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Cataloochee Ski Area

Jan 9th, 2018
Middle School Nastar Week 1
Warm, Blue Skies with clouds, humid.

Par Time

Results for Jan 9th, 2018 - Middle School Nastar Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Elyse BassettAsheville, NCFemale 12-13YellowDSQ- S*  
Clay BensonHendersonville, NCMale 10-11Yellow26.2681.48 - 
Judith BensonHendersonville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow21.6249.41 Silver 
Caleb BoothBlack Mountain, NCMale 14-15Yellow21.3747.68 Bronze 
Nathan BrantMale 12-13Yellow35.92148.24 S* - 
Olivia BrownAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow31.04114.51 - 
West BurgeFletcher, NCMale 10-11Yellow22.8858.12 Bronze 
Eliza CalabriaAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow33.54131.79 - 
Aiden CarrollASHEVILLE, NCMale 12-13Yellow1:12.72402.56 - 
Concetta ConradAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow29.66104.98 - 
Camp DeJongAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow19.0931.93 Gold 
James DemosASHEVILLE, NCMale 14-15Yellow21.8350.86 Bronze 
Scarlet DeweyAsheville, NCFemale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Brandon DiamondAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow27.2488.25 - 
Ava DockendorfHendersonville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow21.6049.27 Bronze 
Wesley DodsonAsheville, NCMale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Charlie DouglasAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow22.2553.77 Bronze 
Omar ElassyAsheville, NCMale 10-11Yellow30.09107.95 - 
Zakariah ElassyAsheville, NCMale 8-9Yellow20.6642.78 S* Platinum 
logan feilerFemale 12-13Yellow21.2146.58 Silver 
Sully FreemanAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow18.4027.16 Gold 
Eva gatesAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow28.3595.92 - 
MALENA GIANNIAsheville, NCFemale 14-15YellowDSQ-  
Luke HaleMale 14-15Yellow21.6649.69 Bronze 
Benjamin HemphillMale 14-15Yellow17.5020.94 Gold 
Charlie HurtBlack Mountain, NCMale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Sofia JacobellyAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow20.4040.98 Silver 
Greta KjellquistAsheville, NCFemale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Jake klepperFletcher, NCMale 12-13Yellow28.5897.51 - 
Thomas klepperFletcher, NCMale 10-11YellowDSQ-  
Wiley LastingerAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow22.2453.70 Bronze 
Anna LawsFletcher, NCFemale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
Grace LawsFletcher, NCFemale 12-13Yellow36.18150.03 - 
Alastair MacMillanAsheville, NCFemale 10-11Yellow24.4969.25 Bronze 
Cabell MacMillanAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow18.7629.65 Silver 
Gray MartinAsheville, NCMale 10-11Yellow30.03107.53 - 
Ava McClintonAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow19.7936.77 Silver 
Oliver MooneyAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow17.4920.87 Platinum 
Ava MooreAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow21.6049.27 Silver 
Kate MooreAsheville, NCFemale 8-9Yellow30.95113.89 - 
SERENA MOOREAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow1:02.46331.65 - 
Addison MorrisFairview, NCMale 12-13Yellow29.38103.04 S* - 
Athena MurrayFemale 14-15Yellow33.62132.34 - 
Carden OettingBryson City, NCFemale 8-9Yellow33.66132.62 - 
Matthew PetersonMale 12-13Yellow28.2595.23 S* - 
Cashion Porter-shirleyAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow18.3026.47 Gold 
Reid Porter-shirleyAsheville, NCMale 10-11Yellow21.5448.86 Silver 
Brian RammAsheville, NCMale 10-11Yellow23.9665.58 Bronze 
Noah RammAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow22.0952.66 Bronze 
Hope RobinsonFemale 12-13Yellow20.0338.42 Silver 
Connor SillsFairview, NCMale 12-13Yellow22.4755.29 Bronze 
McKenzie SillsFairview, NCFemale 12-13Yellow25.5676.64 - 
Ryder SorrellLeicester, NCMale 10-11Yellow38.57166.55 S* - 
Skyler Sorrell Leicester, NCFemale 10-11Yellow35.80147.41 S* - 
Abby SummerlinFemale 12-13Yellow20.0538.56 Silver 
Davies SummerlinNC, NCFemale 10-11Yellow28.1594.54 - 
Lydia UtzFemale 12-13Yellow19.4034.07 Gold 
Sutton WalkerArden, NCFemale 12-13YellowDSQ-  
William WalkerArden, NCMale 10-11YellowDSQ- S*  
Caroline WarrenAsheville, NCFemale 12-13Yellow18.5027.85 Gold 
Tess WarrenFemale 14-15Yellow20.7843.61 Silver 
Matteo WilliamsBryson City, NCMale 12-13Yellow19.8236.97 Silver 
Naya ZimmermanFairview, NCFemale 12-13Yellow22.7857.43 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)