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Jan 4th, 2021
Monday Night League - Week 1
not provided

Series: Wachusett Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Jan 4th, 2021 - Monday Night League - Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jon adamsMillbury, MAMale 55-59PILSNER BREWSKIOrange29.8921.50 Gold 
David AmbrosinoMale 50-547 Saws PenstockGreen30.9724.93 Silver 
Bob AmeroTownsend, MAMale 65-69Core ShotsGreen34.6439.73 Silver 
Nicole AndersonFemale 40-447 Saws PenstockGreen41.5867.73 Bronze 
Tom AndersonHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws PenstockGreen33.4735.01 Bronze 
Tracy BarberWestminster, MAMale 45-49Team EdgewiseGreen32.5931.46 Silver 
Laura BaroneUpton, MAFemale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comOrange34.5340.37 Gold 
Anna BartuskaBoston, MAFemale 21-29Core ShotsGreen32.0929.45 Silver 
Orson BearPrinceton, MAMale 21-29Green29.6019.40 Silver 
Daniel BeauregardWestminster, MAMale 65-69Loose TurnsOrange31.2827.15 Gold 
Josephine BowenLunenburg, MAFemale 21-29Core ShotsGreen30.7323.96 Silver 
Christopher BoyntonRutland, MAMale 45-497 Saws Fire RoadGreen32.8732.59 Silver 
Amanda BremRevere, MAFemale 30-34Wings Over WachusettGreen34.9440.94 Silver 
Jeffrey BremCarlisle, MAMale 60-64AMADEUSGreen34.0437.31 Silver 
Laura BrownNeedham, MAFemale 35-39GATE MINDS DRINK ALIKEGreen32.3930.66 Gold 
Don BrutvanWestminster, MAMale 60-64Loose TurnsGreen35.5543.40 Silver 
Melinda BryantMedway, MAFemale 45-49GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen36.0145.26 Silver 
 Franz BurkeNeedham, MAMale 55-59GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen30.1221.50 Gold 
 Lisa CelonaWebster, MAFemale 55-59Team EdgewiseGreen36.1245.70 Silver 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws LagerGreen29.3618.43 Gold 
Andrew CroswellLittleton, MAMale 60-645 Guys and a BabeGreen40.4563.17 S* Silver 
Polly CrowninshieldMarblehead, MAFemale 70-74RESOLUTE RACINGOrange33.2135.00 Platinum 
Annie CundariWestminster, MAFemale 55-59E PLURIBUS SKIEMGreen35.8544.61 Silver 
Paul DanisBoylston, MAMale 60-64Carpe SkiemGreen31.4126.70 Gold 
Charlotte DeleoWinchester, MAFemale 30-34Need a LiftGreen33.7836.26 Silver 
Michael DeleoWinchester, MAMale 35-39Need a LiftGreen27.5010.93 Platinum 
Pat DiMariaWestminster, MAMale 65-69Wings Over WachusettGreen41.7768.50 - 
DANA DORSETTWorcester, MAMale 65-69RESOLUTE RACINGGreen30.1821.74 Gold 
Kevin FaganWorcester, MAMale 35-397 Saws SluiceOrange39.9562.40 - 
Ursula FastlWorcester, MAFemale 50-54RESOLUTE RACINGGreen32.8632.55 Gold 
Joe FitzpatrickFramingham, MAMale 35-39RESOLUTE RACINGGreen29.5519.20 Silver 
Rob FletcherLincoln, RIMale 55-59AMADEUSGreen36.2246.11 Bronze 
Edward ForerWarwick, RIMale 35-39Wings Over WachusettGreen32.5831.42 Silver 
Richard ForsterMarlborough, MAMale 60-64E PLURIBUS SKIEMOrange32.8333.46 Silver 
Andy GarsideMale 55-59E PLURIBUS SKIEMGreen31.2426.02 Silver 
David GiammatteoWestminster, MAMale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comGreen30.5923.40 Gold 
Neil GilchristHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws Fire RoadGreen34.6339.69 Bronze 
Jonah GlickmanHolden, MAMale 21-297 Saws LagerGreen26.436.62 Platinum 
Megan Goodale Holden, MAFemale 35-397 Saws Fire RoadGreen43.2274.34 - 
Rebecca GrocciaJefferson, MAFemale 40-447 Saws LagerGreen31.5027.07 Gold 
Steve HiermanMale 70-74Loose TurnsGreen35.2041.99 Silver 
Adam HolubAyer, MAMale 21-29Need a LiftGreen31.4927.03 Silver 
 Allison HopkinsWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Golf and Gamble.comGreen29.3818.52 Platinum 
Michael JonesMale 40-447 Saws LagerGreen30.0421.18 Silver 
Chris KennedyMillbury, MAMale 55-59PILSNER BREWSKIOrange29.4819.84 Gold 
