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Jan 4th, 2021
Tuesday Night Race #1
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Par Time

Results for Jan 4th, 2021 - Tuesday Night Race #1

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Age & Gender
Eric AmesConstantia, NYMale 50-54PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange38.8841.23 Bronze 
     Orange38.6940.54 Bronze best
David AuerbachMale 40-44HOLY WAXERSOrange34.4325.06 Silver best
      Orange34.5325.43 Silver 
Abbie BideauxFemale 21-29WHERE`S THE BAROrange49.9681.47 - best
      Orange52.7691.65 - 
Jeffrey BideauxBinghamton, NYMale 55-59WHERE`S THE BAROrange40.0545.48 Bronze best
      Orange41.0148.96 Bronze 
Jordan BideauxBinghamton, NYMale 21-29WHERE`S THE BAROrange53.3793.86 S* - 
     Orange53.2393.35 S* - best
Kristin BrunnerNewark Valley, NYFemale 30-34WASABI WEASELSOrange58.22111.48 S* - best
      Orange1:00.52119.83 S* - 
Sean BrunnerMale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange57.98110.61 - 
     Orange39.9845.22 - best
DREW BUTLERBaldwinsville, NYMale 35-39MISFITSOrange49.8280.97 S* - 
     Orange49.3879.37 S* - best
Emily CampbellSyracuse, NYFemale 21-29THE YARD SALESOrange47.7873.56 - 
     Orange45.9766.98 - best
Kevin CampbellEndicott, NYMale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange35.0027.13 Silver best
      Orange35.5028.95 Silver 
ERIC CHIDESTERDurango, COMale 35-39WHERE`S THE BAROrange37.9437.81 Bronze best
      Orange38.2438.90 Bronze 
Mary ClarkBinghamton, NYFemale 60-64SKI MEISTERSOrange48.0874.65 Bronze 
     Orange47.4672.39 Bronze best
Nicole ConwayApalachin, NYFemale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange41.9652.42 Bronze 
     Orange38.5139.88 Silver best
Bonnie CristBaldwinsville, NYFemale 65-69HOLY WAXERSOrange39.1342.14 Gold best
      Orange41.2149.69 Silver 
Jess CronJohnson City, NYMale 35-39WHERE`S THE BAROrange56.93106.79 S* - 
     Orange55.81102.72 S* - best
Rick DayWhitney Point, NYMale 60-64SKIMEISTERSOrange34.6825.97 Gold best
      Orange34.9727.03 Gold 
Kevin DolinarEndicott, NYMale 21-29WASABI WEASELSOrange47.3571.99 - best
      Orange49.6480.31 - 
Ryan DonovanEndicott, NYMale 21-29THE YARD SALESOrangeDNF-  best
Dennis EbertBinghamton, NYMale 80-84SKI MEISTERSOrange46.3068.18 Bronze best
      Orange46.9070.36 Bronze 
Alecia EppelsheimerAUBURN, NYFemale 35-39MISFITSOrange45.2264.26 Bronze best
      Orange46.2367.93 - 
Brian FornellAuburn, NYMale 35-39MISFITSOrange44.3461.06 - 
     Orange43.3057.28 - best
Caitlin GraffManlius, NYFemale 45-49PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange40.8848.49 Silver best
Stephanie GronchickBaldwinsville, NYFemale 35-39MISFITSOrange43.4657.86 Bronze best
      Orange43.8959.43 Bronze 
Thomas HahnBaldwinsville, NYMale 60-64Reboozed And BatteredOrange37.8837.60 Silver best
      Orange38.0038.03 Silver 
Allie HaltofFemale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange37.4536.03 Silver best
      Orange39.4043.12 Bronze 
Thomas HarigCazenovia, NYMale 50-54Reboozed And BatteredOrange35.5929.28 Silver best
      Orange38.4139.52 Bronze 
Hans HaselbacherCicero, NYMale 70-74MISFITSOrange49.2178.75 - best
      Orange49.4879.73 - 
Jim HizaLaFayette, NYMale 65-69BOOZED AND BATTEREDOrange43.2857.21 Bronze best
