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Mar 14th, 2021
Member Race
Family Tree

Series: YC Member Race Series 2020-2021
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 8 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Mar 14th, 2021 - Member Race

(sorted by team results - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Monica HealeyBeverly, MAFemale 50-54IncrediblesU60 FOrange31.5617.15 9.71Y 
Tahg HealeyBeverly Farms, MAMale 16-17IncrediblesU18 MOrange28.997.61 9.56Y 
Tom HealeyMale 50-54IncrediblesU60 MOrange30.3112.51 9.25Y 
Jim SpielmanMale 60-64IncrediblesU70 MOrange31.3316.30 9.16Y 
Herb LeuprechtBig Sky, MTMale 70-74IncrediblesU80 MOrange34.2927.28 8.45Y 
 Oliver LaFetraMale 1-5IncrediblesU06 MOrange44.7266.00 8.28Y 
Grace BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 8-9IncrediblesU10 FOrange39.1545.32 8.24Y 
Rieschel Yucca Big Sky, MTFemale 55-59IncrediblesU60 FOrange37.8140.35 7.10Y 
Elliot ChaiAtherton, CAMale 10-11IncrediblesU12 MOrange38.2041.80 7.03N 
John HegemanMale 35-39IncrediblesU40 MOrange31.9118.45 6.90N 
Scott MaybeeBig Sky, MTMale 45-49IncrediblesU50 MOrange34.7428.95 5.21N 
Jim DavidsonHillsboroug, CAMale 60-64IncrediblesU70 MOrange39.8748.00 3.62N 
Lion LessinSan Fransisco, CAMale 1-5IncrediblesU06 MOrange1:14.01174.72 1.54N 
Eleanor Li-HegemanPalo Alto, CAFemale 6-7IncrediblesU06 FOrange1:06.47146.73 1.00N 
Curt VinsonBig Sky, MTMale 60-64Snow SnakesU70 MOrange30.2412.25 9.52Y 
 Isabelle TaylorBig Sky, MTFemale 6-7Snow SnakesU08 FOrange37.3938.79 9.47Y 
Bradley ByrneMarblehead, MAMale 16-17Snow SnakesU18 MOrange29.469.35 9.28Y 
Owen BartoszekMale 10-11Snow SnakesU12 MOrange34.1226.65 9.03Y 
Diane SystromOrleans, MAFemale 60-64Snow SnakesU70 FOrange35.3931.37 8.93Y 
Samuel LessinEnglewood, NJMale 35-39Snow SnakesU40 MOrange30.5913.55 8.27Y 
Keith McGovernFargo, NDMale 55-59Snow SnakesU60 MOrange32.4820.56 7.99Y 
Solomon MaybeeBig Sky, MTMale 12-13Snow SnakesU14 MOrange35.8833.18 7.26Y 
Fayez MuhtadieRiverside, CTMale 40-44Snow SnakesU50 MOrange32.6521.20 6.56N 
Whitney PeytonBig Sky, MTMale 65-69Snow SnakesU70 MOrange38.2942.13 5.10N 
Marin Gokgol-KlineDarien, CTMale 10-11Snow SnakesU12 MOrange44.5265.26 2.79N 
Chase TalpinsMamaroneck, NYMale 10-11Snow SnakesU12 MOrange44.6165.59 2.73N 
Max ChanBig Sky, MTFemale 1-5Snow SnakesU06 MOrange1:13.61173.24 1.95N 
Heather NodelmanSan Francisco, CAFemale 40-44Snow SnakesU50 FOrange59.79121.94 1.00N 
Oleg NodelmanSan Francisco, CAMale 40-44Snow SnakesU50 MOrange41.9955.86 1.00N 
Harry BrakeleyBoca Grande, FLMale 60-64No BrakesU70 MOrange29.9010.99 9.64Y 
Harlowe HealeyBeverly Farms, MAFemale 14-15No BrakesU16 FOrange31.5116.96 9.13Y 
Juju VinsonBig Sky, MTFemale 65-69No BrakesU70 FOrange36.2734.63 9.10Y 
Natalia BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 10-11No BrakesU12 FOrange37.2738.34 7.95Y 
Benjamin ChaiAtherton, CAMale 8-9No BrakesU10 MOrange41.2052.93 6.63Y 
Douglas SystromOrleans, MAMale 60-64No BrakesU70 MOrange36.0633.85 6.14Y 
Laura ByrneMarblehead, MAFemale 50-54No BrakesU60 FOrange38.9544.58 6.14Y 
Caden BartoszekBig Sky, MTMale 1-5No BrakesU06 MOrange53.8299.78 5.61Y 
Priscilla ChanPalo Alto, CAFemale 35-39No BrakesU40 FOrange37.7340.05 5.58N 
SASCHA TAYLORBig Sky, MTFemale 45-49No BrakesU50 FOrange39.4846.55 5.40N 
Addy MaloneyGrand Haven, MIFemale 10-11No BrakesU12 FOrange42.0456.05 5.16N 
Onesie McOnesieBig Sky, MTMale 35-39No BrakesU40 MOrange34.2827.25 5.02N 
James ByrneMarblehead, MAMale 50-54No BrakesU60 MOrange35.9233.33 4.93N 
Lydia BartoszekBig Sky, MTFemale 35-39No BrakesU40 FOrange39.7547.55 4.26N 
Liana TalpinsMamaroneck, NYFemale 14-15No BrakesU16 FOrange41.3253.38 2.77N 
Evren Gokgol-KlineDarien, CTMale 8-9No BrakesU10 MOrange49.1082.26 1.46N