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Shawnee Peak

Feb 8th, 2018
RWTM Thur Week 5
RWTM - Thur
Shawnee Peak, Maine

Series: RWTM - Thur
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Feb 8th, 2018 - RWTM Thur Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Chris BarnhorstBrunswick, MEMale 35-39NDS 1Yellow41.766.67 Platinum 
Nathaniel BedfordBath, MEMale 35-39BIW FrigatesYellow1:04.2564.11 - 
Cathy BeetyGorham, MEFemale 55-59NDSYellow56.0743.22 Gold 
Briar BouthotPortland, MEMale 30-34Munjoy Hill MafiaBlue39.3430.74 Silver 
Kate BrackettYarmouth, MEFemale 21-29BIW SchoonersYellow1:03.8663.12 - 
Richard BrackettYarmouth, MEMale 60-64BIW FrigatesYellow1:02.7660.31 Bronze 
Steve BrannFalmouth, MEMale 45-49Life Speeds UpYellow1:17.7398.57 S* - 
Bill BroganCumberland Center, MEMale 30-34NDS 1Yellow40.393.17 Platinum 
Kate BroganPortland, MEFemale 35-39NDSYellow45.7416.83 Platinum 
Anna BrownFreeport, MEFemale 35-39Coastal Enterprises "CEI"Blue53.6878.40 - 
Duncan BrucePortland, MEMale 45-49Life Speeds UpYellow40.934.55 Platinum 
Charlie CaryHarpswell, MEMale 70-74BIW DestroyersBlue58.5494.55 - 
Mike CollinsBridgton, MEMale 45-49Collins Plumbing & HeatingBlue54.9882.72 S* - 
Justin ConforteNaples, MEMale 30-34Collins Plumbing & HeatingYellow53.5436.76 Bronze 
John ConnollyWindham, MEMale 45-49SurervisorBlue1:17.34157.06 S* - 
Hugh CowperthwaiteFalmouth, MEMale 45-49Coastal Enterprises "CEI"Blue47.4657.73 Bronze 
Charles CraigCumberland, MEMale 55-59NDS 1Yellow49.1525.54 Gold 
Chris CraigPortland, MEMale 55-59NDS 1Blue41.2437.06 Silver 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74NDSBlue41.0336.36 Gold 
Bob DorrNorth Yarmouth, MEMale 55-59BIW CruisersYellow1:09.4177.29 - 
Brian DriesMale 35-39Life Speeds UpBlue35.7418.78 Gold 
Sam DyerGorham, MEMale 30-34Whiski MonkeysYellow40.483.40 Platinum 
Shannon FallonWestbrook, MEFemale 30-34Munjoy Hill MafiaYellow49.4826.39 Gold 
Oren GerstenPortland, MEMale 30-34BIW CruisersBlue41.2337.02 Bronze 
Michael GizaBrunswick, MEMale 30-34BIW SchoonersBlue1:16.37153.81 S* - 
Steve GollerTopsham, MEMale 60-64BIW DestroyersYellow55.0540.61 Silver 
Andrew GranthamPortland, MEMale 35-39SBSIYellow51.5231.60 Silver 
Jen GulkoFreeport, MEFemale 40-44NDSBlue39.9832.87 Gold 
Micah HaensslerPortland, MEMale 21-29BIW DestroyersYellow47.8922.32 Silver 
Becca HewsonTamworth, NHFemale 40-44NDS 1Yellow48.2623.27 Gold 
Cary HirnakTopsham, MEFemale 55-59BIW CruisersYellow1:15.8793.79 - 
Scott HoldenBridgton, MEMale 45-49BIW CuttersBlue1:52.88275.14 S* - 
Patrick HollandIntervale, NHMale 45-49BIW DestroyersYellow45.8317.06 Gold 
Dan HoltCumberland, MEMale 50-54Life Speeds UpYellow49.0425.26 Gold 
Sybil IdelicopePortland, MEFemale 30-34Whiski MonkeysBlue42.2140.28 Silver 
David JuhlinBath, MEMale 30-34SurervisorBlue46.5454.67 Bronze 
Jeff JuneauNaples, MEMale 45-49Collins Plumbing & HeatingYellow49.8627.36 Silver 
Philip KalinowskiBrunswick, MEMale 21-29BIW FrigatesYellow59.7252.54 - 
Joe KaneCape Elizabeth, MEMale 45-49BIW SchoonersYellowDNF-  
Jennifer KanwitBrunswick, MEFemale 35-39Coastal Enterprises "CEI"Blue43.0943.20 Silver 
Ritchard KellyHarpswell, MEMale 40-44SurervisorYellow53.2035.89 Silver 
 Keith KinneyBridgton, MEMale 60-64Whiski MonkeysYellow1:00.9555.68 Bronze 
Jesse KlimaytisCumberland Center, MEMale 35-39LSDYellow46.7319.36 Gold 
Brent KramerTopsham, MEMale 21-29BIW CuttersBlue47.9559.36 - 
Chris KrousePortland, MEMale 21-29Munjoy Hill MafiaYellow59.3451.57 - 
Bob LydonWoolwich, MEMale 50-54SurervisorBlue55.8185.48 - 
Bond MacGillivrayLovell, MEMale 50-54NDS 1Yellow40.473.37 Platinum 
Michael MadoreCumberland Center, MEMale 40-44LSDYellow55.4441.61 Bronze 
Harry MannGlen, NHMale 65-69NDS 1Yellow45.1515.33 Platinum 
Kevin MasseyNorth Yarmouth, MEMale 50-54LSDBlue45.8152.24 T* Silver 
Nate OlehowskiTopsham, MEMale 30-34BIW CuttersYellow1:02.5559.77 - 
Keith OstermannTopsham, MEMale 55-59BIW SchoonersBlue48.0459.65 Bronze 
Chad ParadisFreeport, MEMale 21-29SurervisorYellow58.9350.52 - 
Dan RosenthalCumberland Center, MEMale 45-49LSDYellow1:03.7562.84 - 
John ScribnerBowdoinham, MEMale 40-44Coastal Enterprises "CEI"Yellow1:02.8560.54 - 
Tim SimoneauNorth Conway, NHMale 40-44NDSYellow46.6419.13 Gold 
Dave SorokaPortland, MEMale 35-39Munjoy Hill MafiaBlue36.2320.41 Gold 
Mark SpencerGardiner, MEMale 55-59BIW CuttersYellow1:05.4467.15 - 
Chuck StaplesCumberland Center, MEMale 45-49LSDYellow46.3918.49 T* Platinum 
Mark StevensCumberland Foreside, MEMale 55-59NDSYellow42.187.74 Platinum 
Matt StonePortland, MEMale 21-29Munjoy Hill MafiaBlue58.0792.99 - 
Andy TrueworthyFreeport, MEMale 30-34BIW CruisersBlue36.9722.86 Silver 
Owen Van BenthuysenPortland, MEMale 21-29BIW CruisersYellow1:00.8855.50 - 
Joe WalshPortland, MEMale 35-39Dad BodsYellow1:01.5257.14 - 
Bart WeisenfluhFalmouth, MEMale 40-44Life Speeds UpYellow51.6231.85 Silver 
Chris WilliamsPortland, MEMale 30-34Dad BodsBlue1:08.98129.28 S* - 
Isaac WilsonWarren, VTMale 21-29BIW DestroyersBlue43.7445.36 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)