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Jan 4th, 2021
Ski Challenge BHMON Week 1 - PRACTICE
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Jim Turner (suit)
Jim Turner (suit)
Results for Jan 4th, 2021 - Ski Challenge BHMON Week 1 - PRACTICE

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Greg AbelMinneapolis, MNMale 55-59SkiagraThe SKi ChallengeOrange18.2112.62 Platinum 
JASON ACKERFarmington, MNMale 45-49Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.9711.13 Platinum 
Kayla BoogrenFemale 21-29Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeOrange18.4213.91 Platinum 
LeighAnn BoogrenFemale 50-54Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen24.1147.55 Silver 
Andrea CervenaMinneapolis, MNFemale 45-49SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.4312.79 Platinum 
Adam ClarkeShakopee, MNMale 35-39Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1912.49 Gold 
Jason CoyleNew Richmond, WIMale 45-49Stick DodgersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1016.89 Gold 
Amanda CurrieSavage, MNFemale 14-15Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.3137.97 Silver 
Matthew CurrieSavage, MNMale 40-44Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.0416.52 Gold 
Chris DabroskiLakeville, MNMale 55-59Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.9911.26 Platinum 
Bruce DahlkeEdina, MNMale 65-69Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.6420.20 Gold 
 Abbey EversonSavage, MNFemale 21-29Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.6213.95 Platinum 
 Luke EversonSavage, MNMale 21-29Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.366.24 Platinum 
Peter FeldeMale 50-54Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen24.6951.10 Bronze 
Chris FindenSt Paul, MNMale 40-44Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeOrange19.7822.33 Silver 
MIKE FOSTERSt Louis Park, MNMale 35-39Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.5625.83 Silver 
 Ryan FullerMinnetonka, MNMale 45-49SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.517.16 Platinum 
Kristin GrebeMinnetrista, MNFemale 50-54SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9517.19 Platinum 
 Chris GydesenOakdale, MNMale 50-54MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.295.81 Platinum 
 Henry GydesenOakdale, MNMale 18-20MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.0510.47 Gold 
Hildi HagedornSt Paul, MNFemale 50-54Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen22.2135.92 Gold 
Leila HagedornSt Paul, MNFemale 16-17Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen21.3330.54 Silver 
Roland HagedornSt Paul, MNMale 14-15Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen25.8558.20 - 
Tim HagedornSt Paul, MNMale 50-54Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeOrange26.6264.63 - 
MAGNE HATLEVIKWoodbury, MNMale 65-69Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.8435.06 Silver 
 Derek HennekensSavage, MNMale 40-44Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3813.67 Gold 
MARK HICKMANBloomington, MNMale 60-64Wasted YouthThe SKi ChallengeOrange18.1412.18 Platinum 
JEFF HOLMESBloomington, MNMale 40-44Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.4112.67 Platinum 
Christine HutchesonMinneapolis, MNFemale 50-54Ski-U-Mah!The Ski ChallengeGreen20.6826.56 Gold 
BERNIE ISAACSONEagan, MNMale 60-64Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.8333.60 Silver 
MARK JACOBSONBloomington, MNMale 55-59Stick DodgersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.9115.73 Platinum 
Paul JansenMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.587.59 Platinum 
Mackinzi JohnsonSt Paul, MNFemale 21-29Stick DodgersThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.4043.21 Bronze 
Steven JohnsonSt Paul, MNMale 30-34Stick DodgersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.9622.15 Silver 
Tom JohnsonBig Lake, MNMale 35-39Stick DodgersThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.4937.64 Bronze 
Tim KirkFridley, MNMale 50-54Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeGreen25.0553.30 Bronze 
Mike KrahulecMinneapolis, MNMale 30-34Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.1935.80 Bronze 
Michael KroeschMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54MusskisThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.4514.10 Platinum 
Andrew LeavittMendota Heights, MNMale 35-39Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.6013.83 Gold 
 Charlie LeavittMendota Heights, MNMale 65-69Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8328.82 Gold 
TODD LEHRKEEden Prairie, MNMale 40-44Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.7114.50 Gold 
Brenda LewisFridley, MNFemale 50-54Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeOrange29.6783.49 - 
JB LEWISFridley, MNMale 45-49Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeGreen24.3849.20 Bronze 
Brett LoftesnesMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.5013.22 Platinum 
Terry LutzEdina, MNMale 60-64SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.779.89 Platinum 
 Scott MalmstenEden Prairie, MNMale 60-64SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.647.96 Platinum 
Peter MaxwellMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.617.77 Platinum 
Chuck MikeOakdale, MNMale 60-64Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.5513.53 Platinum 
Justin MinnichPlymouth, MNMale 40-44Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.0910.71 Platinum 
 Ian MontgomeryELKO, MNMale 60-64Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.6113.89 Platinum 
Thor MoralesBloomington, MNMale 35-39Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.949.79 Platinum 
LORI MOTZKORogers, MNFemale 45-49Heading DownhillThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.5431.82 Gold 
Alex NeeEagan, MNMale 35-39Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.7220.69 Silver 
Andrea NelsenPrior Lake, MNFemale 45-49Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeGreen34.42110.65 - 
CHRISTOPHER OHLANDBloomington, MNMale 35-39Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.346.12 Platinum 
Bryan OkuboLakeville, MNMale 50-54MusskisThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.769.83 Platinum 
Barry OlsonSavage, MNMale 60-64Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3313.36 Platinum 
Dave PellerLakeville, MNMale 60-64Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.3013.17 Platinum 
 Jeremy PetersonChaska, MNMale 45-49Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.849.18 Platinum 
 Robert PikeBloomington, MNMale 85-89MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen27.1866.34 Platinum 
Matt PrettnerEden Prairie, MNMale 45-49Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.597.65 Platinum 
ROB REBERTUSJordan, MNMale 65-69Bucked OffThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.7114.50 Platinum 
GREG ROBERTSEdina, MNMale 50-54SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.1617.26 Gold 
TED ROBERTSEdina, MNMale 60-64SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.0216.40 Platinum 
ANDY ROHRBACHApple Valley, MNMale 60-64Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeGreen20.1623.38 Gold 
Towe RoyalRichfield, MNFemale 50-54Shred the Bunny!The Ski ChallengeOrange24.1749.47 T* Gold 
Kyle SchnichelsFarmington, MNMale 21-29MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.2111.44 Gold 
 Jeff ThorupBlaine, MNMale 50-54MusskisThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.5220.72 Gold 
Rick TrenaryMinnetrista, MNMale 55-59Wasted YouthThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1812.43 Platinum 
 Jim TurnerSavage, MNMale 45-49SkiagraThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.567.47 Platinum 
 Dave WalkerMale 50-54Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.2412.80 Platinum 
 Mitchell WallLakeville, MNMale 45-49Parabolic FursThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.617.77 Platinum 
Adam WarbrittonEden Prairie, MNMale 21-29MusskisThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.4212.73 Gold 
DAVID WARBRITTONEden Prairie, MNMale 55-59MusskisThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1024.30 Gold 

T = Telemark (-13)