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Jan 5th, 2021
Ski Challenge BHTUES Practice 1
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Par Time

Kyle Martinson (suit)
Kyle Martinson (suit)
Results for Jan 5th, 2021 - Ski Challenge BHTUES Practice 1

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Age & Gender
JASON ACKERFarmington, MNMale 45-49Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.518.31 Platinum best
      Orange18.2410.41 Platinum 
Michael AnkenyMinneapolis, MNMale 21-29Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.606.54 Platinum 
     Green17.401.81 Platinum best
Anna BetzSt Louis Park, MNFemale 21-29Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.7249.64 Bronze 
     Green24.6344.12 Bronze best
Fred BetzMale 65-69Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.9939.16 Silver 
     Green23.4737.33 Silver best
Kurt BjorklundIndependence, MNMale 65-69Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.0829.20 Gold best
      Orange21.6330.93 Gold 
Mark BruemmerMinneapolis, MNMale 35-39BHTUES GuestsThe Ski ChallengeGreen24.0240.55 Bronze best
      Orange24.1946.43 Bronze 
Skip DickelMedina, MNMale 75-79Peanut Butter & JammersThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.7132.88 Gold best
      Orange22.3535.29 Gold 
NETTIE DOEDENFemale 50-54Peanut Butter & JammersThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.7721.53 Platinum best
      Orange20.6525.00 Gold 
KEVIN EIDEExcelsior, MNMale 65-69Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.1133.84 Silver 
     Green21.6626.74 Gold best
Abbey EversonSavage, MNFemale 21-29Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9014.41 Platinum 
     Green19.0311.35 Platinum best
Luke EversonSavage, MNMale 21-29Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.465.69 Platinum 
     Green17.804.15 Platinum best
Chris FeatherstonePrior Lake, MNMale 45-49Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.2710.59 Platinum 
     Green18.377.49 Platinum best
Jake FredboRosemount, MNMale 30-34Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.827.87 Platinum 
     Green18.065.68 Platinum best
Kelsie FullMinneapolis, MNFemale 35-39The Ski ChallengeOrange25.4053.75 Bronze 
     Green25.8951.49 Bronze best
Jim GannonSavage, MNMale 50-54The Ski ChallengeGreen24.5343.53 T* Silver best
      Orange23.8444.31 T* Silver 
Emily GaschoMinneapolis, MNFemale 45-49The Ski ChallengeOrange22.1734.20 Gold 
     Green22.7132.88 Gold best
LILLA GIDLOWWayzata, MNFemale 80-84Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeGreen23.8839.73 Platinum best
      Orange23.2440.68 Platinum 
ADAM GILDNEREdina, MNMale 45-49Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.3122.94 Silver 
     Green20.7421.36 Silver best
Mike GilganSaint Paul, MNMale 75-79Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.3028.93 Gold best
Jack GleasonST LOUIS PARK, MNMale 65-69Peanut Butter & JammersThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.2528.63 Gold 
     Green21.6026.39 Gold best
John GleasonSt Louis Park, MNMale 40-44Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.1910.11 Platinum 
     Green18.417.72 Platinum best
Beth GrayMinneapolis, MNFemale 40-44Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeGreen21.9428.38 Gold 
     Orange21.1528.03 Gold best
John GrayMendota Heights, MNMale 21-29Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.3523.18 Silver 
     Green20.0417.26 Silver best
Yvette GrayShorewood, MNFemale 45-49Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.7025.30 Gold 
     Green20.9022.29 Platinum best
Amy GrossSavage, MNFemale 50-54The Ski ChallengeOrange21.0527.42 Gold 
     Green21.5926.33 Gold best
Aaron GubrudJordan, MNMale 45-49Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.8221.83 Silver best
      Orange20.2222.40 Silver 
Dane HartzellMinneapolis, MNMale 55-59Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.9032.57 Silver 
     Green22.5531.95 Silver best
Sean HauensteinSavage, MNMale 45-49The Ski ChallengeOrange22.0033.17 Silver 
     Green21.4525.51 Silver best
Jane HempelBloomington, MNFemale 50-54Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.0133.23 Gold 
     Green22.6532.53 Gold best
 Pat HillerPlymouth, MNMale 60-64Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.9110.65 Platinum best
      Orange18.5011.99 Platinum 
John HoffmanMale 55-59Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.7021.12 Gold 
     Orange19.8219.98 Gold best
Alex HosethMinnetonka, MNMale 50-54Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.7613.56 Platinum 
     Green18.558.54 Platinum best
Jason HubbleRichfield, MNMale 35-39Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeOrange27.2164.71 - 
     Green27.1358.75 - best
Randy ImholteSauk Rapids, MNMale 35-39Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.6625.06 S* Platinum 
     Green20.8622.06 S* Platinum best
Matt JohnsonSavage, MNMale 50-54The Ski ChallengeGreen21.3224.75 Silver best
      Orange21.3229.06 Silver 
Taylor JohnsonLino Lakes, MNMale 21-29Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.9416.68 Silver best
      Orange20.0821.55 Silver 
Don KroeschMinneapolis, MNMale 16-17Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.0427.36 Silver best
      Green21.8828.03 Silver 
Michael KroeschMinneapolis, MNMale 50-54Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.7815.74 Gold best
