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Cranmore Mountain Resort

Mar 22nd, 2017
Mountain Meisters Race 10 - UNOFF
Half inch fresh snow and blustery

Par Time

Results for Mar 22nd, 2017 - Mountain Meisters Race 10 - UNOFF

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Brian AlbenCntr Conway, NHMale 21-29Yellow42.6878.13 S* - 
Roger AmesSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Blue32.0433.78 Silver 
BECKY ARMSTRONGStow, MEBlue32.0933.99 ? 
DAVID ARMSTRONGYellow31.2530.43 ? 
GILLIAN ARMSTRONGLeprechaunsFemale 21-29Yellow29.5423.29 Silver 
BRAD ARNOLDGlen, NHMale 55-59Blue33.4839.79 Silver 
Roger AubreyJackson, NHMale 60-64Blue37.1555.11 Bronze 
Dick AyerUse 2 Bees, NHMale 75-79Yellow1:00.73153.46 - 
SEAN BADGERSilver Lake, NHMale 21-29Yellow25.928.18 Platinum 
Bryan BaileyConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow25.988.43 Platinum 
Bill BallouMale 65-69Blue36.6052.82 Bronze 
Skip BartlettSilver Lake, NHMale 30-34Yellow25.154.97 Platinum 
Stephen BartlettSilver Lake, NHMale 55-59Yellow34.8045.24 Bronze 
NORA BEANGlen, NHFemale 50-54Yellow33.7840.98 Silver 
JEREMY BEAUCHESNEBlue39.7766.05 S* ? 
Erik BelmerConway, NHMale 21-29Yellow33.8941.44 Bronze 
LAURA BENNETTFemale 35-39Yellow27.4514.57 Platinum 
JASON BERGENKnuckle-draggersMale 35-39Blue43.7682.71 S* - 
Kimberly BettencourtIntervale, NHFemale 45-49Yellow31.7532.51 Gold 
Andrew BleaseGlen, NHMale 21-29Yellow37.6156.97 - 
Ryan BlouinIntervale, NHMale 21-29Yellow34.7144.87 - 
BOB BONSIGNORECenter Conway, NHMale 60-64Yellow30.2026.04 Gold 
LEANNE BOODYTrail Map ExpressFemale 30-34Blue34.1342.51 Silver 
SUZIE BOONEFlatbreadFemale 30-34Yellow41.4773.08 T* Bronze 
George BordashJackson, NHMale 30-34Yellow28.1617.53 Silver 
DEANNA BOTSFORDNorth Conway, NHFemale 50-54Yellow34.3343.28 Silver 
BOBBIE BOXMountain MamasFemale 65-69Yellow48.08100.67 - 
HUGH BRAITHWAITEMale 70-74Yellow47.2397.12 - 
BARRY BRODILHalf Fast Racers, NHMale 70-74Blue31.4331.23 Gold 
DAVID BRODILHalf Fast Racers, NHMale 60-64Blue32.3635.11 Silver 
Rachael BrownGLEN, NHFemale 65-69Blue47.95100.21 - 
Lucien BurkettNorth Conway, NHMale 30-34Blue46.3193.36 S* - 
MATT BURKETTKnuckle-draggers, NHMale 30-34Yellow36.4952.30 S* Bronze 
Robert ButcherNorth Sandwich, NHMale 65-69Blue35.4347.93 Silver 
Ailie ByersFemale 40-44Blue31.2130.31 Gold 
ANDREA CARBONEFemale 30-34Yellow38.7361.64 Bronze 
Christian CarlsonMale 55-59Blue28.2417.91 Gold 
LAUREN CARRFemale 50-54Blue44.4185.43 - 
BETH CARTA-DOLANGlen, NHFemale 50-54Blue31.3730.98 Gold 
GARY CASSILYChatham, NHYellow36.0350.38 ? 
