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Jan 5th, 2021
Tuesday Night League - Week 1
30's and very light flurries

Series: Wachusett Night League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 4 including at least 1 Female
Par Time

Results for Jan 5th, 2021 - Tuesday Night League - Week 1

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Phillip AbellWorcester, MAMale 21-29The Pole WackersGreen30.0921.92 Silver 
Fred Adams Franklin, MAMale 65-69Orange33.0933.43 Silver 
Jonathan AlvingMale 55-59Will Ski For BeerOrange29.9020.56 Gold 
Richard BasqueConcord, MAMale 65-69SKICHAIR SWRTGreen30.1722.24 Gold 
Timothy BergeWakefield, RIMale 60-64SkiChair COrange31.4926.98 Gold 
Michael BergerMale 30-34#jerryofthedayOrange32.4530.85 Bronze 
Trisha BergerWorcester, MAFemale 35-39#jerryofthedayGreen31.5427.80 Gold 
Quinn BerubeWorcester, MAFemale 18-20SkiChair CGreen28.6616.13 Gold 
Josephine BowenLunenburg, MAFemale 21-29The Pole WackersOrange30.0121.01 Gold 
Joel BradfordBoylston, MAMale 45-49First Chair Last CallGreen26.055.55 Platinum 
Abby CainMedford, MAFemale 30-34Quarantine Baby MakersGreen38.3355.31 Bronze 
Jeffrey CainMedford, MAMale 30-34Quarantine Baby MakersOrange38.9757.14 - 
Nicole CarlsonN Grafton, MAFemale 35-39SkiChair BOrange30.3822.50 Gold 
James CiocioloMale 35-39EAST BOUND & DOWNGreen27.9713.33 Gold 
Kelly ConnorsLeominster, MAFemale 21-29WHISKI EVERYWHEREOrange27.6311.41 Platinum 
Drew CumminsLancaster, MAMale 50-54SkiChair COrange29.0417.10 Gold 
Bruce CurrieMale 40-44Quarantine Baby MakersGreen30.1522.16 Silver 
 Jonathan DaigeWorcester, MAMale 35-39#jerryofthedayOrange30.4022.58 Silver 
Alan DavisFranklin, MAMale 60-64SKICHAIR EX ATHLETESGreen27.5611.67 Platinum 
Steven DefrancescoBolton, MAMale 50-54Altar SkigoGreen28.7416.45 Gold 
Kateri DeMartinoGardner, MAFemale 40-44SkiChair BGreen32.9333.43 Gold 
Jarad DewolfeMale 30-34#jerryofthedayOrange33.6735.77 Bronze 
Ryan DolanWorcester, MAMale 21-29#jerryofthedayGreen32.8733.18 Bronze 
Peter DonaldsonArlington, MAMale 21-29The Pole WackersOrange26.296.01 Platinum 
Michael DutileMale 30-34First Chair Last CallGreen26.145.92 Platinum 
Jennifer EnglishFemale 45-49SKICHAIR SWRTOrange41.9168.99 Bronze 
Spencer FieldsWorcester, MAMale 30-34Snow Must Go OnGreen34.8841.33 Bronze 
Doug FosdickMale 70-74Clipped WingsGreen36.0946.23 Silver 
Elliott FoxWorcester, MAMale 30-34Snow Must Go OnGreen34.2938.94 Bronze 
Thomas GardnerMale 65-69BOLDER AND COLDEROrange36.0845.48 Silver 
John GillmanGardner, MAMale 40-44BOLDER AND COLDEROrange30.9024.60 Silver 
Mike GormleyLunenburg, MAMale 65-69SkiChair BGreen30.2822.69 Gold 
Jack GriffinBolton, MAMale 45-49JAGER BOMBERSOrange28.5014.92 Gold 
Justin GriffinPrinceton, MAMale 40-44JAGER BOMBERSGreen26.929.08 Platinum 
Douglas GroutMale 35-39Orange29.3318.27 Silver 
Wayne HaddadWorcester, MAMale 60-64Altar SkigoOrange32.0429.19 T* Platinum 
Luke HanlonWorcester, MAMale 21-29WHISKI EVERYWHEREOrange25.472.70 Platinum 
Martha HanrightTempleton, MAFemale 55-59First Chair Last CallOrange29.3918.51 Platinum 
Ben HebertJefferson, MAMale 40-44#jerryofthedayGreen31.8829.17 Silver 
Dave HeikkinenWhitinsville, MAMale 40-44SKICHAIR EX ATHLETESOrange27.7711.98 Platinum 
Adam HeppeRutland, MAMale 40-44First Chair Last CallOrange26.637.38 Platinum 
Nathan HequembourgHolden, MAMale 40-44BOLDER AND COLDEROrange31.3226.29 Silver 
Chris HoldenLUNENBURG, MAMale 60-64Piste OffGreen30.6424.15 Gold 
Patrick HorganAshburnham, MAMale 50-54SkiChair BOrange27.3610.32 Platinum 