      Orange19.6418.89 Gold 
Bob LogelinEagan, MNMale 55-59Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1421.91 Gold 
     Green20.5820.42 Gold best
Colby LundEdina, MNMale 65-69Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.8726.33 Gold best
      Green21.7827.44 Gold 
Connor LundEdina, MNMale 30-34Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.998.90 Platinum best
      Green18.679.25 Platinum 
Duncan MacLachlanIndependence, MNMale 30-34Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.2610.53 Gold 
     Green18.196.44 Platinum best
Kyle MartinsonSchroeder, MNMale 21-29Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.978.78 Platinum 
     Green18.588.72 Platinum best
MARC MASSIEWayzata, MNMale 21-29Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.163.87 Platinum best
      Green18.075.73 Platinum 
Robbie MassieMinnetonka, MNMale 35-39Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeGreen17.260.99 Platinum best
      Orange17.083.39 Platinum 
BRIAN MCGOLDRICKEden Prairie, MNMale 70-74Wayne`s WorldThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.4635.96 Gold 
     Green22.7333.00 Gold best
Steve MesserPlymouth, MNMale 50-54Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.8213.92 Platinum 
     Green18.9410.83 Platinum best
Ian MontgomeryELKO, MNMale 60-64Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.9414.65 Platinum 
     Green19.1812.23 Platinum best
Thor MoralesBloomington, MNMale 35-39Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.447.90 Platinum best
      Orange18.169.93 Platinum 
Tom MylanLong Lake, MNMale 70-74SlidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.0751.76 Bronze best
      Green26.2853.77 Bronze 
Kurt NiersteMinneapolis, MNMale 45-49Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.8810.47 Platinum best
      Orange18.6813.08 Platinum 
Brad NordgrenEden Prairie, MNMale 50-54Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.6112.65 Platinum 
     Green18.9010.59 Platinum best
Doug NordmeyerApple Valley, MNMale 65-69Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeGreen18.618.89 Platinum best
      Orange18.3411.02 Platinum 
Nate OberRosemount, MNMale 45-49Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.9450.97 - 
     Green25.7950.91 - best
Katie OberdingApple Valley, MNFemale 35-39Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.9551.03 Bronze 
     Green25.4348.80 Silver best
Tom OberdingApple Valley, MNMale 45-49Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange24.2546.79 Bronze best
      Green25.6750.20 - 
Barry OlsonSavage, MNMale 60-64Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.5812.47 Platinum best
      Green19.2612.70 Platinum 
Paul OlsonSt Paul, MNMale 50-54Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange18.8514.10 Platinum best
Stephen OrthEdina, MNMale 50-54Edging CloserThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.6418.89 Gold best
      Green20.6020.54 Gold 
David PflumMale 55-59The Ski ChallengeOrange20.7525.61 Silver best
      Green21.5025.80 Silver 
Bart PiercePrior Lake, MNMale 60-64Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.7719.67 Gold best
Terri PiercePrior Lake, MNFemale 55-59Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange22.0933.72 Gold best
      Green23.1335.34 Gold 
Tyler PierceBurnsville, MNMale 30-34Mother BuckersThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.344.96 Platinum best
Rose QuinteroEden Prairie, MNFemale 45-49Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange25.2953.09 Silver best
      Green26.2153.36 Silver 
ROB REBERTUSJordan, MNMale 65-69Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeGreen19.5614.45 Platinum best
      Orange19.1716.04 Platinum 
Brad ReidFarmington, MNMale 40-44Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.5730.57 Silver best
      Green23.6638.44 Bronze 
 Andrey RyvlinPlymouth, MNMale 60-64Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.847.99 Platinum best
      Green18.729.54 Platinum 
 JON SCHNEIDERMinneapolis, MNMale 65-69SlidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.4417.68 Platinum best
      Green20.3318.96 Platinum 
Scott ShieldsBloomington, MNMale 70-74SlidersThe Ski ChallengeGreen22.8933.94 Gold best
      Orange22.8838.50 Silver 
Steve SmolikSaint Paul, MNMale 60-64SlidersThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.9032.57 Silver 
     Green22.1429.55 Silver best
Ben StabenowEdina, MNMale 40-44Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.847.99 Platinum 
     Green18.266.85 Platinum best
Patrick StinnettRichfield, MNMale 50-54Big BucksThe Ski ChallengeOrange23.9444.92 Bronze 
     Green23.0734.99 Silver best
TOM THIESEden Prairie, MNMale 55-59Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange21.6831.23 Silver 
     Green21.4425.45 Silver best
ALLAN TIMMMinneapolis, MNMale 65-69Liquor is QuickerThe Ski ChallengeGreen20.5320.13 Gold best
      Orange20.3323.06 Gold 
Mitchell WallLakeville, MNMale 45-49Locked and LoadedThe Ski ChallengeOrange17.777.57 Platinum 
     Green17.944.97 Platinum best
Barth WardEdina, MNMale 60-64Beer ChasersThe Ski ChallengeOrange19.0915.56 Platinum best
      Green19.7515.56 Platinum 
ANDREA WOJAHNRosemount, MNFemale 50-54Misfit ToysThe Ski ChallengeOrange20.1221.79 Platinum best
      Green21.8027.56 Gold 

T = Telemark (-13)
S = Snowboard (-20)