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Jan 12th, 2021
Tuesday Night Pine Knob week 2
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Series: Tuesday Night Pine Knob
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Jan 12th, 2021 - Tuesday Night Pine Knob week 2

(sorted by group, last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender

Meghan AllcornFemale 30-34Anita Beer1Green16.618.99 Platinum 
Scott arsenClarkston, MIMale 30-34Anita Beer1Green16.075.45 Platinum 
Stephen BasigkowLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Anita Beer1Green15.894.27 Platinum 
Fred BlackmerRochester, MIMale 55-59Only Losers Wax1Green16.669.32 Platinum 
Heather BrennanWaterford, MIFemale 40-44Detroit Alpine Skier Team1Green16.578.73 Platinum 
Andy BrownMale 40-44Only Losers Wax1Orange16.248.63 T* Platinum 
Jamie CarcchioloMale 45-49Only Losers Wax1Orange17.5317.26 Gold 
Wheelie CasteelMale 40-4425 Cent Mustache Rides1Green16.689.45 Platinum 
Scott CervinOakland, MIMale 40-44Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Green15.723.15 Platinum 
Nick CronovichRochester, MIMale 30-34Team Collusion1Green15.783.54 Platinum 
Thom HalseyClarkston, MIMale 55-59Detroit Alpine Skier Team1Green16.8210.37 Platinum 
Hercules HerkesMale 45-4925 Cent Mustache Rides1Green16.478.07 Platinum 
 Joel HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIMale 55-59Detroit Alpine Skier Team1Green15.662.76 Platinum 
Kenneth JanczarekLake Orion, MIMale 40-44Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Green15.541.97 Platinum 
Justin JanssenCommerce Twp., MIMale 30-34Detroit Alpine Skier Team1Orange15.433.21 Platinum 
 Teresa KingWaterford, MIFemale 40-44Only Losers Wax1Green16.7810.10 Platinum 
Queen KingFemale 30-34Team Collusion1Green18.4320.93 Gold 
 Tom LiningAuburn Hills, MIMale 55-59Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Green17.1712.66 Platinum 
 Susie MackensRochester, MIFemale 55-59Team Collusion1Green18.1919.36 Platinum 
Rim NixMale 45-49Anita Beer1Green16.8810.76 Platinum 
Keith NorlingClawson, MIMale 60-64Anita Beer1Green17.6115.55 Platinum 
Esteves OlivarezMale 30-34Team Collusion1Green17.4114.24 Gold 
Screwdriver PhillipsMale 40-4425 Cent Mustache Rides1Green16.8910.83 Platinum 
Brian PopelierClarkston, MIMale 35-39Detroit Alpine Skier Team1Green15.924.46 Platinum 
Carz SellersMale 55-59Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Green16.9311.09 Platinum 
Dalton StetskoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Orange15.443.28 Platinum 
Logan StetskoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #21Green15.662.76 Platinum 
Matthew VotralTroy, MIMale 45-49Anita Beer1Green16.598.86 Platinum 
Flip WilsonMale 30-34Team Collusion1Green17.3413.78 Gold 

Mother AllcornFemale 30-34Half Fast Racing1.5Green16.629.06 Platinum 
Hades ArsenMale 30-34Half Fast Racing1.5Green15.813.74 Platinum 
Luca Barberis Rochester, MIMale 21-29Apres Hombres1.5Green16.447.87 Platinum 
Phen BasigkowMale 21-29Half Fast Racing1.5Green16.709.58 Gold 
Ryan CallahanClarkston, MIMale 21-29Drink First Alpine Skier Later1.5Green17.2913.45 Gold 
Troy CasteelRoyal Oak, MIMale 40-44Motorboaters1.5Green16.669.32 Platinum 
Flavio DacostaMale 21-29Apres Hombres1.5Green23.2152.30 - 
 Jason GaineyLake Orion, MIMale 40-44Motorboaters1.5Green16.004.99 Platinum 
 Rob GreeneClarkston, MIMale 40-44Motorboaters1.5Green16.246.56 Platinum 
Scott HerkesLake Orion, MIMale 45-49Motorboaters1.5Green16.226.43 Platinum 
Lance HolsbekeClarkston, MIMale 21-29Drink First Alpine Skier Later1.5Green16.417.68 Platinum 
Alexandra KosikClarkston, MIFemale 30-34Apres Hombres1.5Green17.3613.91 Platinum 
Killian KosikClarkston, MIMale 21-29Apres Hombres1.5Orange22.7952.44 - 
Alex McIntoshClarkston, MIMale 21-29Drink First Alpine Skier Later1.5Green16.397.55 Platinum 
Axel NixBirmingham, MIMale 45-49Half Fast Racing1.5Orange16.7912.31 Platinum 
Keith NorlingClawson, MIMale 60-64Half Fast Racing1.5Green17.1712.66 Platinum 
Matthew RaukarMale 30-34Apres Hombres1.5Green16.639.12 Platinum 
Kevin StolzenfeldMale 21-29Apres Hombres1.5Orange21.4243.28 Bronze 
Ray TyszkaMale 45-49Motorboaters1.5Green21.7742.85 Bronze 
Snowplow VotralMale 45-49Half Fast Racing1.5Green16.568.66 Platinum 

