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Beech Mountain Resort

Race Results
Jan 20th, 2022
Beech Mtn Adult Race League Race 2
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Series: Beech Mtn Resort Adult Race League 2022
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4
Par Time

William Mauney
William Mauney
Results for Jan 20th, 2022 - Beech Mtn Adult Race League Race 2

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Ryland BagbeyBanner Elk, NCMale 18-20LMC Snowboard 2Male SnowboardGreen27.2355.42 S* Bronze 
Anna BanksBoone, NCFemale 21-29Girls Go ShredFemale SnowboardGreen34.5997.43 S* - 
Nino BarnesBanner Elk, NCMale 18-20LMC Alpine Alpine SkiMale SkiGreen20.3015.87 Gold 
Lili BauerBanner Elk, NCFemale 18-20LMC Snowboard 3Female SnowboardGreen30.0171.29 S* Bronze 
Jackson BradfordJohnson City, TNMale 18-20Beech-ya Next TimeMale SnowboardGreen30.3773.34 S* - 
Alex BroussardBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29LMC Snowboard 2Male SnowboardGreen25.3244.52 S* Silver 
Sam BrownBanner Elk, NCMale 30-34EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen25.2544.12 S* Silver 
Seth Carter Butler, TNMale 21-29Beech-ya Next TimeMale SnowboardGreen27.1054.68 S* Bronze 
Adam ColeBoone, NCMale 35-39THE ZOO KREWMale SnowboardGreen26.2049.54 S* Silver 
Dee DesmaraisBeech Mountain NC, NCMale 35-39MISFITSMale SnowboardGreen28.5663.01 S* Bronze 
Maria DoeringBanner Elk, NCFemale 21-29LMC Alpine Alpine SkiFemale SkiGreen20.9219.41 Gold 
Alex ettingerBanner Elk, NCMale 35-39THE ZOO KREWMale SnowboardGreen25.8947.77 S* Silver 
Aiden GarnerElk Park, NCMale 18-20LMC Snowboard 2Male SnowboardGreen27.1655.02 S* Bronze 
Matthew Herdklotz Banner Elk, NCMale 50-54StokekeepersMale SnowboardGreen24.5139.90 S* Gold 
Chandler HilleyBanner Elk, NCMale 30-34MISFITSMale SnowboardGreen27.6958.05 S* Bronze 
Garry HuffBeech Mountain, NCMale 40-44MISFITSMale SnowboardGreen30.3072.95 S* Bronze 
Corey JacksonBasye, VAMale 18-20LMC Alpine Alpine SkiMale SkiGreen20.2315.47 Gold 
Richard JamesMebane, NCMale 21-29LMC Snowboard 3Male SnowboardGreen27.9759.65 S* Bronze 
Jeff JohnsonBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen24.2738.53 S* Gold 
Lilly Kamp939 Brightwood Trail North, NCFemale 18-20LMC Snowboard 3Female SnowboardGreen29.2466.89 S* Bronze 
Ty KirssinBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29LMC Snowboard 2Male SnowboardGreen26.8253.08 S* Bronze 
Tajhvan LittlejohnBeech Mountain, NCMale 21-29THE ZOO KREWMale SnowboardGreen30.6274.77 S* - 
Aaron MaasBeech Mountain, NCMale 40-44THE ZOO KREWMale SnowboardGreen25.0442.92 S* Gold 
Chance MarklandMale 40-44LMC Snowboard 2Male SnowboardGreen36.33107.36 S* - 
Andy McDanielBanner Elk, NCMale 50-54StokekeepersMale SnowboardGreen24.3038.70 S* Gold 
Kelly MelangBeech Mountain, NCFemale 55-59Season Flask HoldersFemale SkiGreen33.7692.69 - 
Eric MellerSignal Mountain, TNMale 21-29Beech-ya Next TimeMale SnowboardGreen25.5846.00 S* Silver 
Tommy MillerBlowing Rock, NCMale 45-49Root DownMale SkiGreen23.4733.96 Silver 
Shawn MitchellNewland, NCMale 21-29EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen23.4333.73 S* Gold 
Renner MurphyBoone, NCFemale 21-29Girls Go ShredFemale SnowboardGreen30.1071.80 S* Bronze 
Patrick O'NealBeech Mountain, NCMale 21-29Season Flask HoldersMale SkiGreen21.9525.29 Silver 
Tim OllisBanner Elk, NCMale 30-34EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen22.8830.59 S* Gold 
Sean PepinBanner Elk, NCMale 45-49StokekeepersMale SnowboardGreen24.2038.13 S* Gold 
Carlee PierceBoone, NCFemale 21-29Girls Go ShredFemale SnowboardGreen35.69103.71 S* - 
James RobinsonShelby, NCMale 60-64Season Flask HoldersMale SkiGreen25.2143.89 Silver 
Tucker RosenbuschReese, MIMale 30-34Season Flask HoldersMale SkiGreen21.0320.03 Silver 
Abraham scholtenBanner Elk, NCMale 21-29Beech-ya Next TimeMale SnowboardGreen27.0554.39 S* Bronze 
Adam SheffieldBanner Elk, NCMale 40-44EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen27.6857.99 S* Silver 
Kenneth StanfordBeech Mountain, NCMale 21-29THE ZOO KREWMale SnowboardGreen24.5039.84 S* Silver 
Sarah StreettNew Market, VAFemale 18-20LMC Snowboard 3Female SnowboardGreen34.9499.43 S* - 
Scott thomasBanner Elk, NCMale 45-49StokekeepersMale SnowboardGreen25.9748.23 S* Silver 
Alex TrifunovicMale 40-44LMC Alpine Alpine SkiMale SkiGreen24.8141.61 Bronze 
Thalia VillarosaElk Park, NCFemale 21-29Girls Go ShredFemale SnowboardGreen32.0082.65 S* - 
Bryan WebbSugar Mtn, NCMale 45-49Root DownMale SkiGreen23.5334.30 Silver 
Wyatt WelchBishopville, SCMale 18-20LMC Snowboard 3Male SnowboardGreen29.9070.66 S* - 
Matthew WimberleyBeech Mountain, NCMale 30-34EDGE of the WORLDMale SnowboardGreen26.4951.20 S* Silver 
Sally WimberleyBeech Mtn, NCFemale 30-34Girls Go ShredFemale SnowboardGreen30.7775.63 S* Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)