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Crystal Mountain Resort

Dec 19th, 2016
Regional Pacesetting Trials-Suits-Crystal Mountain
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Series: Regional Pacesetting Trials
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Teams of 3
Par Time

Daron Rahlves
Daron Rahlves
Results for Dec 19th, 2016 - Regional Pacesetting Trials-Suits-Crystal Mountain

(sorted by team results - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Team : Mt. Brighton     Team Score : 9.627     Rank: 1 out of 16
Brian LovejoyWhite Lake, MIMale 55-59Yellow25.238.38 9.76Y 
Eric HarcourtSaline, MIMale 45-49Blue24.597.01 9.70Y 
Kyle GriffinWhite Lake, MIMale 21-29Blue24.175.18 9.42Y 
Bobby EcclesNew Hudson, MIMale 30-34Blue25.048.96 9.12N 
Team : Timber Ridge     Team Score : 9.623     Rank: 2 out of 16
Linda KozackiKalamazoo, MIFemale 50-54Blue26.9917.45 9.68Y 
David BradleyGobles, MIMale 50-54Blue24.898.31 9.67Y 
David BollietKalamazoo, MIMale 40-44Blue24.767.75 9.52Y 
Hanna KozackiKalamazoo, MIFemale 18-20Blue25.8412.45 9.36N 
Sam ScheffelKalamazoo, MIMale 16-17Blue25.209.66 9.22N 
Team : Crystal Mt.     Team Score : 9.503     Rank: 3 out of 16
Kermit AndersonHolland, MIMale 55-59Blue24.707.48 9.85Y 
Chris FisherMaple City, MIMale 45-49Blue25.269.92 9.41Y 
Rory JohnsonVail, COMale 21-29Blue24.536.74 9.25Y 
Kayla SixTraverse City, MIFemale 21-29Blue26.5515.54 8.84N 
Team : Nubs Nob     Team Score : 9.503     Rank: 3 out of 16
Tom OlsenPetoskey, MIMale 65-69Blue26.1813.93 9.51Y 
Jac TalcottCross Village, MIMale 21-29Blue24.456.40 9.29Y 
Richard WagnerHarbor Springs, MIMale 75-79Blue28.4023.59 9.20N 
Sarah KattPetoskey, MIFemale 35-39Blue28.1522.50 8.46N 
Team : Pine Knob     Team Score : 9.467     Rank: 5 out of 16
Jason KanakryWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39Blue24.325.83 9.57Y 
Joel HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIMale 50-54Blue25.3410.27 9.47Y 
Keith NorlingClawson, MIMale 55-59Blue25.8212.36 9.36Y 
Jason GaineyLake Orion, MIMale 35-39Blue24.968.62 9.27N 
Tom LiningAuburn Hills, MIMale 50-54Blue26.6816.10 8.72N 
Team : Boyne Mountain     Team Score : 9.130     Rank: 6 out of 16
Gary KonszaLinden, MIMale 65-69Yellow26.1312.24 9.64Y 
Wolfgang RussoldBoyne City, MIMale 40-44Blue24.948.53 9.45Y 
Frederick HuntEllsworth, MIMale 55-59Yellow27.7419.16 8.30Y 
Kory SkopBoyne Falls, MIMale 18-20Blue25.9312.84 8.04N 
Bill PerlmutterRockford, MIMale 60-64Blue28.3823.50 8.00N 
Team : Mt. Holly     Team Score : 9.130     Rank: 6 out of 16
Philip NimmoFenton, MIMale 21-29Blue24.285.66 9.37Y 
John LambertFenton, MIMale 50-54Blue26.3214.53 9.05Y 
Seth ThompsonFenton, MIMale 18-20Blue25.079.09 8.97Y 
Team : Boyne Highlands     Team Score : 9.033     Rank: 8 out of 16
John MedicinePetoskey, MIMale 50-54Yellow25.298.63 9.64Y 
Steve KoskucHarbor Springs, MIMale 45-49Blue24.757.70 9.63Y 
Pauli CharpentierMaple City, MIMale 50-54Yellow27.8619.67 7.83Y 
Team : Bittersweet     Team Score : 8.913     Rank: 9 out of 16
Jeff GregoryPlainwell, MIMale 50-54Yellow26.3713.27 9.18Y 
Valerie MarshFemale 50-54Yellow28.9724.44 9.05Y 
Jon McCraryKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59Yellow27.5218.21 8.51Y 
Bud SnyderKalamazoo, MIMale 55-59Yellow28.6423.02 7.44N 
Team : Shanty Creek     Team Score : 8.210     Rank: 10 out of 16
Martin TichyMale 40-44Yellow26.4113.45 8.85Y 
Greg PriestapWaterford, MIMale 60-64Blue28.1122.32 8.21Y 
Rod DankoLakeland, MIMale 50-54Blue27.7420.71 7.57Y 
Team : Caberfae     Team Score : 6.593     Rank: 11 out of 16
Bobby MuganDublin, OHMale 45-49Blue24.074.74 9.92Y 
Team : Mad River Mountain     Team Score : 6.240     Rank: 12 out of 16
Greg CalhounGalena, OHMale 40-44Blue25.048.96 9.40Y 
Forrest GibsonColumbus, OHMale 45-49Blue25.4710.84 9.32Y 
Team : Alpine Valley     Team Score : 6.227     Rank: 13 out of 16
Adam SparksCommerce, MIMale 40-44Blue25.079.09 9.39Y 
Scott HooseHartland, MIMale 40-44Blue25.3010.10 9.29Y 
Team : The Homestead     Team Score : 6.057     Rank: 14 out of 16
Page GravesTraverse City, MIMale 45-49Blue25.159.44 9.46Y 
Steve TaylorLake Ann, MIMale 50-54Blue26.6916.14 8.71Y 
Team : Perfect North     Team Score : 5.917     Rank: 15 out of 16
Kyle KleinTrenton, OHMale 21-29Yellow24.635.80 9.36Y 
Rob QuatkemeyerWest Chester, OHMale 35-39Yellow26.3413.14 8.39Y 
Team : Ohio Valley Ski Council     Team Score : 3.183     Rank: 16 out of 16
John ChuprinkoCenterburg, OHMale 60-64Yellow26.0511.90 9.55Y