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Mount Sunapee

Mar 19th, 2017
Family Fun Day race and Nastar
Tad overcast, but great skiing weather
Celebrate the 2016-17 race season

Par Time

Jill Firstbrook
Jill Firstbrook
Results for Mar 19th, 2017 - Family Fun Day race and Nastar

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Kate AyersSunapee, NHFemale 12-13Yellow24.6319.33 Platinum 
Abigail BakerBrookline, MAFemale 8-9Blue29.1338.58 Platinum 
Charlotte BakerBrookline, MAFemale 6-7Yellow34.3366.33 Gold 
Chip BakerBrookline, MAMale 30-34Yellow28.0035.66 Bronze 
Jen BakerBrookline, MAFemale 14-15Blue48.76131.97 - 
Hannah BalchSunapee, NHFemale 10-11Blue27.8032.25 Gold 
Pat BalchSUNAPEE, NHMale 45-49Blue23.8913.65 Platinum 
Drew BarnesNewton Highlands, MAMale 1-5YellowDNF-  
Jack BarnesNewton, MAMale 6-7Blue34.1862.61 Silver 
Lee BarnesNewton Highlands, MAMale 35-39Yellow32.0655.33 - 
Merrill BarnesNewton Highlands, MAFemale 35-39Yellow41.94103.20 S* - 
Stephen BarnesNewton, MAMale 1-5Blue33.9161.32 Gold 
Rebecca BatchelderMarblehead, MAFemale 40-44Blue43.15105.28 - 
Chase BeckmanMarblehead, MAMale 1-5Blue37.2777.31 Gold 
Libby BeckmanMarblehead, MAFemale 6-7Yellow33.3261.43 Gold 
Scott BeckmanMarblehead, MAMale 45-49Yellow24.7619.96 Gold 
Avery BemisNew London, NHFemale 8-9Blue31.7951.24 Gold 
Brooke BemisNew London, NHFemale 8-9Blue29.9542.48 Gold 
Grace BemisNew London, NHMale 12-13Blue27.8832.64 Gold 
Matthew BemisNew London, NHMale 50-54Blue22.918.99 Platinum 
Carl BergNewbury, NHMale 45-49Blue27.5030.83 Silver 
Samantha BergNewbury, NHFemale 8-9Yellow30.7949.18 Gold 
Josh BrownHenniker, NHMale 60-64Yellow24.2317.39 Platinum 
Alexander BulgerManchester, CTMale 8-9Yellow26.3227.52 Platinum 
Grady BurchNew London, NHMale 6-7Yellow29.9445.06 Platinum 
Megan BurchNew London, NHFemale 35-39Blue23.8113.27 Platinum 
David CarlstromNewbury, NHMale 45-49Yellow28.9840.41 Bronze 
Nolan CarlstromMale 8-9Blue28.5936.01 Gold 
Chase CarmodyBoxford, MAMale 14-15Blue25.6021.79 Gold 
Lulu CARNEYNorth Sutton, NHFemale 6-7Blue31.7951.24 Gold 
Justin ColbyHollis, NHMale 12-13Blue22.697.94 Platinum 
Ryan CooperNewbury, MAMale 16-17Blue23.8613.51 Gold 
Stacey CrawfordNewbury, NHFemale 45-49Yellow25.9225.58 Gold 
Grandpa DaigleNewbury, NHMale 70-74Blue39.3787.30 - 
Keri DoganNewtonville, MAFemale 40-44Yellow24.4818.60 Platinum 
Addison DrummondSouth Sutton, NHFemale 6-7Blue1:07.52221.22 - 
Amy DrummondSouth Sutton, NHFemale 35-39Yellow25.1922.04 Gold 
Drew DrummondNew London, NHMale 35-39Blue22.788.37 Platinum 
William DrummondSouth Sutton, NHMale 1-5Yellow40.9798.50 Silver 
Brittan DuboseHingham, MAFemale 40-44Blue28.7036.54 Gold 
Henry DuboseHingham, MAMale 10-11Blue29.6140.87 Gold 
Isabel DuBoseHingham, MAFemale 8-9Yellow29.6743.75 Gold 
Frank EmeryRaymond, MEMale 70-74Blue24.9618.74 Platinum 
