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Jan 10th, 2021
Ski Challenge BHSUNA PRACTICE wK 1 - 2021
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Par Time

Jeremy Peterson (suit)
Andrew Larson (suit)
Results for Jan 10th, 2021 - Ski Challenge BHSUNA PRACTICE wK 1 - 2021

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
JASON ACKERFarmington, MNMale 45-49Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.4711.34 Platinum 
Victoria AckerFarmington, MNFemale 12-13Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.0559.66 Bronze 
NICOLE ANDERSONEden Prairie, MNFemale 40-44Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.6139.15 Silver 
DAN ARMSTRONGMinneapolis, MNMale 60-64Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9820.97 Gold 
Chris BlanchardMaple Plain, MNMale 40-44Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9720.91 Silver 
Andrew BroeckerChamplin, MNMale 35-39Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.9414.34 Gold 
Matthew ClementsDeephaven, MNMale 12-13The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.4930.59 Gold 
Scarlett ClementsDeephaven, MNFemale 10-11The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.0248.23 Silver 
Roann CramerMinneapolis, MNFemale 60-64Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.2154.30 Silver 
Phill DalagerMaple Grove, MNMale 55-59Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.7332.12 Silver 
Braden DeboerPrior Lake, MNMale 14-15Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.3418.09 Gold 
Kristin DeboerPrior Lake, MNFemale 40-44Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.8246.94 Silver 
MARK DELGEHAUSENChamplin, MNMale 60-64Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.4712.49 Platinum 
Nicholas DickelWayzata, MNMale 40-44The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.6113.39 Gold 
Skip DickelMedina, MNMale 75-79Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.9434.84 Gold 
NETTIE DOEDENFemale 50-54Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.5419.38 Platinum 
PIUS EIGENMANNPlymouth, MNMale 65-69Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.6513.65 Platinum 
Jeff EldenMinneapolis, MNMale 40-44Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.049.72 Platinum 
Norah EldenMinneapolis, MNFemale 10-11Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen28.4583.19 - 
Chris EngstromEdina, MNMale 50-54Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.0327.66 Silver 
 Eric EwaldVictoria, MNMale 45-49Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.3810.77 Platinum 
Charlie FoxShorewood, MNMale 65-69Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.9735.03 Silver 
Chip FoxShorewood, MNMale 30-34Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.6518.87 Silver 
Marie FranchettMinneapolis, MNFemale 60-64Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.9533.52 Gold 
Emma GannonSavage, MNMale 16-17Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1123.05 Silver 
Sophie GannonSavage, MNFemale 18-20Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.9028.14 Silver 
TIM GERLACHApple Valley, MNMale 50-54PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.7613.19 Platinum 
Calvin GilmanEdina, MNMale 35-39Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.009.47 Platinum 
Jack GleasonST LOUIS PARK, MNMale 65-69Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.2423.89 Gold 
Ethan GlynnPrior Lake, MNMale 12-13Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.6139.15 Silver 
Gary GriffinMinneapolis, MNMale 65-69The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.5618.29 Platinum 
Kerri GuehrerBurnsville, MNFemale 60-64PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.8820.33 Platinum 
Jason GustEden Prairie, MNMale 45-49Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.4536.71 Bronze 
TODD GUSTAFSONBloomington, MNMale 60-64Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.6625.30 Gold 
Owen HealyLakeville, MNMale 12-13Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.0233.97 Gold 
Tom HealyMale 50-54Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.2328.94 Silver 
Dan HeilandPlymouth, MNMale 65-69The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.5219.25 Platinum 
Heidi HeilandPlymouth, MNFemale 55-59Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1623.37 Platinum 
KAREN HEINRICHWayzata, MNFemale 40-44The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.3023.01 Gold 
RUTHIE HENDERSONNew Brighton, MNFemale 60-64Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.9935.16 Gold 
 Derek HennekensSavage, MNMale 40-44Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6212.30 Platinum 
Todd HorsagerLakeville, MNMale 60-64Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.5432.26 Silver 
Paul JansenMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeOrange16.736.63 Platinum 
Jerry JohanningMinnetonka, MNMale 50-54Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.7940.31 Bronze 
RYAN KAVANAUGHWoodbury, MNMale 40-44Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.6213.46 Gold 
Dan KealeyBurnsville, MNMale 60-64PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.8713.89 Platinum 
Isabella KeatingLong Lake, MNFemale 70-74Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.5044.88 Gold 
Molly KeatingLong Lake, MNFemale 12-13Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeOrange28.7983.49 - 
DAVID KENNEDYMinnetrista, MNMale 60-64Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.5724.73 Gold 
DAN KILDUFFMendota Hghts, MNMale 70-74PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.0722.79 Platinum 
Copelan King-ellisonPlymouth, MNMale 8-9The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.5462.78 Silver 
Kelly King-ellisonPlymouth, MNFemale 40-44Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.4724.09 Gold 
Roenen King-ellisonPlymouth, MNMale 10-11The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.6931.87 Gold 
KEITH KLETTEagan, MNMale 45-49Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.2817.71 Gold 
Bob KnutsonLakeville, MNMale 60-64Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8132.63 Silver 
Cassie KoenigEagan, MNFemale 35-39Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.4444.49 Silver 
