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Race Results
Wachusett Mountain

Jan 10th, 2018
Central Mass Ski League Race 2
not provided

Series: Central Mass Ski League Overall
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 5
Par Time

Results for Jan 10th, 2018 - Central Mass Ski League Race 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jackson AbeleConcord, MAMale 18-20Yellow34.3224.62 Silver 
Simone AllenSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.3830.63 Silver 
Andrew AthanasWorcester, MAMale 18-20Yellow33.6022.00 Silver 
Jack BakerWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow30.5610.97 Platinum 
Miles BarkerWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.6622.22 Silver 
Kaitlin BeardConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue41.9450.59 Bronze 
Caroline BeggSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue34.2522.98 Gold 
Devin BernsteinSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow32.2317.03 Gold 
Miles BerryConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow32.6118.41 Gold 
Sam BianchiSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.4421.42 Silver 
Max BoyleConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow29.918.61 Platinum 
Adam BradfordConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow31.5314.49 Gold 
Jessica BradfordConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue33.1619.07 Gold 
Thomas BrookeConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow35.0627.31 Silver 
Katie BrooksConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue33.2719.46 Gold 
Emily ByersConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue41.0247.29 Bronze 
Liam CampbellConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow38.2939.03 Silver 
Victoria CarlsonSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue31.5513.29 Platinum 
Enzo CarusoSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow35.4928.87 Silver 
Samuel CarusoBradford, MAMale 16-17Yellow39.1742.23 Bronze 
James ChandlerWest Newbury, MAMale 14-15Yellow36.7833.55 Silver 
Andrew ChasonHopkinton, MAMale 12-13Yellow32.8419.24 Platinum 
Justin ChenAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Yellow47.7173.24 - 
Olivia ColdenSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue34.6624.45 Gold 
Ethan ColeMARBLEHEAD, MAMale 16-17Yellow32.5718.26 Gold 
Cormac CollinsWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow31.5814.67 Gold 
Abbey CranfordWorcester, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.4230.77 Silver 
Olivia CyrWorcester, MAFemale 14-15Blue33.3719.82 Gold 
Chaney DaltonWinchester, MAFemale 16-17Blue34.6724.49 Silver 
Ben DaumeSouth Hamilton, MAMale 18-20Yellow30.3910.35 Gold 
Jerry DingAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Yellow38.2738.96 Bronze 
Jake DoggettSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.4621.50 Silver 
Zach DomskiWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow36.8733.88 Silver 
Kaya DorogiFemale 14-15Blue31.4512.93 Platinum 
Nat EdmondsConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow45.9866.96 - 
Caroline EvangelistaNorth Andover, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.8421.51 Gold 
Julia EvangelistaSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue38.4137.92 Silver 
Liz EvangelistaSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 18-20BlueDNF-  
Peter EvangelistaSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow32.0816.49 Gold 
Ben FaheyWorcester, MAMale 18-20Yellow32.8219.17 Silver 
Jack FeeneyConcord, MAMale 18-20Yellow33.4621.50 Silver 
Declan FluhartyFitchburg, MAMale 12-13Yellow32.4017.65 Platinum 
Liam FluhartyFitchburg, MAMale 16-17Yellow34.0623.67 Silver 
Daniel FreedmanWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow35.1427.60 Silver 
Vivian GalWorcester, MAFemale 12-13Blue38.6138.64 Silver 
Gabby GavalaWorcester, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.9621.94 Gold 
Jared GilmanSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow29.517.15 Platinum 
Eli GiordanoSouth Hamilton, MAMale 18-20Yellow37.8237.33 Bronze 
Ava GlazierConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue37.4534.47 Silver 
Max GlickmanWorcester, MAMale 18-20Yellow29.296.35 Platinum 
Constantin GrafAshburnham, MAMale 14-15Yellow37.2035.08 Silver 
Lily GrayConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.4230.77 Silver 
Cam GrenierSouth Hamilton, MAMale 12-13Yellow41.5450.84 Silver 
Bey GuersterMale 14-15Yellow32.2617.14 Gold 
Mason GuersterSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue33.0018.49 Gold 
Bailey HerrmannWellesley, MAFemale 14-15Blue35.5527.65 Gold 
Alex HeskethAndover, MAMale 18-20Yellow29.587.41 Platinum 
Karl HickConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow35.2728.07 Silver 
Alexandra HillBoxford, MAFemale 14-15Blue33.1619.07 Gold 
Charlotte HillBoxford, MAFemale 12-13Blue33.5920.61 Platinum 
Fred HoffmannConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow36.2831.74 Silver 
Thomas HollingerWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow32.8419.24 Gold 
Max HorganAshburnham, MAMale 14-15Yellow31.5814.67 Platinum 
Lilia HutchinsSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue34.7324.70 Silver 
Hunter JinConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow48.1374.76 - 