MEAGHAN CASSILYCenter Conway, NHFemale 21-29Blue31.4931.48 Silver 
JOHN CAWLEYAnother Center Ice TeamMale 60-64Yellow35.4748.04 Bronze 
Melissa ChurchNorth Conway, NHFemale 30-34Yellow42.5677.63 - 
Dave ClancyFreedom, NHMale 60-64Yellow27.1413.27 Platinum 
Brian ClarkChocorua, NHMale 30-34Yellow28.6519.57 Silver 
George CoolidgeIntervale, NHMale 65-69Blue37.0954.86 Bronze 
DEVIN COPSEYMemorial Hospital ScalpersMale 35-39Blue26.3810.15 Platinum 
HEATHER CORRIGANFemale 30-34Blue1:14.22209.90 S* - 
ROBERT COTEHodgepodgersMale 21-29Blue37.1054.91 - 
LINDA COURTEMANCHESkimobile MeistersFemale 60-64Blue40.8770.65 Bronze 
MARC COURTEMANCHESkimobile MeistersMale 65-69Blue36.8253.74 Bronze 
DENNY CROMWELLCenter Conway, NHMale 55-59Blue33.3639.29 Silver 
Sharleen CroninHales Location, NHFemale 65-69Yellow35.5148.21 Gold 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74Yellow29.2622.12 Platinum 
Bj CyrCenter Conway, NHMale 35-39Blue33.2738.91 Bronze 
Frank DavisSilver Lake, NHMale 85-89Blue39.1663.51 Silver 
REBECCA DAYNitrous OxideFemale 35-39Yellow39.4364.57 Bronze 
ASHER DEMARCOKnuckle-draggersMale 40-44Blue38.2659.75 S* Bronze 
Morice DenneryMemorial Hospital ScalpersMale 45-49Yellow40.5369.16 S* Bronze 
REBECCA DESCHENESCranmore Jagermeisters, NHFemale 30-34Blue33.9841.88 Silver 
INGRID DEWITTFly By'sFemale 60-64Blue36.6853.15 Silver 
MICHAEL DEWITTWest Ossipee, NHMale 60-64Yellow36.8353.71 Bronze 
Danielle DionNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Blue48.19101.21 - 
JESSICA DIPIETROEaton BoogersFemale 21-29Yellow27.2913.90 Platinum 
BERNIE DONOHUEFryeburg, MEFemale 55-59Blue39.3364.22 Bronze 
Sean DoucetteJackson, NHMale 45-49Yellow26.6011.02 Platinum 
Jonathan DowningMale 70-74Yellow44.4285.39 - 
Nancy DowningJackson, NHFemale 60-64Blue30.0225.34 Platinum 
ALEX DRUMMONDCenter Conway, NHMale 45-49Yellow26.5410.77 Platinum 
Robert DuBoisSilver Lake, NHMale 60-64Blue41.9475.11 - 
Joanne DucasEffingham, NHFemale 30-34Yellow38.4460.43 Bronze 
ROBERT DUFFN Conway, NHYellow28.9420.78 ? 
Paul DurfeeNorth Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow33.3939.36 Bronze 
BILL EARLEMedfield, MAMale 60-64Yellow30.0525.42 Gold 
SANDY ELDONFemale 45-49Yellow39.3464.19 Bronze 
BETH ELLINGWOOD-WALTERNitrous Oxide, VTFemale 35-39Yellow37.1455.01 Bronze 
ZACHARY EVERETTMale 21-29Blue48.57102.80 - 
MATT FALLBartlett, NHMale 21-29Blue31.7432.53 Bronze 
Ian FergusonMadison, NHMale 21-29Yellow31.9233.22 Bronze 
Ralph FioreMale 70-74Blue43.0679.79 - 
JOHN FLASCHNERBlue46.8795.70 S* ? 
Maggie FlynnEaton Center, NHFemale 21-29Blue27.8116.12 Gold 
Gay FollandConway, NHFemale 65-69Yellow30.8128.59 Platinum 
Ron ForceSilver Lake, NHMale 70-74Blue33.3139.08 Silver 
Pam FournierOver & UndersFemale 50-54YellowDNF999.99  
Sharon FournierCenter Conway, NHFemale 45-49Blue59.61148.89 - 
JEFF FRECHETTENorth Conway, NHBlue34.9245.80 S* ? 
ASHLEY FURNESSSkimobile MeistersFemale 30-34Blue36.1250.81 Bronze 
Rich FurnessWells, MEMale 55-59Yellow42.3676.79 - 
Tad FurtadoConway, NHMale 45-49Yellow34.6244.49 Bronze 
John GalloGlen, NHMale 70-74Yellow46.3293.32 - 
KEVIN GARLANDBartlett, NHYellow47.2997.37 ? 
JAMIE GEMMITIIntervale, NHYellow34.8245.33 ? 
DOROTHY GILBERTCenter Conway, NHFemale 55-59Blue36.8954.03 Silver 
Ray Gilmore IIIIntervale, NHMale 35-39Yellow35.1646.74 Bronze 
CHRISTIE C GIROUARDYellow33.4739.69 ? 
