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Jan 21st, 2018
2018 PACRAT Race 1 1-21-18
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PACRAT, Oregon

Par Time

Results for Jan 21st, 2018 - 2018 PACRAT Race 1 1-21-18

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Kari AbbottClackamas, ORFemale 45-49Avalanche ExpressYellow30.7114.76 Platinum 
Marc AlbersMale 45-49Let R RipBlue32.9224.18 Silver 
Janis AllenFemale 65-69The Beer DennersBlue59.62124.90 - 
Debbie AltenhofenFemale 60-64RattitudesYellow37.0338.38 Gold 
Violet AndersonLake Oswego, ORFemale 55-59Avalanche ExpressYellow32.8622.80 Platinum 
Mary askewFemale 45-49Oui SkiYellow41.9156.61 Bronze 
Jason AtwoodMale 45-49Let R RipBlue33.7227.20 Silver 
Julie AtwoodFemale 35-39Let R RipYellow44.1364.91 Bronze 
John BarclayMale 55-59RattitudesYellow35.8133.82 Silver 
Jennifer BardKelso, WAFemale 45-49Oregon ReignBlue31.6819.50 Platinum 
Ryan BarnesSandy, ORMale 35-39The Beer DennersBlue30.5815.35 Gold 
John BartonHillsboro, ORMale 60-64Schussing ShystersYellow36.0334.64 Silver 
Alan BeanPortland, ORMale 50-54Awesome tAlesYellow30.9615.70 Gold 
Brenda BecerraCamas, WAFemale 50-54Chilled BrewskisYellow37.8941.59 Silver 
Terry BecerraCamas, WAMale 55-59Chilled BrewskisBlue35.3633.38 Silver 
Scott BellisCos Cob, CTMale 21-29So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereBlue37.5841.76 Bronze 
Christian BennettMale 21-29Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow29.6010.61 Gold 
Dominique BergnerGresham, ORFemale 30-34Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow34.3928.51 Silver 
Gunther BergnerThe Dalles, ORMale 60-64Mixed NutsYellow28.837.74 Platinum 
Jenny BlackerbyPortland, ORFemale 21-29Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeBlue35.3433.31 Silver 
Keith BlackerbyMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeYellow35.0030.79 Silver 
Dwayne BrichOregon City, ORMale 55-59Ruttin` RatsYellow36.6837.07 Silver 
Bob BrownAtkinson, NHMale 50-54Ruttin` RatsBlue36.6938.40 Bronze 
Ulla BrunetteGovernment Camp, ORFemale 50-54Will Ski For BeerYellow32.8622.80 Platinum 
Travis ButlerPortland, ORMale 45-49Ragnar`s Rangers TwoBlue31.8820.26 Silver 
Andrew CaesarPortland, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeYellow33.1323.80 Silver 
J.C. CampbellBend, ORMale 70-74Tasmanian Ski DevilsYellow48.1379.86 - 
Sheri CanslerFemale 45-49Vertigo MadnessBlue40.7653.75 Silver 
Ed CarmanPortland, ORMale 70-74Ruttin` RatsYellow34.5529.11 Gold 
Karen CastanedaTigard, ORFemale 50-54Racey BratsYellow41.3154.37 Silver 
Tim CaytonSilverton, ORMale 70-74Mt. HoodlumsYellow34.7029.67 Gold 
Emily ChristensenPortland, ORFemale 21-29Oregon ReignBlue34.1528.82 Silver 
Steve ClaussenMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow35.0931.13 Silver 
Jim CockerhamVancouver, WAMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow43.4862.48 - 
Gary CollisonMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow33.6425.71 Silver 
Virginia CollisonFemale 50-54Racey BratsBlue49.8988.19 - 
Mark ConanLake Oswego, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow31.9019.21 Gold 
Thomas ConnerDamascus, ORMale 65-69Ragnar`s Rangers TwoBlue36.2936.89 Silver 
Colleen CookFemale 55-59Chilled BrewskisBlue1:20.31202.98 - 
Lenny CookVancouver, WAMale 45-49Chilled BrewskisYellow44.1965.13 - 
 Robin CressyPortland, ORMale 50-54Oregon ReignBlue33.5626.59 Silver 
Dave CronauerBeaverton, ORMale 50-54Mt. HoodlumsBlue37.2840.63 Bronze 
