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Possum Run Racing

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Jan 10th, 2021
Snow Trails/Possum Run Racing SL
Mild and Clear

Par Time

Results for Jan 10th, 2021 - Snow Trails/Possum Run Racing SL

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Baron AnschutzLucas, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange44.97113.53 - 
Brady AnschutzLucas, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green41.52103.23 - 
Jacob BonteMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange41.3796.44 Bronze 
Isobel BooromMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange52.31148.39 - 
Trinity BowmanLexington, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green59.39190.70 - 
Hutch BurkhartBellville, OHMale 6-7b) Boys 6 & underOrange1:16.87265.00 - 
Marissa CulliganWesterville, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Green57.33180.62 - 
Bill DoehlaMansfield, OHMale 50-54f) Boys 10-12Orange38.1281.01 - 
Ryder DoehlaMansfield, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Orange47.33124.74 - 
Aubrie EggertonFredericktown, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green48.89139.30 - 
Ethan EggertonFredericktown, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green37.2182.13 Bronze 
Alexa FischerColumbus, OHFemale 14-15g) Girls 13-17Green39.1691.68 - 
Christian FischerColumbus, OHMale 50-54l) Boys 36+Green39.5893.73 - 
Ian FischerColumbus, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Orange42.72102.85 - 
James FlowersPowell, OHMale 1-5b) Boys 6 & underOrange51.13142.78 Bronze 
Alexis FosterMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange42.13100.05 - 
Jack FosterMansfield, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green45.46122.52 - 
Jacquelyn FosterMansfield, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange37.0475.88 Bronze 
Matthew FosterMansfield, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange51.64145.20 - 
Caleb GreggGalena, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green45.04120.46 - 
Ethan HaagAshland, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Green36.3978.12 Bronze 
Austin HadleyAshland, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Orange41.4096.58 - 
Amelia HamiltonBellville, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Green46.84129.27 Bronze 
Evan HamiltonBellville, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Green36.4678.46 - 
Liam HamiltonLexington, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange33.6359.69 Bronze 
Wade HamiltonBellville, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange49.98137.32 - 
William HamiltonBellville, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange29.0938.13 Bronze 
Wyatt HamiltonLexington, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange37.2276.73 Bronze 
Douglas HeckertDelaware, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Orange25.4020.61 Gold 
Meredith HeckertMansfield, OHFemale 14-15g) Girls 13-17Orange28.1733.76 Silver 
Stephen HeckertMansfield, OHMale 16-17h) Boys 13-17Green24.6320.56 Gold 
Junko Kato-WeinsteinDublin, OHFemale 55-59k) Girls 36+Orange32.7955.70 Silver 
Eliza KnightBELLVILLE, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green1:13.59260.21 - 
Charles MartinReynoldsburg, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12OrangeDSQ-  
Ella MaukValley View, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Orange40.7793.59 - 
Liam McCaskeyMale 6-7d) Boys 7-9Green50.93149.29 - 
 Frederick MichelWooster, OHMale 55-59l) Boys 36+Orange33.7460.21 Bronze 
Kaden MokrosMansdield, OHMale 6-7b) Boys 6 & underOrange1:03.67202.33 - 
Kaylee MokrosMansfield, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Orange1:01.6192.50 - 
Cameron MooreAvon, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange41.3596.34 - 
Mia MooreAvon, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Green43.90114.88 - 
Jim NoahAvon, INMale 60-64l) Boys 36+Green25.2423.54 Gold 
Anthony ParkerMansfield, OHMale 12-13f) Boys 10-12Green51.72153.16 - 
Henry ParkerMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Green47.88134.36 - 
 Hannah PryorMansfield, OHFemale 16-17g) Girls 13-17Orange31.0147.25 Bronze 
Michaela PryorMansfield, OHFemale 6-7c) Girls 7-9Orange50.15138.13 - 
Rebecca PryorMansfield, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange42.78103.13 - 
Abigail RalstonSunbury, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange45.60116.52 - 
Molly RalstonSunbury, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange36.9875.59 Bronze 
Mitch RiegelMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange26.0423.65 Gold 
Nevaeh RiffleSunbury, OHFemale 12-13g) Girls 13-17Orange1:02.22195.44 - 
Owen RothMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange26.1624.22 Gold 
Ella SchmidtMansfield, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange40.0790.27 Bronze 
Jakob SchmidtMansfield, OHMale 8-9d) Boys 7-9Orange34.9565.95 Silver 
Jacob SchwanerBrunswick, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange30.0542.69 Bronze 
Jim SidesColumbus, OHMale 60-64l) Boys 36+Orange30.3143.92 Silver 
Ashton SpleteGalena, OHMale 1-5b) Boys 6 & underOrange1:04.65206.98 - 
Calvin SpleteGalena, OHMale 10-11f) Boys 10-12Orange42.0399.57 - 
Eric SpleteGalena, OHMale 50-54l) Boys 36+Orange30.7546.01 Bronze 
Olivia SpleteGalena, OHFemale 12-13e) Girls 10-12Orange41.1495.35 - 
Christopher(CJ) SteffeyMansfield, OHMale 14-15h) Boys 13-17Orange25.2219.75 Gold 
Taylor SteffeyMansfield, OHMale 12-13h) Boys 13-17Orange27.6431.24 Silver 
Layla TalkingtonCANAL FULTON, OHFemale 10-11e) Girls 10-12Orange42.74102.94 - 
Lucy ThomasMansfield, OHFemale 8-9c) Girls 7-9Green50.87149.00 - 
Bob TurnerColumbus, OHMale 70-74l) Boys 36+Orange35.0266.29 Bronze 
Sho WeinsteinDublin, OHMale 18-20j) Boys 18-35Green26.4029.22 Bronze