Fred BlackmerRochester, MIMale 55-59Losers Wax H2Green16.498.20 Platinum 
Dandy BrownMale 40-44Losers Wax H2Green16.749.84 Platinum 
Spencer BurkeHuntington Woods, MIMale 45-49Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Green19.6328.81 Silver 
Papa CarcchioloMale 45-49Losers Wax H2Green17.7216.27 Gold 
Servin CervinMale 40-44Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Green15.994.92 Platinum 
Saintnick CronovichMale 30-34The Gnarwhals2Green16.015.05 Platinum 
Craig FrankensteinNew Baltimore, MIMale 50-54Wax This!2Green18.1419.03 Gold 
     Orange17.6918.33 Gold 
Nick FrankensteinMount Clemens, MIMale 21-29Wax This!2Green18.3320.28 Silver 
Matthew GasserWhite Lake, MIMale 50-54Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Green17.6816.01 Gold 
Kimmy HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIFemale 21-29Wax This!2Orange19.8132.51 Silver 
Fizz HolzknechtMale 55-59Wax This!2Green15.854.00 Platinum 
T-money KingFemale 40-44Losers Wax H2Green17.1512.53 Platinum 
Elizabeth KingRoyal Oak, MIFemale 30-34The Gnarwhals2Green18.9124.08 Gold 
Bruce KrauseBerkley, MIMale 60-64Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Green19.7829.79 Silver 
 Tom LiningAuburn Hills, MIMale 55-59Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Orange17.6117.79 Gold 
Smackins MacKensFemale 55-59Wax This!2Green18.4320.93 Platinum 
Emilio OlivarezRochester, MIMale 30-34The Gnarwhals2Green16.9611.29 Gold 
Jeff PhillipsTroy, MIMale 40-44We will assign you a team 22Green17.3113.58 Gold 
Benny PopelierMale 35-39We will assign you a team 22Green15.864.07 Platinum 
Dean SellersClarkston, MIMale 55-59Real Zeal Alpine Skier Team #12Green17.2613.25 Platinum 
Justin WilsonGowen, MIMale 30-34The Gnarwhals2Green17.5815.35 Gold 

