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Wachusett Mountain

Feb 9th, 2018
Central Mass Ski League - Race 9 - Boys
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Series: Central Mass Ski League - Boys
Scoring method: Use Place Points 100, 80, 60, 50...
Teams of 5
Par Time

Results for Feb 9th, 2018 - Central Mass Ski League - Race 9 - Boys

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jackson AbeleConcord, MAMale 18-20BlueDNF-  
Andrew AthanasWorcester, MAMale 18-20Blue51.5753.53 - 
Jack BakerWorcester, MAMale 16-17Blue57.7371.87 - 
Miles BarkerWorcester, MAMale 16-17Blue54.9963.71 - 
Devin BernsteinSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue46.1837.48 Bronze 
Miles BerryConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue52.9157.52 Bronze 
Sam BianchiSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue52.2355.49 - 
Max BoyleConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue40.3520.13 Gold 
Adam BradfordConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue43.0728.22 Silver 
Liam CampbellConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue49.0245.94 Bronze 
Enzo CarusoSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15BlueDNF-  
Samuel CarusoBradford, MAMale 16-17Blue49.0145.91 Bronze 
James ChandlerWest Newbury, MAMale 14-15Blue56.1467.13 - 
Justin ChenAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Blue1:03.4588.90 - 
Ethan ColeMARBLEHEAD, MAMale 16-17Blue55.7065.82 - 
Cormac CollinsWorcester, MAMale 16-17Blue43.5329.59 Silver 
Ben DaumeSouth Hamilton, MAMale 18-20Blue43.5329.59 Bronze 
Jerry DingAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Blue52.5656.48 - 
Zach DomskiWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue54.6162.58 - 
Nat EdmondsConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue1:04.5992.32 - 
Peter EvangelistaSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue49.4747.28 Bronze 
Jack FeeneyConcord, MAMale 18-20Blue43.8930.66 Bronze 
Declan FluhartyFitchburg, MAMale 12-13Blue43.1728.52 Gold 
Liam FluhartyFitchburg, MAMale 16-17Blue45.4635.34 Bronze 
Daniel FreedmanWorcester, MAMale 16-17Blue56.7869.04 - 
Jared GilmanSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue35.254.94 Platinum 
Max GlickmanWorcester, MAMale 18-20Blue37.1210.51 Gold 
Cam GrenierSouth Hamilton, MAMale 12-13Blue1:05.1293.87 - 
Bey GuersterMale 14-15Blue38.2413.84 Platinum 
Alex HeskethAndover, MAMale 18-20Blue36.759.41 Gold 
Karl HickConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue57.1170.02 - 
Fred HoffmannConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue57.0969.96 - 
Thomas HollingerWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue47.8442.42 Bronze 
Max HorganAshburnham, MAMale 14-15Blue44.2531.74 Silver 
Tim HugoSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue1:02.3385.56 - 
Hunter JinConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue1:03.3188.48 - 
Justin KimConcord, MAMale 16-17Blue36.729.32 Platinum 
Raghu KommalapatyWorcester, MAMale 14-15BlueDNF-  
Christian KrohgTopsfield, MAMale 18-20Blue39.1316.49 Gold 
Birch LakeSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Blue45.4635.34 Silver 
Nick LennoxWorcester, MAMale 16-17BlueDSQ-  
Joe MacKeySouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue50.7551.09 - 
Sam MarquisConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue50.5250.40 Bronze 
Zeno MarquisConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue57.5271.24 - 
Zach MitchellSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue52.6656.77 - 
Conor MokrzyckiSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue56.2067.31 - 
James MoukheiberConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue46.4838.37 Bronze 
Will NicholsonWorcester, MAMale 18-20Blue1:01.5583.24 - 
Ethan NickersonPlaistow, NHMale 14-15Blue1:02.1585.03 - 
Aaron OrgelConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue54.4962.22 - 
Tyler OryConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue1:02.4285.83 - 
Hank ParkerConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue53.0257.84 Bronze 
Santiago PastorWorcester, MAMale 12-13Blue52.0454.93 Bronze 
Adam PayneGroveland, MAMale 12-13Blue39.0216.17 Platinum 
Joey PayneGroveland, MAMale 14-15Blue43.1028.31 Silver 
Stephen Quill-schuffelsWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue1:03.3288.51 - 
Kinan RabbatConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue1:02.2985.44 - 
Jack RaisidesSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Blue58.8875.29 - 
Nurgeldy RakhimbekovWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue56.8169.13 - 
Kabir ReddySouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Blue55.0163.77 - 
Raymond ReevesWorcester, MAMale 18-20Blue1:09.81107.83 - 
Sam RemondiConcord, MAMale 14-15Blue44.2931.85 Silver 
Hogan RoseSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue38.0513.28 Gold 
Brian RossPacific Palisades, CAMale 16-17Blue56.1067.01 - 
Gaurav SavantWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue1:05.1393.90 - 
Nolan St. JohnSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Blue37.4011.34 Platinum 
Will St. JohnSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue40.0519.23 Gold 
Pierce SullivanWorcester, MAMale 14-15Blue55.2064.33 - 
Thomas UroskieSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Blue38.0913.40 Platinum 
Max von GottbergCambridge, MAMale 14-15Blue54.4362.04 - 
Oliver WangAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Blue42.9627.90 Silver 
Jackson WardSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Blue40.2519.83 Gold 
Nick WardSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15BlueDNF-  
Ethan WhitneyAshburnham, MAMale 14-15Blue35.415.42 Platinum 
Eli ZamoreWorcester, MAMale 16-17Blue53.3958.95 -