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Hunter Mountain

Race Results
Mar 26th, 2022
Hunter Cup
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Series: Hunter Cup Race Series
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 2
Par Time

carl Boyhan
Results for Mar 26th, 2022 - Hunter Cup

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Brynn AnthonyBedford, NYFemale 12-13U14 SkiGreen29.2813.62 Platinum 
Cooper AnthonyBedford, NYMale 12-13U14 SkiGreen29.3513.89 Platinum 
Grace AnthonyBedford, NYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen37.7346.41 Silver 
Coel BaylesTannersville, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen31.5022.24 Platinum 
Luna BaylesFemale 8-9U10-CGreen43.6469.34 Silver 
Penelope BaylesFemale 10-11U10-CGreen32.6526.70 Platinum 
Dylan BennMighty Mights Female 6-7U10-CGreen35.8138.96 Platinum 
Sebastian BennHoboken, NJMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen29.2413.47 Platinum 
Eliana BentleyFemale 8-9U10-CGreen36.5941.99 Gold 
Hailey BentleyFemale 8-9U10-CGreen33.5130.03 Platinum 
Carl BoyhanMonroe, NYMale 60-6460-64Green26.593.18 Platinum 
Connor BroBrooklyn, NYMale 8-9U10-CGreen43.7769.85 Bronze 
Logan BroBrooklyn, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreenDNF-  
Luke DelegianisRockville Centre, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen32.1224.64 Platinum 
Kaia HalseyMontauk, NYFemale 6-7U10-CGreen39.3552.70 Gold 
Alyssa HughesFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen30.8919.87 Platinum 
Joslyn HughesCloster, NJFemale 12-13U14 SkiGreen31.0020.29 Platinum 
Toren HyerMale 8-9U10-CGreen35.8539.12 Gold 
Audrey KolevStamford, CTFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen34.8635.27 Gold 
Emma KrizekNew York, NYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen35.0135.86 Gold 
Filip KrizekMale 8-9U10-CGreen36.0739.97 Gold 
Sara KrolickiLarchmont, NYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen38.8050.56 Silver 
SEBASTIEN KROLICKILARCHMONT, NYMale 12-13U14 SkiGreen29.5814.78 Platinum 
Teagan MahoneyTannersville, NYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen34.2032.71 Gold 
Martin MihaylovScarsdale, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen31.2421.23 Platinum 
Bianka MihaylovaFemale 10-11U10-CGreen35.8639.15 Gold 
Hayley MuiFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen42.5265.00 Bronze 
Henry MuiGreat Neck, NYMale 50-5450-54GreenDNF-  
Bernard MuszynskiEast Jewett, NYMale 14-15U16 SkiGreen30.0716.69 Gold 
Carla MuszynskiEast Jewett, NYFemale 8-9U10-CGreen32.6426.66 Platinum 
Joseph NastasiJersey City, NJMale 14-15U16 SkiGreen29.1713.19 Platinum 
Nathan NastasiJersey City, NJMale 14-15U16 SkiGreen31.8423.55 Gold 
Willow NastasiHoboken, NJFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen30.5418.51 Platinum 
Maxim NehybkaMale 12-13U14 SkiGreen34.2933.06 Gold 
Simon NehybkaAstoria, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen30.8819.83 Platinum 
Christopher PolonyBrooklyn, NYMale 45-49Green32.0924.52 Silver 
Sebastian PolonyBrooklyn, NYMale 6-7U10-CGreen45.8577.92 Silver 
Zoli PolonyBROOKLYN, NYMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen38.8150.60 Silver 
 Jose RodriguezMale 60-6460-64Green28.269.66 Platinum 
Sonia RodriguezNYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen33.3229.30 Platinum 
Brett RosenMale 10-11U10-CGreen35.1536.40 Gold 
Eva RosenNew York, NYFemale 10-11U12 SkiGreen33.2428.99 Platinum 
 Karen SandersonHunter, NYFemale 70-7470-75Green38.4049.01 Gold 
Beckett SmithMale 10-11U12 SkiGreen35.6438.30 Gold 
Bryan SmithMale 45-4944-49Green29.7315.37 Gold 
Juniper SmithFemale 8-9U10-CGreen33.3829.53 Platinum 
 Besnik SokoliBrooklyn, NYMale 40-4440-44GreenDNF-  
Lea SokoliBrooklyn, NYFemale 8-9U12 SkiGreen36.4341.37 Gold 
 Leon Sokoli Brooklyn, NYMale 12-13U14 SkiGreen33.3629.45 Gold 
Lorik SokoliBrooklyn, NYMale 6-7U10-CGreen2:52.77570.43 - 
Jeffrey ViglielmoWoodstock, NYMale 60-6460-64GreenDNF-  
Chris WashburneNew York, NYMale 55-5955-59Green29.7615.48 Platinum 
Isa WashburneNew York, NYFemale 14-15U16 SkiGreen29.8815.95 Platinum 
Alexa WestFemale 8-9U10-CGreen37.7246.37 Gold 
David WestToms River, NJMale 30-3430-34Green35.8239.00 S* Silver 
Jack WestMale 6-7U12 S/BoardGreen53.45107.41 S* Bronze 
Bode James WhalenMighty Mights Male 6-7U10-CGreen45.4876.48 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)