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Jan 4th, 2021
Monday Night Mt Holly Adult
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Series: Monday Night Mt Holly
Scoring method: Based on NASTAR Team Points
By Group
Teams of 3
Par Time

Results for Jan 4th, 2021 - Monday Night Mt Holly Adult

(sorted by last name - all results)
Age & Gender

Katie AmmanFemale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked5Green31.7473.06 - best
      Orange32.4974.87 - 

Marc AndersonMale 45-49FKA McKay`s 23Green21.3616.47 Gold best
      Orange22.4520.83 Silver 

Bob AntonishekMale 45-49Late to the Gate 15Green25.7340.29 S* Silver best
      Orange26.2841.44 S* Silver 
Jim BishopRock Island, ILMale 60-64Schuss 25Orange32.6675.78 - 
     Green31.8973.88 - best

Jon BryanGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Off on the Couch1Green20.4011.23 Gold best
      Orange20.6811.30 Gold 

Alex BurauMale 21-29The Ski Team2Green23.3127.10 Silver 
     Orange23.6027.02 Silver best
Brad BurauGrand Blanc, MIMale 55-59The Ski Team2Orange23.9829.06 Silver 
     Green22.8424.54 Gold best

Kenny CarolMale 40-44Bitch Crew5Green29.9163.09 S* Bronze 
     Orange30.0261.57 S* Bronze best
Warren CarterMale 65-69Bitch Crew5Orange36.5796.82 S* - best
      Green36.5499.24 S* - 

Sara ChardFemale 40-44IndependentGreen27.7251.15 Bronze 
     Orange28.0751.08 Bronze best

Jason ChioiniBloomfield Hills, MIMale 35-39Half Fast2Orange21.1013.56 Gold 
     Green20.3711.07 Gold best

T'anne ClarkFenton, MIFemale 35-39Boots & Hoes4Orange29.5859.20 S* Silver best
      Green30.0563.85 S* Silver 
Suzanne ConoverFemale 50-545 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange28.4353.01 Silver 
     Green27.6250.60 Silver best

Keith CotalingMale 21-29Flint Tropics1Green20.9414.18 Gold best
      Orange21.8717.71 Silver 

Jaimie CrawfordMale 40-44Half Fast2Orange22.4720.94 Silver 
     Green21.9519.68 Silver best

James CrawfordMale 40-44Frost Brewed1Orange22.0918.89 Gold 
     Green21.5317.39 Gold best

Joe CrawfordMale 40-44Half Fast2Green23.2026.50 Silver best
      Orange23.6627.34 Silver 

 Joseph CrawfordLinden, MIMale 40-44Frost Brewed1Green23.0225.52 Silver best
      Orange23.7928.04 Silver 

Steven DagenaisMale 55-59FKA McKay`s 23Green27.8351.74 Bronze best
      Orange28.4152.91 Bronze 

Justin DavisFenton, MIMale 45-49Beer Force One4Orange26.5943.11 Bronze best
      Green28.0653.00 - 

Matthew DavisOrtonville, MIMale 45-49Schuss 25Green22.1920.99 Silver best
      Orange23.4626.26 Silver 

Mitch DecampMale 65-69Old & Wreckless3Green24.8935.71 Silver best
      Orange25.9739.77 Silver 

Marc DecubberDavisburg, MIMale 45-49Bad Idea4Green19.978.89 Platinum best
      Orange20.5810.76 Platinum 

Marcos DecubberMale 45-49Flint Tropics1Orange20.439.96 Platinum 
     Green20.059.32 Platinum best

Megan DerwichRoyal Oak, MIFemale 30-34New Team3Green26.2142.91 Silver best
      Orange27.7849.52 Bronze 

Brooklyn DobisMale 35-39Boots & Hoes4Green39.66116.25 S* - 
     Orange36.4496.12 S* - best

Dave DockhornMale 40-44Don`t Stop Ski Leavin3Orange22.9023.25 Silver 
     Green22.4322.30 Silver best

Pamela DomanskiFemale 60-64Schuss 25Orange33.7081.38 - best
      Green1:15.95314.12 - 

Patti DutkoGrand Blanc, MIFemale 55-59New Team3Green28.7556.76 Silver best
      Orange30.8566.04 Bronze 

