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Marquette Mountain

Feb 8th, 2018
MQT B/C League Week 4
not provided

Series: MQT B/C League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Eli Simon
Eli Simon
Results for Feb 8th, 2018 - MQT B/C League Week 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Crystal AndersonFemale 30-34Yellow32.45105.12 S* - 
Tom AndersonMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue22.3239.50 Silver 
Ross AnthonyMarquette, MIMale 35-39Blue20.3827.38 Silver 
Aaron BaldiniMale 21-29Yellow19.7925.09 Silver 
Andrew BallewMarquette, MIMale 21-29Blue22.7842.38 Bronze 
Raphael BennettMale 35-39Blue20.8930.56 Silver 
Edward BernardMarquette, MIMale 60-64Blue19.3420.88 Gold 
Risa BernardMarquette, MIFemale 60-64Blue25.1857.38 Silver 
Matthew BlochMarquette, MIMale 21-29Yellow18.4916.88 Silver 
Henry BothwellIshpeming, MIMale 65-69Blue22.0938.06 Silver 
Jeff BranamMarquette, MIMale 40-44Yellow19.4923.20 Silver 
Nevin BrownellMarquette, MIMale 35-39Yellow23.0845.89 T* Bronze 
Eric BurkmanMarquette, MIMale 40-44Yellow20.6530.53 Silver 
Lee BurkmanMarquette, MIMale 30-34Yellow32.25103.86 S* - 
Richard BurkmanMarquette, MIMale 60-64Blue20.6729.19 Silver 
Matt CalcaterraMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue21.4934.31 Silver 
Erik CarlsonMarquette, MIMale 30-34Yellow23.4848.42 T* Bronze 
Linda CarpenterMarquette, MIFemale 45-49Blue25.8961.81 T* Silver 
Michael CarpenterMarquette, MIMale 45-49Yellow21.9939.00 T* Silver 
Liz CoyneMarquette, MIFemale 45-49Yellow20.7831.35 Gold 
Brandon CroneyMarquette, MIMale 35-39BlueDNF-  
Christine CroneyFemale 21-29Blue23.6147.56 Bronze 
Daniel CroneyMarquette, MIMale 21-29Yellow18.4916.88 Silver 
Jess CroneyFemale 35-39Yellow23.4248.04 Silver 
Karl CrosbyMarquette, MIMale 55-59Yellow24.5455.12 Bronze 
Nick DagenaisMarquette, MIMale 21-29Yellow22.3541.28 Bronze 
Cedric DechermontMale 21-29Yellow32.20103.54 S* - 
Dan DehlinMarquette, MIMale 35-39Blue18.9018.13 Silver 
Lindsey DehlinMarquette, MIFemale 30-34Blue24.7654.75 Bronze 
Lauren DewittMarquette, MIFemale 21-29Yellow23.6149.24 Bronze 
Kelsey DietrichLinden, MIFemale 21-29Blue22.8542.81 Bronze 
Megan DixonMarquette, MIFemale 40-44Blue30.8392.69 S* - 
Charlie DobryMale 18-20Blue26.8367.69 S* - 
Jacob DouglasMale 21-29Yellow25.6261.95 - 
Zach DupontMale 21-29Yellow22.6343.05 Bronze 
Ben EllingsonMarquette, MIMale 40-44Yellow23.3947.85 T* Bronze 
Joanna EmighMarquette, MIFemale 30-34Blue24.9856.13 Bronze 
Hannah EppsMarquette, MIFemale 35-39Yellow18.5617.32 Platinum 
Fritz EricksonMarquette, MIMale 60-64Blue28.6779.19 - 
Dan GarciaEscanaba, MIMale 35-39Blue22.2939.31 Bronze 
Jake GervaisMarquette, MIMale 40-44Yellow18.3215.80 Gold 
Michelle GillMarquette, MIFemale 45-49Yellow24.3153.67 Silver 
Miles GlendeningMale 21-29Yellow21.5336.09 Bronze 
Andrew GoochMarquette, MIMale 45-49Yellow20.4429.20 Silver 
Adam HanleyMarquette, MIMale 35-39Blue26.0863.00 S* Bronze 
Lori HauswirthMarquette, MIFemale 40-44Yellow19.2221.49 Platinum 
Cory HenryMale 35-39Blue22.2739.19 Bronze 
Maria HoffmanFemale 21-29Blue28.0575.31 - 
Janet HolidayFemale 30-34Yellow31.3197.91 - 
Gary HorwoodMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue25.2757.94 Bronze 
Ryan JohnsenMale 30-34Blue25.8561.56 S* Bronze 
Donald JohnsonMarquette, MIMale 65-69Blue20.6929.31 Gold 
Steve KaukolaEscanaba, MIMale 40-44Blue23.6347.69 Bronze 
Shannon KauppilaMarquette, MIFemale 40-44Yellow24.5054.87 Bronze 
Steve KellyMarquette, MIMale 21-29Blue18.9118.19 Silver 
Matthew KernMarquette, MIMale 50-54Yellow22.9445.01 T* Silver 
Nate KingMale 18-20Yellow18.1214.54 Gold 
Todd KingMarquette, MIMale 45-49Yellow20.1727.50 Silver 
