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Mar 14th, 2020

Par Time

Results for Mar 14th, 2020 - HANS SCHNEIDER CUP

(sorted by last name - best handicap only)
Age & Gender
Bo AdamsRochester, NHMale 60-64New England Ski MuseumBlue38.3926.99 Gold 
Jenn AvedisianMale 35-39AMSCO/ESIBlue57.0788.79 - 
Bryan BaileyConway, NHMale 45-49Rotary 2Yellow33.089.43 Platinum 
Nolan BaileyAlbany, NHMale 6-7Blue55.6784.15 Bronze 
Chris BarnhorstBrunswick, MEMale 40-44EMSBlue32.497.48 Platinum 
Brewster Bartlett Male 70-7410th Mountain Descendants 87-IBlue56.1885.84 - 
Chris BartlettNorth Conway, NHMale 35-39Magic 104Blue33.7911.78 Gold 
Curt BartlettMale 65-69Believe in ESSCBlue42.8241.65 Silver 
Warren J. BartlettMale 21-2910th Mountain Descendants 87-IBlue41.3036.62 Bronze 
Mike BeebeMale 75-79Bergum Meister 1Blue43.9945.52 Silver 
Maya BernierTamworth, NHFemale 21-29EMSBlue31.765.06 Platinum 
Bill BerrimanFranconia, NHMale 75-79Cannon CruisersBlue47.4156.83 Bronze 
Joe BerryMale 70-74AMSCO/ESIBlue41.1436.09 Silver 
Blake BobbyMale 35-39TuckermanBlue45.4550.35 - 
Kelly BouthietteFemale 30-34Rotary 2Blue33.059.33 Platinum 
Kate BroganFemale 40-44Bergum Meister 2Blue34.8515.28 Platinum 
Carrie BurkettFemale 30-34WMWVBlue36.2319.85 Gold 
Matty BurkettMale 35-39WMWVBlue42.0939.23 Bronze 
Bobby BurtonMale 12-13ESSC KidsBlue37.7124.74 Gold 
John ChamberlanMale 55-59Caribbean SoulBlue43.7344.66 Bronze 
Carl ChandlerMale 45-49Rotary 2Blue33.9112.17 Platinum 
 Mike CharronDillon, COMale 50-54Bergum Meister 2Blue33.5110.85 Platinum 
Peter ClarkMale 65-69New England Ski MuseumBlue44.2046.21 Silver 
Deven CopseyMale 35-39Magic 104Blue33.069.36 Platinum 
Heather CorriganMale 35-39Cranmore Mountain ResortBlue1:35.94217.37 - 
Karen CummingsMale 70-74Conway Daily SunBlue56.2185.94 - 
Art CunninghamStandish, MEMale 70-74Bergum Meister 2Blue36.8521.90 Platinum 
Andrew DavidsonCranmore, MAMale 8-9CRT BombersBlue42.7941.55 Gold 
John DavidsonMale 12-13Lil ZippersBlue38.2626.56 Gold 
Jeremy DavisMale 40-44New England Ski MuseumBlue51.6570.86 - 
Julian DeniaudMale 21-29Cranmore1Blue31.183.14 Platinum 
Becca DeschenesFemale 30-34Cranmore Mountain ResortBlue41.0835.89 Silver 
Matt DodgeMeredith, NHMale 30-34Bergum Meister 2Blue31.504.20 Platinum 
 Sean DoucetteJackson, NHMale 50-54Cranmore1Yellow33.2910.12 Platinum 
Stash DoucetteJackson, NHMale 12-13ESSC KidsBlue39.8731.89 Gold 
Mauri DufourMale 40-44AppleYellow41.2936.59 Bronze 
Kristen Durocher North Woodstock, NHFemale 50-54Caribbean SoulBlue42.5940.89 Silver 
Tom EastmanMale 60-64Conway Daily SunYellow1:01.49103.41 - 
Gretchen EdwardsFemale 10-11Silver Sergeant MajorsYellow1:02.33106.19 - 
Paul EdwardsMale 55-59Silver Sergeant MajorsBlue52.3273.07 - 
Peter EdwardsMale 18-20Silver Sergeant MajorsBlue44.0045.55 Bronze 
David ElliottMale 65-6910th Mountain Descendants 87-IBlue39.7631.52 Gold 
Carson FarnhamMale 10-11Silver Sergeant MajorsYellow1:00.3699.67 - 
Slade FarnhamMale 55-59Silver Sergeant MajorsBlue45.2049.52 Bronze 
