Race Results
Steamboat Ski & Resort

Mar 25th, 2017
Nationals Friends Team Race
Sunny with high clouds

Series: National Friends Team Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 4
Par Time

Results for Mar 25th, 2017 - Nationals Friends Team Race

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Adam AdkinsHouse Springs, MOMale 35-39Yellow23.242.42 Platinum 
John AmbrosenJones, MIMale 55-59Blue28.2521.61 S* Platinum 
Kristy AmbrosenFemale 40-44Blue32.1638.44 Silver 
Gabriel AndrewsPoplar Grove, ILMale 10-11Yellow29.4729.88 Gold 
John BandstraGrand Haven, MIMale 12-13Blue30.3330.56 Gold 
Karl BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 60-64Blue27.2817.43 Platinum 
Stephen BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Blue24.585.81 Platinum 
Rick BenikHeber City, UTMale 60-64Blue30.9733.32 Silver 
Mark BidwellSyracuse, NYMale 60-64Yellow25.7913.66 Platinum 
Kyle BigbeeMilwaukie, ORMale 40-44Blue29.0725.14 Silver 
Noah BindasMuskego, WIMale 10-11Yellow25.4212.03 Platinum 
Scott BjornsonHampton, MNMale 45-49Blue25.9411.67 Platinum 
JC BlackMale 75-79Blue30.4230.95 Gold 
Charles BockhornSalina, KSMale 65-69Blue28.0320.66 Gold 
Will BoltSteamboat Springs, COMale 45-49Blue27.0816.57 Gold 
Bruce BowenBasalt, COMale 60-64Blue33.9045.93 Silver 
Mark BrianPark City, UTMale 60-64Blue30.3530.65 Silver 
Tom BrogeCincinnati, OHMale 60-64Yellow32.9445.17 Silver 
Marti BruecknerWest Simsbury, CTFemale 50-54Blue34.2947.61 Silver 
Barb BrumbaughTowanda, PAFemale 50-54Blue32.2838.96 Gold 
Ray CahillBoulder, COMale 60-64Blue29.2325.83 Gold 
Samuel CampbellGranite Falls, NCMale 10-11Blue29.6127.46 Gold 
ALexander CampianSt Louis, MOMale 6-7Blue35.1951.49 Gold 
Abigail CheckleyBristol, INFemale 12-13Blue27.3417.69 Platinum 
Gloria CheckleyBristol, INFemale 8-9Blue36.7958.37 Silver 
Natalie CheckleyBristol, INFemale 10-11Blue29.0525.05 Platinum 
Ben ChristiansonMadison, WIMale 45-49Yellow28.6526.27 Silver 
Jacob CookBrighton, MIMale 12-13Yellow31.9040.59 Silver 
David CoulterWildwood, MOMale 70-74Yellow28.7126.53 Gold 
Steven CoulterWildwood, MOMale 40-44Yellow24.066.04 Platinum 
Zack CurfmanCharlotte, NCMale 21-29Blue45.0894.06 S* - 
Kent DavisPortlandMale 55-59Yellow28.3524.94 Gold 
Ski DavisPortland, TNMale 12-13Yellow41.9584.88 - 
Isaiah DelageBrookline, NHMale 16-17Blue34.8750.11 Bronze 
Lisa DercachMishawaka, INFemale 40-44Blue35.8354.24 Bronze 
Rob DexterWest Hartford, CTMale 65-69Blue28.2121.44 Gold 
Chris DunlapDallas, TXMale 60-64Blue35.0750.97 Bronze 
Collin EganSterling, ILMale 8-9Blue32.6240.42 Gold 
Bud FennellLexington, KYMale 65-69Yellow31.5138.87 Silver 
Camden FlackBelvidere, ILMale 10-11Yellow29.3529.35 Gold 
Alex FlynnMale 14-15Yellow25.9014.15 Platinum 
Morgan FlynnFemale 10-11Yellow28.5825.96 Platinum 
Cameron FoxNashville, INMale 12-13Yellow30.5234.51 Gold 
Ric FoxNashville, INMale 60-64Blue34.7349.50 Bronze 
John FryDenver, IAMale 55-59Blue29.6227.51 Silver 
Asa GasparWoodridge, ILMale 10-11Blue31.0433.62 Gold 
Lange GasparMonkton, MDMale 10-11Blue28.0220.62 Platinum 
