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Feb 21st, 2021
Sunny- a beautiful day to ski!

Par Time

Results for Feb 21st, 2021 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
 Amanda AmoryWorcester, MAFemale 60-64Green35.9141.21 Gold 
Lucas AndersonBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green32.3627.25 Gold 
Lydia AndersonBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green30.8221.20 Platinum 
Adly AtanianPaxton, MAFemale 12-13Green40.2358.20 Bronze 
Finn BachantNorth Kingstown, RIMale 1-5Green50.4498.35 Silver 
Hallie BachantNorth Kingstown, RIFemale 1-5Green41.9364.88 Gold 
Thomas BatesClinton, MAMale 12-13Green33.2530.75 Gold 
Abigail BeatonShrewsbury, MAFemale 8-9Green45.9880.81 Bronze 
Brian BeatonShrewsbury, MAMale 45-49Green37.1145.93 Bronze 
John BeatonShrewsbury, MAMale 6-7Green42.1165.59 Silver 
Lillian BeatonShrewsbury, MAFemale 8-9Green39.0053.36 Gold 
Matthew BeatonShrewsbury, MAMale 40-44Green32.8329.10 Silver 
Sam BeatonShrewsbury, MAMale 8-9Green37.4747.35 Gold 
Teddy BeatonShrewsbury, MAMale 1-5Green58.01128.12 Bronze 
Kim BentWorcester, MAFemale 50-54Green43.3370.39 S* Silver 
Graham BinnickHarvard, MAMale 8-9Green57.45125.91 S* - 
Braydon BlanchettNorth Kingstown, RIMale 14-15Green41.8864.69 - 
Emma BourgeoisPrinceton, MAFemale 16-17Green32.9929.73 Silver 
Jillian BradfordBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green29.6816.71 Platinum 
William BradfordBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green32.6428.35 Gold 
Fin CampbellActon, MAMale 8-9Green39.0653.60 Silver 
Ryan Cerniglia Mystic, CTMale 8-9Green38.6952.14 Silver 
Emma ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 10-11Green33.9033.31 Gold 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAMale 40-44Green30.4219.62 Silver 
Hannah ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 8-9Green45.0777.23 Bronze 
Lydia ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 6-7Green42.3366.46 Gold 
Siming ChenSherborn, MAFemale 12-13Green32.7628.82 Gold 
Alina ChernorutskaiaArlington, MAFemale 12-13Green35.7940.74 Silver 
Claudia CohenBostonFemale 8-9Green46.3182.11 Bronze 
Madeleine CohenNatick, MAFemale 12-13Green38.7152.22 Silver 
Isabelle ColemanSterling, MAFemale 12-13Green29.8817.50 Platinum 
Brooke CombsLeominster, MAFemale 12-13Green30.2418.91 Platinum 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29Green28.5612.31 Platinum 
Charlie CoxWaban, MAMale 6-7Green37.9649.27 Gold 
Peter CoxWaban, MAMale 40-44Green42.7468.07 - 
Annie CundariWestminster, MAFemale 55-59Green37.2146.32 Silver 
Liam CunniffCharlton, MAMale 12-13Green38.3450.77 Silver 
Micah DawsonEast Greenwich, RIMale 10-11Green31.3323.20 Platinum 
Daniel DinucciFitchburg, MAMale 55-59Green41.4963.15 - 
Casey Eriksen01719, MAMale 10-11Green39.9557.10 Silver 
Elise Eriksen01719, MAFemale 8-9Green41.5563.39 Silver 
Jake FaheyActon, MAMale 12-13Green33.4831.66 Gold 
Elsa FishLancaster, MAFemale 10-11Green36.1242.04 Gold 
Owen FoleyPrinceton, MAMale 8-9Green56.06120.45 S* - 
Aidan GhidellaShewsbury, MAMale 12-13Green29.9417.73 Platinum 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64Green31.3523.28 Gold 
Sophia GirouxLeominster, MAFemale 10-11Green1:02.88147.27 S* - 
Richie GrangerPrinceton, MAMale 6-7Green42.3966.69 Silver 
Lindsey GrosbergSudbury, MAFemale 12-13Green35.7140.42 Silver 
Michael GroverWest Brookfield, MAMale 35-39Green40.6859.97 S* - 
Cynthia GumbertWeston, MAFemale 50-54Green35.0237.71 Gold 
Matthew HaighFitchburg, MAMale 12-13Green30.2418.91 Platinum 
Chase HeppeRutland, MAMale 10-11Green33.7232.60 Gold 
Vedant Hota⁩Shrewsbury, MAMale 10-11Green45.3778.41 - 
Angela IlicActon, MAFemale 12-13Green33.5531.93 Gold 
Lucia IlicActon, MAFemale 10-11Green37.3346.80 Silver 
Ari IoffeBrookline, MAMale 10-11Green44.6375.50 Bronze 