JAMES GLAZERMemorial Hospital ScalpersMale 40-44Blue31.0429.60 T* Gold 
JETTE GLAZERMemorial Hospital ScalpersFemale 35-39Yellow32.8937.27 Silver 
Tucker GordonFryeburg, MEMale 21-29Yellow27.1413.27 Gold 
BRIAN GUILBERTConway Seat CoverMale 60-64Yellow37.2255.34 Bronze 
Gary GustafsonConway, NHMale 60-64Yellow32.8036.89 Silver 
TOM HARMONCranmore JagermeistersMale 21-29Blue43.7882.80 S* - 
ALAN HARRISKnuckle-draggersMale 21-29Blue36.0350.44 S* Bronze 
Ali HarrisNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow29.7524.17 Silver 
PHILIP HAYNESOver & UndersMale 65-69Blue30.7028.18 Gold 
Robert HigginsMonroe, NYMale 21-29Blue37.2555.53 - 
CRAIG HILLConway, NHBlue28.8320.38 ? 
Ryan HillNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow37.5556.72 Bronze 
SHARON HILLTrail Map Express, NHFemale 45-49Blue29.5923.55 Gold 
Isbel Hodgman-BurnsFryeburg, MEFemale 21-29Blue50.64111.44 - 
ZOEY HOLTNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Blue29.4623.01 Silver 
Laura HoltbyConway, NHFemale 30-34Blue42.8378.83 - 
Sara HoltbyCenter Conway, NHFemale 35-39Blue35.4447.97 Silver 
William HoukHales Location, NHMale 60-64Blue33.0137.83 Silver 
MATT HOWLANDIntervale, NHMale 40-44Blue42.7678.54 T* - 
CHRIS HOYTConway, NHMale 50-54Yellow33.1538.36 T* Silver 
MICKEY HOYTYellow30.0025.21 ? 
LARRY HUEMMLERIntervale, NHYellow45.6390.44 T* ? 
MICHAEL ISLESNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Blue33.1338.33 Bronze 
Tim JacksonN Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow26.139.06 Platinum 
KEN JANOSYellow45.9991.94 ? 
GARY JAWORSKIUse 2 BeesMale 60-64Yellow1:05.16171.95 - 
FRED JONESHeebeegeebee'sMale 60-64Blue28.1917.70 Platinum 
Peter JonesMadison, NHMale 55-59Yellow34.6344.53 Bronze 
Stefan KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 50-54Blue26.5911.02 Platinum 
HAROLD KAZANJIANSkimobile Meisters, MAMale 60-64Yellow35.1346.62 Bronze 
CAIT KEBLERWhitefield, NHFemale 21-29Yellow32.6236.14 Silver 
Kristofor KeblerLeprechaunsMale 30-34Yellow26.219.39 Platinum 
DYLAN KIRSCHBAUMYellow48.77103.55 S* ? 
Becca KnightNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow30.3626.71 Silver 
Kayla KowalConway, NHFemale 18-20Blue27.1113.19 Platinum 
THOMAS KUGELConway, NHBlue34.5144.09 ? 
TREVOR KUPETZMale 21-29Blue32.1234.11 S* Gold 
Bobby LabbeRockport, MEMale 21-29Yellow33.1938.52 Bronze 
SCOTT LAINEColeman CrushersMale 35-39Yellow32.0233.64 Bronze 
ADAM LANZILOTTIHorsefeathersMale 30-34Yellow26.9212.35 Gold 
Mike LeblancLincoln, RIMale 40-44Yellow26.169.18 Platinum 
JEAN LEEKearsarge, NHFemale 50-54Blue36.9854.41 Silver 
John LeeIntervale, NHMale 65-69Yellow37.1354.97 Bronze 
Emily LeichNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Blue28.1917.70 Gold 
LEE LEPAGESkimobile MeistersMale 70-74Yellow38.9762.65 Bronze 
Bob LeslieNorth Conway, NHMale 70-74Blue31.6131.98 Gold 
Michael LinnaneBartlett, NHMale 60-64Blue32.3134.91 Silver 
MELISSA LINNEFranklin, MAFemale 21-29Blue34.5644.30 Bronze 
BILL LORDTgifMale 60-64Blue38.6361.29 Bronze 
STUART LORDTgifMale 60-64Blue33.1238.29 Silver 
MERLE LOWEConway, NHMale 65-69Blue38.4860.67 Bronze 
BEN LUKEEffingham, NHMale 30-34Blue32.4135.32 Bronze 
Jonathan MacDougallMale 35-39Yellow27.1813.44 Gold 
Bond MacGillivrayLovell, MEMale 45-49Yellow25.767.51 Platinum 
Terry MacGillivrayFryeburg, MEMale 50-54Yellow26.078.81 Platinum 
COREY MADDENYellow26.6211.10 ? 