Steven CrosierPortland, ORMale 40-44Ruttin` RatsYellow31.9519.39 Silver 
Timothy CulliganPortland, ORMale 55-59Chilled BrewskisYellow34.2828.10 Silver 
Aubrey DannerPortland, ORFemale 30-34Oregon ReignBlue40.0951.23 Bronze 
Itsuko DayVancouver, WAFemale 55-59Chilled BrewskisYellow46.1772.53 Bronze 
Robert DiehlWilsonville, ORMale 45-49Schussing ShystersYellow39.0645.96 Bronze 
Greg DilgerSalem, ORMale 65-69Avalanche ExpressBlue33.7827.42 Gold 
Barry DodLake Oswego, ORMale 60-64Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeYellow38.9145.40 Silver 
Peter DoddPortland, ORMale 50-54Ruttin` RatsBlue28.507.51 Platinum 
Dennis DriesOR, ORMale 45-49The Beer DennersYellow31.1816.52 Gold 
Jeff DulcichMale 60-64Avalanche ExpressYellow36.5636.62 Silver 
Linda EidemillerFemale 45-49BlizzardosYellow35.5933.00 Gold 
Kelsi ErkkilaWhite Salmon, WAFemale 40-44Moose On The LooseYellow32.7122.23 Gold 
Greg EstellVancouver, WAMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow36.3335.76 Silver 
LeAnn FanningBeaverton, ORFemale 50-54Oui SkiBlue39.5049.00 Silver 
John FinnertyMale 50-54Schnee BoysYellow34.5229.00 Silver 
Grant FitzpatrickGresham, ORMale 40-44Vertigo MadnessYellow36.0334.64 Bronze 
Conrad FoordMale 21-29RattitudesYellow38.7644.84 - 
Samy FoutsPortland, ORFemale 65-69Mixed NutsBlue42.7161.11 Silver 
Ryan FoxSandy, ORMale 40-44Will Ski For BeerBlue42.0358.54 - 
Sara FoxSandy, ORFemale 40-44Will Ski For BeerBlue53.34101.21 - 
Gordon FreemanMale 30-34So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereBlue35.8535.23 Bronze 
Mark FriedmanPortland, ORMale 55-59Schussing ShystersBlue37.4441.23 Silver 
Cecily GeschkeHappy Valley, ORFemale 45-49Will Ski For BeerYellow41.9956.91 Bronze 
Grant GeschkeHappy Valley, ORMale 45-49Will Ski For BeerYellow34.9430.57 Silver 
Jeff GussPortland, ORMale 45-49BlizzardosBlue37.3440.85 Bronze 
Kirsten GwynnFemale 30-34So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow37.5840.43 Silver 
Bryan GyllenMale 40-44BlizzardosBlue38.6745.87 Bronze 
Blake HamalainenMale 40-44The Beer DennersYellow30.9615.70 Gold 
Natalia HamalainenFemale 40-44The Beer DennersYellow31.7318.57 Platinum 
Chad HarrisWashougal, WAMale 60-64Avalanche ExpressYellow32.0619.81 Gold 
Mark HaskinsVancouver, WAMale 55-59RattitudesBlue35.1732.67 Silver 
Danny HeatonMale 35-39The Beer DennersBlue43.8965.56 - 
Elicia HickeyPortland, ORFemale 21-29Oui SkiYellow33.8826.61 Silver 
Steve HillikerWelches, ORMale 75-79Mt. HoodlumsYellow32.2220.40 Platinum 
Robert HingstPORTLAND, ORMale 55-59Mixed NutsYellowDNF-  
Andrew HobartPortland, ORMale 35-39Mixed NutsYellow32.2020.33 Silver 
Jeannie HummelElgin, ORFemale 65-69Racey BratsYellow33.6525.75 Platinum 
David IzerSandy, ORMale 45-49Will Ski For BeerBlue35.3133.20 Silver 
Elyse IzerSandy, ORFemale 45-49Will Ski For BeerBlue44.9169.41 Bronze 
Alice JackletPortland, ORFemale 75-79Racey BratsBlue38.3444.62 Platinum 
Ward JagelsLyle, WAMale 65-69Awesome tAlesYellow30.1512.67 Platinum 
Angela JauronFemale 35-39So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow1:12.15169.62 S* - 
Brent JohnsonMale 35-39BlizzardosBlue31.6719.46 Silver 
Christopher JonesPortland, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow37.2839.31 Silver 
Casey KahlerWashougal, WAMale 55-59Avalanche ExpressYellow39.4247.31 Bronze 
Melinda KaiSandy, ORFemale 45-49Vertigo MadnessYellow34.3328.29 Gold 
Pete KandaMale 21-29So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow36.8237.59 Bronze 
