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Race Results
Timber Ridge Ski Area

Feb 8th, 2018
not provided

Series: 2018 Timber Ridge ARL
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Feb 8th, 2018 - ARL WEEK 4

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jeremy AndrewsLawrence, MIMale 35-39MISFITSYellow19.8737.13 Bronze 
Jayni AngeliKalamazoo, MIFemale 30-34SCRAMBLED LEGSYellow17.5921.39 Gold 
Brooks ApplegateKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64ALTERED STATESYellow16.1511.46 Platinum 
 Jeff ArnoldSouth Haven, MIMale 45-49ASAYellow16.4013.18 Platinum 
Anne BagleyPlainwell, MIFemale 30-34OAK RUNNERSYellow17.0217.46 Gold 
Brad BanfieldKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54KLSYellow16.7115.32 Gold 
Brett BeierKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44SCRAMBLED LEGSBlue16.7621.36 Silver 
Chuck BellKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44BALLS-N-DOLLSBlue15.5412.53 Platinum 
Chuck BennerKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIYellow16.8316.15 Platinum 
David BollietKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTYellow15.859.39 Platinum 
Marine BollietKalamazoo, MIFemale 18-20KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTYellow16.2312.01 Platinum 
David BradleyGobles, MIMale 50-54ASAYellow15.506.97 Platinum 
Barton BrooksKalamazoo, MIMale 21-29MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGBlue15.7413.98 Gold 
Paul BushnellKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow15.788.90 Platinum 
Eric BuytendorpKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow16.2011.80 Platinum 
Leah CasperFemale 40-44ASABlue17.9630.05 Gold 
Michael CherettePlainwell, MIMale 60-64BATTLE CREEK SKI CLUBBlue17.3725.78 Gold 
Ryan ColoskyMale 50-54KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYYellow18.9630.85 Silver 
 Thomas DavidsonMattawan, MIMale 45-49ASAYellow16.7315.46 Gold 
Halie DoddsPortage, MIFemale 18-20KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTYellow16.7015.25 Gold 
Mark EddySouth Haven, MIMale 45-49KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow18.2726.09 Silver 
Jim EllisSouth Haven, MIMale 30-34HERE 4 THE BEERYellow21.4447.96 - 
Jack EndresKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54RUNNING TIGHTYellow20.3140.17 Bronze 
Tim FergusonLawton, MIMale 30-34MISFITSYellow23.7663.98 S* Bronze 
Marshall FreundVicksburg, MIMale 30-34ALTERED STATESYellow19.5735.06 Bronze 
Bill GallupKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow18.4927.61 Silver 
Aaron GieslerSouth Haven, MIMale 30-34HERE 4 THE BEERYellow20.4441.06 Bronze 
Dan GlasKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54KLSYellow17.5521.12 T* Platinum 
Corey GrazulSaginaw, MIMale 30-34ALBION MALLEABLESYellow16.3412.77 Gold 
Dawn GrimsleySchoolcraft, MIFemale 35-39KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow25.3675.02 S* Bronze 
Travis GrimsleySchoolcraft, MIMale 35-39KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow19.7836.51 Bronze 
Maley HanstineKalamazoo, MIFemale 21-29MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGYellow16.0510.77 Platinum 
Derek HeathGobles, MIMale 21-29ROCKS IN YOUR HEADYellow15.627.80 Platinum 
Kim HeathGobles, MIMale 60-64ROCKS IN YOUR HEADBlue18.5534.32 Silver 
Hanns HeilColoma, MIMale 35-39SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow23.0058.73 T* Bronze 
Sara HeilColoma, MIFemale 40-44SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow24.8371.36 - 
Dave HoogerheideKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow15.668.07 Platinum 
Dan HuffBattle Creek, MIMale 35-39RUNNING TIGHTYellow19.9137.41 Bronze 
Brian HuntKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44MISFITSYellow16.9717.12 Gold 
Marcella HuntKalamazoo, MIFemale 40-44MISFITSYellow20.3840.65 Silver 
Mark JohnsLawton, MIMale 60-64OAK RUNNERSYellow19.0931.75 Silver 
Jim JusticePortage, MIMale 50-54KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYBlue19.8443.66 Bronze 
Troy KaseMarshall, MIMale 45-49ALBION MALLEABLESYellow17.9023.53 Silver 
Beth KindlePortage, MIFemale 30-34HERE 4 THE BEERBlue23.3869.30 - 
 Jeremy KirbyAlbion, MIMale 45-49ALBION MALLEABLESYellow16.7615.67 Gold 
Steven KornetskyMale 30-34RUNNING TIGHTYellow17.6321.67 Silver 
Linda KozackiKalamazoo, MIFemale 50-54KLSYellow16.7015.25 Platinum 
Craig KregerMale 50-54ALBION MALLEABLESYellow17.2118.77 Gold 
Renee KregerAlbion, MIFemale 50-54ALBION MALLEABLESYellow34.70139.48 - 
Daniel KuchenbuchPortage, MIMale 18-20MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGYellow15.476.76 Platinum 
