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Mar 19th, 2022
Member Race 6
Partly Sunny

Series: YC Member Race Series 2021-2022
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 8 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Hank Kashiwa (coat)
Results for Mar 19th, 2022 - Member Race 6

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Aditya AgarwalBig Sky, MTMale 35-39IncrediblesOrange44.6160.76 - 
Olivia AlfondNew York, NYFemale 8-9Snow SnakesOrange43.1355.42 Silver 
Caden BartoszekBig Sky, MTMale 1-5IncrediblesOrange42.5753.41 Platinum 
Grace BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 8-9IncrediblesOrange38.6739.35 Platinum 
Lydia BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 35-39IncrediblesOrange41.8050.63 Bronze 
Natalia BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 10-11IncrediblesOrange37.0133.37 Gold 
Ray BartoszekBig Sky, MTMale 55-59IncrediblesOrange38.2637.87 Silver 
Harper CarrollBig Sky, MTFemale 8-9Snow SnakesOrange49.1277.01 Bronze 
Henry CarrollPortage, MIMale 12-13Snow SnakesOrange41.9551.17 Bronze 
Max ChanBig Sky, MTFemale 6-7Snow SnakesOrange52.5889.48 Bronze 
Priscilla ChanPalo Alto, CAFemale 35-39Snow SnakesOrange39.1040.90 Silver 
Charles ClarkGreenwich, CTMale 14-15IncrediblesOrange35.9029.37 Silver 
Christopher ClarkGreenwich, CTMale 50-54IncrediblesOrange47.8272.32 S* Bronze 
Sadie CohenSan Francisco, CAFemale 10-11Snow SnakesOrange51.0583.96 - 
Tad DavisBoston, MAMale 40-44Snow SnakesOrange30.8211.06 Platinum 
Doug DeYoungDana Point, CAMale 65-69Snow SnakesOrange41.1748.36 Bronze 
Michelle DonaldsonLivingston, MTFemale 50-54IncrediblesOrange40.2344.97 Silver 
Stellan DyllaNew Castle, NHMale 6-7IncrediblesOrange45.2463.03 Silver 
Haley FinneganBoston, MAFemale 35-39Snow SnakesOrange38.2237.73 Silver 
Rick FriedHonolulu, HIMale 80-84Snow SnakesOrange47.1669.95 Bronze 
Monica HealeyBeverly, MAFemale 55-59No BrakesOrange32.7017.84 Platinum 
Tom HealeyMale 50-54No BrakesOrange30.399.51 Platinum 
John HegemanMale 35-39No BrakesOrange33.9322.27 Silver 
James HessionBozeman, MTMale 30-34Snow SnakesOrange36.0930.05 Bronze 
Ford HilalNew York City, NYMale 6-7IncrediblesOrange47.8872.54 Silver 
Matt LaCasseBig Sky, MTMale 35-39Snow SnakesOrange32.6017.48 Gold 
Jessica LessinSan Francisco, CAFemale 35-39Snow SnakesOrange42.1551.89 Bronze 
Herb LeuprechtBig Sky, MTMale 75-79IncrediblesOrange37.5835.42 Gold 
Susan LiPalo Alto, CAFemale 35-39No BrakesOrange45.1562.70 Bronze 
Eleanor Li-HegemanPalo Alto, CAFemale 6-7IncrediblesOrange51.6586.13 Silver 
Will LunderWeston, MAMale 16-17No BrakesOrange38.7739.71 Bronze 
Scott MaybeeBig Sky, MTMale 50-54IncrediblesOrange36.5931.86 Silver 
Melissa Mckeithen Big Sky, MTFemale 60-64IncrediblesOrange41.2848.76 Silver 
Onesie McOnesieBig Sky, MTMale 35-39Snow SnakesOrange36.1530.27 Silver 
Whitney PeytonBig Sky, MTMale 65-69IncrediblesOrange42.0751.60 Bronze 
Jennifer RooneyChippewa Falls, WIFemale 45-49No BrakesOrange40.4645.80 Silver 
Jim RooneyChippewa Falls, WIMale 55-59No BrakesOrange34.5024.32 Gold 
Ruchi SanghviBig Sky, MTFemale 35-39IncrediblesOrange46.7468.43 - 
Aly SmallBoston, MAFemale 6-7No BrakesOrange45.7864.97 Gold 
Zeke SmallBoston, MAMale 8-9No BrakesOrange38.9140.22 Gold 
Jim SpielmanMale 65-69IncrediblesOrange30.9311.46 Platinum 
Owen StruveBig Sky, MTMale 30-34Snow SnakesOrange30.6710.52 Gold 
Diane SystromOrleans, MAFemale 60-64Snow SnakesOrange36.6432.04 Gold 
Douglas SystromOrleans, MAMale 60-64Snow SnakesOrange36.5631.75 Silver 
 Isabelle TaylorBig Sky, MTFemale 8-9IncrediblesOrange36.2730.70 Platinum 
SASCHA TAYLORBig Sky, MTFemale 45-49IncrediblesOrange39.3941.95 Silver 
Curt VinsonBig Sky, MTMale 60-64Snow SnakesOrange31.5713.77 Platinum 
Juju VinsonBig Sky, MTFemale 65-69Snow SnakesOrange38.8540.00 Gold 
Emma WagnerNew York, NYFemale 14-15IncrediblesOrange38.1837.59 Silver 
Jack WagnerNew York, NYMale 14-15Snow SnakesOrange37.6435.64 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)