Matt KaufmanConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow29.808.21 Platinum 
Justin KimConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow30.3110.06 Platinum 
Tara KnoblockWorcester, MAFemale 16-17Blue38.9739.93 Bronze 
Raghu KommalapatyWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow41.7351.53 Bronze 
Will KrohgSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow31.4614.23 Gold 
Birch LakeSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow35.4328.65 Silver 
Nick LennoxWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow32.6618.59 Gold 
Madison LieschingConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.5431.20 Silver 
Ryan LynchSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow32.8919.43 Gold 
Marin MacDonaldAmesbury, MAFemale 16-17Blue34.9425.46 Silver 
Colleen MacKeySouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue32.6117.09 Platinum 
Joe MacKeySouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow34.8326.47 Silver 
Molly MahoneyAshburnham, MAFemale 14-15Blue39.9443.41 Silver 
Emily MarquisConcord, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.0618.71 Gold 
Sam MarquisConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow33.4721.53 Gold 
Zeno MarquisConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow42.7055.05 Bronze 
Caroline MascottSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue39.5742.08 Silver 
Sara McKennaConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue31.6613.68 Platinum 
Hannah MillerSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue41.0047.22 Bronze 
Zach MitchellSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow37.9337.73 Bronze 
Conor MokrzyckiSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow35.5529.08 Silver 
Mariah Morrill Worcester, MAFemale 14-15Blue43.8357.38 Bronze 
James MoukheiberConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow34.5225.34 Gold 
Will NicholsonWorcester, MAMale 18-20Yellow44.4561.40 - 
Ethan NickersonPlaistow, NHMale 14-15Yellow41.9552.32 Bronze 
Aaron OrgelConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow34.7526.18 Gold 
Tyler OryConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow41.6651.27 Bronze 
Veronika OsgoodWorcester, MAFemale 16-17Blue34.6924.56 Silver 
Hank ParkerConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow36.0931.05 Silver 
Santiago PastorWorcester, MAMale 12-13Yellow34.0323.57 Gold 
Rohan PatelSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow34.1423.97 Gold 
Adam PayneGroveland, MAMale 12-13Yellow30.9512.38 Platinum 
Kinan RabbatConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow43.2657.08 - 
Jack RaisidesSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow38.1938.67 Silver 
Nurgeldy RakhimbekovWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow38.0838.27 Silver 
Carly RansfordConcord, MAFemale 18-20Blue31.6913.79 Platinum 
Kabir ReddySouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow35.2728.07 Silver 
Raymond ReevesWorcester, MAMale 18-20Yellow39.3943.03 Bronze 
Sam RemondiConcord, MAMale 14-15Yellow30.8111.87 Platinum 
Ella RoelofsSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.6120.68 Gold 
Lara RoelofsSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue39.0940.36 Silver 
Hogan RoseSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow30.4210.46 Platinum 
Brian RossPacific Palisades, CAMale 16-17Yellow37.4936.13 Bronze 
Caroline RossPacific Palisades, CAFemale 14-15Blue36.7832.06 Silver 
En Le SamborskiWorcester, MAFemale 16-17Blue37.1133.25 Silver 
Eva SanfordWestminster, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.0529.44 Silver 
Danielle SangermanoWorcester, MAFemale 14-15Blue38.4738.13 Silver 
Gaurav SavantWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow40.8548.33 Bronze 
Clare ShanahanWorcester, MAFemale 16-17Blue42.3952.21 Bronze 
Lucian SharpeConcord, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.2920.88 Silver 
Rose SinkusConcord, MAFemale 14-15Blue37.7135.40 Silver 
Elsa SmithSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.3319.68 Gold 
Brenna SnellWorcester, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.0229.34 Silver 
Nolan St. JohnSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow30.8011.84 Platinum 
Will St. JohnSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.1620.41 Silver 
Pierce SullivanWorcester, MAMale 14-15Yellow35.2728.07 Silver 
James TopaWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow33.9723.35 Silver 
Ava TrotmanSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue33.5120.32 Gold 
Rose TrotmanSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 14-15Blue36.2029.98 Silver 
Kathryn UroskieSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue31.8114.22 Platinum 
Thomas UroskieSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow30.279.91 Platinum 
Max von GottbergCambridge, MAMale 14-15Yellow38.6640.38 Silver 
Oliver WangAshburnham, MAMale 16-17Yellow31.1713.18 Gold 
Jackson WardSouth Hamilton, MAMale 16-17Yellow31.1012.93 Gold 
Nick WardSouth Hamilton, MAMale 14-15Yellow33.4321.39 Gold 
Emma WeisSouth Hamilton, MAFemale 16-17Blue36.7331.89 Silver 
Ethan WhitneyAshburnham, MAMale 14-15Yellow29.276.28 Platinum 
Haley WixomConcord, MAFemale 16-17Blue36.2130.02 Silver 
Eli ZamoreWorcester, MAMale 16-17Yellow34.4725.16 Silver