Rylan GasparWoodridge, ILFemale 12-13Blue30.2930.39 Gold 
Dean GlosterBerkeley, CAMale 55-59Blue30.0029.14 Silver 
Mark GlosterRedmond, WAMale 55-59Yellow33.2346.45 Bronze 
Liev GoldmanTucson, AZMale 6-7Blue1:13.17214.98 - 
Al GonzalesBelton, MOMale 65-69Blue28.5622.94 Gold 
Gary GundersonClackamas, ORMale 55-59Blue29.2325.83 Silver 
Kris HagenbuchSteamboat Springs, COMale 55-59Blue27.1416.83 Gold 
Stein HalsnesSteamboat Springs, COMale 60-64Blue25.047.79 Platinum 
Andy HarpColumbus, GAMale 65-69Blue50.75118.47 - 
Oliver HellandWisconsin Dells, WIMale 8-9Yellow26.0214.68 Platinum 
Grace HillardGalena, ILFemale 12-13Blue47.11102.80 - 
Eliza HorneWASHINGTON, DCFemale 10-11Blue54.56134.87 S* - 
Lou HorwitzAustin, TXMale 55-59Blue29.0224.92 Gold 
Kari HoytOlivebridge, NYFemale 40-44Blue29.2025.70 Gold 
Anabelle HudsonGreenville, SCFemale 55-59Blue40.5574.56 - 
Dan HudsonGreenville, SCMale 55-59Blue33.7845.42 Bronze 
Meltin IceAspen, COMale 30-34Blue25.067.88 Platinum 
Kenneth IcenhourBelmont, NCMale 60-64Blue41.6379.21 - 
Greg IovanBoulder, COMale 55-59Yellow29.1728.56 Silver 
Alice JackletPortland, ORFemale 75-79Blue38.5265.82 Silver 
Ward JagelsLyle, WAMale 65-69Yellow26.6517.45 Platinum 
Savannah JohanikMason, WIFemale 12-13Yellow29.4529.79 S* Platinum 
Rodney KibbeyGreenwood, INMale 50-54Blue30.2430.18 Silver 
Stephanie KibbeyGreenwood, INFemale 45-49Blue29.4226.65 Gold 
Glenn KnightPardeeville, WIMale 65-69Yellow28.2224.37 Gold 
Jude KowalczykBoone, NCMale 1-5Blue1:02.06167.15 Bronze 
Zachary KowalczykBoone, NCMale 8-9Blue33.1042.49 Gold 
Adeline LageWildwood, MOFemale 10-11Yellow26.3816.26 Platinum 
Maddie LindseyFemale 10-11Blue30.8732.89 Gold 
DAVID LOEFFELMACHERMale 50-54Yellow32.3042.35 Bronze 
Stephen Ludwig SrEast Haven, CTMale 65-69Yellow31.0036.62 Silver 
KRIS MarshakGuilford, CTMale 50-54Blue28.9824.75 Silver 
Scooch MartinssonNew London, CTMale 60-64Yellow31.2137.55 Silver 
Charlotte MatsonLake Forest, ILFemale 10-11Yellow29.8031.34 Gold 
Lars MatsonLake Forest, ILMale 12-13Yellow28.8227.02 Gold 
Rolf MeyerMadison, CTMale 60-64Blue29.7628.11 Gold 
Kurt MeyerroseAlstead, NHMale 55-59Blue26.5214.16 Platinum 
Karl MikkelsonSteamboat Springs, COMale 45-49Blue25.419.38 Platinum 
Isabella MilitelloNorthville, MIFemale 10-11Blue28.7523.76 Platinum 
Steven MonroeWeston, FLMale 55-59Yellow27.4320.89 Gold 
Megan MorrisLisle, ILFemale 12-13Blue29.3326.26 Gold 
Michael Morris IIILisle, ILMale 14-15Blue29.4426.73 Gold 
Mia MunnCINCINNATI, OHFemale 10-11Yellow1:56.82414.85 - 
Bill NealonMonroe, CTMale 45-49Blue28.7723.85 Silver 
Cameron NicholsonSuperior, COMale 8-9Blue30.3930.82 Platinum 
Chris NicholsonSuperior, COMale 45-49Blue24.706.33 Platinum 
Tyler NicholsonSuperior, COMale 10-11Blue38.6666.42 Bronze 
Jon NielsenGranger, INMale 65-69Blue33.9246.02 Silver 
Jim NoahAvon, INMale 60-64Blue26.4914.03 Platinum 
Keith NorlingClawson, MIMale 55-59Yellow28.7926.88 Silver 
Janice NorrisFemale 55-59Yellow42.5087.31 - 
Eden NykampHolland, MIFemale 12-13Blue29.2225.79 Gold 