Geoffrey BeckerRochester Hills, MIMale 21-29Powder to the People3Green16.317.02 Platinum 
Bob BinghamClarkston, MIMale 45-49Gate Crashers3Green19.0024.67 Silver 
Greg BrownGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Green21.3440.03 Bronze 
Julia BrownGrand Blanc, MIFemale 50-54Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Green24.3159.51 Bronze 
Marco CifaniMale 45-49Six Pack Wolf Pack3Orange19.8732.91 Silver 
Mark DaughertyMale 30-34Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Orange26.6778.39 - 
 Jeff DrakslerMale 50-54Six Pack Wolf Pack3Green16.9611.29 Platinum 
Martin DziewitMale 55-59Six Pack Wolf Pack3Green19.0525.00 Silver 
Teddy FooteGrand Blanc, MIMale 21-29Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Orange16.9413.31 Gold 
Robert FooteGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Green19.8630.31 Silver 
Passer GasserMale 50-54Real Zeal #33Orange17.4216.52 Gold 
Mark GratschMale 55-59Danny Noonan SSGL3Orange18.6224.55 Gold 
Jeffrey HolalyMale 35-39Serra Chevrolet Alpine Skier Team3Orange19.6331.30 Silver 
David HuberClarkston, MIMale 60-64Six Pack Wolf Pack3Green18.7022.70 Gold 
James HunterWaterford, MIMale 55-59Danny Noonan SSGL3Green17.9117.52 Gold 
Kayjay JanczarekMale 40-44Real Zeal #33Green16.025.12 Platinum 
Joel LatschGrosse Pointe Park, MIMale 30-34Powder to the People3Green17.2713.32 Gold 
Wade LorimerFranklin, MIMale 21-29Powder to the People3Green16.317.02 Platinum 
Mike MacYMale 40-44Real Zeal #33Green17.8517.13 Gold 
Joshua MartensRoyal Oak, MIMale 40-44Gate Crashers3Green17.4414.44 Gold 
Ross MasonMIMale 35-39Danny Noonan SSGL3Orange18.5924.35 Silver 
Jeff MedinisMale 55-59Danny Noonan SSGL3Green17.1712.66 Platinum 
Zac MitchellMale 21-29Powder to the People3Green19.5728.41 Silver 
Frank MoceriMale 55-59Danny Noonan SSGL3Orange18.0921.00 Gold 
Kurt PetersMale 40-44Danny Noonan SSGL3Orange18.4123.14 Silver 
Jon PoponeaMale 40-44Real Zeal #33Green17.4714.63 Gold 
Jake SeitzMale 21-29Real Zeal #33Orange29.5197.39 - 
Melissa SrockBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 45-49Powder to the People3Green19.2326.18 Gold 
Dane TruscottMale 35-39Gate Crashers3Green18.6722.51 Silver 
Tom VanitallieMale 55-59Six Pack Wolf Pack3Orange19.7231.91 Silver 
Ryan ZoellnerMale 40-44Gate Crashers3Green17.2012.86 Platinum 

Tim AdamsMale 50-54Musketballs4Orange20.9239.93 S* Gold 
Tony BettsTroy, MIMale 50-54DNF4Green20.8937.07 Silver 
Farmer BinghamMale 45-49We will assign you a team 14Orange19.4129.83 Silver 
Jason CrabtreeRochester, MIMale 50-54DNF4Orange18.8426.02 Silver 
Kurt DawsonOxford, MIMale 65-69Keep Your Day Job4Orange18.6925.02 Gold 
Matt DawsonMale 35-39Keep Your Day Job4Green22.9650.66 S* Silver 
Garret GotaasClarkston, MIMale 21-29Johnny Patrone and the Shredders4Green17.5715.29 Gold 
Scott GroningerFerndale, MIMale 50-54DNF4Green17.9817.98 Gold 
Daniel HanerMale 35-39Keep Your Day Job4Green25.8269.42 S* - 
Bainer HanerMale 35-39Keep Your Day Job4Orange24.4363.41 S* Bronze 
Megan Kanthook Female 21-29Johnny Patrone and the Shredders4Green23.2652.62 Bronze 
Eero LaansooBloomfield Hills, MIMale 45-49We will assign you a team 14Orange17.3215.85 Gold 
Chris MarcusLake Orion, MIMale 45-49Musketballs4Orange18.4323.28 Silver 
Scott McGillMale 45-49Musketballs4Orange18.6724.88 Silver 
Todd McKennaMale 50-54Musketballs4Green19.1625.72 Silver 
Daniel MooreWexford, PAMale 21-29We will assign you a team 14Green19.4527.62 Silver 
Tim ParsonsMale 55-59We will assign you a team 14Orange20.4536.79 Silver 
Andrew ParsonsMale 21-29We will assign you a team 14Green16.7810.10 Gold 
John PerroneMale 21-29Johnny Patrone and the Shredders4Green18.6522.38 Silver 
Steffen PosaMale 45-49DNF4Green21.1338.65 Bronze 
Jamie PudloMale 45-49DNF4Green19.0024.67 Silver 
Mike ShaferMale 45-49Musketballs4Orange19.5730.90 Silver 