      Orange43.6258.45 Bronze 
Matthew KaneNorth Syracuse, NYMale 21-29PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange31.2513.51 Gold best
      Orange31.8615.73 Gold 
Patrick KaneCicero, NYMale 45-49MISFITSOrange38.3339.23 Bronze 
     Orange37.7637.16 Bronze best
Breezy KnightOwego, NYFemale 21-29WASABI WEASELSOrange1:02.6127.39 S* - best
      Orange1:08.06147.22 S* - 
John KoralEndicott, NYMale 55-59WHERE`S THE BAROrange1:03.5130.66 - 
     Orange58.64113.00 - best
Canaan LeonardLiverpool, NYMale 45-49HOLY WAXERSOrange35.4628.80 Silver 
     Orange35.2628.08 Silver best
Nancy LevettBRIDGEPORT, NYFemale 55-59BOOZED AND BATTEREDOrange1:05.67138.54 - best
      Orange1:05.78138.94 - 
Anthony LubrinoFayetteville, NYMale 55-59PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange37.9437.81 Silver best
      Orange38.4939.81 Silver 
David LunderMale 55-59WASABI WEASELSOrange58.19111.37 - best
      Orange1:04.06132.73 - 
Matthew MachovecFayetteville, NYMale 40-44HOLY WAXERSOrange31.4214.13 Gold best
Timothy MaliaOwego, NYMale 50-54TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange39.1842.32 Bronze 
     Orange38.2839.05 Bronze best
Charles MarronOwego, NYMale 21-29THE YARD SALESOrange40.1245.73 - best
      Orange40.6447.62 - 
Connor MelvinBinghamton, NYMale 21-29WHERE`S THE BAROrange41.0949.26 - 
     Orange38.4339.59 Bronze best
Wendy MoltionLaFayette, NYFemale 55-59Reboozed And BatteredOrange47.9574.17 - best
      Orange49.1178.39 - 
Patrick MorrisseyEndwell, NYMale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange38.3439.27 Bronze 
     Orange36.9834.33 Bronze best
Nina NeskyNew Milford, PAFemale 55-59SKIMEISTERSOrange44.0760.08 Bronze 
     Orange43.6658.59 Bronze best
Shaun O'brienBaldwinsville, NYMale 55-59Reboozed And BatteredOrange40.6947.80 Bronze best
      Orange41.1849.58 Bronze 
Brendan OsheaNew City, NYMale 21-29TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange41.5851.04 - 
     Orange39.1442.17 Bronze best
Emmet OwensFayetteville, NYMale 65-69HOLY WAXERSOrange40.3846.68 Silver 
     Orange39.1242.10 Silver best
Angel PadroBinghamton, NYMale 30-34WASABI WEASELSOrange50.8084.53 - best
Tomasz PietruszkaEndicott, NYMale 21-29THE YARD SALESOrange37.0834.69 Bronze 
     Orange36.5532.76 Bronze best
Daryl PynnChittenango, NYMale 50-54PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange38.2638.98 Bronze best
Jake PynnChittenango, NYMale 21-29PANDEMIC SHREDDERSOrange32.2417.11 Silver best
      Orange32.4918.02 Silver 
Gregory RumseyEndicott, NYMale 30-34TOMAHAWK TUESDAYOrange35.9930.73 Bronze 
     Orange35.1627.72 Silver best
Anthony SaraceniBaldwinsville, NYMale 45-49Reboozed And BatteredOrange40.4546.93 Bronze best
      Orange42.8855.76 - 
Mark SteigerwaldFayetteville, NYMale 60-64HOLY WAXERSOrange36.3031.86 Silver best
      Orange37.0934.73 Silver 
Stephanie VavoneseFayetteville, NYFemale 35-39BOOZED AND BATTEREDOrange40.1945.99 Silver 
     Orange39.6343.95 Silver best
Jason WarnerBaldwinsville, NYMale 40-44BOOZED AND BATTEREDOrange44.7462.51 - best
      Orange49.5579.99 - 
Nathan WarrenCortland, NYMale 30-34BOOZED AND BATTEREDOrange44.7362.48 - 
     Orange40.9448.71 - best
BEN WATSONENDICOTT, NYMale 21-29WASABI WEASELSOrange55.69102.29 S* - best

S = Snowboard (-20)