LJ NykampHolland, MIMale 10-11Blue31.1734.18 Gold 
Jed OwenWausau, WIMale 55-59Blue30.9833.36 Silver 
Chayse ParkerWestminster, MAMale 8-9Yellow34.1150.33 Gold 
Frederic PattonTrexlertown, PAMale 10-11Yellow31.0436.80 Gold 
Ed PetersRhinelander, WIMale 60-64YellowDNF999.99  
Michael PompianClayton, MOMale 50-54Blue30.4731.17 Silver 
Cary PopourLeland, NCMale 55-59Blue29.4426.73 Silver 
Ava PopovBrighton, MIFemale 10-11Blue36.1955.79 Silver 
John PopovBrighton, MIMale 10-11Blue31.3334.87 Gold 
Skyler RomanoEdwardsville, ILFemale 14-15Blue27.8920.06 Gold 
Mark RomereinMale 55-59Yellow28.8527.15 Silver 
Andrey RyvlinPlymouth, MNMale 55-59Blue25.8911.45 Platinum 
Val SaltzmanMonroe, CTFemale 50-54Yellow31.8640.41 Silver 
Joe SantallaSouth Lake Tahoe, CAMale 55-59Blue32.5440.08 Silver 
Emmanuel SavageMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54Blue30.3530.65 Silver 
Phoebe SavoieFemale 10-11Blue28.7323.68 Platinum 
Andrew SchefflerDixon, ILMale 10-11Blue33.7745.37 Silver 
Maddie SchefflerDixon, ILFemale 14-15Blue30.2530.22 Silver 
Zachary SchefflerDixon, ILMale 14-15Blue28.5222.77 Gold 
Cory SchieldHastings, MNMale 40-44Blue27.0016.23 Gold 
Jacob SchieldMale 10-11Yellow32.5843.59 Silver 
Aaron SchmidtWaunakee, WIMale 21-29Yellow25.6212.91 Gold 
Arkady ShemyakinMinneapolis, MNMale 55-59Blue34.2147.27 Bronze 
Juliana SherwinFemale 10-11Blue34.4448.26 Silver 
Emma SicarWillowbrook, ILFemale 8-9Yellow36.0859.01 Silver 
Timea SicarWillowbrook, ILFemale 6-7Blue44.0089.41 Bronze 
Nancy SimpsonWausau, WIFemale 55-59Blue33.7445.24 Silver 
Harriet SloaneClayton, MOFemale 10-11Yellow31.2537.73 Gold 
Michael SobeckValparasio, INMale 14-15Yellow39.8575.63 S* Bronze 
Preston SobeckValparaiso, INMale 12-13Blue33.0542.27 Silver 
Rydan SondelskiWausau, WIMale 8-9Blue36.2556.05 Silver 
Tj SondelskiWausau, WIMale 8-9Yellow28.4925.56 Platinum 
Mike SpenceLouisville, KYMale 65-69Blue30.0929.53 Gold 
Alex SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 45-49Yellow28.4225.25 Silver 
Camden SteinhilberLiberty Township, OHMale 8-9Yellow39.8975.80 Bronze 
Kiera SteinhilberFemale 10-11Yellow34.8553.59 Silver 
Colin SullivanMinneapolis, MNMale 65-69Blue28.5022.69 Gold 
Marco SullivanTahoe City, CAMale 35-39Yellow22.931.06 Platinum 
Sheila ThomasWestminster, MAFemale 60-64Blue40.8275.72 Bronze 
Sydney ThomasFemale 10-11Blue29.7828.20 Platinum 
Todd ThornPortage, WIMale 50-54Yellow26.5617.06 Gold 
Matthew VotralTroy, MIMale 40-44Blue29.1725.57 Silver 
Larry WaltersCadilllac, MIMale 75-79Blue32.0738.05 Gold 
Griffin WardMiddleton, WIMale 12-13Blue27.0816.57 Platinum 
Bruin WebsterLenoir City, TNMale 8-9Yellow37.5565.49 Silver 
Mikaela WilliamsNorthville, MIFemale 10-11Blue32.8241.28 Gold 
Roger WilsonWheeling, ILMale 60-64Yellow30.0632.48 Silver 
Pete WitherSteamboat Springs, COMale 70-74Yellow27.7022.08 Platinum 
Shae YendrekNaperville, ILFemale 12-13Blue30.8832.93 Gold 
Charles YoungCary, NCMale 55-59Blue34.2847.57 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)