Jenny KoivistoMarquette, MIFemale 30-34Blue23.2845.50 Bronze 
Pamela KurtzMarquette, MIFemale 30-34Blue24.2151.31 Bronze 
Phil LamarchGladstone, MIMale 40-44Blue22.7842.38 Bronze 
Josh LambMale 30-34Yellow33.92114.41 - 
Tim LarsonMarquette, MIMale 60-64Blue22.6641.63 Silver 
Alex LekanderBerkley, MIMale 21-29Blue24.6954.31 - 
Bruce LindIshpeming, MIMale 65-69Blue23.3545.94 Silver 
Richard LopezMunising, MIMale 55-59Blue24.4853.00 Bronze 
David LynchMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue22.7542.19 Silver 
Michael LynchMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue21.8336.44 Silver 
Stacia LynnFemale 40-44Yellow30.9895.83 S* - 
Tony MariuzzaIshpeming, MIMale 40-44Blue20.1425.88 Silver 
Kimberly MarraMarquette, MIFemale 40-44Yellow23.5648.93 Silver 
Richard MatthewsMarquette, MIMale 40-44Blue24.3151.94 - 
Gerald MelchoriMale 60-64Yellow24.4154.30 Bronze 
Alison MercierFemale 30-34Blue37.63135.19 S* - 
John MesserIron Mountain, MIMale 75-79Yellow22.4541.91 Silver 
Bruce MillerMarquette, MIMale 60-64Blue23.3045.63 Silver 
Dan MillerMarquette, MIMale 65-69Blue20.2426.50 Gold 
Dale MoilanenGwinn, MIMale 55-59Blue24.7754.81 Bronze 
Roanery MotaMale 35-39Blue29.7886.13 S* - 
Darwin NicolsMale 21-29Yellow27.7075.09 S* - 
Tim O'BrienLake Mills, WIMale 40-44Blue20.3427.13 S* Platinum 
Kimber OlliMarquette, MIFemale 50-54Yellow21.6136.60 Gold 
Gary PavegilioMale 65-69Blue23.4846.75 Silver 
Kris PavegilioFemale 60-64Blue26.3464.63 Bronze 
Gary PettersonMale 60-64Blue20.7129.44 Silver 
Erich PetushekMale 30-34Blue22.7342.06 Bronze 
Richard PlantegaMale 60-64Blue23.4146.31 Bronze 
Travis PolkAlanson, MIMale 21-29Blue22.1038.13 Bronze 
Greg PotvinMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue20.5028.13 Silver 
Jeff PradelskiMale 30-34Yellow22.4041.59 Bronze 
Christy ProvostMarquette, MIFemale 35-39Yellow18.5117.00 Platinum 
Jeff ProvostMarquette, MIMale 35-39Yellow19.3722.44 Silver 
Rob Rebholz Gladstone, MIMale 40-44Blue28.0975.56 - 
Jim ReevesMale 60-64Blue25.8961.81 Bronze 
Chuck RendersNegaunee, MIMale 50-54Blue22.0737.94 Silver 
Jill RendersNegaunee, MIFemale 50-54Blue32.20101.25 S* - 
Ronnie RitariMarquette, MIMale 21-29Yellow30.1090.27 - 
Jayare RoseMarquette, MIMale 55-59Yellow20.1727.50 Silver 
Elizabeth SabinMarquette, MIFemale 21-29Yellow19.8525.47 Silver 
Rachel SabinGladstone, MIFemale 21-29Yellow20.9432.36 Silver 
Jake SanvilleGladstone, MIMale 40-44Blue23.1944.94 Bronze 
Mari ScottMarquette, MIFemale 60-64Blue24.6754.19 Silver 
Leslie SerattiMarquette, MIFemale 45-49Blue22.0737.94 Gold 
Mike SmithMaynard, MAMale 50-54Yellow23.1046.02 T* Silver 
Patrick SoucyMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue23.9049.38 Bronze 
Cora StahlFemale 18-20Blue24.6353.94 Bronze 
Katie StaneckiFemale 21-29Yellow24.8256.89 Bronze 
Erin SwadleyFemale 35-39Yellow27.0671.05 - 
Nick TerbackMale 30-34Yellow20.7831.35 Bronze 
Gregory ThockerMale 21-29Yellow25.9263.84 S* Bronze 
Cameron TomlinsonMale 21-29Yellow27.4973.77 S* - 
Audrey TreadoFemale 21-29YellowDNF-  
Chris UchytilMale 45-49Yellow22.2640.71 Bronze 
Becky UnmuthMarquette,, MIFemale 55-59Yellow21.7237.29 Gold 
Mike ValinMarquette, MIMale 55-59Yellow19.1821.24 Gold 
Paula VincentFemale 21-29Blue28.2276.38 - 
Erin WarlickNegaunee, MIFemale 30-34Blue31.1994.94 S* - 
Reggie WatersMarquette, MIMale 50-54Yellow28.8782.49 - 
Nate WilliamsMale 18-20Blue30.4690.38 S* - 
Mike WoodardMarquette, MIMale 55-59Blue23.5046.88 Bronze 
Patric WoodardMarquette, MIMale 30-34Yellow18.3816.18 Gold 
Alexandria YorkAlanson, MIFemale 21-29Blue25.8561.56 - 
Mellisa YorkFemale 21-29Yellow24.9957.96 - 
Rico ZentiMarquette, MIMale 65-69Yellow20.4929.52 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)