal, NYMale 30-34Where`s The Bar 2Yellow35.2525.71 Silver 
Taylor BucciMarcellus, NYMale 50-54Thing OneYellow36.4229.89 Silver 
Drew ButlerBaldwinsville, NYMale 30-34Crouse`s MisfitsYellow52.7788.20 S* - 
Bob CadySyracuse, NYMale 30-34Crouse`s MisfitsYellow53.7291.58 S* - 
Eric ChidesterBinghamton, NYMale 35-39Where`s The BarYellow38.3336.70 Bronze 
Cyrus ChipmanSyracuse, NYMale 45-49Thing TwoYellow40.3643.94 Bronze 
Mary ClarkEndicott, NYFemale 60-64Ski MeistersYellow44.2057.63 Silver 
Dana ConneryEndicott, NYFemale 21-29Where`s The BarYellow50.6580.63 - 
Bonnie CristBaldwinsville, NYFemale 60-64The Holy WaxersYellow36.6230.60 Platinum 
Rick DayWhitney Point, NYMale 60-64Ski MeistersYellow32.0314.23 Platinum 
Steve DolanLiverpool, NYMale 40-44Ice Cold CarversYellow31.9313.87 Gold 
Kyle DollardBinghamton, NYMale 21-29Where`s The BarYellow41.1546.75 - 
Melissa DougherMarietta, NYFemale 35-39The Holy WaxersYellow48.1871.83 - 
Denny EbertBinghamton, NYMale 75-79Ski MeistersYellow40.2543.54 Silver 
Christian EngleMale 40-44The Holy WaxersYellow29.786.21 Platinum 
Abe GnannSyracuse, NYMale 35-39Crouse`s MisfitsYellow43.4454.92 S* Bronze 
Gerard GriffinLittle Meadows, PAMale 50-54Where`s The Bar 2Yellow42.5851.85 Bronze 
Kirsten GriffinNew Milford, PAFemale 50-54Where`s The Bar 2Yellow41.8349.18 Silver 
Stephanie GronchickBaldwinsville, NYFemale 35-39Crouse`s MisfitsYellow46.6766.44 Bronze 
Tom HahnLiverpool, NYMale 55-59Boozed And BatteredYellow34.3122.36 Gold 
Ben HannaCortland, NYMale 21-29Ski MeistersYellow54.2093.30 - 
 Tim HannaSmithville Flats, NYMale 55-59Ski MeistersYellow36.8631.46 Silver 
 Travis HarringtonSyracuse, NYMale 30-34Rut RidersYellow31.1010.91 Gold 
Hans HaselbacherCicero, NYMale 65-69Crouse`s MisfitsYellow40.5444.58 Silver 
Jim HizaLa Fayette, NYMale 60-64Boozed And BatteredYellow40.2043.37 Silver 
Ryan KarrSyracuse, NYMale 21-29Crouse`s MisfitsYellow57.89106.46 - 
Marie KiernanEndicott, NYFemale 50-54Where`s The Bar 2Yellow46.9067.26 Bronze 
Russell KincaidWest Monroe, NYMale 55-59Thing OneYellow31.8013.41 Platinum 
Ken KnappSyracuse, NYMale 55-59Ski MeistersYellow35.9228.10 Silver 
Tim KnappSyracuse, NYMale 21-29Ski MeistersYellow38.9138.77 Bronze 
Kristin KosakVestal, NYFemale 21-29Where`s The Bar 2Yellow59.59112.52 S* - 
Jeffrey LeMonJAMESVILLE, NYMale 55-59Rut RidersYellow32.5215.98 Platinum 
Canaan LeonardLiverpool, NYMale 40-44The Holy WaxersYellow32.1114.51 Gold 
Anthony LubrinoFayetteville, NYMale 55-59Ice Cold CarversYellow35.4026.25 Silver 
Matthew MachovecFayetteville, NYMale 35-39The Holy WaxersYellow30.609.13 Platinum 
Kendall MengesSyracuse, NYFemale 21-29Crouse`s MisfitsYellow33.3618.97 Gold 
Wendy MoltionLa Fayette, NYMale 50-54Boozed And BatteredYellow41.5448.15 Bronze 
Marc OdinManlius, NYMale 55-59Thing OneYellow35.7527.50 Silver 
Nicole ParrishCicero, NYFemale 50-54Thing OneYellow40.4944.40 T* Gold 
Terry RyanSyracuse, NYMale 50-54Thing OneYellowDNF-  
Grace SackFayetteville, NYFemale 30-34Rut RidersYellow31.7613.27 Platinum 
George SharanSyracuse, NYMale 55-59Rut RidersYellow31.0810.84 Platinum 
Mark SteigerwaldFayetteville, NYMale 60-64The Holy WaxersYellow35.5526.78 Gold 
Laura SweetappleSyracuse, NYFemale 30-34The Holy WaxersYellow41.1346.68 Bronze 
Daniel TreibleClay, NYMale 35-39Crouse`s MisfitsYellow43.1353.82 - 
Ben WormerFayetteville, NYMale 35-39Ice Cold CarversYellow30.167.56 Platinum 
Gregg WormerSyracuse, NYMale 35-39Ice Cold CarversYellow30.9110.24 Platinum 
Leeann WrightJamesville, NYFemale 50-54Thing OneYellow38.0935.84 Gold 
Heather ZahnEndicott, NYFemale 50-54Where`s The Bar 2Yellow1:13.81163.27 - 
Yong ZhangSyracuse, NYMale 55-59Thing TwoYellow1:27.84213.27 S* - 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)