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Feb 17th, 2021
Boyne Mountain Night League / Week 5
Clear / Temp 20

Series: Boyne Mountain Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Results for Feb 17th, 2021 - Boyne Mountain Night League / Week 5

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Dustin BakerTraverse City, MIMale 21-29Awrey CorpOrange39.4935.61 Bronze 
 Daniel BatesWhitmore Lake, MIMale 60-64Natural ShoreScapesGreen38.7934.73 Silver 
Jodi BergmannCharlevoix, MIFemale 60-64Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange44.0551.27 Silver 
Tom BergmannCharlevoix, MIMale 65-69Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange43.8050.41 Bronze 
Dave BeynonPetoskey, MIMale 65-69Natural ShoreScapesOrange46.8660.92 Bronze 
Collin BlairRoscommon, MIMale 45-49Boyne BombersGreen44.3854.15 - 
Ray BlytheElkhart, INMale 65-69Boyne BombersOrange42.3045.26 Silver 
Jennifer BoopCharlevoix, MIFemale 45-49Late BloomersOrange52.7481.11 - 
Thomas BridgeMidland, MIMale 60-64Skee DawgsOrange40.4038.74 Silver 
Cameron BrownPetoskey, MIMale 21-29Boyne BombersOrange35.2821.15 Silver 
Casey BuckleitnerGaylord, MIMale 40-44WBO Skee DawgsGreen38.0532.16 Silver 
Michelle BuckleitnerGaylord, MIFemale 35-39KFBsGreen42.0546.06 Silver 
Jon CyrulikGaylord, MIMale 35-39WBO Skee DawgsGreen38.9435.26 Bronze 
John DittmarCharlevoix, MIMale 55-59Skee DawgsGreen39.7037.90 Silver 
john DohertyMancelona, MIMale 65-69Punctuality VendingOrange45.0754.77 Bronze 
Neil DrzewieckiGaylord, MIMale 40-44WBO Skee DawgsOrange38.7833.17 Silver 
Mike EllwangerBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange38.8433.38 Silver 
Brian FlorenskiMale 45-49Punctuality VendingOrange52.9081.66 - 
Dan FraserBoyne City, MIMale 55-59Awrey CorpGreen42.2346.68 Bronze 
Andy FrykbergBoyne City, MIMale 40-44Riverside TireOrange36.2124.35 Silver 
Mary GochaFemale 30-34Awrey CorpOrange42.7046.63 Bronze 
Lukas GordonGaylord, MIMale 30-34WBO Skee DawgsGreen54.1087.91 S* - 
Jennifer HafBoyne City, MIFemale 40-44Late BloomersGreen52.2481.45 - 
Kevin HafBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Late BloomersGreen36.9028.17 Silver 
Brandon HagesEssexville, MIMale 35-39Hart FordOrange41.5742.75 Bronze 
Nick HamlinGaylord, MIMale 35-39Hart FordOrange36.5325.45 Silver 
Mike HarringtonMale 65-69Natural ShoreScapesGreen50.6375.86 - 
Eric HartRoscommon, MIMale 35-39Hart FordOrange37.4928.74 Silver 
 Mike JablonskiRiverview, MIMale 70-74Riverside TireGreen47.2264.02 Bronze 
Nicole JenneElmira, MIFemale 35-39KFBsGreen49.8973.29 - 
Jim JohnsonSaint Helen, MIMale 75-79Punctuality VendingGreen52.3281.73 - 
Adam KaiserRoscommon, MIMale 35-39Hart FordGreen48.0266.79 Bronze 
Ryan KasperBoyne City, MIMale 30-34Punctuality VendingGreen37.0428.66 Silver 
Andrew KerbratMale 35-39Boyne BombersOrange39.7436.47 Bronze 
Charles KinzelMale 50-54Lange VendingOrange44.2051.79 Bronze 
Donald KitchenElmira, MIMale 40-44Kitchen FarmsOrange38.6432.69 Silver 
Dylan KitchenElmira, MIMale 18-20Kitchen FarmsGreen34.5419.97 Silver 
Mary Kate KleinElk Rapids, MIMale 21-29Lange VendingGreen39.7638.10 Bronze 
Robert LampertMale 30-34Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange36.4625.21 Silver 
Mike LangeGrayling, MIMale 60-64Lange VendingGreen47.6365.44 - 
Richard LangeTraverse City, MIMale 55-59Lange VendingGreen42.4747.52 Bronze 
Maia LatuszekGaylord, MIFemale 45-49Skee DawgsGreen1:00.71110.87 - 
Tad LatuszekGaylord, MIMale 50-54Skee DawgsGreen40.5340.78 Bronze 
Greg LeeIndian River, MIMale 40-44Kitchen FarmsOrange39.1334.38 Bronze 
Mindy LewinEast Jordan, MIFemale 35-39Awrey CorpGreen45.7258.81 Bronze 
Dana LewisBreckenridge, COFemale 30-34Boyne BombersOrange43.7050.07 Bronze 