Sylvia KearnsVancouver, WAFemale 60-64Ragnar`s Rangers OneBlue50.6591.06 - 
Debbie KitchinPortland, ORFemale 60-64Oui SkiBlue44.5968.20 Bronze 
Bruce KuperHillsboro, ORMale 60-64Mt. HoodlumsYellow35.3832.21 Silver 
Dan LaneLongview, WAMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneBlue34.4730.03 Silver 
Jacquelyn LanePueblo, COFemale 45-49Chilled BrewskisBlue46.7676.39 - 
Jeff LangfeldtPortland, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow33.7025.93 Silver 
Christopher LarsonMale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow33.6825.86 Silver 
David LarsonBeaverton, ORMale 55-59Mixed NutsBlue39.2848.17 Bronze 
Bob LawrenceTualatin, ORMale 60-64Schnee BoysYellow32.4621.30 Gold 
Ken LoopMale 50-54Ruttin` RatsBlue40.8153.94 Bronze 
Sam LoosMale 21-29The Beer DennersYellow32.5221.52 Silver 
Valerie LyonsFemale 50-54RattitudesYellow39.5647.83 Silver 
Paul LyshaugPortland, ORMale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow32.0119.62 Gold 
John MacKlinMale 55-59RattitudesYellow39.7648.58 Bronze 
Phil MantTigard, ORMale 50-54Mt. HoodlumsYellow36.5636.62 Silver 
Bear MarchandMale 21-29Vertigo MadnessYellow42.9460.46 S* Bronze 
Betsy MarchandFemale 40-44Vertigo MadnessBlue39.0947.45 Silver 
Gary MatusowTigard, ORMale 50-54Awesome tAlesYellow30.2913.19 Platinum 
Peter MehrhofHood River, ORMale 35-39BlizzardosBlue29.2910.49 Platinum 
Geoff MihalkoPortland, ORMale 35-39Avalanche ExpressYellow29.299.45 Platinum 
 Adam MillerPortland, ORMale 30-34Ragnar`s Rangers TwoYellow28.767.47 Platinum 
Shawn MillerPortland, ORMale 45-49BlizzardosYellow45.8571.34 - 
 Dave MillsVancouver, WAMale 65-69Moose On The LooseBlue35.1432.55 Silver 
Jan MooreORFemale 65-69Tasmanian Ski DevilsYellow41.3354.45 Silver 
Amanda MoranPortland, ORFemale 21-29Oui SkiYellow48.5381.35 - 
Scott MorrisonAurora, ORMale 50-54Schnee BoysYellow32.9823.24 Silver 
Breanne MortonSandy, ORFemale 35-39The Beer DennersYellow29.9611.96 Platinum 
Kevin MullenPortland, ORMale 45-49Let R RipYellow38.3743.39 Bronze 
Kent NelsonMale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow31.2616.82 Gold 
Sally NiedermeyerPortland, ORFemale 60-64Racey BratsBlue35.1732.67 Gold 
Marina NimmoCorvallis, ORFemale 21-29Ragnar`s Rangers OneBlue31.0417.09 Gold 
Jeanne NyquistTigard, ORFemale 60-64Chilled BrewskisBlue48.8784.35 - 
John OreficeVancouver, WAMale 60-64Ruttin` RatsYellow36.3235.72 Silver 
Ben OttMale 30-34So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow1:02131.69 S* - 
Allan ParaskevaHillsboro, ORMale 55-59Awesome tAlesYellow38.2843.05 Bronze 
Beth ParaskevaHillsboro, ORFemale 55-59RattitudesYellow35.7733.67 Gold 
Clint ParkerMcMinnville, ORMale 35-39Oregon ReignBlue30.6015.43 Gold 
Bruce ParshallPortland, ORMale 55-59Ruttin` RatsBlue29.4811.20 Platinum 
Dale ParshallFairview, ORMale 55-59Schnee BoysYellow30.9115.51 Platinum 
Cherie PeckFemale 45-49Let R RipYellow42.3458.22 Bronze 
Jason PeckMale 40-44Let R RipYellow29.5410.39 Platinum 
Julie PeckFemale 55-59Oui SkiBlue50.9692.23 - 
Mike PeckMale 40-44Let R RipYellow28.496.46 Platinum 
Dan PetersonMale 60-64Tasmanian Ski DevilsBlue41.5856.85 Bronze 
Clay PoppertLake Oswego, ORMale 55-59Mixed NutsBlue37.6542.02 Silver 
Barb PressentinPortland, ORFemale 50-54Racey BratsYellow33.4224.89 Platinum 
Ken PricePortland, ORMale 65-69Mixed NutsBlue49.9588.42 - 
Scott RichVancouver, WAMale 55-59Schnee BoysBlue36.6638.29 Silver 
Jim RogersPortland, ORMale 55-59Awesome tAlesYellow37.9841.93 Silver 
Sadie RogersFemale 40-44Racey BratsBlue34.3029.39 Gold 
