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Jan 3rd, 2021
Overcast, 28 degrees
Beautiful day on the mtn

Par Time

Results for Jan 3rd, 2021 - Daily NASTAR

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Lucas AndersonBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green33.2236.60 Gold 
Lydia AndersonBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green29.8622.78 Platinum 
Burke AubuchonWorcester, MAMale 10-11Green34.4741.74 Gold 
Lucy AubuchonPrinceton, MAFemale 8-9Green36.4049.67 Gold 
Thomas BatesClinton, MAMale 12-13Green31.0227.55 Gold 
Kim BentWorcester, MAFemale 50-54Green45.1185.49 S* Bronze 
Emma BourgeoisPrinceton, MAFemale 16-17Green35.8547.41 Bronze 
Josephine BowenLunenburg, MAFemale 21-29Green34.2240.71 Bronze 
Jillian BradfordBoylston, MAFemale 12-13Green28.3916.74 Platinum 
Joel BradfordBoylston, MAMale 45-49Green28.0915.50 Gold 
William BradfordBoylston, MAMale 10-11Green33.2836.84 Gold 
Eric ChatelleHolden, MAMale 40-44Green29.5921.67 Silver 
     Green34.3241.12 Gold 
Hannah ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 8-9Green44.5583.18 Bronze 
Lydia ChatelleHolden, MAFemale 6-7Green45.7087.91 Silver 
Siming ChenSherborn, MAFemale 12-13Green31.7830.67 Gold 
Isabelle ColemanSterling, MAFemale 12-13Green32.6334.17 Gold 
Brooke CombsLeominster, MAFemale 12-13Green28.8218.50 Platinum 
Robbie CotterBoylston, MAMale 14-15Green31.0327.59 Silver 
Liam CunniffCharlton, MAMale 12-13Green40.7467.52 Bronze 
Micah DawsonEast Greenwich, RIMale 10-11Green31.7230.43 Gold 
Dasha DreflinWinchester, MAFemale 6-7Green1:12.56198.40 - 
Elsa FishLancaster, MAFemale 10-11Green34.4941.82 Gold 
Phoebe ForguesShrewsbury, MAFemale 12-13Green29.8322.66 Platinum 
Jane FreundNorth Andover, MAFemale 16-17Green31.0327.59 Silver 
Finley GaconShrewsbury, MAFemale 6-7Green53.80121.22 Bronze 
Aidan GhidellaShewsbury, MAMale 12-13Green28.9819.16 Platinum 
Cole GiffordDartmouth, MAMale 12-13Green29.6421.88 Gold 
Alexis GillisWinchester, MAFemale 40-44Green36.1748.73 Silver 
Colton GillisWinchester, MAMale 6-7Green47.8796.83 Bronze 
Max GlazerWilmington, MAMale 10-11Green39.5162.46 Bronze 
Jo Jo GrangerPrinceton, MAFemale 1-5GreenDNF-  
Richie GrangerPrinceton, MAMale 6-7GreenDNF-  
Brody HarrisAndover, MAMale 12-13Green52.10114.23 S* - 
Ella HatcherStow, MAFemale 16-17Green32.6434.21 Silver 
Chase HeppeRutland, MAMale 10-11Green35.8447.37 Silver 
 Allison HopkinsWorcester, MAFemale 55-59Green29.4821.22 Platinum 
Elizabeth HossackSomerville, MAFemale 12-13Green29.6421.88 Platinum 
Alex Hurlbut LeskBoxborough, MAMale 8-9Green44.0180.96 Bronze 
Angela IlicActon, MAFemale 12-13Green30.5925.78 Gold 
Lucia IlicActon, MAFemale 10-11Green34.2740.91 Gold 
Dylan JamesHolden, MAMale 10-11Green31.2828.62 Gold 
Cameron KearchnerWestminster, MAMale 12-13Green38.1156.70 Bronze 
William KelleherShrewsbury, MAMale 14-15Green32.2232.48 Silver 
Mackenzie KyciaSudbury, MAFemale 12-13Green34.3441.20 Silver 
Astrid LeeMendon, MAFemale 14-15Green28.2316.08 Platinum 
Maddox LeeMendon, MAMale 12-13Green27.2412.01 Platinum 
Maya LenormandBurlington, MAFemale 12-13Green38.8159.58 Bronze 
Owen LuddenHolden, MAMale 12-13Green27.7614.14 Platinum 
Lindsey MillerHudson, MAFemale 14-15Green31.0227.55 Gold 
Stephen paquinMEDFIELD, MAMale 50-54Green41.8772.16 - 
Tyler PaquinMedfield, MAMale 16-17Green31.5529.73 Silver 
Chayse ParkerWestminster, MAMale 12-13Green40.5166.57 Bronze 
Keelan PetersonWestford, MAFemale 12-13Green41.6871.38 - 
Kieran PetersonGreen36.4850.00 ? 
Kieran PetersonWestford, MAMale 8-9Green37.5754.48 Silver 
Aarna PrasadSouth Easton, MAFemale 12-13Green38.2857.40 Bronze 
 Anika PrasadFemale 16-17Green32.1832.32 Silver 
Avyaya PrasadSouth Easton, MAFemale 6-7Green51.10110.12 Bronze 
Jasper PrideHarvard, MAMale 10-11Green33.0435.86 Gold 
Izzy ReidLittleton, MAFemale 12-13Green27.7113.94 Platinum 
Taylor RileyLancaster, MAFemale 18-20Green27.8814.64 Platinum 
Kate RobinsonPrinceton, MAFemale 12-13Green30.9527.26 Gold 
Rick RomanoChelmsford, MAMale 55-59Green28.2116.00 Gold 
Christian SargisCharlton, MAMale 12-13Green29.7622.37 Gold 
 Tai SayarathTempleton, MAMale 10-11Green31.9931.54 Gold 
Callan SchofieldBrookline, MAMale 1-5Green1:12.69198.89 - 
Kai SchofieldBrookline, MAMale 8-9Green51.17110.40 - 
Matt SchwartzWoburn, MAMale 45-49Green30.5925.78 Silver 
Avigail SharonNewton Center, MAFemale 16-17Green30.4725.29 Silver 
Sean SheehanWest Barrnstable, MAMale 12-13Green39.5962.79 Bronze 
Danika SnyderWestminster, MAFemale 8-9Green37.8355.55 Silver 
Chloe SparksBolton, MAFemale 10-11Green34.7642.93 Gold 
Elise SteelePrinceton, MAFemale 8-9Green39.9864.39 Silver 
Ava SungarianShrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Green33.4437.50 Gold 
Harrison TaylorLunenburg, MAMale 12-13Green29.2920.44 Platinum 
Jula UtzschneiderNorthborough, MAFemale 14-15Green30.5325.53 Gold 
Mina UtzschneiderNorthborough, MAFemale 16-17Green29.6221.79 Gold 
Olivia ValcourtWestford, MAFemale 14-15Green29.8322.66 Gold 
Nikita Vertii-KantShrewsbury, MAFemale 10-11Green36.2048.85 Silver 
Erin WadeStonington, CTFemale 8-9Green47.1293.75 Bronze 
Jack WadeStonington, CTMale 10-11Green41.0168.63 Bronze 
Sean WambackWorcesterMale 14-15Green45.7187.95 S* - 
Jacob WhitcomeHubbardston, MAMale 16-17Green38.4658.14 S* Bronze 
Amelie WohlfeldFemale 10-11Green37.2953.33 Silver 
Heidi XieActon, MAFemale 14-15Green30.9427.22 Gold 
Leila XieActon, MAFemale 12-13Green32.1031.99 Gold 

S = Snowboard (-20)