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Race Results

Jan 7th, 2021
AV Adult Race League - Wk 1 GS
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Series: Alpine Valley Beer League
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
Not by Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Jan 7th, 2021 - AV Adult Race League - Wk 1 GS

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Jeff AdamsMale 35-39MooseKnuckleOrange17.418.34 Platinum 
Matt AmanHighland, MIMale 45-49RTCGreen23.0342.87 Silver 
Mark AndrersonMale 45-49OrangeDNF-  
Nick BarrtMale 35-39Steep And DeepGreen24.4951.92 - 
Brody BerryWest Bloomfield, MIMale 21-29Rusty EdgesOrange19.7522.90 Silver 
Phil BerryWest Bloomfield, MIMale 55-59Orange17.9211.51 Platinum 
Garrett BreedingWest Bloomfield, MIMale 21-29Orange19.7522.90 Silver 
Ryan CallahanClarkston, MIMale 21-29Rusty EdgesOrange16.583.17 Platinum 
Nicholas CarricoWalled Lake, MIMale 30-34MooseKnuckleOrange17.237.22 Platinum 
Steven ChamberlainHighland, MIMale 40-44RTCOrange18.9617.98 Gold 
Brendan ClancySouth Lyon, MIMale 18-20Green16.965.21 Platinum 
Angela DingmanCommerce Township, MIFemale 40-44Orange20.6428.44 Gold 
Dan DingmanCommerce Township, MIMale 40-44Orange20.3126.38 Silver 
Jeremy GalantyHighland, MIMale 30-34Ahh Ski Ski SkiOrange18.0612.38 Gold 
Carl GoeckelWaterford, MIMale 30-34Orange17.247.28 Platinum 
Hunter GreigHartland, MIMale 18-20Orange17.478.71 Platinum 
David GuckianWhite Lake, MIMale 60-64Hot CarlsOrange18.1512.94 Platinum 
Max HepplerBloomfeild Hills, MIMale 21-29Ahh Ski Ski SkiGreen17.8910.98 Gold 
Bogdan HodorogeaCommerce Township, MIMale 50-54Orange20.2425.95 Silver 
Patrick HodorogeaCommerce Township, MIMale 18-20Green19.2419.35 Silver 
 Joel HolzknechtCommerce Township, MIMale 55-59Orange16.945.41 Platinum 
Brendan HooseHartland, MIMale 18-20Green17.9011.04 Gold 
Keegan HooseHartland, MIMale 18-20Orange17.659.83 Gold 
Scott HooseHartland, MIMale 40-44Green17.629.31 Platinum 
Spencer JacobsWaterford, MIMale 30-34MooseKnuckleOrange17.9511.70 Gold 
Brandon JanssenCommerce Township, MIMale 30-34Orange17.649.77 Platinum 
Justin JanssenCommerce Twp., MIMale 30-34Green17.015.52 Platinum 
Kristopher JanssenCommerce Township, MIMale 35-39Green17.468.31 Platinum 
Patrick JayroeMIMale 35-39Orange18.0912.57 Gold 
Coby JohnsHartland, MIMale 18-20Orange18.6916.30 Gold 
Dave KniivilaHowell, MIMale 40-44Orange21.4233.29 Silver 
Tim KnoxHighland, MIMale 50-54Green19.1018.49 Gold 
Steven KotwickMale 40-44Orange25.9761.61 - 
Francis LefebvreTroy, MIMale 21-29Green20.1625.06 Silver 
Kevin LernowichCommerce Township, MIMale 30-34Orange19.0218.36 Silver 
Timothy LoulaWhite Lake, MIMale 65-69Orange19.2519.79 Platinum 
Josh LoweCommerce Township, MIMale 35-39Orange19.8423.46 Silver 