Matthew FitzgeraldMale 55-59Ascend to VictoryYellow42.9642.11 Silver 
Paul GallettaMale 21-29Army Mountain Warfare SchoolBlue51.3169.73 - 
Max GaudinTopsfield, MAMale 14-15Lil ZippersBlue36.3120.11 Gold 
Andrew GelinasMale 30-34Army Mountain Warfare SchoolYellow44.2646.41 Bronze 
Embry GladstoneDover, NHFemale 6-7Blue46.7054.48 Gold 
Ryan GoodwinMale 45-49Blue46.7354.58 - 
Lee GuerringueFemale 21-29Conway Daily SunBlue40.6534.47 Silver 
Msg Jeffrey GuionMale 55-59Army Mountain Warfare SchoolBlue44.3346.64 Bronze 
Steve GuionMale 55-59Ascend to victoryBlue44.7247.93 Bronze 
Todd HamiltonMale 60-64AppleYellow50.4066.72 - 
Kevin HamlinNorth Conway, NHMale 40-44Rotary 1Yellow33.199.79 Platinum 
Eric HarmonMale 21-29AMSCO/ESIBlue39.1229.41 Bronze 
Glenn HarmonMale 60-64Cranmore Mountain ResortBlue39.8331.76 Silver 
Marissa HarmonNorth Conway, NHFemale 21-29AMSCO/ESIYellow42.6841.18 Bronze 
Tom HarmonMale 21-29AMSCO/ESIBlue47.9258.52 - 
Ali HarrisFemale 30-34Rotary 1Blue37.0122.43 Gold 
Carl HauslerMale 60-64Yellow46.9555.31 Bronze 
Hunter HaynesEaton Center, NHMale 21-29AppleYellow31.955.69 Platinum 
PHIL HAYNESCharlotte, NCMale 65-69Believe in ESSCBlue38.1926.33 Gold 
Tyler HaynesBurnsville, MNMale 30-34Cranmore1Yellow30.842.02 Platinum 
G.p. HoustonMale 60-64Cannon CruisersBlue34.2713.36 Platinum 
Carl IacozilliMale 40-44WMWVYellow34.5714.36 Gold 
Merrik IacozilliMale 12-13ShredisBlue34.8015.12 Platinum 
Thomas IrvingEaton Center, NHMale 60-64Bergum Meister 2Blue35.8318.52 Gold 
Jim IrwinMale 60-64New England Ski MuseumBlue48.4460.24 Bronze 
Karen IrwinFemale 55-59Caribbean SoulBlue50.0265.46 Bronze 
Tim JacksonN Conway, NHMale 35-39Magic 104Blue32.708.17 Platinum 
Reed KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 16-17Carroll Reed FamilyBlue33.7711.71 Gold 
Stefan KarnoppIntervale, NHMale 55-59Carroll Reed FamilyYellow34.0212.54 Platinum 
Tyler KellyMale 40-44TuckermanBlue38.2026.36 Silver 
Bret KingMale 55-59AppleBlue57.5090.21 - 
Hana KitaMale 21-29Yellow36.9122.10 Silver 
Kayla KowalFemale 21-29Rotary 2Yellow33.049.30 Platinum 
Terry LeavittFemale 55-59Conway Daily SunBlue47.8758.35 Bronze 
Alex LeichNorth Conway, NHMale 21-29New England Ski MuseumBlue32.788.44 Platinum 
Martha LeichNorth Conway, NHFemale 60-64Believe in ESSCBlue45.9251.90 T* Silver 
Samuel LemerisMale 40-44TuckermanBlue40.2833.25 Silver 
Douglas MacDonaldCtr Conway, NHMale 70-74Believe in ESSCBlue35.8718.66 Platinum 
Matt MacDonaldCenter Conway, NHMale 35-39Cranmore1Blue31.995.82 Platinum 
Jon MacDougalMale 35-39WMWVBlue32.477.41 Platinum 
George MacNeil Male 85-89Cannon CruisersBlue53.8478.10 Bronze 
Susan MacNeil-densmoreFemale 65-69Cannon CruisersBlue41.8138.31 Gold 
Mike MalkinMale 40-44Rotary 2Blue32.647.97 Platinum 
Ryan MeadeBrentwood, NHMale 12-13Blue40.5934.27 Gold 
COZY MITCHELLINTERVALE, NHFemale 21-29Rotary 1Blue34.8615.32 Gold 
Charlie MorrisMale 12-13ESSC KidsYellow37.8125.07 Gold 
Sgt Caleb MurphyMale 30-34Army Mountain Warfare SchoolBlue50.5267.12 - 
Brandyn NaultKennett, KENNMale 16-17Carroll Reed FamilyBlue37.0222.46 Silver 