Stefanie RogersFemale 40-44Let R RipBlue1:00.42127.91 - 
Ryan RooperMale 65-69Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow30.5414.13 Platinum 
Dustin RueWest Linn, ORMale 35-39Schussing ShystersYellow34.2027.80 Silver 
Wendy RustFemale 65-69Oui SkiYellow37.6040.51 Gold 
Leslie SandinLake Oswego, ORFemale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow48.6881.91 - 
Steve SarichPortland, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers TwoBlue28.246.53 Platinum 
Patricia SavageHillsboro, ORFemale 65-69Chilled BrewskisYellow55.70108.15 - 
Raj SavaraLake Oswego, ORMale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow33.6125.60 Silver 
Andrea ScassoMale 50-54Awesome tAlesYellow33.9426.83 Silver 
Zachary SchroederMale 35-39So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow37.7641.11 Bronze 
Tom ScottPortland, ORMale 55-59Moose On The LooseYellow30.9915.81 Platinum 
Rebecca ShapiroPortland, ORFemale 30-34So Edgy 2: Downhill From HereYellow34.6829.60 Silver 
Jon SheldonPortland, ORMale 55-59Mt. HoodlumsYellow40.6251.79 Bronze 
Renee ShirleyPortland, ORFemale 45-49Let R RipYellow47.5177.54 - 
Marjorie SlausonWoodburn, ORFemale 55-59Moose On The LooseBlue42.5860.62 Bronze 
McCoy SmithPortland, ORMale 55-59Schussing ShystersBlue35.0632.25 Silver 
Alex SmootPortland, ORMale 30-34Ragnar`s Rangers OneYellow28.195.34 Platinum 
Rob SmootBORING, ORMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers OneBlue31.0517.13 Gold 
Paul SoperLake Oswego, ORMale 35-39Mixed NutsYellow27.944.41 Platinum 
Meg SpillmanPortland, ORFemale 50-54Racey BratsYellow35.7733.67 Gold 
Ted StagnoneMale 55-59Tasmanian Ski DevilsBlue38.6645.83 Bronze 
Mark StanfordPortland, ORMale 55-59Avalanche ExpressYellow30.0912.44 Platinum 
Loren SteffeySandy, ORMale 55-59Will Ski For BeerYellow43.3461.96 - 
Ryan SteffeySandy, ORMale 18-20Will Ski For BeerBlue31.8019.95 Silver 
Susan SteffeySandy, ORFemale 50-54Will Ski For BeerBlue51.9996.11 - 
Kerry StevensBeaverton, ORMale 50-54Schussing ShystersBlue36.7138.48 Bronze 
Shawn StoreyVancouver, WAFemale 60-64Tasmanian Ski DevilsBlue58.50120.67 - 
Geddy TarbellMale 30-34Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeYellow30.8315.21 Gold 
Kieffer TarbellGresham, ORMale 50-54Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeBlue31.1217.39 Gold 
Kyle TaylorGresham, ORMale 30-34The Beer DennersYellow28.657.06 Platinum 
Matt ThompsonPortland, ORMale 60-64RattitudesBlue38.3144.51 Silver 
Paul TidballMolalla, ORMale 60-64Tasmanian Ski DevilsBlue35.9235.50 Silver 
John TiltonWelches, ORMale 75-79The Beer DennersBlue42.4860.24 Bronze 
Don TjostolvsonMale 55-59Ragnar`s Rangers ThreeYellow34.2027.80 Silver 
 Brad TollefsonDallas, ORMale 60-64Awesome tAlesYellow32.6421.97 Gold 
Dave TrulsenRhododendron, ORMale 65-69Mixed NutsYellow38.6144.28 Silver 
Jeff VachterMale 50-54Schnee BoysYellow39.8949.07 Bronze 
Sandra VolkPortland, ORFemale 60-64Avalanche ExpressBlue41.7157.34 Silver 
Jack WalkerLake Oswego, ORMale 65-69Ruttin` RatsYellow30.9715.73 Platinum 
Tina WeberPortland, ORFemale 65-69Racey BratsBlue47.6679.78 Bronze 
Robert WeissVancouver, WAMale 50-54Awesome tAlesYellow41.4754.97 Bronze 
Chuch WestergrenMilwaukie, ORMale 75-79Mt. HoodlumsBlue50.0688.83 - 
Chris WileyPortland, ORMale 55-59RattitudesBlue31.8420.11 Gold 
John WilliamsonMale 50-54Schussing ShystersBlue40.2651.87 Bronze 
Kent ZookGresham, ORMale 55-59Awesome tAlesYellow37.4239.84 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)