Condo BobMale 50-54The Ballaz5Green22.7749.41 Bronze 
Colin CallahanMale 45-49Guido`s Gliders5Orange20.8739.60 Bronze 
Ron CatlinMale 30-34The Ballaz5Green20.4734.32 Bronze 
Sarah CorcoranRoyal Oak, MIFemale 65-69Team Banzai5Green21.9744.16 Gold 
Kitty DamusMale 45-49The Ballaz5Green19.3526.97 Silver 
Chris GrahamLake Orion, MIMale 60-64Team Banzai5Green21.9143.77 Silver 
Eric HillMale 21-29SHROOMLOCKERS5Green22.8249.74 - 
Jason HilllMale 35-39SHROOMLOCKERS5Orange17.9620.13 Silver 
Dominic MoceriRochester, MIMale 21-29Guido`s Gliders5Orange20.0534.11 Bronze 
Adam NaishMale 40-44The Ballaz5Green20.4834.38 Bronze 
Get OfferMale 65-69White Powder Enthusiasts5Green21.1138.52 Silver 
Ben OfferOxford, MIMale 35-39Team Banzai5Orange18.5424.01 Silver 
Scott PykeOrtonville, MIMale 35-39White Powder Enthusiasts5Green19.4327.49 Silver 
Keith RiegeMale 60-64The Ballaz5Orange21.1141.20 Silver 
Chris RoseBeverly Hills, MIMale 30-34SHROOMLOCKERS5Green20.6635.56 Bronze 
Scott SchaferMale 40-44SHROOMLOCKERS5Green20.2532.87 Silver 
Tony SchneiderClinton Township, MIMale 60-64Team Banzai5Green22.2145.73 Silver 
Matt ShipesMale 40-44White Powder Enthusiasts5Green20.1432.15 Silver 
Neil StelkicMale 35-39SHROOMLOCKERS5Green19.0424.93 Silver 
Guido StumpAuburn Hill, MIMale 55-59Guido`s Gliders5Green18.0718.57 Gold 
Greg WittMale 50-54The Ballaz5Green19.0324.87 Silver 
Molly Wurdack-foltFemale 35-39SHROOMLOCKERS5Green22.9550.59 Bronze 

Chris YurgensMale 45-49Hardknockers #26Green20.2733.01 Silver 
David BarnesLake Orion, MIMale 60-64Hardknockers #16Orange20.7238.60 Silver 
Kristin BerryFemale 50-54Hardknockers #16Orange25.6971.84 Bronze 
Marty Blaszkowalpine SkierMale 55-59Hardknockers #16Green17.6415.75 Platinum 
Brian BranchBeverly Hills, MIMale 60-64Team Heart Attack6Orange20.6938.39 Silver 
Richard Burzynalpine SkierMale 60-64Beverly Chill Billies6Green22.0144.42 Silver 
Vikki CampbellFemale 35-39Im The Captian Now6Green24.7062.07 Bronze 
Steve FerrariLake Orion, MIMale 55-59I`ll Give It A Go Again6Green18.1318.96 Gold 
Aaron GeisterMale 50-54Jay`s Geris6Green21.3740.22 Bronze 
 Craig IrelandClarkston, MIMale 60-64Team Heart Attack6Green18.4821.26 Gold 
Robert Krefalpine SkierMale 70-74Hardknockers #16Green23.0451.18 Bronze 
Glenn LukasMale 60-64Beverly Chill Billies6Green22.0544.69 Silver 
Lindsey LuttinenMale 55-59Team Heart Attack6Orange19.3229.23 Silver 
David McDonnellMale 55-59Beverly Chill Billies6Green21.2639.50 Silver 
Michael McKiernanMale 50-54Jay`s Geris6Green20.4834.38 Silver 
Rich Royer Bloomfield Hills, MIMale 50-54Team Heart Attack6Orange19.2428.70 Silver 
Ed SabolMale 40-44Hardknockers #26Green23.0150.98 S* Silver 
John SabolMale 50-54Hardknockers #26Green19.8630.31 Silver 
Margaret SchmaltzFemale 55-59Beverly Chill Billies6Orange24.5564.21 Bronze 
Kyrstin SheridanTroy, MIFemale 21-29Im The Captian Now6Green22.1145.08 Bronze 
Jeff Stalcup Male 50-54Hardknockers #26Orange19.4830.30 Silver 
Wade SullivanMale 50-54Hardknockers #16Green17.8016.80 Gold 
Eric SuranMale 21-29Im The Captian Now6Green17.1112.27 Gold 
James TedderWaterford, MIMale 50-54Jay`s Geris6Orange19.6831.64 Silver 
Keith VinceMale 50-54I`ll Give It A Go Again6Green18.5821.92 Gold 
William WatchMale 65-69Hardknockers #16Orange23.8859.73 Bronze 
Tim WilberMale 50-54Team Heart Attack6Green21.3940.35 Bronze 
Patrick ZarembaMale 50-54Jay`s Geris6Green19.9831.10 Silver 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)