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Race Results
Hunter Mountain

Jan 7th, 2018
Hunter Cup
not provided

Series: Hunter Cup Race Series
Scoring method: Use Place Points 50, 45, 40...
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Jan 7th, 2018 - Hunter Cup

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Cameron AlexanderLarchmont, NYMale 8-9Yellow35.3947.15 Gold 
Brynn AnthonyFemale 8-9Yellow31.0529.11 Platinum 
Cooper AnthonyMale 8-9Yellow37.2454.84 Silver 
Ethan AnthonyMale 12-13Yellow30.7327.78 Gold 
Mark baileyWest Hurley, NYMale 65-69Yellow29.1121.04 Gold 
Daria BaltrusaitisNew York, NYFemale 40-44Yellow34.2242.29 Silver 
Emma Maria BaltrusaitisFemale 10-11Yellow31.5331.10 Gold 
Julien BaltrusaitisNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow34.4643.28 Gold 
Olivia BellekHunter, NYFemale 16-17Yellow33.5339.42 Bronze 
Ryan BellekMale 10-11Yellow31.4030.56 Gold 
Carl BoyhanMonroe, NYMale 55-59Yellow28.4318.21 Gold 
Aleksandr BunchukMale 50-54Yellow33.3938.84 Bronze 
Margaret CitakSea Cliff, NYFemale 40-44Yellow36.3951.31 Bronze 
Maya CitakSea Cliff, NYFemale 8-9Yellow38.9461.91 Silver 
Michael Citak5 Berkeley Pl., NYMale 10-11Yellow30.4026.40 Platinum 
Chase CollumUpper Saddle River, NJMale 10-11Yellow30.5326.94 Platinum 
Kendra CollumUpper Saddle River, NJFemale 40-44Yellow29.5322.79 Gold 
Pierce CollumUpper Saddle River, NJMale 12-13Yellow28.7819.67 Platinum 
Tess CollumUpper Saddle River, NJFemale 8-9Yellow33.2138.09 Platinum 
James DelegianisMale 10-11Yellow37.6856.67 Silver 
Barbara DoxeyMahwah, NJFemale 70-74Yellow40.0666.57 Silver 
Ivan Walter DudjakMale 10-11Yellow29.1821.33 Platinum 
Joanne DulakTannersville, NYFemale 60-64Yellow38.9862.08 Bronze 
Lisa Marie EngelenMamaroneck, NYFemale 14-15Yellow28.7319.46 Gold 
Maximiliaan EngelenMamaroneck, NYMale 10-11Yellow30.6827.57 Gold 
Sophia EngelenFemale 12-13Yellow30.1325.28 Gold 
Steve FronapfelMillington, NJMale 65-69Yellow35.3747.07 Silver 
Anton GalMale 10-11Yellow29.3722.12 Platinum 
Sophie GalperinGreat Neck, NYFemale 12-13Yellow30.8828.40 Gold 
Anna GoldsamtLarchmont, NYFemale 12-13Yellow33.6339.83 Silver 
Sally GudlauskiNew Hartford, NYFemale 50-54Yellow36.4351.48 Silver 
Emma GuggenheimerFemale 10-11Yellow28.6919.29 Platinum 
Hugo HennenfentMamaroneck, NYMale 10-11Yellow29.5522.87 Platinum 
Richard HerrMale 65-69Yellow31.8432.39 Silver 
Kalin HuangHartsdale, NYMale 10-11Yellow32.5135.18 Gold 
Leon HuangHartsdale, NYMale 10-11Yellow26.9311.98 Platinum 
Eva JarzabTannersville, NYFemale 14-15Yellow33.1637.88 Silver 
Peter JarzabMale 12-13Yellow30.6627.48 Gold 
Ben KoernigHighlands, NJMale 8-9Yellow37.2754.97 Silver 
Leo KoernigHighlands, NJMale 10-11Yellow32.4334.84 Gold 
Gabriella KolevFemale 8-9Yellow33.2438.21 Platinum 
Kos KolevMale 40-44Yellow26.359.56 Platinum 
Dawson LuedersMale 10-11Yellow32.2334.01 Gold 
Alyssa LundbergUpper Nyack, NYFemale 12-13Yellow29.2021.41 Platinum 
Seth MannMale 40-44Yellow25.636.57 Platinum 
Fraser McGrawBrooklyn, NYMale 8-9Yellow35.4747.48 Gold 
Ryan McGrawMale 40-44Yellow26.7911.39 Platinum 
Bernard MuszynskiBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11Yellow34.8244.78 Silver 
Dorothy NastasiJersey City, NJFemale 50-54Yellow36.3251.02 Silver 
Joseph NastasiMale 10-11Yellow32.8236.47 Gold 
Nathan NastasiMale 10-11Yellow33.3238.54 Gold 
Willow NastasiHoboken, NJFemale 6-7Yellow43.2379.75 Silver 
Alexander NowakColonia, NJMale 12-13Yellow30.9728.77 Gold 
Paulina NowakColonia, NJFemale 10-11Yellow31.7632.06 Gold 
Alice NuyttensLarchmont, NYFemale 12-13Yellow34.0341.50 Silver 
Kai Otani-hudesMale 12-13Yellow29.3722.12 Gold 
Anika PatelFemale 10-11Yellow36.7752.89 Silver 
Moksh PatelMale 10-11Yellow31.6831.73 Gold 
Shlok PatelMale 8-9Yellow35.4947.57 Gold 
Rachel RaymondFemale 50-54Yellow31.7031.81 Gold 
Riley RaymondAtlantic Highlands, NJFemale 12-13Yellow29.0320.71 Platinum 
Catherine RielyFemale 12-13Yellow33.3238.54 Silver 
Finn RielyMale 8-9Yellow41.5872.89 Bronze 
Michael RielyWatchung, NJMale 10-11Yellow39.8665.74 Bronze 
Lila RosenbergNew York, NYMale 8-9Yellow37.4455.68 Silver 
Maya RosenbergFemale 10-11Yellow33.9341.08 Gold 
Annabelle SamuelsenFemale 6-7Yellow35.2046.36 Platinum 
Kylie SamuelsenJersey City, NJFemale 10-11Yellow30.5226.90 Platinum 
Olivia SamuelsenFemale 8-9Yellow33.4339.00 Platinum 
Karen SandersonHunter, NYFemale 65-69Yellow32.5635.38 Platinum 
Dasha ScaminaciGreenwich, CTFemale 12-13Yellow35.3947.15 Silver 
Lara ScaminaciGreenwich, CTFemale 8-9Yellow32.5735.43 Platinum 
Luke SpielerKatonah, NYMale 12-13Yellow29.1821.33 Gold 
Maxwell StickleRhinebeck, NYMale 12-13YellowDNF-  
Artur SzczesniakLong Island City, NYMale 40-44Yellow34.2042.20 Bronze 
Mia SzczesniakLIC, NYFemale 8-9Yellow32.8536.59 Platinum 
Jeffrey ViglielmoWoodstock, NYMale 55-59Yellow26.5410.35 Platinum 
Daniel YunNew York, NYMale 50-54Yellow34.8945.07 Bronze 
James YunLa Canada, CAMale 10-11Yellow32.9336.92 Gold