Karen KennedyMillbury, MAFemale 50-54PILSNER BREWSKIGreen30.2722.11 Platinum 
Christopher KeyesSutton, MAMale 50-54PILSNER BREWSKIGreen31.8028.28 Silver 
Eric KuczarskiWorcester, MAMale 45-497 Saws SluiceGreen31.6527.67 Silver 
William LeavittLexington, MAMale 55-59AMADEUSGreen31.9028.68 Silver 
Paul MagerMarlborough, MAMale 55-59Golf and Gamble.comGreen28.2714.04 Platinum 
Rachel MagerMarlborough, MAFemale 21-29Carpe SkiemGreen33.5735.42 Silver 
Tucker MahoneyHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws DragoGreen38.5455.47 - 
Joshua MartinBurlington, MAMale 40-44E PLURIBUS SKIEMGreen30.5923.40 Silver 
Patrick McMahonLexington, MAMale 21-29Carpe SkiemGreen31.1325.57 Silver 
Troy MillikenPrinceton, MAMale 40-447 Saws LagerGreen30.0021.02 Silver 
Larry ModestowSouthborough, MAMale 60-64Golf and Gamble.comGreen36.3446.59 Bronze 
Kyle MoranAshland, MAMale 30-34Team EdgewiseGreen39.2858.45 - 
Sabrina MoreauBelchertown, MAFemale 35-39GATE MINDS DRINK ALIKEOrange34.6640.89 Silver 
Sean MuirMarlborough, MAMale 30-34GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen37.7952.44 - 
Paul MulroyHolden, MAMale 35-397 Saws Fire RoadGreen31.6727.75 Silver 
Stephanie MulroyHOLDEN, MAFemale 40-447 Saws SluiceOrange41.4468.46 - 
Thomas MulroyHolden, MAMale 40-447 Saws SluiceGreen37.1449.82 - 
 John NestelWalpole, MAMale 50-545 Guys and a BabeGreen31.0325.17 Silver 
Timothy NittmannMarlborough, MAMale 21-29Wings Over WachusettGreen37.7052.08 - 
Alan NordActon, MAMale 70-74CARVE AND BURNGreen38.9156.96 Bronze 
Michael PacakBellingham, MAMale 60-64GATE MINDS DRINK ALIKEGreen40.3162.61 - 
THOMAS PENNELLMale 65-69CARVE AND BURNGreen47.4391.33 - 
Bob PlatzShrewsbury, MAMale 55-59Carpe SkiemGreen32.0629.33 Silver 
William RichardAshburnham, MAMale 60-64AMADEUSGreen33.2334.05 Silver 
John RichardsonAyer, MAMale 40-44GATE MINDS DRINK ALIKEGreen28.5014.97 Gold 
Ryan RobinsonMale 45-497 Saws PenstockOrange33.2835.28 Bronze 
Rick RomanoChelmsford, MAMale 55-59Core ShotsGreen29.0417.14 Gold 
Jeff RozakMale 50-54GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen28.1213.43 Platinum 
Susan RozakMedway, MAFemale 55-59GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen36.3046.43 Silver 
Nolan RyanHolden, MAMale 21-297 Saws Fire RoadGreen35.2342.11 Bronze 
Tracie ScottWoodstock, CTFemale 55-59Team EdgewiseGreen36.1945.99 Silver 
Matthew SelbyMale 45-49GATE MINDS DRINK ALIKEGreen43.6976.24 S* - 
Robert SoluriLincoln, MAMale 55-59E PLURIBUS SKIEMGreen28.8616.42 Gold 
Arden SonnenbergSterling, MAFemale 55-595 Guys and a BabeOrange39.2059.35 S* Gold 
Joel SouthallArlington, MAMale 40-44Core ShotsGreen35.4643.04 Bronze 
Rob StandleyActon, MAMale 50-54RESOLUTE RACINGGreen30.0221.10 Gold 
Kathy StodulskiGrafton, MAFemale 40-44PILSNER BREWSKIGreen31.1225.53 Gold 
Jeffrey Sturges SrMARLBOROUGH, MAMale 70-74RESOLUTE RACINGGreen30.6823.76 Platinum 
Timothy SweetenMale 45-497 Saws PenstockGreen42.0669.67 S* Bronze 
Tom TinoryPrinceton, MAMale 60-64Loose TurnsGreen30.7924.20 Gold 
Bob TorosianAshland, MAMale 70-74Team EdgewiseGreen32.9933.08 Gold 
Peter TuftsSutton, MAMale 50-54PILSNER BREWSKIGreen30.8124.28 Silver 
 Geoff VinceletteSutton, MAMale 45-495 Guys and a BabeGreen33.2334.05 S* Gold 
Paul WallaceNewton, MAMale 30-34Need a LiftGreen36.1645.87 Bronze 
THOMAS WARNICKLEOMINSTER, MAMale 60-64Wings Over WachusettGreen34.9340.90 Silver 
Dan WelchMarlborough, MAMale 55-59Golf and Gamble.comGreen29.0016.98 Gold 
Kyle WescottHudson, MAMale 35-395 Guys and a BabeGreen30.8424.41 Silver 
Caroline WiklundDedham, MAFemale 21-29GONE IN 30 SECONDSGreen36.0245.30 Bronze 
Lucinda WrightBoxborough, MAFemale 60-64AMADEUSOrange35.2243.17 Silver 
Andrew ZereskiHolden, MAMale 45-497 Saws SluiceGreen31.7728.16 Silver 

S = Snowboard (-20)