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Jan 9th, 2021
BSG Masters SL
25 degrees Cloudy
This race has been recalculated because Tj Sondelski recorded neagative handicaps. TJ has been entered as the pacesetter on the orange course.
Granite Peak, Wisconsin

Par Time

Results for Jan 9th, 2021 - BSG Masters SL

(sorted by age & gender category - best handicap only)
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Age & Gender
Adelina JohnsonWildwood, MOFemale 8-9Orange1:05.0959.56 Silver 
Tess BergomOfallon, ILFemale 8-9Orange1:19.0693.77 Bronze 
Cecilia LaudenbachWisconsin Rapids, WIFemale 8-9Orange1:25.26108.97 Bronze 
Aurora HayekWausau, WIFemale 10-11OrangeDNF-  
Chloe MartiVesper, WIFemale 10-11Orange54.3833.28 Platinum 
Timea SicarWillowbrook, ILFemale 10-11Orange1:00.2247.60 Gold 
 Aimee DernerSobieski, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:05.1959.78 Silver 
Tess WeberMenasha, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:05.6160.81 Silver 
Ruby ThursWausau, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:08.5367.97 Silver 
Arianna StevensonWausau, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:12.1476.81 Bronze 
Kate HostetlerWausau, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:12.4877.65 Bronze 
Abigail BrillWausau, WIFemale 10-11Orange1:21.1898.97 - 
Lillian WittwerWausau , WIFemale 12-13Orange54.2632.99 Gold 
Grace KallioWausau, WIFemale 12-13Orange56.0737.43 Gold 
Emma SicarWillowbrook, ILFemale 12-13Orange57.6841.37 Silver 
Isabel BergomO Fallon, ILFemale 12-13Orange58.1242.45 Silver 
Julia HemauerWeston, WIFemale 12-13Orange1:02.8253.97 Silver 
ABIGAIL HYNESWAUSAU, WIFemale 12-13Orange1:28.73117.48 - 
Cora HansonBlack Earth, WIFemale 14-15Orange46.8714.88 Platinum 
Maggie GannonSuamico, WIFemale 14-15Orange50.0622.70 Gold 
Harper BrandenburgKronenwetter, WIFemale 14-15Orange55.7636.67 Silver 
Sienna FeltzMount Horeb, WIFemale 14-15Orange56.0637.40 Silver 
Ava PngSchofield, WIFemale 14-15Orange1:05.5860.74 Bronze 
Breya BergomO Fallon, ILFemale 16-17Orange52.5728.85 Silver 
Izzy WolfeHatley, WIFemale 16-17Orange56.1937.72 Bronze 
Karissa SadlFemale 16-17Orange56.2137.77 Bronze 
Whitney KlearmanSt. Louis, MOFemale 16-17Orange1:10.272.08 - 
Morgan RoseWausau, WIFemale 16-17Orange1:10.9473.87 - 
Sabrina RadtkeMerrill, WIFemale 18-20Orange55.4235.83 Bronze 
Rebecca RistWyomissing, PAFemale 21-29Orange1:17.7890.64 - 
Sally SannWausau, WIFemale 60-64Orange1:09.6570.71 Silver 
Ryder BrandenburgKronenwetter, WIMale 6-7OrangeDSQ-  
Samuel MainWisconsin Rapids, WIMale 6-7Orange1:17.0388.80 Silver 
William MainWisconsin Rapids, WIMale 8-9OrangeDSQ-  
Cyrus LaudenbachWisconsin Rapids, WIMale 8-9OrangeDSQ-  
Jacob MartiVesper, WIMale 8-9Orange1:02.3152.72 Gold 