AMY MAHONEYMadison, NHFemale 45-49Yellow28.8720.49 Platinum 
ANDREW MAHONEYYellow27.5114.82 ? 
BRUCE MAILMANFreedom, NHBlue27.6215.32 ? 
LAURIE MAILMANFreedom, NHYellow33.8441.24 ? 
Milk-it MalkinCranmore JagermeistersMale 35-39Yellow26.9612.52 Gold 
CHRISTINA MALLETTMountain MamasFemale 21-29Blue36.3951.94 Bronze 
Suzie McCarthyNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Yellow35.6748.87 Silver 
SEAMMUS MCGRATHLeprechaunsMale 35-39Blue31.8332.90 Bronze 
BRIAN MCHUGHTgif, NHMale 55-59Yellow48.14100.92 - 
Chris McKayEast Wakefield, NHMale 30-34Yellow29.6023.54 Silver 
Carrie McLaneJackson, NHFemale 30-34Blue29.1921.88 Gold 
Ryan McMullenNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Blue33.7941.09 Bronze 
ZACK MCNEVICHFly By'sMale 40-44Yellow40.7269.95 S* - 
AMBER MCPHERSONYellow27.4314.48 ? 
CHRISTOPHER MEIERFace PlantsMale 40-44Blue34.4443.80 T* Silver 
Neal MelansonRowley, MAMale 55-59Yellow28.8220.28 Gold 
KIM MERRILLDenmark, MEFemale 40-44Yellow37.1354.97 Bronze 
Jane MetzelChocorua, NHFemale 55-59Blue38.3360.04 Bronze 
JOEY MILLERLeprechaunsMale 30-34Yellow26.5010.60 Gold 
PAUL MILLERMale 85-89Yellow34.3143.20 Gold 
SADIE MILLERHorsefeathersYellow33.4039.40 ? 
Timothy MinerCenter Sandwich, NHMale 60-64Blue30.5527.56 Gold 
COZY MITCHELLIntervale, NHYellow28.8520.41 ? 
MEGHAN MOODYNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Blue29.4122.80 Silver 
Patrick MoodyLovell, MEMale 21-29Yellow28.3418.28 Silver 
Peter MooreNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Blue29.9425.01 Silver 
THOMAS MOOREYellow34.6044.41 ? 
Henry MosconeMadison, NHMale 60-64Yellow42.2376.25 - 
RANDY MOSSONHorsefeathersMale 65-69Yellow44.1884.39 - 
Chris MulliganConway, NHMale 30-34Blue46.2793.19 S* - 
BRENDAN MURPHYSilver Lake, NHMale 21-29Blue27.3914.36 Gold 
Shawn NadeauMale 30-34Blue36.1250.81 S* Bronze 
Meghan NelsonNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29Yellow39.6665.53 - 
Stephen NichiporBartlett, NHMale 45-49Yellow28.5819.28 Gold 
Siegfried NoackCenter Conway, NHMale 65-69Blue39.3864.43 - 
Ashley NydeggerCenter Sandwich, NHMale 45-49Blue39.9366.72 - 
Tom O'DonnellNaples, MEMale 55-59Blue33.7640.96 Silver 
AMY OSETEKOver & UndersFemale 30-34Yellow32.5735.93 Silver 
CHRIS PACHECOMountain MamasFemale 55-59Blue53.52123.47 - 
John ParadisRochester, NHMale 60-64Yellow29.4022.70 Gold 
DAVE PAULGERTrail Map ExpressBlue37.1154.95 S* ? 
DONNA PERRYYellow36.3751.79 ? 
WALLACE PIMENTALBlue42.4877.37 ? 
Raymond PorterNorth Conway, NHMale 60-64Blue43.1680.21 - 
Tod PowersConway, NHMale 65-69Blue36.2851.48 Bronze 
SEPTEMBER QUINTFemale 70-74Yellow40.5569.24 Bronze 
Nate RamsbottomJackson, NHMale 21-29Yellow32.2534.60 Bronze 
CORINNE RayGLEN, NHFemale 50-54Blue39.5164.97 Bronze 
MARK RayGLEN, NHMale 55-59Blue35.5348.35 Bronze 
TYLER RAYProvidence, RIMale 35-39Yellow30.0725.50 Silver 
BOB REICHENorth Conway, NHBlue34.8445.47 ? 
SETH REIDYMale 35-39Blue37.0254.57 S* Bronze 
Julie RiversIntervale, NHFemale 50-54Yellow29.9024.79 Platinum 
Paul RobertIntervale, NHMale 45-49Yellow34.3243.24 T* Silver 
JAMES ROBERTSONYellow50.99112.81 S* ? 
