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Crescent Ski Council

Jan 7th, 2018
Sugar Division 1 GS
Clear, sunny, low to mid teens
Yellow=Run #1; Blue=Run #2

Par Time

Results for Jan 7th, 2018 - Sugar Division 1 GS

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Steve AuffingerClemmons, NCMale 55-59Blue39.9645.47 Bronze 
Robert BaerHuntersville, NCMale 55-59Yellow33.5720.45 Gold 
Elizabeth BeadleHickory, NCFemale 50-54Yellow32.9918.37 Platinum 
Roger BrownStokesdale, NCMale 55-59Blue40.0145.65 Bronze 
Colin BurtsRaleigh, NCMale 12-13Yellow33.6920.88 Platinum 
Dan CarrollLookout Mountain, TNMale 50-54Yellow34.2122.75 Gold 
Wes CarrollLookout Mountain, TNMale 14-15Yellow35.6127.77 Silver 
Jenna ChristensenRaleigh, NCFemale 16-17Yellow35.0325.69 Silver 
John ChristensenRaleigh, NCMale 50-54Yellow35.2826.59 Silver 
Wendy ChristensenRaleigh, NCFemale 50-54Yellow36.1829.82 Gold 
Mary ChristiansonFemale 55-59Blue33.7122.72 Platinum 
KEEGAN CLARYOak Ridge, NCMale 18-20Yellow36.9932.72 Bronze 
Landin ClaryOak Ridge, NCMale 16-17Yellow35.6727.99 Silver 
JAMES CLAXTONWeaverville, NCMale 50-54Blue37.4436.29 Silver 
Kevin CleekCohutta, GAMale 50-54Blue35.8930.65 Silver 
Aidan ColeAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow36.2930.21 Silver 
TADD* COLEMale 50-54Blue40.5447.58 Bronze 
Devon CortrightSimpsonville, SCMale 60-64Yellow38.1136.74 Silver 
PETE CRAYMERHickory, NCMale 60-64Yellow34.5724.04 Gold 
Dana CuddihyHuntersville, NCFemale 30-34Yellow37.8635.84 Silver 
Kevin CuddihyMale 60-64Yellow38.0836.63 Silver 
Craig DeJongAsheville, NCMale 40-44Yellow34.0322.10 Silver 
Jodi DiasWinston-Salem, NCFemale 30-34Yellow30.649.94 Platinum 
Mark DisonJonesborough, TNMale 60-64Yellow39.0840.22 Silver 
Ted FordHendersonville, NCMale 50-54Yellow34.4623.65 Silver 
Sully FreemanAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow36.9632.62 Gold 
Felicity FulcherSevierville, TNFemale 14-15Yellow37.8535.81 Silver 
Matt FulcherMale 35-39Yellow37.4434.34 Bronze 
Arie GroenKnoxville, TNMale 70-74Yellow42.5152.53 Bronze 
Ann GroningerFemale 45-49Blue40.5447.58 Silver 
Donald GrosserApex, NCMale 45-49Yellow34.0021.99 Silver 
Joshua GrosserApex, NCMale 14-15Yellow31.8114.14 Platinum 
Sarah GrosserApex, NCFemale 10-11Yellow35.9729.06 Platinum 
David HarrisonWeaverville, NCMale 40-44Yellow31.2312.06 Platinum 
MARTHA HONEYCUTTFemale 55-59Blue38.5140.19 Gold 
Dan HudsonGreenville, SCMale 55-59Yellow38.3737.67 Silver 
NIKOLAS JAUCHWake Forest, NCMale 14-15Yellow36.0329.28 Silver 
Jim KasprzakHuntersville, NCMale 60-64Blue36.5833.16 Silver 
Douglas LaroeOak Ridge, NCMale 55-59Yellow36.1929.85 Silver 
Jake LaroeOak Ridge, NCMale 21-29Yellow29.325.20 Platinum 
Sarah LaRoeJohnson City, TNFemale 21-29Yellow37.6535.09 Silver 
Sam LinderMoore, SCMale 55-59Yellow39.0640.15 Silver 
David LippucciRaleigh, NCMale 50-54Blue33.5121.99 Gold 
Byron LoflinGreensboro, NCMale 55-59Blue34.2824.79 Gold 
