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Hunter Mountain

Mar 18th, 2017
NJ Ski Club race 2017 RACE RESULTS
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Series: HJ Council Ski Race
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 30 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Mar 18th, 2017 - NJ Ski Club race 2017 RACE RESULTS

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Bill ArmstrongWestfield, NJMale 70-74Yellow30.8336.17 Silver 
Mark baileyWest Hurley, NYMale 60-64Blue26.9918.38 Gold 
Millie BaileyWest Hurley, NYFemale 60-64Yellow28.9027.65 Platinum 
Kathleen BalthazarClimax, NYFemale 75-79Yellow49.40118.20 - 
Carlene BassellWest Nyack, NYFemale 60-64Yellow28.8427.39 Platinum 
Stuart BassellWest Nyack, NYMale 65-69Yellow26.3216.25 Platinum 
Linda BurnsLake Hopatcong, NJFemale 60-64Yellow28.4925.84 Platinum 
Howie CohenParamus, NJMale 65-69Yellow35.0254.68 Bronze 
Christopher CooneyLake Hiawatha, NJMale 40-44Blue38.8670.44 - 
Jim CullaValley Cottage, NYMale 75-79Blue32.3741.97 Silver 
Dennis CurnynRingwood, NJMale 55-59Blue29.5129.43 Silver 
Jeff DekoskieKingston, NYMale 45-49Yellow24.9610.25 Platinum 
Jen DeKoskieKingston, NYMale 40-44Blue28.6125.48 Silver 
Jimmy DekoskieMale 8-9Blue41.4181.62 Bronze 
Barbara DoxeyMahwah, NJFemale 70-74Blue36.2458.95 Silver 
Edward EllisRamsey, NJMale 50-54Blue36.3659.47 - 
Rob FletcherWest Hurley, NYMale 65-69Yellow31.0337.06 Silver 
John FranzinoMale 60-64Blue38.5168.90 - 
Steve FronapfelMillington, NJMale 65-69Blue30.3032.89 Silver 
Sylvia GersbachFemale 50-54Blue34.1149.61 Silver 
Art GillianMale 55-59Yellow34.5152.43 Bronze 
Paul GillianMale 12-13Yellow32.1842.14 Silver 
Ken GlickSaddle River, NJMale 60-64Yellow29.5230.39 Silver 
Marty GreenbergMale 80-84Blue38.2467.72 Bronze 
Rich GriffinOxford, NJMale 65-69Yellow28.0523.90 Gold 
Dawn HarmonFemale 50-54Yellow36.7162.15 Bronze 
Liz HolsteNJFemale 55-59Yellow35.1255.12 Silver 
George HulsairWappingers Falls, NYMale 55-59Blue33.5847.28 Bronze 
Mike HustonBloomingdale, NJMale 50-54Blue25.0810.00 Platinum 
Ray JohnsMale 60-64Blue45.73100.57 - 
Kas KasprowiczVerplanck, NYMale 70-74Yellow30.0832.86 Gold 
Sharon KennyMale 55-59Blue35.9757.76 Bronze 
Yuri KobziarPelham, NYMale 60-64Blue24.286.49 Platinum 
Diane KropflHighlands, NJFemale 55-59Blue50.56121.75 - 
Athula MandanayakeMale 60-64Blue34.7652.46 Bronze 
Charles McCuskerRandolph, NJMale 50-54Blue27.4420.35 Gold 
Kathy MellodyClifton, NJFemale 60-64Yellow39.5574.69 Bronze 
Isabella MicheelsHewitt, NJFemale 70-74Yellow35.1255.12 Silver 
Janette MihmFemale 50-54Yellow34.8653.98 Silver 
Eileen MosoliniFemale 60-64Blue39.2872.28 Bronze 
Tom MuranteClifton, NJMale 55-59Blue31.5638.42 Silver 
Paul NelsonAnnandale, VAMale 60-64Yellow37.1764.18 - 
Margaret O'brienEmerson, NJFemale 60-64Blue39.0971.45 Bronze 
Jackie OlivetCatskill, NYFemale 60-64Yellow36.0259.10 Silver 
Marilyn PearsonWest Hartford, CTFemale 60-64Blue31.2537.06 Gold 
Brianne RachmielRandolph, NJFemale 21-29Yellow30.8336.17 Silver 
Mike RachmielMale 55-59Yellow30.0132.55 Silver 
Frank RauschendorferSaugerties, NYMale 50-54Blue27.6221.14 Gold 
Mike RinaldiMale 65-69BlueDNF-  
Paul RoyLedgewood, NJMale 60-64Blue35.2054.39 Bronze 
Bill SabanskiHighlands, NJMale 55-59Yellow31.9941.30 Silver 
Emilia SadonisFemale 60-64Yellow36.0759.32 Silver 
Karen SandersonHunter, NYFemale 65-69Yellow29.1128.58 Platinum 
Greg SchneiderRidgefield Park, NJMale 50-54Blue32.4042.11 Bronze 
Nick SchneiderMale 10-11Blue31.3137.32 Gold 
Mark SchreurHo Ho Kus, NJMale 60-64Blue27.3219.82 Gold 
Adam ShaleMale 30-34Yellow43.0189.97 - 
Bill SidlovskyHewitt, NJMale 55-59Yellow25.5412.81 Platinum 
Jacob StachowiczMale 16-17Yellow33.3947.48 Bronze 
Mitchell StachowiczYorktown Heights, NYMale 55-59Blue30.6534.43 Silver 
Lawrence TicotinStanhope, NJMale 60-64Yellow35.6357.38 Bronze 
Carol TomassettiKingston, NYFemale 55-59Blue27.6621.32 Platinum 
Jim TomassettiKingston, NYMale 55-59Yellow24.498.17 Platinum 
PAUL TRUMBULLNapanoch, NYMale 60-64Yellow24.9310.11 Platinum 
Jeffrey ViglielmoWoodstock, NYMale 55-59Yellow24.427.86 Platinum 
Kaitlana ViglielmoWoodstock, NYFemale 18-20Blue33.2045.61 Bronze 
Maureen ViglielmoWoodstock, NYFemale 60-64Blue30.3833.25 Gold 
Melody WengerFemale 55-59Blue1:17.04237.89 - 
Joe WilliamsHighland, NYMale 60-64Yellow27.8523.01 Gold 
Steve WingardCottekill, NYMale 60-64Blue30.5433.95 Silver 
Dave YoungLake Hiawatha, NJMale 60-64Yellow42.2086.40 S* - 
Dennis YoungRiver Edge, NJMale 65-69Yellow41.1481.71 - 
Bob ZegaDenville, NJMale 65-69Blue36.9462.02 Bronze 
Amanda Zega-GrecoRockaway, NJFemale 35-39Yellow32.9845.67 Silver 
John ZwynenbergWest Nyack, NYMale 80-84Yellow31.3438.43 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)