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Mar 14th, 2021
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Results for Mar 14th, 2021 - Sunday NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Billy AdamsLowell, MAMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Orange32.3041.92 Silver 
Lucas AddivinolaCape Neddick, MEMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Green39.3873.02 Silver 
William Alcock Centerville, MAMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green33.2045.87 Silver 
Lena AsaliScarborough, MEno age specifiedOrange29.9731.68 ? 
Tim AveryGlen, NHMale 21-29Male age 21 to 29Orange30.5934.40 Bronze 
Nolan BaileyAlbany, NHno age specifiedGreen35.8157.34 ? 
Wilder BaileyNorwell, MAMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Green42.1685.24 - 
Bodey Bernierno age specifiedGreen37.3564.10 ? 
Sam BiddleMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green30.7835.24 Silver 
Baylee BrennickMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange35.3355.23 Silver 
Brodie BrennickMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Green37.9766.83 Silver 
Ava Canter-MikolaycikMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green33.4446.92 Silver 
Jason CiceroMale 45-49Male age 45 to 49Green29.5229.70 Silver 
Mason CoffeyNorth Conway, NHMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Orange33.9649.21 Silver 
Ashton ColemanAlbany, NHFemale 18-20Female age 18 to 20Green26.8017.75 Gold 
Parker ColemanAlbany, NHMale 18-20Orange29.0627.68 Silver 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 75-79Green26.7317.44 Platinum 
Colton CurryMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green40.3277.15 - 
Charlie Danielsno age specifiedGreen32.3642.18 ? 
William DanielsCranmore, ME Male 8-9no age specifiedGreen33.1345.56 Gold 
Hale DodierMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Orange30.7635.15 Silver 
 Sean DoucetteJackson, NHMale 50-54Male age 50 to 54Green25.8013.36 Platinum 
Sawyer DuvalNorth Conway, NHMale 8-9no age specifiedGreen34.6552.24 Silver 
Charlotte EngFemale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Orange43.3290.33 Bronze 
Markus FaustMarblehead, MAMale 8-9no age specifiedGreen33.4246.84 Gold 
Max FaustMarblehead, MAMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Green32.5342.93 Silver 
Embry Gladstoneno age specifiedGreen32.4242.44 ? 
Jackson GossWindham, NHMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange40.9780.01 Bronze 
Dana HamlinStoneham, MEMale 16-17Male age 16 to 17Green28.4825.13 Silver 
Phil Haynesno age specifiedGreen27.8522.36 ? 
Hannah HowlandNorth Conway, NHMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange43.2790.11 - 
Thomas IrvingEaton Center, NHMale 60-64Green25.4211.69 Platinum 
Oliver IvesMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Green36.0958.57 Silver 
Tony JohnsonGlen, NHMale 60-64Male age 60 to 64Orange28.1223.55 Gold 
Kevin KillourieJackson, NHMale 50-54Orange28.3524.56 Silver 
Lillian KillourieNorth Conway, NHMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green31.3637.79 Silver 
Katherine Koehlerno age specifiedGreen31.3337.65 ? 
Chloe Laineno age specifiedGreen35.7957.25 ? 
John Laineno age specifiedGreen34.7952.86 ? 
Jackson LewisMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Orange36.2559.27 Bronze 
Jasper MacDougallCenter Conway, NHMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange33.7048.07 Gold 
Frank MasciulliNorth Conway, NHMale 65-69Male age 65 to 69Green33.5447.36 Silver 
Sarina McCarthyCranmore, MAFemale 8-9no age specifiedOrange32.5442.97 Gold 
Cedar MorganYork, MEFemale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange36.6761.12 Silver 
Kayla MorinFemale 21-29Female age 21 to 29Orange27.6221.35 Gold 
Pj NestorSwampscott, MAMale 21-29Male age 21 to 29Green28.8226.63 Silver 
Tyrell NickersonNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Male age 35 to 39Green26.8417.93 Gold 
Lyla O'malleyRockport, MAMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Orange40.8779.57 Silver 
David E. OlsonFryeburg, MEMale 21-29Male age 21 to 29Green26.9718.50 Silver 
Jordan Palestrantno age specifiedOrange32.4842.71 ? 
Joseph PariseaultNarragansett, RIMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Green33.0044.99 Silver 
Julian PariseaultNarragansett, RIMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange35.3155.14 Silver 
Grace PerryEast Greenwich, RIMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Orange33.8548.73 Silver 
Peter PerryMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Green38.5969.55 Bronze 
Jaxon PhilbinMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Green37.2363.58 Silver 
Camille PlaucheMarblehead, MAMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Green40.5578.16 Silver 
Anna RobertsDuxbury, MAMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange36.8661.95 Silver 
Claire RobertsDuxbury, MAMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Orange32.2241.56 Silver 
Lucy RobertsDuxbury, MAMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Green31.9740.47 Gold 
Carter SalemCranmore, MAFemale 8-9no age specifiedOrange37.1263.09 Silver 
Charlie SalemCranmore, MAMale 8-9no age specifiedOrange32.1441.21 Gold 
Cate ScottRoslindale, MAMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Green38.5669.42 Bronze 
Elliana ShannonCranmore, NHFemale 8-9no age specifiedOrange34.8252.99 Gold 
Sean ShannonConway, NHMale 35-39Green26.6617.14 Gold 
Max ShawFranklin, MAMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Green34.3450.88 Gold 
Sophie SillerMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange40.0075.75 Bronze 
Grey Staffordno age specifiedOrange50.33121.13 ? 
Christian StalkampGreen31.8139.76 ? 
Hailey StalkampMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Orange32.5543.01 Silver 
Mackenzie StallkampPortsmouth, NHMale 10-11Male age 10 to 11Green37.8866.43 Bronze 
Jordyn Tenore-santosScituate, MAFemale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange36.2659.31 Silver 
Annabelle WainmanKennebunkport, MEMale 12-13Male age 12 to 13Green31.1136.69 Silver 
Kellan WalkerCenter Conway, NHMale 6-7Male age 6 to 7Green38.4568.94 Silver 
Cian WeathersDover, NHMale 8-9Male age 8 to 9Orange36.8962.08 Silver 
Rod WilsonFemale 65-69Green44.3995.04 -