Spencer LundinMIMale 30-34Ahh Ski Ski SkiGreen18.8416.87 Gold 
Jeannie LutzWaterford, MIFemale 35-39Lil` SumpinOrange26.5064.90 Bronze 
Laura MalmstronBloomfield Hills, MIFemale 55-59Screw The GatesOrange27.8173.06 Bronze 
Zachary MasseyWhite Lake, MIMale 18-20Green18.8116.69 Gold 
Gregg MatthewsWhite Lake, MIMale 50-54Just The TipsOrange19.9424.08 Silver 
Josh MccarthyWhite Lake, MIMale 45-49RTCOrange18.2713.69 Platinum 
Holly McCrackenWhite Lake, MIFemale 40-44Beauties & BeastsGreen24.0349.07 Silver 
Jim McManusWhite Lake, MIMale 50-54Green24.5252.11 Bronze 
Julianna McManusWhite Lake, MIFemale 50-54Green21.0030.27 Gold 
Marty NeighborsHartland, MIMale 65-69Nuts N KnockersGreen21.7534.93 Silver 
Patrick NeighborsFenton, MIMale 35-39Orange17.9911.95 Gold 
Ryan NeighborsFenton, MIMale 40-44Orange18.2513.57 Gold 
Mike O'connellWhite Lake, MIMale 35-39Orange17.669.89 Platinum 
Nick OdeaCommerce Township, MIMale 21-29Orange18.6716.18 Silver 
Louis PalmaFenton, MIMale 35-39Green20.9329.84 Silver 
Brett PetriceWhite Lake, MIMale 45-49Orange20.4827.44 Silver 
Brian PopelierClarkston, MIMale 35-39Old School EaglesOrange17.066.16 Platinum 
John RappaportCommerce Township, MIMale 35-39Green22.7240.94 Bronze 
Chip ReibelCommerce Township, MIMale 40-44Green20.2725.74 Silver 
Andrea RiceCommerce Township, MIFemale 50-54Orange24.8854.82 Silver 
Kyle RutkowskiMilford, MIMale 35-39Green18.3013.52 Gold 
Megan SchallipWhite Lake, MIFemale 30-34Green19.4020.35 Gold 
Brian SchickelMale 30-34MooseKnuckleGreen17.085.96 Platinum 
David ShaheenMale 30-34Ahh Ski Ski SkiGreen22.7941.38 Bronze 
Josh SlusarczykBrighton, MIMale 40-44Green22.6740.63 Bronze 
Andy SmithBerkley, MIMale 30-34Orange17.076.22 Platinum 
Adam SparksCommerce, MIMale 45-49Green17.377.75 Platinum 
Nathan StatlyFenton, MIMale 18-20Green19.6321.77 Silver 
Kathryn StrengBirmingham, MIFemale 21-29SpartansGreen18.2713.34 Platinum 
Kerry StrengKeego Harbor, MIOrange18.9217.73 ? 
Rob SutherbyMIMale 45-49Just The TipsGreen28.9179.34 - 
David SuttonHarper Woods, MIMale 21-29Steep And DeepGreen19.5121.03 Silver 
Kyle SuttonCommerce, MIMale 30-34Steep And DeepOrange18.3614.25 Gold 
Dave TrottWalled Lake, MIMale 35-39Orange18.6115.81 Gold 
Ginnie UhleyOrchard Lake, MIFemale 65-69Nuts N KnockersOrange23.3645.36 Gold 
Jeff WebsterHighland, MIMale 45-49Orange17.307.65 Platinum 
Kevin WebsterClarkston, MIMale 40-44Green17.669.55 Platinum 
 Olivia WeymouthOakland, MIFemale 18-20Rusty EdgesGreen17.609.18 Platinum 
David WhalenWaterford, MIMale 30-34MooseKnuckleOrange17.237.22 Platinum 
Samantha WhalenWaterford, MIFemale 30-34Lil` SumpinGreen22.4339.14 Silver 
Dana WibergCommerce TWP, MIFemale 21-29ShintungOrange18.8317.17 Gold 
Marty WibergCommerce, MIMale 50-54ShintungOrange17.8310.95 Platinum 
Jason WilkinsonMale 30-34Green19.6722.02 Silver