Vince DutkoMale 55-59Schuss 25Green22.9825.30 Silver best
Jordan EggerdineMale 21-29FKA McKay`s 15Orange29.3557.97 S* Bronze 
     Green28.2754.14 S* Bronze best

Ralph EllisMale 45-495 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange52.78184.07 S* - 
     Green38.04107.42 S* - best

Jim EvansMale 50-54The Ski Team2Orange24.3330.95 Silver 
     Green23.3327.21 Silver best
Andre FairbanksFenton, MIMale 45-49Late to the Gate 12Orange21.3514.91 Gold 
     Green20.4111.29 Platinum best

Dre FairbanksMale 45-49Off on the Couch1Green20.4911.72 Platinum best
      Orange21.1914.05 Gold 

Stephan FelixMale 55-59Yard Sale2Orange22.3320.18 Gold 
     Green21.7318.48 Gold best

Steve FelixDavisburg, MIMale 55-59Don`t Stop Ski Leavin3Orange22.5721.47 Gold 
     Green22.0320.12 Gold best
Zachary FelixDavisburg, MIMale 21-29Don`t Stop Ski Leavin3Green20.6412.54 Gold best
      Orange21.0013.02 Gold 

Zeke FelixMale 21-29Yard Sale2Green20.5512.05 Gold best
      Orange20.9912.97 Gold 

Jason FerriseMale 40-445 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange47.71156.78 S* - 
     Green46.46153.33 S* - best
Jay FerriseMale 40-44Klapis4Green42.94134.13 S* - 
     Orange39.91114.80 S* - best

Brad FogelmanMale 65-69Old & Wreckless3Green29.7962.43 Bronze 
     Orange29.7760.23 Bronze best
Matt GasserMale 55-59New Team3Orange23.3425.62 Silver 
     Green22.9925.35 Silver best

Al GillespieMale 65-69Schuss I1Green21.2615.92 Platinum 
     Orange21.2514.37 Platinum best
Happy GilmoreMale 55-59Flint Tropics1Orange21.6816.68 Gold 
     Green21.1115.10 Platinum best

Tom GoffOakland, MIMale 55-59Don`t Stop Ski Leavin3Orange25.7838.75 Silver 
      Orange26.1940.96 Silver 
      Green24.9235.88 Silver 
     Green24.6134.19 Silver best

 Rob GreeneClarkston, MIMale 40-44Half Fast2Green20.7713.25 Gold best
      Orange21.2714.48 Gold 
Adam HaffajeeMale 40-44Half Fast2Orange21.6316.42 Gold 
     Green20.9914.45 Gold best

Thomas HansonFenton, MIMale 35-39Boots & Hoes4Orange20.8312.11 Gold 
     Green20.5512.05 Gold best

Tommy HansonMale 35-39Flint Tropics1Orange20.5310.50 Platinum best
      Green20.2910.63 Platinum 
Gary HoganMale 40-44Frost Brewed1Green22.1420.72 Silver best
      Green22.8924.81 Silver 

Sara HoganFlint, MIFemale 40-44Half Fast2Orange22.6221.74 Platinum 
     Green21.8319.03 Platinum best
Bill HosieFenton, MIMale 35-39Late to the Gate 22Orange23.6227.13 Silver 
     Green22.9825.30 Silver best

Jerret HudsonHolly, MIMale 35-39My Dixie Wrecked5Orange30.0861.89 S* Bronze best
      Green29.7962.43 S* Bronze 

Alex HummelGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Boots & Hoes4Green29.8662.81 - best
      Orange31.1567.65 - 

Bobby JacobsHolly, MIMale 55-59Schuss I1Green21.8118.92 Gold best
      Orange22.5321.26 Gold 

Thomas JenningsGrand Blanc, MichMale 45-49WCR2Orange21.9618.19 Gold best
      Green22.6623.56 Silver 
John JonesFenton, MIMale 45-49Late to the Gate 22Green24.1131.46 Silver best
      Orange24.7132.99 Silver 

Jason KanakryWhite Lake, MIMale 40-44Shumakers1Orange20.7511.68 Platinum 
     Green20.2110.20 Platinum best

Jay KanakryMale 40-44WCR2Green20.039.21 Platinum best
      Orange20.8212.06 Platinum 

Tee KingFemale 40-44Flint Tropics1Orange23.8128.15 Gold 
     Green22.8424.54 Gold best

