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Mar 7th, 2021
Possum Run / Snow Trails Dual GS
Clear and Mild

Par Time

Haip Steve (coat) HAI456
Results for Mar 7th, 2021 - Possum Run / Snow Trails Dual GS

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Baron AnschutzLucas, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Green27.7852.55 Silver 
Brady AnschutzLucas, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green22.9526.03 Platinum 
Lily BakerFemale 6-7a) Girls 6 & underOrange1:00.74227.62 - 
Norah BakerFemale 1-5a) Girls 6 & underOrange31.2268.39 Gold 
Jacob BonteMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange25.0234.95 Platinum 
Isobel BooromMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange29.2757.87 Silver 
Ayden BreitingerBellville, OHMale 6-7d) Boys 7-9Orange32.1373.30 Silver 
OLIVIA BREITINGERBELLVILLE, OHFemale 1-5a) Girls 6 & underGreen42.20131.74 Bronze 
Hutch BurkhartBellville, OHMale 6-7b) Boys 6 & underOrange40.11116.34 - 
Arthur ClarkGranville, OHMale 6-7b) Boys 6 & underOrange30.5064.51 Silver 
Isabelle CulliganWesterville, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Orange31.6870.87 Silver 
Marissa CulliganWesterville, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Green31.7474.30 Silver 
Bill DoehlaMansfield, OHMale 50-54f) Boys 10-12Green24.2833.33 Silver 
Ryder DoehlaMansfield, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Green24.6935.58 Silver 
Aubrie EggertonFredericktown, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green27.9953.71 Gold 
Ethan EggertonFredericktown, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange23.3425.89 Platinum 
Britta Exten-SkarieMansfield, OHFemale 1-5a) Girls 6 & underGreen1:01.81239.43 - 
Gwenn Exten-SkarieMansfield, OHFemale 6-7a) Girls 6 & underOrange32.5575.57 Silver 
Alexa FischerColumbus, OHFemale 14-15g) Girls 13-17Orange26.6443.69 Silver 
Christian FischerColumbus, OHMale 50-54l) Boys 36+Orange23.4726.59 Silver 
Ian FischerColumbus, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Orange23.7728.21 Gold 
James FlowersPowell, OHMale 1-5b) Boys 6 & underOrange26.7144.07 Platinum 
Alexis FosterMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange26.0740.61 Gold 
Jack FosterMansfield, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange26.1140.83 Gold 
Jacquelyn FosterMansfield, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange23.0224.16 Gold 
Matthew FosterMansfield, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green27.8352.83 Silver 
Caleb GreggGalena, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green23.9831.69 Gold 
Ethan HaagAshland, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange22.9423.73 Platinum 
Austin HadleyAshland, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Orange23.9929.40 Silver 
Amelia HamiltonBellville, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Orange29.1957.44 Gold 
Evan HamiltonBellville, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange21.9518.39 Platinum 
Hazel HamiltonLexington, OHFemale 1-5a) Girls 6 & underGreen1:14.31308.13 - 
Liam HamiltonLexington, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange23.2625.46 Gold 
Wade HamiltonBellville, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange23.4326.38 Platinum 
William HamiltonBellville, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange22.3820.71 Gold 
Wyatt HamiltonLexington, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange23.8828.80 Gold 
Douglas HeckertDelaware, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Orange20.4310.19 Platinum 
Meredith HeckertMansfield, OHFemale 14-15g) Girls 13-17Orange21.3315.05 Platinum 
Natalie HeckertDelaware, OHFemale 14-15g) Girls 13-17Orange22.0418.88 Gold 
Stephen HeckertMansfield, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Green20.7814.11 Gold 
Alex HillNORTH OLMSTED, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange28.0751.40 Silver 
Ethan HillNorth Olmsted, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange25.5537.81 Silver 
Nathan JeremyMansfield, OHMale 18-20j) Boys 18-35Orange20.4710.41 Gold 
Ella KnappMANSFIELD, OHFemale 1-5a) Girls 6 & underOrange38.60108.20 Silver 
Olivia KnappMansfield, OHFemale 6-7a) Girls 6 & underGreen34.9291.76 Bronze 
Eliza KnightBELLVILLE, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green28.9558.98 Silver 
Robert MaierHudson, OHMale 65-69l) Boys 36+Orange24.7833.66 Silver 
Tina MaierHudson, OHFemale 35-39k) Girls 36+Orange22.4120.87 Gold 
Charles MartinReynoldsburg, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange25.6738.46 Gold 
 Frederick MichelWooster, OHMale 55-59l) Boys 36+Orange22.2720.12 Gold 
Kaden MokrosMansdield, OHMale 6-7b) Boys 6 & underGreen35.9597.42 Bronze 
Kaylee MokrosMansfield, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Orange37.56102.59 Bronze 
Anthony ParkerMansfield, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Orange24.8133.82 Gold 
Henry ParkerMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange26.3642.18 Gold 
Katerina PrykhodkoMansfield, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange24.7633.55 Gold 
 Hannah PryorMansfield, OHFemale 16-17g) Girls 13-17Green22.7825.10 Silver 
Michaela PryorMansfield, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Orange32.4274.87 Silver 
Rebecca PryorMansfield, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange23.9229.02 Gold 
Abigail RalstonSunbury, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange26.7144.07 Gold 
Molly RalstonSunbury, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange22.3020.28 Platinum 
Aubrey ReynoldsColumbus, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Orange29.0056.42 Bronze 
Shea ReynoldsColumbus, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange25.9640.02 Gold 
Mitch RiegelMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Green21.2216.53 Gold 
Nevaeh RiffleSunbury, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Green31.9175.23 - 
Owen RothMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange20.7712.03 Platinum 
Hudson SchagBellville, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange26.0340.40 Gold 
Ella SchmidtMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange24.3731.45 Gold 
Jakob SchmidtMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange23.5026.75 Platinum 
Campbell SchurigMansfield, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Orange27.8350.11 Silver 
Jacob SchwanerBrunswick, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange23.0224.16 Gold 
Lucy ShadeLucas, OHFemale 6-7a) Girls 6 & underOrange34.2484.68 Silver 
Ashton SpleteGalena, OHMale 1-5b) Boys 6 & underGreen37.50105.93 Silver 
Calvin SpleteGalena, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange24.4431.82 Gold 
Olivia SpleteGalena, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Green24.0432.02 Gold 
Christopher(CJ) SteffeyMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange21.4015.43 Platinum 
Taylor SteffeyMansfield, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange21.8017.58 Platinum 
 Mia StegmanCincinnati, OHFemale 6-7a) Girls 6 & underOrange29.8160.79 Gold 
Layla TalkingtonCANAL FULTON, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange23.5226.86 Platinum 
Lily ThomasMansfield, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Orange28.3552.91 Silver 
Lucy ThomasMansfield, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Orange29.5459.33 Silver 
Steve WallisNew Albany, OHMale 40-44j) Boys 18-35Orange21.5316.13 Gold 
Graysen WollesonMansfield, OHMale 6-7d) Boys 7-9Green30.0364.91 Silver 
Nate WollesonMansfield, OHMale 35-39Orange20.6911.60 Gold