Cabell MacMillanAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow38.5738.39 Silver 
Douglas MacMillanAsheville, NCMale 45-49Blue34.7426.47 Silver 
Pierce MacMillanAsheville, NCMale 12-13Yellow33.2119.16 Platinum 
Christopher MartinoNorth Augusta, SCMale 45-49Yellow39.2440.80 Bronze 
Grant McAllisterWinston Salem, NCMale 14-15Yellow31.2412.09 Platinum 
Grant McAllisterWinston Salem, NCMale 45-49Yellow31.1111.63 Platinum 
Richard MeadGreenville, SCMale 60-64Blue36.1631.63 Silver 
Tyler MeltonAsheville, NCMale 21-29Yellow37.7335.38 Bronze 
John MenkesAsheville, NCMale 50-54Yellow35.7628.31 Silver 
William MenkesAsheville, NCMale 14-15Yellow36.0429.31 Silver 
Phillip MillerSeviervilleMale 35-39Blue32.0216.56 Gold 
Brooke MoehrkeWinston Salem, NCFemale 10-11Yellow37.1933.44 Gold 
Robert MoehrkeWinston Salem, NCMale 40-44Yellow33.7621.13 Silver 
Taylor MoehrkeFemale 12-13Yellow35.0425.73 Gold 
Jeff MooneyAsheville, NCMale 45-49Blue39.9345.36 Bronze 
Oliver MooneyAsheville, NCMale 12-13Blue35.4228.94 Gold 
Lilith MuellerAsheville, NCFemale 14-15Yellow35.5727.63 Gold 
Cathie MulgrewClemmons, NCFemale 50-54Yellow36.5131.00 Gold 
Wesley MullenCharlotte, NCMale 21-29Blue36.3732.40 Bronze 
Carson OswaldAsheville, NCMale 14-15Blue33.4421.73 Gold 
Harrison OswaldAsheville, NCMale 14-15Blue32.4117.98 Gold 
John OswaldAsheville, NCMale 45-49Yellow32.1415.32 Gold 
Kirsten OswaldWarwick, NYFemale 40-44Yellow34.6824.43 Gold 
Jerry PendleyAnderson, SCMale 60-64Yellow37.7535.45 Silver 
Josh PendleyEasley, SCMale 21-29Yellow31.3312.41 Gold 
Bobby RolandAsheville, NCMale 55-59Blue30.5311.14 Platinum 
Chris RossCharlotte, NCMale 45-49Yellow37.8435.77 Bronze 
Corbin RossCharlotte, NCMale 14-15Yellow36.3830.53 Silver 
Franco RossiDunwoody, GAMale 55-59Yellow32.7917.65 Gold 
Mark RozofWaynesville, NCMale 45-49Yellow33.0018.41 Gold 
Erik SandstedtAsheville, NCMale 45-49Yellow30.047.79 Platinum 
Michael SandstedtAsheville, NCMale 16-17Blue35.7730.21 Silver 
Ronald ScottApex, NCMale 70-74Yellow34.9425.37 Gold 
Jay SeifertHuntersville, NCMale 55-59Yellow39.1340.40 Silver 
Steve SheaGreensboro, NCMale 55-59Blue41.7652.02 Bronze 
Mike ShipkoLexington, NCMale 40-44Blue37.1635.27 Bronze 
Danno ShurkusRaleigh, NCMale 55-59Yellow35.2626.52 Silver 
Mark SmetsAmherst, NHMale 60-64Yellow39.7242.52 Silver 
TIM SMITHHillsborough, NCMale 55-59Blue36.9134.36 Silver 
Christian SpiresSherrills Ford, NCMale 40-44Yellow33.5920.52 Silver 
MADDOX SPIRESSherrills Ford, NCMale 14-15Yellow31.1011.59 Platinum 
Eugene StranchWinston-Salem, NCMale 21-29Yellow37.1633.33 Bronze 
Hailey ThomasOak Ridge, NCFemale 18-20Yellow38.5638.36 Bronze 
Ensor UtzMale 45-49Yellow35.3326.77 Silver 
DAN WALSHApex, NCMale 45-49Yellow38.9439.72 Bronze 
Kent WelkeTaylors, SCMale 45-49Blue35.4929.20 Silver 
Garry WhitakerWinston Salem, NCMale 55-59Yellow34.0021.99 Gold 
Mark WhitneyAsheville, NCMale 55-59Yellow34.3023.07 Gold 
AMANDA WOODSTOCKKennesaw, GAFemale 16-17Yellow42.1251.13 Bronze