EDWARD ROGERSONSilver Lake, NHMale 65-69Blue36.4752.28 Bronze 
Jason RossGorham, NHMale 35-39Yellow35.5148.21 - 
Tarmey RossGlen, NHFemale 30-34Blue29.6323.72 Gold 
NICK ROYERNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Blue30.0825.59 Silver 
Steve RoyerNorth Conway, NHBlue31.9133.24 ? 
Anthony RuddyJackson, NHMale 50-54Blue31.5931.90 Silver 
Jim SavoieIntervale, NHMale 60-64Yellow29.8424.54 Gold 
O. JONATHAN SAXBYConway, NHMale 55-59Blue29.9725.14 Silver 
David SayersTAMWORTH, NHMale 35-39Blue30.9729.31 Silver 
TOM SCANLANMale 65-69Yellow50.38110.27 - 
Paul SchueppJackson, NHMale 65-69Blue41.3072.44 - 
SAMANTHA SHANNONYellow30.7128.17 ? 
Tim SimoneauNorth Conway, NHMale 40-44Yellow25.165.01 Platinum 
JOHN SMALLCOMBYellow36.3551.71 ? 
Laurel SmithJackson, NHFemale 55-59Yellow40.2968.16 Bronze 
WILLIAM SMITHLeprechaunsMale 30-34Blue31.2330.40 Bronze 
Kate SouleTrail Map ExpressFemale 40-44Yellow31.1429.97 Gold 
Stephen SpearMadison, NHMale 50-54Blue33.7340.84 Bronze 
WENDEY ST. ONGEFemale 35-39Yellow39.0562.98 Bronze 
Ryan St.OngeNitrous OxideMale 35-39Yellow44.0883.97 S* - 
Jake StabileMoultonborough, NHMale 40-44Blue38.8862.34 - 
Sue StagnoneNorth Conway, NHFemale 55-59Blue37.0654.74 Silver 
Matt StearnsCenter Conway, NHMale 30-34Yellow40.0066.94 S* Bronze 
PETER STEBBINSBlue36.3851.90 ? 
Sandra SteeleEaton, NHFemale 65-69Blue41.8874.86 Bronze 
Lee StockmanTuftonboro, NHMale 30-34Blue43.5381.75 S* - 
NED SULLIVANNorth Conway, NHMale 50-54Blue26.5510.86 Platinum 
ERIN SWEENEYCtr Conway, NHYellow32.1434.14 ? 
JIM TAFUTOGlen, NHYellow34.1842.65 ? 
BOB TAGLIAFERRIConway, NHYellow29.8424.54 ? 
Ace TarberryNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29Blue24.673.01 Platinum 
TREVOR TASKERYellow25.717.30 ? 
Debra TemmFemale 50-54Yellow48.23101.29 - 
ROBERT TILNEYJackson, NHYellow34.0141.94 ? 
LIZA TOWNSENDFlatbreadFemale 21-29Blue47.0496.41 S* - 
Peter TracyMale 60-64Yellow32.3535.02 Silver 
PHYLLIS TRACYHalf Fast RacersFemale 60-64Yellow35.6648.83 Silver 
Tracey Trischett Lovell, MEFemale 45-49Blue39.1363.38 Bronze 
CHESTER TRUNDYMale 30-34Blue32.9637.62 Bronze 
Kina Twigg-smithKnuckle-draggersMale 45-49Blue33.6640.54 S* Silver 
JOHN VALKBlue39.5565.14 ? 
BILL VOLKConway Seat CoverMale 70-74Blue37.1254.99 Bronze 
SHAWN WATERSCranmore JagermeistersMale 30-34Blue42.9879.46 S* - 
JIM WEBERBlue28.9420.84 ? 
STEVEN WEHRLINitrous Oxide, NHMale 65-69Yellow35.1346.62 Silver 
Ashlee WeyandtConway, NHFemale 30-34Blue38.8462.17 Bronze 
JOHN WHITTIER550 ClubiansMale 35-39Blue44.1584.34 - 
SANDRA WOLNERFemale 65-69Yellow38.5861.02 Silver 
Stephen WolnerNorth Conway, NHMale 65-69Yellow34.1042.32 Silver 
Colin WroblewskiGlen, NHMale 35-39Yellow26.7511.64 Gold 
Judith YearyChocorua, NHFemale 65-69Yellow44.7286.64 - 
CHARLES ZACCARIAUse 2 BeesMale 70-74Yellow38.2059.43 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)