Mike KrahulecMinneapolis, MNMale 30-34Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.0128.85 Silver 
Greg KrothBloomington, MNMale 60-64PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1928.68 Gold 
Ava KruegerSt Louis Park, MNFemale 12-13The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.6132.71 Gold 
Gigi KruegerSt Louis Park, MNFemale 8-9The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeGreen29.8392.08 Bronze 
 Andrew LarsonHopkins, MNMale 40-44Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6512.49 Platinum 
Rick LassowMinneapolis, MNMale 40-44Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeGreen26.3869.86 - 
Will LassowMinneapolis, MNMale 8-9Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeGreen26.9173.28 Bronze 
WALT LINDERChanhassen, MNMale 60-64Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8132.63 Silver 
Terry LutzEdina, MNMale 60-64Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.1310.30 Platinum 
Alice MaddenMinnetonka, MNFemale 55-59The Young & EdgelessThe SKi ChallengeOrange18.2416.25 Platinum 
ROBERT MADSENBloomington, MNMale 55-59Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.9121.76 Gold 
KEVIN MCDANIELSRiver Falls, WIMale 65-69Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.5619.51 Platinum 
Scott MickelsonPlymouth, MNMale 30-34Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3617.02 Silver 
Travis MillsMound, MNMale 35-39Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3516.95 Gold 
Alex NeeEagan, MNMale 35-39Rut RohThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.2117.26 Gold 
Kurt NiersteMinneapolis, MNMale 45-49Bunker`s HeroesThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6612.56 Platinum 
Resi NiersteMinneapolis, MNFemale 10-11The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeGreen31.29101.48 - 
CHIP NORRISChamplin, MNMale 60-64Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.0721.54 Gold 
Adam OszustowiczEdina, MNMale 50-54Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1028.11 Silver 
GREGG PASCHKESavage, MNMale 60-64Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.5024.28 Gold 
Ella PaulsenExcelsior, MNFemale 14-15Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.7126.92 Gold 
Jennifer PaulsenExcelsior, MNFemale 40-44Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.5638.83 Silver 
 Jeremy PetersonChaska, MNMale 45-49Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.1410.37 Platinum 
Steve ReichertPrior Lake, MNMale 55-59Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.3737.60 Silver 
Jon RichterTonka Bay, MNMale 60-64Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.2611.14 Platinum 
Bruce RiversMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.2630.46 Silver 
Brad RonhovdeEagan, MNMale 55-59PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1915.93 Platinum 
PETER ROWLANDShorewood, MNMale 60-64PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6912.75 Platinum 
Charlie RuohoMNMale 8-9Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.4150.74 Gold 
Jack RuohoChaska, MNMale 10-11Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.7932.50 Gold 
John RuohoChaska, MNMale 55-59Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7319.38 Gold 
KIRK SHELLUMRichfield, MNMale 60-64Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6912.75 Platinum 
 Kristina SheridanMinnetonka, MNFemale 45-49Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.8013.45 Platinum 
Riley SpielerPrior Lake, MNMale 14-15Need for SkiThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.0216.03 Gold 
Tim SprauExcelsior, MNMale 50-54Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.2010.75 Platinum 
 Nick SquiersChanhassen, MNMale 35-39Mach SchnellThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.159.31 Platinum 
Jonas StaritaChanhassen, MNMale 45-49Rut RidersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.0916.48 Gold 
Tatum StaritaChanhassen, MNFemale 14-15Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.0033.84 Silver 
JACQUES STASSARTSt Paul, MNMale 65-69The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.2629.13 Gold 
Rene SteinerMound, MNMale 65-69Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.3524.60 Gold 
JULI STOCKBERGERMinneapolis, MNFemale 60-64Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.9228.27 Platinum 
Samantha ThompsonMinneapolis, MNFemale 21-29Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7219.31 Gold 
MAGGIE TRENARYExcelsior, MNFemale 55-59Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1828.62 Gold 
Rick TrenaryMinnetrista, MNMale 55-59Ladies of the NightThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.6512.49 Platinum 
 Matt TruslerVadnais Hts, MNMale 40-44Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.2223.76 Silver 
 Dave WalkerMale 50-54Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.0314.91 Platinum 
Barth WardEdina, MNMale 60-64Carving TurkeysThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.7012.81 Platinum 
 Brent WastiRosemount, MNMale 50-54The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.2611.14 Platinum 
Ruedi WeissCorcoran, MNMale 50-54Buhler BlizzardThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.1616.93 Gold 
DALE WESTVIGChanhassen, MNMale 65-69Ragged EdgesThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.5030.66 Gold 
DANA WHEELOCKSt. Paul, MNMale 65-69The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.7520.73 Gold 
James WildmanMinnetrista, MNMale 8-9The Force AwakensThe Ski ChallengeGreen25.0161.04 Silver 
Adam WolfMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39The Young & EdgelessThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9320.65 Silver 
 John WrightEdina, MNMale 55-59PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7219.31 Gold 
Sophie WrightEdina, MNFemale 16-17PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7019.18 Gold 
Mark YoungWayzata, MNMale 50-54Veloci-RacersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7619.57 Gold 
Todd ZaunSartell, MNMale 50-54Wax PoachersThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.7546.49 Bronze 
 Randal ZoellerSavage, MNMale 50-54PowderkegsThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.9315.45 Gold