Jonathan WittwerWausau, WIMale 8-9Orange1:04.558.09 Silver 
 Samuel DernerSobieski, WIMale 10-11OrangeDSQ-  
 Andre JohnsonMale 10-11Orange53.3330.71 Gold 
Xander BrandenburgKronenwetter, WIMale 10-11Orange56.2037.75 Gold 
Alber HayekWausau, WIMale 10-11Orange57.5641.08 Silver 
Bridger BrandenburgKronenwetter, WIMale 10-11Orange57.7941.64 Silver 
Carson ThursWausau, WIMale 10-11Orange58.1342.48 Silver 
Connor WittryWausau, WIMale 10-11Orange1:00.2547.67 Silver 
Alexander FeltzMale 10-11Orange1:00.448.04 Silver 
James Allen IVCottage Grove, WIMale 10-11Orange1:00.5148.31 Silver 
Jack GrefeWausau, WIMale 10-11Orange1:03.4955.61 Silver 
Ethan JohnsonMerrill, WIMale 10-11Orange1:08.0466.76 Bronze 
Charlie ScharerWausau, WIMale 10-11Orange1:08.1467.01 Bronze 
ETHAN HYNESWAUSAU, WIMale 10-11Orange1:08.9569.00 Bronze 
Timothy WittwerWausau , WIMale 10-11Orange1:0969.12 Bronze 
Simon WolfeHatley, WIMale 10-11Orange1:10.5872.99 Bronze 
Witt GerstleAppleton, WIMale 10-11Orange1:12.9878.90 Bronze 
Emery OlsonWausau, WIMale 12-13OrangeDSQ-  
Liam McDermottWildwood, MOMale 12-13OrangeDNF-  
Tj SondelskiWausau, WIMale 12-13Orange44.088.04 Platinum 
William SullivanAppleton, WIMale 12-13Orange56.8939.44 Silver 
Alex MuellerAppleton, WIMale 12-13Orange1:06.3762.67 Bronze 
Brian KlecknerWisconsin Rapids, WIMale 12-13Orange1:08.3167.43 Bronze 
Levi SeligerEdgar, WIMale 12-13Orange1:08.6168.16 Bronze 
 Finley SchneiderWausau, WIMale 12-13Orange1:10.1171.84 - 
Landon WestphalWausau, WIMale 14-15Orange45.4111.30 Platinum 
 Logan StagnerMale 14-15Orange51.4726.15 Silver 
Carter WolfeHatley, WIMale 14-15Orange54.6834.02 Silver 
GAVIN HYNESWausau, WIMale 14-15Orange56.8239.26 Bronze 
Harrison HigginsNeenah, WIMale 14-15Orange59.5145.86 Bronze 
Tyler ChaneySt Louis, MOMale 14-15Orange1:01.9251.76 Bronze 
Theodore HigginsNeenah, WIMale 14-15Orange1:07.0664.36 - 
Bella GraffinDeerfield, WIMale 16-17OrangeDSQ-  
Hunter OttWest Bend, WIMale 16-17Orange48.9119.88 Gold 
David BautschWausau, WIMale 18-20Orange50.2623.19 Silver 
Christopher TeeterShawano, WIMale 18-20Orange50.7024.26 Silver 
Charles RoseWausau, WIMale 18-20Orange55.3535.66 Bronze 
Cody AndersonAllenton, WIMale 21-29Orange48.0517.77 Gold 
Noah ReidOconomowoc, WIMale 21-29Orange59.8746.74 Bronze 
Scott SchippersKronenwetter, WIMale 35-39Orange55.7836.72 Silver 
 Tim SchneiderWausau, WIMale 40-44OrangeDNF-  
Paul WeberMenasha, WIMale 45-49OrangeDSQ-  
 Bryan FeltzMount Horeb, WIMale 45-49Orange52.5128.70 Silver 
 Jeff GleasonSchofield, WIMale 55-59Orange54.8034.31 Silver 
Jeffery JohnsonSister Bay, WIMale 60-64Orange58.9744.53 Silver 
 Mark AbendrothWausau, WIMale 60-64Orange1:01.0149.53 Bronze 
Mike PeotSister Bay, WIMale 60-64Orange1:02.0151.99 Bronze 
 Kevin RistWyomissing, PAMale 65-69Orange1:01.9251.76 Bronze