 Eugene KalasnikovsNorth Attleboro, MAMale 40-44Will Ski For BeerGreen34.2338.70 Bronze 
Bobby KilgusPrinceton, MAMale 35-39JAGER BOMBERSOrange26.938.59 Platinum 
Kara KimballWorcester, MAFemale 30-34Snow Must Go OnOrange31.3126.25 Gold 
Bryce KirbyBerlin, MAMale 40-44Quarantine Baby MakersOrange28.8116.17 Gold 
Stephen KristoShrewsbury, MAMale 60-64SkiChair BOrange29.6319.48 Gold 
WILLIAM KROPPAuburn, MAMale 65-69SkiChair CGreen29.8921.11 Gold 
Dave LieblichMale 60-64Altar SkigoOrange28.7215.81 Platinum 
Allison LubinFemale 45-49EAST BOUND & DOWNOrange33.5435.24 Gold 
Ken LubinMillbury, MAMale 45-49SKICHAIR EX ATHLETESOrange26.045.00 Platinum 
Chris MagliozziClinton, MAMale 60-64Green30.5423.74 Gold 
John MarshallTempleton, MAMale 65-69SkiChair DOrange31.8228.31 Gold 
Jonathan MartinWINCHENDON, MAMale 30-34BOLDER AND COLDEROrange33.0133.10 Bronze 
Gary McAlisterMale 60-64Orange35.8744.64 Silver 
Kinsey McNamaraFemale 21-29The Pole WackersOrange29.8020.16 Gold 
Jon MechlinBolton, MAMale 60-64Piste OffOrange28.0913.27 Platinum 
Will MeyersPrinceton, MAMale 21-29WHISKI EVERYWHEREOrange26.547.02 Platinum 
Eric MillbrandtMason, NHMale 40-44Will Ski For BeerGreen32.1530.27 Silver 
Wendy MooreWestborough, MAFemale 60-64SKICHAIR EX ATHLETESOrange30.0221.05 Platinum 
Shelby MorrisonSouthborough, MAFemale 21-29The Pole WackersGreen28.2914.63 Platinum 
Ciara MurphyPepperell, MAFemale 18-20Will Ski For BeerOrange32.2329.96 Silver 
BRET OBRIENNorthborough, MAMale 40-44SKICHAIR SWRTOrange28.8816.45 Gold 
Deirdre OBrienConcord, MAFemale 55-59SKICHAIR SWRTOrange33.3234.35 Gold 
Trevor PeltakClinton, MAMale 30-34Piste OffOrange30.4422.74 Silver 
Marina PetrilloNORWELL, MAFemale 18-20JAGER BOMBERSGreen34.4939.75 Bronze 
Jim PietrovitoSterling, MAMale 40-44JAGER BOMBERSGreen28.0713.74 Gold 
Marine PonsShrewsbury, MAFemale 21-29Altar SkigoOrange37.4450.97 Bronze 
Julia PremoHolden, MAFemale 21-29JAGER BOMBERSOrange35.0641.37 Bronze 
Nadine PriceFitchburg, MAFemale 65-69First Chair Last CallOrange30.0321.09 Platinum 
Cheryl ReeveSturbridge, MAFemale 55-59Clipped WingsGreen46.9290.11 - 
Matthew RicciBOLTON, MAMale 35-39Quarantine Baby MakersGreen34.3639.22 Bronze 
Damian RiddleLeominster, MAMale 45-49SkiChair BOrange26.908.47 Platinum 
Gregg RodenhiserHaverill, MAMale 55-59SkiChair DOrange36.6947.94 Bronze 
Maggie RooneyHarvard, MAFemale 21-29WHISKI EVERYWHEREGreen28.2614.51 Platinum 
Nancy SaucierLeominster, MAFemale 45-49BOLDER AND COLDEROrange30.5623.23 Gold 
Joe SerioWestminster, MAMale 65-69EAST BOUND & DOWNOrange34.4238.79 Silver 
Larissa ShabashevaCambridge, MAFemale 50-54SKICHAIR EX ATHLETESOrange31.0825.32 Gold 
Ronald ShamusHopkinton, MAMale 55-59Clipped WingsOrange31.1625.65 Silver 
Ronnie ShamusMale 18-20Clipped WingsGreen29.1918.27 Silver 
George SmilyanskiWorcester, MAMale 45-49First Chair Last CallOrange25.773.91 Platinum 
Tory SowizralHarvard, MAFemale 21-29WHISKI EVERYWHEREOrange28.8016.13 Gold 
Dominic SpanoMale 60-64Piste OffGreen34.8241.09 Silver 
Ryan SwiftAshby, MAMale 21-29BOLDER AND COLDERGreen33.1334.24 Bronze 
Jim TabnerActon, MAMale 60-64SKICHAIR SWRTOrange32.9632.90 Silver 
Jon TurbittWorcester, MAMale 50-54EAST BOUND & DOWNGreen28.6416.05 Gold 
Erin VantuylFitchburg, MAFemale 45-49SkiChair CGreen31.1826.34 Gold 
Tyler WickBoston, MAMale 45-49Will Ski For BeerOrange31.3726.49 Silver 
Scott WilsonTempleton, MAMale 55-59Altar SkigoGreen31.2926.78 T* Platinum 
Liudmila ZaizerskayaNewton, MAFemale 35-39SkiChair CGreen35.9145.50 Silver 

T = Telemark (-13)