Kristina LemmerKalamazoo, MIFemale 35-39SCRAMBLED LEGSYellow20.4541.13 Silver 
Rob LievenseZeeland, MIMale 50-54ASAYellow17.9223.67 Silver 
Mike MarcinekRichland, MIMale 55-59SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow18.0824.78 Gold 
Billy MartinKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59KLSYellow20.5641.89 Silver 
Kelli McDanielSchoolcraft, MIFemale 30-34MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGYellow15.839.25 Platinum 
 Lynn McDanielSchoolcraft, MIFemale 60-64MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGYellow19.8236.78 Gold 
Shane McDonaldPortage, MIMale 60-64KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYYellow21.8550.79 Bronze 
Joshua MeechOtsego, MIMale 30-34MISFITSYellow16.5214.01 Gold 
Jerry MinichGalesburg, MIMale 60-64BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIBlue18.2632.22 Silver 
Maggie NiewoonderKalamazoo, MIFemale 18-20SKI FREAKSYellow18.3126.36 Silver 
Stephen NiewoonderKalamazoo, MIMale 21-29SKI FREAKSYellow16.6715.04 Gold 
Kyle OberleeKalamazoo, MIMale 35-39ALBION MALLEABLESYellow19.4734.37 Bronze 
Charlie OfsteinKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44ROCKS IN YOUR HEADYellow20.1438.99 Bronze 
Kal PerjesiPortage, MIMale 70-74BATTLE CREEK SKI CLUBYellow20.2739.89 Silver 
Kevin PolderdykeKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYYellow19.8136.71 Silver 
Jenny PosthumusPortage, MIFemale 35-39BALLS-N-DOLLSBlue22.1860.61 Bronze 
Kim RaabKalamazoo, MIFemale 40-44KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYBlue21.7857.71 Bronze 
Charlie ReedBloomingdale, MIMale 35-39KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTYellow15.688.21 Platinum 
Sarah RichardsKalamazoo, MIFemale 60-64BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIYellow18.2525.95 Platinum 
Ted RoethlisbergerKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow16.7915.87 Gold 
Jeff RohrstaffKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49KLSYellow16.2712.28 Platinum 
Devin RosemaMiddleville, MIMale 21-29KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow15.9810.28 Gold 
Ron RosemaMiddleville, MIMale 50-54KALAMAZOO MORTGAGEYellow16.8116.01 Gold 
Robert RosenthalPortage, MIMale 75-79BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIYellow22.5755.76 Bronze 
Catherine RouePortage, MIFemale 50-54KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS SPICYBlue21.0152.14 Silver 
Michael RuhVicksburg, MIMale 18-20SKI FREAKSYellow17.2919.32 Silver 
Karl RuiterKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49OAK RUNNERSYellow16.2211.94 Platinum 
Lisa RuiterKalamazoo, MIFemale 30-34OAK RUNNERSBlue16.7721.43 Gold 
Greg SackettKalamazoo, MIMale 60-64ALTERED STATESYellow16.2412.08 Platinum 
Jonathan SanbornPortage, MIMale 35-39BALLS-N-DOLLSYellow16.5414.15 Gold 
Sean ScottVicksburg, MIMale 50-54BATTLE CREEK SKI CLUBYellow19.2032.51 Silver 
Mike SharpRichland, MIMale 60-64SHARP SMILE CENTERYellow16.7315.46 Platinum 
Kyle SmithKalamazoo, MIMale 21-29ALTERED STATESYellow20.4541.13 Bronze 
Stacy SmithVicksburg, MIFemale 55-59ALTERED STATESYellow19.2632.92 Gold 
Trevor SmithPlainwell, MIMale 35-39OAK RUNNERSYellow16.7915.87 Gold 
Brian SomersPortage, MIMale 35-39ASAYellow16.4113.25 Gold 
Brian SosvilleKalamazoo, MIMale 45-49BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIYellow17.2919.32 Gold 
Greg StraderPortage, MIMale 45-49KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTBlue17.0423.39 Silver 
Jason StronginPortage, MIMale 40-44ROCKS IN YOUR HEADBlue17.1524.19 Silver 
 Lisa ThompsonKalamazoo, MIFemale 30-34OAK RUNNERSYellow16.9917.25 Gold 
Jerry TillmannKalamazoo, MIMale 65-69BATTLE CREEK SKI CLUBYellow22.4655.00 Bronze 
David ToddGrand Rapids, MIMale 35-39KALSEC CHILI PEPPERS HOTYellow17.1018.01 Silver 
Steven ToddKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44BALLS-N-DOLLSYellow17.1618.43 Gold 
Dana WagnerBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 21-29SCRAMBLED LEGSBlue18.1231.21 Silver 
John WarrenKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59MAC`S SPORTSNTIMINGYellow16.5614.29 Platinum 
Joe WathenAthens, MIMale 55-59BELL`S TEAM BREWSKIYellow17.3019.39 Gold 
Jeff WhiteMale 50-54MISFITSYellow18.7829.61 Silver 
Aliece WinstonKalamazoo, MIMale 30-34SCRAMBLED LEGSBlue22.7164.45 - 
Joe WinstonKalamazoo, MIMale 30-34SCRAMBLED LEGSYellow21.3747.48 - 
Jaimee WudyBurlington, MIFemale 35-39SCRAMBLED LEGSYellow18.5127.74 Gold 
Kathie YeckleyKalamazoo, MIFemale 35-39HERE 4 THE BEERYellow22.2253.35 Bronze 
Ben ZimontKalamazoo, MIMale 50-54ROCKS IN YOUR HEADYellow21.5648.79 T* Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)