Dale LordEast Jordan, MIMale 65-69Punctuality VendingGreen46.9062.90 Bronze 
Ted MackseyBoyne City, MIMale 55-59Riverside TireOrange38.4031.87 Silver 
Daniel MannCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49Late BloomersGreen46.9563.08 T* - 
Michael MatisonBoyne City, MIMale 50-54Punctuality VendingGreen40.1939.60 Bronze 
Doug McClellandBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Riverside TireOrange36.3324.76 Gold 
Otie McKinleyDetroit, MIMale 45-49WBO Skee DawgsGreen33.9717.99 Gold 
William MeadeGaylord, MIMale 50-54Kitchen FarmsGreen33.1615.18 Gold 
Jodi MesserFemale 45-49Punctuality VendingGreen48.7869.43 Bronze 
Zacary MisiakGaylord, MIMale 21-29Kitchen FarmsGreen35.2022.26 Silver 
Mike MountsMale 60-64WBO Skee DawgsGreen43.7251.86 Bronze 
BRENNEN MUELLERWHITE LAKE, MIMale 21-29Hart FordGreen37.7931.26 Bronze 
 Paul NichollsBoyne City, MIMale 50-54Riverside TireOrange37.1927.71 Silver 
Robert OlesEast Jordan, MIMale 65-69Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange1:03.87119.33 S* - 
 Pete OppermannGaylord, MIMale 45-49Hart FordOrange36.2224.38 Silver 
Ralph OppermannGrayling, MIMale 50-54Lange VendingGreen37.5530.43 Silver 
Elly PascoeHarbor Springs, MIFemale 21-29Riverside TireGreen37.5730.50 Silver 
Patrick PatokaMale 40-44Awrey CorpOrange48.2565.69 - 
Dan PayneBoyne City, MIMale 45-49Awrey CorpOrange40.1837.98 Bronze 
William PearsallCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49Late BloomersOrange43.8150.45 - 
Bill PerlmutterRockford, MIMale 65-69Lange VendingGreen41.0042.41 Silver 
Mark PetersPetoskey, MIMale 60-64Natural ShoreScapesGreen40.9642.27 Silver 
Steve PirieMale 35-39Riverside TireOrange33.7615.93 Gold 
Adam RaphaelBoyne Falls, MIMale 30-34Boyne BombersGreen37.4229.98 S* Silver 
Larry RobelElmira, MIMale 50-54Kitchen FarmsGreen39.1035.81 Silver 
Arthur RobinsonBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Riverside TireOrange38.5932.52 Silver 
Steve SaleskyBoyne City, MIMale 65-69Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange38.1631.04 Gold 
Carissa SchugarsTraverse City, MIFemale 45-49KFBsOrange50.5873.70 - 
Steven SellaGaylord, MIMale 50-54Skee DawgsGreen38.5333.83 Silver 
Karen ShielsTraverse City, MIFemale 50-54KFBsOrange47.9964.80 Bronze 
Karla ShielsTraverse CityFemale 50-54KFBsGreen52.0680.83 - 
Mark SloanGrayling, MIMale 60-64Lange VendingGreen39.6637.76 Silver 
Cathy SmalleyFemale 55-59KFBsGreen48.1367.18 Bronze 
Shawn SmalleyMale 50-54WBO Skee DawgsOrange40.6339.53 Bronze 
Drew SmithBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Natural ShoreScapesOrange45.1855.15 Bronze 
Nicole SterrettCharlevoix, MIFemale 45-49Late BloomersGreen42.8548.84 Silver 
Todd SterrettCharlevoix, MIMale 45-49Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange43.2348.45 Bronze 
Cole ThorntonBoyne City, MIMale 35-39Natural ShoreScapesOrange41.6342.96 Bronze 
Adam TylerBoyne City, MIMale 40-44Skee DawgsGreen41.4844.08 Bronze 
Scott Van HuisHarbor Springs, MIMale 50-54Awrey CorpOrange42.4445.74 Bronze 
Kari Visser-RobelElmira, MIFemale 50-54KFBsGreen42.3947.24 Silver 
Brian WilmotMale 50-54Lange VendingGreen36.7127.51 Silver 
Kara WittFemale 40-44Boyne BombersOrangeDNF-  
Patrick WittRoscommon, MIMale 40-44Boyne BombersOrange40.0437.50 Bronze 
Stephen WittRoscommon, MIMale 40-44Boyne BombersOrange41.0340.90 Bronze 
Michelle WitthoeftFemale 55-59Natural ShoreScapesOrange46.9061.06 Bronze 
Russell YardleyBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Punctuality VendingOrange46.8160.75 Bronze 
John ZarembaElmira, MIMale 50-54Kitchen FarmsOrange41.7643.41 Bronze 
Rob ZuehlkeBoyne City, MIMale 60-64Rieth-Riley ConstructionOrange38.6032.55 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)