Ellie NelsonFemale 12-13Carroll Reed FamilyYellow37.6924.68 Gold 
Meghan NelsonFemale 30-34Cranmore Mountain ResortBlue46.6554.32 Bronze 
Cami NewtonKennett, NHFemale 12-13Carroll Reed FamilyYellow37.9025.37 Gold 
Keelin OmalleyGeorgetown, MAFemale 10-11CRT BombersBlue40.0132.35 Gold 
Paige OmalleyMale 8-9CRT BombersBlue46.2552.99 Silver 
Hannah PacsayWolfeboro, NHFemale 12-13ShredisBlue34.5614.32 Platinum 
Ashley PelletierMale 12-13ShredisBlue36.2319.85 Platinum 
 Ava PeriskicWinchester, MAFemale 8-9no team designation givenBlue52.0272.08 Bronze 
 Stipan PeriskicWinchester, MAMale 8-9no team designation givenBlue56.9888.49 - 
Bryce PhillipsMELROSE, MAMale 8-9CRT BombersBlue42.7241.32 Gold 
Sasha PietkiewiczJackson, NHFemale 30-34WMWVBlue40.9135.33 Silver 
Pat PitcherFemale 70-74Bergum Meister 1Blue40.4533.81 Platinum 
Emma PorcaroMale 14-15Lil ZippersYellow36.8121.77 Gold 
Grace PorcaroMale 12-13ShredisBlue35.2116.47 Platinum 
Preston PotterManchester, MAMale 14-15Lil ZippersBlue37.3323.49 Gold 
Sadie PotterManchester, MAFemale 10-11Yellow44.1546.05 Silver 
David PrescottMale 40-4410th Mountain Descendants 87-IBlue44.5247.27 Bronze 
Toby QuickMale 50-54Ascend to victoryBlue35.5917.73 Gold 
Zack QuinnConway, NHMale 35-39TuckermanYellow43.5143.93 Bronze 
Mike RennieMale 40-44Cranmore Mountain ResortBlue36.5720.97 Silver 
Tucker RicardCTMale 21-29Conway Daily SunBlue32.326.91 Platinum 
Paul RobertIntervale, NHMale 50-54Bergum Meister 1Blue39.2429.80 T* Silver 
Aidan RogersMale 12-13ShredisBlue35.9518.92 Platinum 
Caroline RogersFemale 14-15Lil ZippersBlue42.3239.99 Silver 
Robert SabatiniCenter Ossipee, NHMale 65-69no team designation givenBlue46.6954.45 Bronze 
Amelya SarasMale 30-34Rotary 1Blue36.0319.19 Silver 
Jeff SchneiderMale 45-49Yellow51.8871.62 - 
Michael SchnellMale 60-64Caribbean SoulBlue1:00.6100.46 - 
Jason ShipleyMale 40-44Blue43.3843.50 Bronze 
Mike SimoniMale 45-49TuckermanYellow37.7124.74 Silver 
Michael SimonsMale 60-64Caribbean SoulYellow46.7254.55 Bronze 
Tim SimonueaMale 40-44EMSYellow32.577.74 Platinum 
Brennan SlosbergBrentwood, NHFemale 10-11CRT BombersBlue40.8435.10 Gold 
Leanne SmithConway, NHFemale 30-34Cranmore1Yellow32.056.02 Platinum 
Doug SnowMale 60-64AppleBlue36.7921.70 Gold 
David SorokaMale 35-39Magic 104Blue33.3810.42 Platinum 
Kathy StroupLee, NHFemale 55-59Cannon CruisersBlue39.9332.09 Gold 
Kristian SwansonMale 55-59Blue43.1442.71 Silver 
Matt SwartzMale 50-54Ascend to VictoryYellow40.6234.37 Silver 
Bob TagliaferriConway, NHMale 50-54Rotary 1Yellow35.9418.89 Gold 
Carter TaskerKennett, NHMale 12-13ESSC KidsBlue35.2716.67 Platinum 
Trevor Tasker Chocorua, NHMale 45-49EMSBlue31.945.66 Platinum 
Todd ThibodeauMale 30-34EMSBlue31.363.74 Platinum 
Ssg Jay TooleyMale 35-39Army Mountain Warfare SchoolBlue44.5647.40 Bronze 
Martha TurekFemale 60-64Ascend to victoryBlue38.9428.81 Platinum 
Leeann WrightMale 50-5410th Mountain Descendants 87-IBlue48.9761.99 - 
Colin WroblewskiGlen, NHMale 35-39Magic 104Blue32.647.97 Platinum 

T = Telemark (-13)