Lauren FeldmanBrookline, MAFemale 40-44Blue32.0952.66 Bronze 
Orli FeldmanFemale 8-9Blue26.2825.02 Platinum 
Paul FeldmanBrookline, MAMale 40-44Blue24.4616.37 Gold 
Zev FeldmanMale 8-9Blue26.4625.88 Platinum 
Jill FirstbrookNewbury, NHFemale 55-59Blue24.0214.27 Platinum 
Ellie FrederickSunapee, NHFemale 14-15Blue23.2110.42 Platinum 
Austin FreemanMale 8-9Blue32.2953.62 Silver 
Russ FreemanHenniker, NHMale 40-44Blue25.3120.41 Silver 
Makena GahrStratham, NHFemale 10-11Blue28.1433.87 Gold 
Grace GillMarblehead, MAFemale 6-7Blue34.8965.98 Gold 
Liz GillGray, MEFemale 55-59Yellow35.2370.69 Bronze 
Maddy GillFemale 10-11Blue28.1033.68 Gold 
Tyler GillMarblehead, MAMale 40-44Blue25.8022.74 Silver 
Madelyn GilroyHopkinton, NHFemale 21-29Yellow24.5018.70 Gold 
Lindsey GlassNewton Highlands, MAFemale 8-9Blue28.2334.30 Platinum 
Joe GlynnWalpole, MAMale 12-13Yellow23.5714.20 Platinum 
Caleb GoldsteinBedford, NHMale 8-9Yellow27.7034.21 Platinum 
Mackenzie GoldsteinBedford, NHFemale 8-9Blue28.7836.92 Platinum 
Madison GoldsteinBedford, NHFemale 12-13Blue23.7512.99 Platinum 
Benjamin GreenbergWest Newbury, MAMale 12-13Blue27.4230.45 Gold 
Emily GreenhowBelmont, MAFemale 12-13Blue27.7832.16 Gold 
Samantha GreenhowBelmont, MAFemale 10-11Blue28.6736.39 Gold 
Ella HamelNewton, MAFemale 8-9Blue31.3148.95 Gold 
Emma HarrellNewton, MAFemale 8-9Blue28.2334.30 Platinum 
Libby HarrellNewton, MAFemale 10-11Blue25.2320.03 Platinum 
Phil HarrellSunapee, NHMale 45-49Blue29.6240.91 Bronze 
Michelle HipwoodWeston, MAFemale 40-44Yellow33.6963.23 Bronze 
Zoey HipwoodWeston, MAFemale 8-9Blue32.3653.95 Gold 
Lisa HitchcockGrantham, NHFemale 45-49Yellow42.36105.23 - 
David HubelbankLitchfield, NHMale 30-34Yellow24.3217.83 Silver 
Kaeden HughlockSunapee, NHMale 14-15Blue26.9228.07 Silver 
Giacomo IAPICCAReading, MAMale 10-11Blue27.1529.16 Gold 
Marissa IAPICCAReading, MAFemale 12-13Blue27.5130.88 Gold 
Jack IcapinoNewbury, NHMale 55-59Yellow24.1416.96 Gold 
Jillian JohnsonHingham, MAFemale 10-11Blue27.8932.68 Gold 
Landon JonesNew London, NHMale 1-5Yellow42.91107.90 Silver 
Nash KeleherCharlestown, MAMale 6-7Yellow32.1255.62 Gold 
Arden KnappWayland, MAFemale 14-15Yellow23.7715.16 Platinum 
Charlie KnappWayland, MAMale 12-13Blue24.6517.27 Platinum 
Finley KnappWayland, MAFemale 10-11Blue24.4316.22 Platinum 
Liza KnappWayland, MAFemale 45-49Yellow24.9720.98 Platinum 
Wilson KnappWayland, MAMale 10-11Blue24.5616.84 Platinum 
Zachary KnappWayland, MAMale 16-17Yellow22.056.83 Platinum 
Izzy LecnetieNewton Highlands, MAFemale 14-15Blue23.9113.75 Platinum 
Max LefebvreWarner, NHMale 1-5Blue40.9494.77 Silver 
Charles LeonettiNewton, MAMale 16-17Yellow24.2117.30 Gold 
Chris LoveringHollis, NHMale 21-29Blue24.4816.46 Silver 
Ellie MadiganWarner, NHFemale 14-15Yellow25.2022.09 Gold 
Lynn MadiganWarner, NHFemale 45-49Blue35.3468.13 Bronze 
