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Feb 18th, 2021
A/Elite League Week 5
not provided

Series: Easy Ice A League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 5 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Jim Kelly
Results for Feb 18th, 2021 - A/Elite League Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Rolf AndersonMichigamme, MIMale 75-79TBAOrange42.2953.45 Silver 
Bill BallardMarquette, MIMale 35-39TBAOrange31.5214.37 Gold 
Cindy BelongieGLADSTONE, MIFemale 60-64TBAOrange44.6562.01 Bronze 
Michael BelongieGladstone, MIMale 70-74TBAOrange57.27107.80 - 
Brooke BerubeMarquette, MIFemale 40-44State Farm Power TeamOrange33.3621.04 Platinum 
Robert BonettiMarquette, MIMale 65-69State Farm Power TeamOrange42.2153.16 Bronze 
Dan BransonEscanaba, MIMale 60-64Border GrillOrange32.1616.69 Platinum 
 Christie CloseMarquette, MIFemale 50-54Border GrillOrange32.5017.92 Platinum 
 Jamie CloseMarquette, MIMale 50-54Border GrillOrange30.149.36 Platinum 
Colin DeHartOakland, MIMale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange27.841.02 Platinum 
Alexandra GencheffMarquette, MIFemale 21-29Blackrocks AOrange28.603.77 Platinum 
Eric GencheffMarquette, MIMale 21-29Blackrocks AOrange27.630.25 Platinum 
Gabby GencheffMarquette, MIFemale 21-29Blackrocks AOrange28.523.48 Platinum 
Greg GoodmanMarquette, MIMale 40-44Blackrocks AOrange30.018.89 Platinum 
 Aaron GrzelakMarquette, MIMale 18-20Border GrillOrange44.7362.30 - 
Rose JacksonBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange31.8615.60 Gold 
Connor JohnsonMarquette, MIMale 21-29Border GrillOrange31.8415.53 Gold 
Dwight JohnsonMarquette, MIMale 70-74State Farm Power TeamOrange38.2838.90 Silver 
Jacey JohnsonMarquette, MIFemale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange29.376.57 Platinum 
Jim KellyMarquette, MIMale 40-44Blackrocks AOrange29.236.06 Platinum 
John KellyMarquette, MIMale 45-49Blackrocks AOrange32.5117.96 Gold 
Peter KellyMarquette, MIMale 75-79State Farm Power TeamOrange40.1245.57 Silver 
Ainsley KirkMarquette, MIFemale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange29.316.35 Platinum 
Jack L'huillierMarquette, MIMale 65-69State Farm Power TeamOrange33.8222.71 Gold 
Dan LibertyMarquette, MIMale 65-69State Farm Power TeamOrange32.4417.71 Platinum 
John LindbergGladstone, MIMale 65-69TBAOrange35.2727.98 Gold 
Lili LockwoodElk Rapids, MIFemale 21-29Blackrocks AOrange30.7411.54 Platinum 
Jeff MagowanEscanaba, MIMale 60-64Superior Express CareOrange33.5421.70 Gold 
Mary MartinMarquette, MIFemale 55-59TBAOrange45.0263.35 Bronze 
Nichole NeumanMarquette, MIFemale 40-44Lakeshore Bike AOrange35.0327.10 Gold 
Paul NeumannMarquette, MIMale 50-54Lakeshore Bike AOrange29.968.71 Platinum 
Martin PaulsenMarquette, MIMale 70-74State Farm Power TeamOrange34.7826.20 Gold 
Bryan PeppMarquette, MIMale 55-59Border GrillOrange30.8812.05 Platinum 
Alex PetrinMale 35-39Border GrillOrange31.4214.01 Gold 
Natalie RobiniaMarquette, MIFemale 18-20Superior Express CareOrange31.7915.35 Gold 
Rob RobiniaMarquette, MIMale 60-64Superior Express CareOrange35.2327.83 Gold 
Tommy RogersIshpeming, MIMale 70-74TBAOrange40.3846.52 Silver 
Drake ScheidtMarquette, MIMale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange29.858.31 Platinum 
Sadah ScheidtMarquette, MIFemale 18-20Huron Mountain BakeryOrange31.3413.72 Platinum 
Alex SchultzMarquette, MIMale 21-29Lakeshore Bike AOrange29.828.20 Platinum 
 Lauri ShawMarquette, MIFemale 55-59Lakeshore Bike AOrange34.9126.67 Platinum 
Joe SkellengerGladstone, MIMale 35-39TBAOrange30.3510.12 Platinum 
Ryan SkyttaMarquette, MIMale 40-44Lakeshore Bike AOrange31.5514.48 Gold 
Kim ZieglerMarquette, MIFemale 55-59Lakeshore Bike AOrange34.3024.46 Platinum 
Samantha ZieglerMarquette, MIFemale 21-29IndividualOrange32.2416.98 Gold