 Teresa KingWaterford, MIFemale 40-44Bad Idea4Green22.6823.66 Gold best
      Orange23.5226.59 Gold 
Amy KlausLake Orion, MIFemale 55-59Klapis4Green54.29196.02 - 
     Orange43.37133.42 - best
Jay KlausMale 21-29Klapis4Orange22.5821.53 Silver 
     Green22.2721.43 Silver best
Justin KlausLake Orion, MIMale 21-295 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange23.0123.84 Silver 
     Green22.3621.92 Silver best
Michael KlausMale 55-59Klapis4Green25.0536.59 Silver 
     Orange25.1035.09 Silver best
Mike KlausLake Orion, MIMale 55-595 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange24.6032.40 Silver best
      Green24.7534.95 Silver 
Nancy KlausMale 21-29Klapis4Green24.6434.35 Bronze best
Nick KlausLake Orion, MIMale 21-295 Guys & A Chiquita4Orange26.2541.28 Bronze best

Stephen KoinisGrand Blanc, MIMale 35-39Frost Brewed1Orange20.9512.76 Gold 
     Green20.5211.89 Gold best

 Jason KolkWhite Lake, MIMale 40-44Stella Speed4Green21.6317.94 Gold best
     Green21.2615.92 Gold best
      Orange22.3520.29 Silver 
      Orange21.6316.42 Gold 
Abbey KwapisOxford, MIFemale 18-20Klapis4Orange24.4331.49 Silver best
      Green24.2532.22 Silver 

Jake LachowiczMale 21-29New Team3Orange21.5015.72 Gold best
      Green21.2916.09 Silver 

James LambertMale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked5Green33.0980.43 S* - best
      Orange35.8292.79 S* - 

Brian LambournMetamora, MIMale 40-44Late to the Gate 22Green25.2837.84 S* Gold best
      Orange26.3841.98 S* Silver 

Bruce LarsonFlushing, MIMale 55-59Old & Wreckless3Green23.7129.28 Silver best
      Orange25.2535.90 Silver 

Brett LesperanceHighland Charter Township, MIMale 45-49Stella Speed4Orange26.9144.83 Bronze 
     Green25.4738.88 Bronze best

Mike MaresMale 35-39Late to the Gate 15Orange29.3057.70 - 
     Green27.3949.35 - best

Chris MartyDavison, MIMale 65-69Old & Wreckless3Green24.7434.90 Silver best
      Orange26.1340.64 Silver 

Katie McAllisterFemale 21-29Mack and Da Boiz5Orange31.3968.95 - best
      Green31.0769.41 - 
Ryan McDowellHolly, MIMale 40-44My Dixie Wrecked5Green24.2932.44 Silver best
      Orange25.2135.68 Bronze 
Alicia McKayFemale 30-34FKA McKay`s 15Green53.67192.64 - 
     Orange53.70189.02 - best
Kevin McKayMale 30-34FKA McKay`s 15Orange27.7049.09 - best
      Green27.9952.62 - 
Matt McKayHolly, MIMale 21-29FKA McKay`s 15Green22.9625.19 Silver best
      Orange23.3025.40 Silver 
Pat MckayHolly, MIMale 30-34FKA McKay`s 15Green21.9419.63 Silver 
     Orange22.1919.43 Silver best
Susan McKayFemale 30-34FKA McKay`s 15OrangeDNF-  best

Becky McLoganFemale 60-64Old & Wreckless3Green38.91112.16 - 
     Orange38.44106.89 - best

Honest MerrillMale 40-44Schuss I1Orange21.2414.32 Gold 
     Green20.8813.85 Gold best

Stacy MerrillGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44Yard Sale2Orange21.5916.20 Gold 
     Green21.1915.54 Gold best

Evan MoghadamMale 35-39Slope Slugs3Green29.3159.81 - best

Andrew MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 21-29Shumakers1Orange20.7311.57 Gold 
     Green20.3110.74 Gold best

Andy MorganMale 21-29The Ski Team2Orange21.2414.32 Gold 
     Green20.5912.27 Gold best
James MorganMale 50-54The Ski Team2Orange20.6110.93 Platinum 
     Green20.069.38 Platinum best

Jim MorganGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54Shumakers1Orange20.6210.98 Platinum 
     Green20.1810.03 Platinum best
Stephen MorowskyMale 45-49Off on the Couch1Orange21.1113.62 Platinum 
     Green20.7313.03 Platinum best