Troy MadiganWarner, NHMale 10-11Blue26.0323.83 Platinum 
Liam MarkoffNew London, NHMale 10-11Blue25.7522.50 Platinum 
Tyler MarsdenChichester, NHMale 10-11Blue28.4235.20 Gold 
Alli MarshallReading, MAFemale 50-54Blue32.6155.14 Silver 
Derek MarshallReading, MAMale 12-13Yellow25.7924.95 Gold 
Evan MarshallReading, MAMale 10-11Blue31.7951.24 Silver 
Jeff MarshallReading, MAMale 50-54Yellow27.8835.08 Silver 
Andy MartinWeston, MAMale 40-44Blue22.416.61 Platinum 
Felix MartinSunapee, NHMale 1-5Yellow30.2046.32 Platinum 
Nina MartinWeston, MAFemale 6-7Blue31.5249.95 Platinum 
Olivia MartinWeston, MAFemale 10-11Blue28.1834.06 Gold 
Pam MartinWeston, MAFemale 40-44Blue24.0814.56 Platinum 
Grant MayerDover, MAMale 10-11Blue24.8918.41 Platinum 
MIKEY MCGURKMEDFIELD, MAMale 1-5Yellow38.0784.45 Silver 
Edward MendhamLyndeborough, NHMale 55-59Yellow29.6443.60 Bronze 
Lise MendhamLyndeborough, NHFemale 55-59Blue40.5993.10 - 
Kurt MeyerroseAlstead, NHMale 55-59Yellow23.3413.08 Platinum 
Lynn MillerNORTH SUTTON, NHFemale 60-64Blue25.4921.27 Platinum 
Declan MorinFranklin, MAMale 6-7Yellow36.1074.90 Silver 
Hailey MorinFranklin, MAFemale 10-11Blue36.6474.31 Bronze 
Anika MuellerNew London, NHFemale 8-9Blue32.9156.57 Silver 
Ethan MuellerNew London, NHMale 35-39Blue25.4621.12 Silver 
Tobin MuellerLudlow, VTMale 6-7Blue29.0538.20 Platinum 
Bode MuranoNew London, NHMale 8-9Blue26.9828.35 Platinum 
Jen NurmeNew London, NHFemale 50-54Blue34.5464.32 Bronze 
Remy PellerinNew London, NHMale 8-9Blue30.8446.72 Gold 
Abby PerkinsFemale 8-9Yellow32.1355.67 Silver 
Adeline PfeifleBow, NHFemale 10-11Blue27.7031.78 Gold 
Bret PfeifleBow, NHMale 40-44Blue24.3615.89 Gold 
Teddy PfeifleBow, NHMale 12-13Yellow27.1731.64 Gold 
Colin PremoClaremont, NHMale 40-44Blue26.8127.55 Silver 
Connor PremoClaremont, NHMale 8-9Yellow28.2837.02 Gold 
Kyle PremoClaremont, NHMale 6-7Blue30.1043.20 Platinum 
Michelle PremoClaremont, NHFemale 30-34Blue26.5526.31 Gold 
Abby PurvianceWest Hartford, CTFemale 6-7Yellow32.0055.04 Gold 
Andrew PurvianceWest Hartford, CTMale 8-9Blue28.7836.92 Gold 
Annika ReganNew London, NHFemale 40-44Blue26.0724.02 Gold 
Annika ReganNew London, NHFemale 10-11Blue25.2920.31 Platinum 
Carson ReganNewbury, NHMale 6-7Blue27.8832.64 Platinum 
Kristina ReganNew London, NHFemale 40-44Yellow22.609.50 Platinum 
Matt ReganNew London, NHMale 40-44Blue21.994.61 Platinum 
Mateo RiveroCarlisle, MAMale 10-11Blue35.9070.79 Bronze 
Adelaide RobisonMarblehead, MAFemale 12-13Blue28.1233.78 Gold 
Morgan RomeWeston, MAFemale 12-13Blue25.2320.03 Platinum 
Olivia RomeWeston, MAFemale 10-11Blue24.6817.41 Platinum 
Aimee ShermanNewbury, NHFemale 40-44Blue35.9270.88 - 
John ShermanMoon Twp, PAMale 40-44Blue27.8732.59 Silver 
Maryn ShermanNewbury, NHFemale 6-7Yellow29.3742.30 Platinum 
Natalie ShermanNewbury, NHFemale 6-7Blue34.1562.46 Gold 
