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Perfect North Slopes

Feb 11th, 2018
Perfect North Highschool Race of Champs
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Results for Feb 11th, 2018 - Perfect North Highschool Race of Champs

Non Alp M
CompetitorHometownQualifying GroupHandicap      ResultAdj. Time
Adam HeckmanS 16 to 17 Bronze50.99025.61(2)16.96(1)
Alpine F
CompetitorHometownQualifying GroupHandicap      ResultAdj. Time
Mary Grace RinehartCincinnati, OH12 to 13 Bronze54.02023.08(3)14.98(1)
Audrey Warren14 to 15 Silver43.32022.24(2)15.51(2)
Megan PetersLoveland, OH16 to 17 Platinum15.22017.90(1)15.53(3)
Maggie McCoolGreendale, IN10 to 11 Silver57.540    
Alpine M
CompetitorHometownQualifying GroupHandicap      ResultAdj. Time
John Lynn16 to 17 Bronze42.46020.90(11)14.67(1)
Christian Threm14 to 15 Silver27.51019.02(6)14.91(2)
Will RinehartCincinnati, OH16 to 17 Silver30.10019.52(8)15.00(3)
Rob QuatkemeyerWest Chester, OH35 to 39 Gold14.68017.30(1)15.08(4)
Bob CrownoverCincinnati, OH65 to 69 Bronze55.55023.61(13)15.17(5)
Matt McCoolGreendale, IN40 to 44 Bronze35.95020.70(10)15.22(6)
Jacob StrebelCincinnati, OH16 to 17 Gold15.75017.76(3)15.34(7)
Bob WiseCincinnati, OH16 to 17 Silver24.12019.06(7)15.35(8)
Lachlan BradyCincinnati, OH10 to 11 Platinum23.06018.95(5)15.39(9)
Alex Croci14 to 15 Silver40.33021.80(12)15.53(10)
Kyle PetersLoveland, OH14 to 15 Gold19.34018.57(4)15.56(11)
Ryan RayWest Chester, OH16 to 17 Gold11.96017.64(2)15.75(12)
Logan Kaas14 to 15 Silver30.17020.52(9)15.76(13)