Josh NelsonMale 35-39Late to the Gate 25Green23.0525.68 Silver 
     Orange23.2224.97 Silver best

Mackenzie NicholsClarkston, MIFemale 18-20FKA McKay`s 23Orange22.3020.02 Gold best
      Green22.0720.34 Gold 

Flip NimmoMale 21-29WCR2Orange20.7411.63 Gold 
     Green20.079.43 Gold best

Phil NimmoMale 21-29Shumakers1Green20.149.81 Gold 
     Orange20.409.80 Gold best

Jack OttoLake Orion, MIMale 21-29Beer Force One4Orange22.1619.27 Silver 
     Green21.8018.87 Silver best

Charles PiotrowskiFenton, MIMale 45-49My Dixie Wrecked5Orange23.7627.88 Silver best
      Green23.5728.52 Silver 
Sarah PiotrowskiFemale 45-49My Dixie Wrecked5Orange33.2178.74 - best
      Green33.1080.48 - 
Brian RobertMale 40-44Bitch Crew5Green27.8751.96 S* Silver best
      Orange28.4953.34 S* Silver 
Lindsey RobertFemale 35-39Bitch Crew5Orange31.9171.74 S* Bronze best
      Green31.7873.28 S* Bronze 

Brian RoodMale 40-44Slope Slugs3Orange21.1013.56 Gold 
     Green20.2810.58 Platinum best

Bro RoodMale 40-44Schuss I1Green20.5612.10 Platinum best
      Orange21.1013.56 Gold 
Easy RoodMale 40-44Schuss I1Green21.1415.27 Gold best
      Orange21.4615.50 Gold 

Eric RoodMale 40-44Slope Slugs3Orange23.5626.80 Silver 
     Green23.0225.52 Silver best
Christine RygielGrand Blanc, MIFemale 30-34Slope Slugs3Orange24.6832.83 S* Silver 
     Green23.9730.70 S* Silver best

Bee SchrothMale 35-39Off on the Couch1Green20.8913.90 Gold best
      Orange21.4615.50 Gold 

Brian SchrothMale 65-69Beer Force One4Green20.7913.36 Platinum best
      Orange33.0277.72 - 
Tony SchutzMale 45-49Beer Force One4Green26.4344.11 Bronze best
      Orange27.7749.46 Bronze 

Alex SedlacekMale 30-34Late to the Gate 15Orange29.4858.67 S* Bronze best
      Green29.4060.31 S* Bronze 

Erin SedlacekFemale 30-34Boots & Hoes4Green29.0058.12 Bronze best
      Orange30.1962.49 Bronze 

Sara SerotaLakeville, MIFemale 21-29Don`t Stop Ski Leavin3Orange24.2930.73 Silver 
     Green23.5128.19 Silver best

SaraElise SerotaFemale 21-29Yard Sale2Orange23.7727.93 Silver best
      Green23.6228.79 Silver 
Anthony ShumakerMale 45-49The Ski Team2Orange22.3120.08 Silver 
     Green21.1415.27 Gold best

Tony ShumakerGrand Blanc, MIMale 45-49Shumakers1Green21.3916.63 Gold best
      Orange22.0118.46 Gold 
 Dave SpragueGrand Blanc, MIMale 50-54Flint Tropics1Green22.1620.83 Gold best
      Orange22.9823.68 Silver 

Dave ThompsonMale 21-29WCR2Orange21.1713.94 Gold 
     Green20.8613.74 Gold best

Seth ThompsonFenton, MIMale 21-29Shumakers1Orange21.3514.91 Gold 
     Green20.8813.85 Gold best

Michael TierneyHighland, MIMale 40-44Stella Speed4Green23.6128.74 Silver 
     Orange23.5726.86 Silver best

Tim ToddGrand Blanc, MIMale 40-44Late to the Gate 15Green26.3543.68 Bronze 
     Orange26.6243.27 Bronze best

Mary WhalenWalled Lake, MIFemale 30-34Slope Slugs3Orange26.7543.97 Silver best
      Green27.7751.42 Bronze 
Bob WoodMale 55-59FKA McKay`s 23Green26.3543.68 Bronze best
      Orange28.8455.22 Bronze 

S = Snowboard (-20)