Cole SnyderWayland, MAMale 10-11Blue24.8218.08 Platinum 
Kristen SnyderWayland, MAFemale 45-49Blue27.9733.06 Gold 
Matt SnyderWayland, MAMale 45-49Blue31.4449.57 Bronze 
Stella SnyderWayland, MAFemale 8-9Blue29.3039.39 Platinum 
Ayden SoderblomMale 8-9Blue27.1229.02 Platinum 
Jason SoderblomMale 35-39Yellow26.6429.07 Silver 
Besnik SokoliBrooklyn, NYMale 35-39Blue22.145.33 Platinum 
Maya SpeigalBradford, NHFemale 12-13Blue25.4621.12 Platinum 
Nadia SpeigalBradford, NHFemale 8-9Blue29.2639.20 Platinum 
Jake StilesNew London, NHMale 40-44Yellow24.4618.51 Gold 
Lily StilesNew London, NHFemale 1-5Blue37.2177.02 Gold 
Luke StilesMale 6-7Blue31.9451.95 Gold 
Skip TappenCarlisle, MAMale 50-54Blue25.3020.36 Gold 
Zola TierneyWellesley, MAFemale 1-5Yellow36.6277.42 Gold 
Claire TipsMarblehead, MAFemale 12-13Blue27.5330.97 Gold 
Joe TuohyGrantham, NHMale 50-54Blue23.5411.99 Platinum 
Thomas TuohyGrantham, NHMale 8-9Blue27.4530.59 Platinum 
Austin TurncliffAshland, MAMale 6-7Yellow34.2966.13 Silver 
Kayla TurnerWaterville, MEFemale 21-29Blue26.2524.88 Silver 
Hazel UmscheidWINCHESTER, MAFemale 8-9Yellow26.5928.83 Platinum 
Will UmscheidWinchester, MAMale 8-9Yellow24.5518.94 Platinum 
Brady VailWinchester, MAMale 45-49Blue32.5554.85 - 
Colby VailWinchester, MAMale 6-7Blue42.17100.62 Bronze 
Griffin VailWinchester, MAMale 8-9Blue26.2024.64 Platinum 
Robert VailWinchester, MAMale 50-54Blue26.6226.64 Silver 
Nadia VieiraChestnut Hill, MAFemale 6-7Blue43.04104.76 Bronze 
Brie VonberenBradford, NHFemale 14-15Yellow23.4313.52 Platinum 
Emily WagamanBradford, NHFemale 35-39Blue23.2410.56 Platinum 
Emma Joy WagamanBradford, NHFemale 6-7Blue30.3744.48 Platinum 
Rayanna WagamanBradford, NHFemale 8-9Yellow27.5533.48 Platinum 
Sarah WagamanBradford, NHFemale 10-11Blue26.9027.97 Platinum 
Samuel WaryasGrantham, NHMale 8-9Yellow27.9935.61 Gold 
Sophia WaryasGrantham, NHFemale 8-9Yellow31.3051.65 Gold 
Brian WheelanWellesley, MAMale 40-44Yellow31.4152.18 - 
Grace WheelanWellesley, MAFemale 10-11BlueDNF-  
Grant WheelanWellesley, MAMale 6-7Blue50.72141.29 - 
Paige WheelanWellesley, MAFemale 8-9Yellow39.6692.15 Bronze 
Conrad WirchSomerville, MAMale 6-7Blue32.7655.85 Gold 
Eric WirchSomerville, MAMale 40-44Blue36.4773.50 - 
Henry WirchSomerville, MAMale 8-9Blue30.1443.39 Gold 
Eric WymanPortsmouth, NHMale 40-44Blue34.9666.32 - 
Grayson WymanPortsmouth, NHMale 6-7Blue29.3639.68 Platinum 
Meghan WymanPortsmouth, NHFemale 40-44Blue32.8056.04 Bronze 
Tobin WymanPortsmouth, NHMale 10-11Yellow28.0936.09 Gold 
Andy YoungBradford, NHFemale 45-49Blue22.647.71 Platinum 
Chloe YoungBradford, NHFemale 10-11Blue26.1924.60 Platinum 
Craig ZeltsarBoxford, MAMale 40-44Yellow31.5152.66 - 
Evan ZeltsarBoxford, MAMale 10-11Yellow26.6729.22 Gold 
Heidi ZeltsarBoxford, MAFemale 45-49Blue27.3630.16 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)