Dylan JamesHolden, MAMale 10-11Green31.2522.89 Platinum 
Cameron KearchnerWestminster, MAMale 12-13Green41.5763.47 Bronze 
 Lise KolotaWestborough, MAFemale 65-69Green38.1049.82 Silver 
Nate KopaczArlington, MAMale 10-11Green46.5583.05 - 
Evalina KourisBoston, MAFemale 10-11Green35.7840.70 Gold 
Jacob KOWALMANSFIELD, MAMale 12-13Green35.6740.27 Silver 
Julia KOWALMANSFIELD, MAFemale 10-11Green39.4455.09 Silver 
Julita KowalMansfield, MAFemale 50-54Green45.6579.51 - 
Mackenzie KyciaSudbury, MAFemale 12-13Green32.3027.02 Gold 
Maddox LeeMendon, MAMale 12-13Green30.7921.08 Gold 
Maya LenormandBurlington, MAFemale 12-13Green37.4447.23 Silver 
Alex LeskShrewsbury, MAMale 8-9Green45.2377.86 Bronze 
Hannah LindstromWayland, MAFemale 8-9Green43.5271.14 Silver 
Ivy LolaxSutton, MAFemale 10-11Green45.1777.62 Bronze 
Owen LuddenHolden, MAMale 12-13Green28.7413.02 Platinum 
Cole MaddaloneHarvard, MAMale 12-13Green30.5119.98 Platinum 
Ann MaloneyShrewsbury, MAFemale 55-59Green43.2069.88 Bronze 
Brady McCannRutland, MAMale 16-17Green38.0749.71 Bronze 
Grace McCullaghCambridge, MAFemale 12-13Green58.24129.02 S* - 
Nathaniel McCullaghCambridge, MAMale 14-15Green36.2842.67 Bronze 
Joshua MecumBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green46.2781.95 - 
Adrian Nelson-PerezWebster, MAMale 6-7Green45.9680.73 Silver 
Cian NevilleMedway, MAMale 10-11Green42.1765.83 Bronze 
Sean ObraztsovSudbury, MAMale 12-13Green40.7760.32 Bronze 
Tyler PaquinMedfield, MAMale 16-17Green30.2719.03 Gold 
Keelan PetersonWestford, MAFemale 12-13Green36.8845.03 Silver 
Anthony PietrovitoSterling, MAMale 10-11Green39.6255.80 Silver 
Bob PlatzShrewsbury, MAMale 55-59Green32.7928.94 Silver 
Aarna PrasadSouth Easton, MAFemale 12-13Green35.8941.13 Silver 
Owen PriceCambridge, MAMale 8-9Green1:03.95151.47 S* - 
Izzy ReidLittleton, MAFemale 12-13Green29.0414.20 Platinum 
Kate RobinsonPrinceton, MAFemale 12-13Green31.0422.06 Platinum 
Alejandro Stefan Rojas PrattCambridge, MAMale 12-13Green32.9129.41 Gold 
Delaney SabolLeominster, MAFemale 10-11Green52.23105.39 S* - 
Saul SchwartzChelmsford, MAMale 12-13Green32.8729.26 Gold 
Daniel SegreNewton Center, MAMale 50-54Green42.6967.87 - 
Gaia SegreNewton Center, MAFemale 12-13Green42.9168.74 Bronze 
Shaili SegreNewton Center, MAFemale 10-11Green51.52102.60 - 
Isabelle ShailerBoxborough, MAFemale 8-9Green42.6167.56 Silver 
Audrey SlavinHarvard, MAFemale 12-13Green33.3731.22 Gold 
David SmithNorth Attleboro, MAMale 60-64Green35.9041.17 Silver 
Jack SnowWethersfield, CTMale 14-15Green39.9256.98 Bronze 
Patrick SnowWethersfield, CTMale 55-59Green43.2970.23 - 
Sydney SnowWethersfield, CTMale 14-15Green53.38109.91 - 
Chloe SparksBolton, MAFemale 10-11Green34.0133.74 Gold 
Peter SparksBolton, MAMale 40-44Green40.5059.26 - 
Tucker SparksBolton, MAMale 6-7Green43.7972.20 Silver 
Ruizhao SunBelmont, MAMale 10-11Green36.2642.59 Silver 
Ava SungarianShrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Green33.9233.39 Gold 
MAtthew SungarianShrewsbury, MAMale 12-13Green31.0722.18 Gold 
Harrison TaylorLunenburg, MAMale 12-13Green30.2018.76 Platinum 
Nathan TraquateWatertown, MAMale 14-15Green49.0192.73 S* - 
Emma TscherneMarlborough, MAFemale 12-13Green43.7071.84 - 
Ilan TurevskiyBrookline, MAMale 10-11Green36.0741.84 Gold 
Mihaillo VasseArlington, MAMale 10-11Green37.2146.32 Silver 
Danielle VintonHolden, MAFemale 35-39Green32.7028.59 Gold 
Gabe VintonHolden, MAMale 1-5Green56.88123.67 Bronze 
Jackie VittiglioWinchester, MAFemale 10-11Green38.4551.20 Silver 
Barbara WaiteSaratoga Springs, NYMale 50-54Green46.9084.43 - 
William WinnLynn, MAMale 35-39Green41.7364.10 S* Bronze 
Amelie WohlfeldFemale 10-11Green37.5547.66 Silver 
Matthew YershovSudbury, MAMale 10-11Green38.7952.54 Silver 
Liudmila ZaizerskayaNewton, MAFemale 35-39Green35.2838.73 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)