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Feb 9th, 2021
Tuesday League Night 4
Freezing and hard snow
Mt. LaCrosse, Wisconsin

Series: Mt La Crosse Adult League Racing
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 6
Par Time

Results for Feb 9th, 2021 - Tuesday League Night 4

(sorted by age & gender category - all results)
Age & Gender
Jessica ReinhartOnalaska, WIFemale 21-29The OptimistsOrange14.9012.88 Platinum best
      Green14.7513.90 Platinum 
Abigail ShawDousman, WIFemale 21-29DarksideOrange16.0821.82 Gold best
      Green16.4927.34 Silver 
Marci Iverson Onalaska, WIFemale 35-39ViltsowOrange15.9120.53 Gold best
      Green16.0824.17 Gold 
Jessica SmithLaCrosse, WIFemale 35-39DarksideGreen17.6035.91 Silver best
      Orange17.9736.14 Silver 
Tarah RaaumOnalaska, WIFemale 40-44ViltsowOrange16.1122.05 Gold best
      Green15.9623.24 Gold 
Steph Dickson La Crosse, WIFemale 45-49Northside RulesOrange18.3038.64 Silver best
      Green17.9838.84 Silver 
Ellie McLooneSaint Charles, ILFemale 55-59DarksideOrange18.0136.44 Gold best
Tammy HaydenLa Crosse, WIFemale 55-59The OptimistsOrange18.6341.14 Silver best
Ellie McLooneSaint Charles, ILFemale 55-59DarksideGreen18.3641.78 Silver 
Tammy HaydenLa Crosse, WIFemale 55-59The OptimistsGreen19.1047.49 Silver 
Dawn SummerfieldLa Crescent, MNFemale 60-64The OptimistsOrange19.8450.30 Silver best
      Green19.9253.82 Silver 
August SchiniLa Crosse, WIMale 18-20RanchOrange15.1314.62 Gold best
      Green15.1917.30 Silver 
Eric JohnsonLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29The OptimistsOrange14.6210.76 Gold best
      Green14.6513.13 Gold 
Brady McCoyLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29RanchOrange15.4717.20 Silver best
      Green15.2817.99 Silver 
Sam GrodeLa Crosse, WIMale 21-29The OptimistsOrange16.4224.39 Silver best
      Green16.2425.41 Silver 
Rafe McAnallyLa Crosse, WIMale 30-34Northside RulesGreen19.9453.98 S* Bronze best
      Orange20.5255.45 S* Bronze 
Casey WeissLa Crosse, WIMale 35-39ViltsowOrange14.9213.03 Gold best
      Green14.7313.75 Gold 
 Luke KnadleHolmen, WIMale 35-39Northside RulesOrange15.7519.32 Silver best
      Green15.7821.85 Silver 
Adam FleisHolmen, WIMale 35-39The OptimistsGreen16.6828.80 Silver best
      Orange17.2930.98 Silver 
Jay McMichaelHingham, MAMale 35-39Northside RulesGreen19.7752.66 S* Bronze best
      Orange20.5655.76 S* Bronze 
Hunter Viner LaCrosse, WIMale 35-39DarksideOrange23.9781.59 S* - best
      Green25.7198.53 S* - 
Jeff SexauerLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Wells BadgerOrange15.8420.00 Silver best
      Green15.6120.54 Silver 
Nick HansenLa Crosse, WIMale 40-44Spotted CowsOrange16.9028.03 Silver best
      Green16.8129.81 Silver 
Robert WolkLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49RanchOrange15.1114.47 Gold best
Attila KovacsLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Wells BadgerOrange15.1314.62 Gold best
Robert WolkLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49RanchGreen15.1717.14 Gold 
Randy PoelmaLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49ViltsowOrange15.5417.73 Gold best
Attila KovacsLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Wells BadgerGreen15.2617.84 Gold 
Randy PoelmaLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49ViltsowGreen15.4018.92 Gold 
Jeremy BerlinLA CROSSE, WIMale 45-49Northside RulesOrange18.7241.82 Bronze best
      Green18.5743.40 Bronze 
Darin TopelLa Crosse, WIMale 45-49Northside RulesOrange19.3346.44 Bronze best
      Green19.1147.57 Bronze 
Paul TeppOnalaska, WIMale 50-54Northside RulesOrange15.6218.33 Gold best
Scott FinchLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Wells BadgerOrange15.6618.64 Gold best
Mike BendelStodddard, WIMale 50-54RanchOrange15.8420.00 Gold best
David CurtisLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Wells BadgerOrange15.9120.53 Gold best
Paul TeppOnalaska, WIMale 50-54Northside RulesGreen15.6520.85 Gold 
Scott FinchLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Wells BadgerGreen15.7221.39 Gold 
David CurtisLa Crosse, WIMale 50-54Wells BadgerGreen15.7321.47 Gold 
Mike BendelStodddard, WIMale 50-54RanchGreen15.8222.16 Gold 
John VanVleetOnalaska, WIMale 50-54RanchOrange16.6225.91 Silver best
      Green16.3226.02 Silver 
Chip SchillingLA CROSSE, WIMale 50-54DarksideOrange19.4046.97 Bronze best
      Green20.2956.68 - 
Dan PaulusLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59RanchOrange15.4617.12 Gold best
Andy SaterbakCoon Valley, WIMale 55-59RanchOrange15.4717.20 Gold best
      Green15.2417.68 Gold 
Dan PaulusLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59RanchGreen15.2817.99 Gold 
Allen McCoyLacrosse, WIMale 55-59RanchOrange15.7719.47 Gold best
Scott FriedrichDurham, NHMale 55-59DarksideOrange16.1222.12 Gold best
Allen McCoyLacrosse, WIMale 55-59RanchGreen15.9923.47 Gold 
Scott FriedrichDurham, NHMale 55-59DarksideGreen15.9923.47 Gold 
Tim SaterbakLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59RanchOrange16.4624.70 Gold best
      Green16.2025.10 Silver 
David GrothLa Crosse, WIMale 55-59DarksideOrange18.4639.85 Silver best
      Green18.2240.69 Silver 
Dave JohnsonLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Wells BadgerOrange16.0921.89 Gold best
      Green15.9823.40 Gold 
Douglas ShupeONALASKA, WIMale 60-64Wells BadgerOrange16.3724.02 Gold best
      Green16.0724.09 Gold 
Kurt SchuldesLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Wells BadgerOrange16.4424.55 Gold best
      Green16.4627.10 Gold 
Kurt SchroederLa Crosse, WIMale 60-64Wells BadgerGreen16.5027.41 Gold best
      Orange16.9528.41 Gold 
Hans SchroederLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69Wells BadgerOrange16.7126.59 Gold best
      Green16.5527.80 Gold 
Robin Swartz La Crescent, MNMale 65-69Wells BadgerGreen16.9931.20 Gold best
      Orange17.3431.36 Gold 
Loren AndersonLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69DarksideOrange18.5540.53 T* Gold best
Charles HaydenLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69DarksideOrange18.5840.76 Silver best
      Green18.3441.62 Silver 
Loren AndersonLa Crosse, WIMale 65-69DarksideGreen18.6644.09 T* Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)
T = Telemark (-13)